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Pop-Up Love (affiliate link)

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Author: MINK
Holiday Romance

A quiet life as a clock tinker. That’s what I need. And that’s what I have … until her–the woman in the pop-up shop across the street. The shop that’s invaded my tranquil life and turned my town into a movie set. I want nothing to do with any of it. But then I hear her voice. And I can’t think about cogs and tick tocks. All I can think about is her. And I when I find her? I’m never letting her go.

A pop-up shop is the perfect idea to publicize our Kitty Cat Valentine premiere. I may not be the star of the movie, but I can certainly be the MVP of the shop. But when my friend tells the long line of people that I’m giving away a kiss to one lucky shopper, I don’t know if I can do it. Until he walks in. Sam. The stoic man who’s built like a freight train and kisses like he means it. I want to be his Valentine, but when his dangerous past finds him, will we be able to give love a chance?

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Author: Moody, McMillian
Humorous Christian Fiction

The Elmo Jenkins Red Boxed Set includes the first four full length Elmo Jenkins novels.

Ordained Irreverence
Some Things Never Change
The Old Man and the Tea
A Tale of Two Elmos

What will Elmo Jenkins do next?

Fresh out of seminary he’s hammered by the question, “What now?”

Landing a job at a large church, he bumbles his way through learning to baptize and bury, visit and marry the locals.


· Mystery (a hundred-year-old riddle to be solved)
· Romance (with a church secretary, of course)
· Friends (loads of unforgettable church characters)
· Inspiration

Elmo’s story pulls back the sacred curtain and allows the reader to examine the inner workings of a mega-church with all its warts and wonders.

Hunting Rabbits (affiliate link)

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Author: Gilleo, Mark
Crime Thrillers

Chief of police, Charlie Gates, is haunted by his sister’s decades-old unsolved murder. A native son of the small city of Williamsburg, Virginia, Gates has spent his entire adult life in pursuit of justice for his only sibling. When fingerprint evidence from a recent robbery is linked to the cold case, Gates taps a seasoned homicide detective, Luis Millares, to assist with the investigation. Given the personal nature of the case, Millares knows failure is not an option.

When the investigation takes a surprise turn and a new string of murders erupts, Gates and Millares realize they’ve stumbled upon a conspiracy where nothing is as it seems. Taunted by their suspect, the law enforcement duo races to piece together the clues from a number of unlikely sources including an elderly mechanic, a computer science professor, a pot farmer, a yoga mom, and a high school delinquent. Peeling back the layers of the case, Gates and Millares inch closer to the truth . . . a truth that may cost them, and innocent others, their lives.

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Author: Baker, Elliott
Sea Adventures Fiction

17th-century metaphysical adventure. Romance and revenge.

Where life and love are but a sword’s length from the heart and death is often the kinder choice.

When Rene, a young French swordmaster, is forced to protect the woman he loves, he mortally wounds the son of a powerful nobleman, rekindling a rivalry that spans worlds and lifetimes.

Now, Rene must learn how to access ancient powers earned in a previous lifetime or face a fate worse than death: the eternal slavery of everyone he loves.

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Author: Parr, Owen
Traditional Detective Mysteries

NYC private eye Joey Mancuso finds himself neck-deep in a maze of a murder mystery—the kind that weaves through military secrets and international espionage—at the center of which is the woman he loves.

Despite a recent drop in New York City’s crime rate, the PI business is booming for acutely-astute investigator Joey Mancuso and his partner-in-solving-crime Father Dominic O’Brian (who happens to be his half-brother). So it’s no surprise when Mancuso is called to the scene of a particularly gruesome and utterly confounding Lower Manhattan murder.

The vic, Oscar Stanton, was gunned down in Washington Square Park in broad daylight, just after lunch. A quick and dirty ID reveals the real Oscar Stanton was working in cybersecurities for the DOD—and, perhaps unsurprisingly, was killed in Afghanistan.

And since Mancuso’s antics tend to weave a winding yarn as intricately-connected as a satisfying Sherlock Holmes story, it’s even less surprising that the fake Stanton’s lunch date was recently tailed by FBI agent Marcy Martinez (who happens to be Mancuso’s wife).

When crucial evidence from the scene is found in Marcy’s car—and Marcy’s hands test positive for gunshot residue—Mancuso knows she’s been framed.

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Author: Makan, Chetna
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Indian Cooking, Food & Wine

Chetna Makan is known for her unique recipes, which introduce colourful spices, aromatic herbs and other Indian ingredients into traditional Western baked favourites.

Whether it’s a sponge cake with a cardamom and coffee filling; puff pastry bites filled with fenugreek paneer; a swirly bread rolled with citrusy coriander, mint and green mango chutney; or a steamed strawberry pudding flavoured with cinnamon, Chetna’s Indian influences will transform your baking from the familiar to the exotic, from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Discover rare but precious traditional bakes from India, as well as new spice-infused recipes. Delve into the history of Indian herbs and spices and learn how to match foods and flavours.

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Author: Benoit, Robin
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Contemporary Women’s Fiction

As a group of eighty-something girlfriends deals with the mental decline of their sorority sister, they reconnect with their college sorority, advise their grandchildren, find new lives for themselves, and continue to show up for each other.

Vivian, nicknamed “Button,” is an Alzheimer’s patient who adores her sorority group. Helen rediscovers love at age eighty-one, Ida’s crazy side comes out during football season, and Laney is the “big sister” in charge of baking for the group. These three women consistently show up for Vivian as her mental health deteriorates—because that is what sisters do. As they discover a new way of life, they find they would rather take “the road less traveled,” just as they did in their college days.

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Author: Walker, Julie Ann
Regularly $9.99, Today $3.99
Military Romance

1. Hell on Wