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Author: Arant, TJ
Private Investigator Mysteries
A city on the brink. A damaged Vietnam Vet. And a senseless murder that’s already solved.Until it isn’t.

It’s 1976, and Jackson Trade has his own problems. He’s been back from Vietnam long enough to get divorced, get fired, and crawl into the bottom of a bourbon bottle. So when a grieving father asks him to find out why his murdered daughter stopped calling home, Jackson agrees to look into it. It’s a question without an answer, and any answer will do. Easy money, right?

But as he noses around the edges of the closed case, he finds a mix of bad assumptions and mistaken identity, together with another murder that has a neighborhood afraid for its children. Before he knows it, Jackson is in a race to catch a killer where no one is looking.

Can Jackson stop his own downward spiral before another killing turns Music City into Murder City? Or will a craven killer walk away, free to murder again?

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Author: Burnell, Sam
Men’s Adventure Fiction
As Tudor England erupts following the death of Edward VI, can one young spy protect his queen? International bestselling author Sam Burnell takes us deep into the treacherous world of powerful monarchs, intrigue, murder, and treason with this magnificent new epic, A Queen’s Spy. In 1553, England is torn apart by religious conflict. Power shifts precariously between Catholics and Protestants, royalty and commoners clash, testing friendship, loyalty, and brotherly love. Richard Fitzwarren, caught in the middle of a cruel family feud, wants nothing more than to make his own way in the world. A childhood friend of Princess Elizabeth, he cannot forget his loyalty in her time of need. Pressured by her sister, Mary, Elizabeth’s continued existence remains precarious throughout her reign. The divide between Catholic Mary and Anne Boleyn’s Protestant daughter Elizabeth is a deep one.

Three Stupid Weddings (affiliate link)

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Author: Gallagher, Ann
Gay Romance

On the heels of a painful and long overdue breakup, what Victor Nelson needs is time to lick his wounds. What he doesn’t need is everyone in his family trying to play matchmaker so he can find someone new… which is exactly what they’ll do at the three stupid weddings he has to attend this summer.

Fortunately, it’s Dominic Lowe to the rescue. Dom is more than willing to come along to all the weddings as his best friend’s “boyfriend”… even if he’d much rather be there as Vic’s real boyfriend.

Convincing people they’re a couple is easy. The charade is miserable for Dom, though, after years of being madly in love with Vic. But maybe those three weddings are a rehearsal for the relationship he knows they could have for real.

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Author: Finucane, Brian
Cozy Mystery

Could YOU solve the perfect murder?

Five aspiring mystery writers stay at an old country house to attend a masterclass taught by a famous author. Among the guests is 26-year-old Belinda Boothby, who has been obsessed with murder mysteries since an early age.

Trouble is, she never expected this writing course to become a real-life murder mystery, which is exactly what happens when the teacher is found dead…

…Murdered to be exact. With a kitchen knife stuck gruesomely in her back to prove it! To make matters worse, the teacher is only the first victim.

Trapped in the house with her quirky classmates, and with a deadly stalker on the loose, Belinda takes on the role of amateur sleuth in her quest to catch the killer.

Can she solve the perfect murder?

Alien Safari: Books 1-3 (affiliate link)

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Author: Appleton, Robert
Science Fiction Anthologies

Book 1 – Alien Safari

To solve a mystery with galaxy-shaking implications, Detective Ferrix Vaughn joins a wildlife safari on Hesperidia, an alien world of savage beauty. It’s supposed to be a protected planet, but evidence of a deadly breach poses troubling questions. What links a crashed ship, five murders, and precious stolen biotech? Jan, the ranger who accompanies Vaughn, warns of something even deadlier: an apex predator that roams the remote region they’re about to enter. This is its killing season.

Book 2 – White Water

Discover the wet and wild side of alien nature as safari ranger Jan and her detective partner, Vaughn, re-team to find a missing girl and solve one of the galaxy’s oldest secrets. A leisurely cruise becomes a race against time when passengers steal Jan’s equipment for a dive into uncharted depths, triggering a tragic series of events.

Vaughn has to leave a crucial bombing investigation in another system to come to her aid. But he soon realizes the stakes of the illegal salvage operation underway on Hesperidia are far more explosive…and far-reaching…than anything he could have imagined.

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Author: Ginger, Katie
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Romantic Comedy

Licking her wounds from her divorce, Stella impulsively buys a gift shop and two holiday lets in glorious Swallowtail Bay, hoping for a fresh start with her King Charles Spaniel Frank.

When the neighbours meet her with a warm welcome, Stella knows she’s found the new home she was looking for. Even gorgeous but grumpy local Miles can’t take the shine off things. But then her ex-husband announces he’s getting married again, and someone in the village starts gossiping about Stella…

Is Stella’s dream over already? Or, with her new friends behind her, can Stella fight back and save her new life – and find the happy ever after she’s been waiting for?

Lifesaving for Beginners (affiliate link)

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Author: Lloyd, Josie
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Friendship Fiction

In life’s stormy waters, it’s your friends who keep you afloat…

Maddy Wolfe’s life has just capsized. After her twenty-year marriage suddenly implodes, she heads to Brighton to search for her estranged son, Jamie. But he’s nowhere to be found and for the first time, she’s totally alone. That is, until she meets the Salty Sea-Gals, a group of feisty sea-swimmers.

Seventy-two-year old Helga is determined not to slow down, while thirty-something Tor is still figuring out who she is. Bereaved Dominica is trying to find a reason to carry on, and busy mum Claire is learning to put herself first for a change.

As their regular cold-water plunges become a lifeline for them all, Maddy starts to realise that these brave women might just help her find both Jamie and herself. Together, will they turn the tide?

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Author: Hilton, Paris
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Biographies of the Rich & Famous

Paris Hilton has a lifestyle most girls dream about, but can she help it if she was born rich and beautiful? Now, with her trademark sense of humor, Paris looks back on her rise to fame and reveals the delicious details of her fairy tale life.

Now, with a sly sense of humor and a big wink at her media image, Paris lets you in for a sneak peek at the life of a real, live heiress/model/actress/singer/it-girl and tells you how anyone can live a fairy-tale life like hers. She also shares personal information on her lifelong friendship with sister Nicky; fashion shows and favorite designers; her famous friends; how she likes to travel; what modeling is like; her highly successful television show The Simple Life; and a look at the glamorous life of her teacup chihuahua Tinkerbell—the best dressed dog in the world.

Featuring beautiful, full-color photos of Paris, Confessions of an Heiress is a look at life from the unique perspective of a celebrity who has the whole world at her Jimmy Choo-clad feet.

A Daughter’s Return (affiliate link)

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Author: Cox, Josephine
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Friendship Fiction

Florence Stanville is a woman with a past. When she moves to Guisethorpe on the east coast of England, the townsfolk are intrigued by the glamorous and mysterious stranger.

Florence doesn’t care about the gossips – she’s drawn to the peaceful seaside town by the pull of her childhood, when she lived for a brief but happy time with her beloved late mother. The riddle of those days remains and now Florence can only snatch at half-remembered memories and shadowy figures in her dreams.

As Florence is drawn into the lives of her new neighbours, the layers of her own life are revealed, but far from finding peace, Florence has found instead turmoil and secrets. Can she put the pieces of her past together, or will it remain a closed book forever…?

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Author: Kaling, Mindy
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Humor & Entertainment Short Reads

Is almost $2,000 a lot to drop on someone else’s dinner, just to be a big shot? Hell yeah! But what if nobody notices that you—one of Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” in the world—picked up the tab?

In this meditation on celebrity, power, and a simple thank-you, Mindy Kaling takes the next charmed step in her path from Conan intern to mogul: picking up the entire tab for a famous A-lister. It’s an investment, right? He’ll be blown away by her class. They’ll be best friends forever. Forty thankless seconds later, who wouldn’t spiral into self-doubt, second-guessing, over-rationalizing, and anxious obsession?

Plus, bonus content! An up-close-and-personal look at what Mindy does all day, including “executive producing” and gift wrapping.

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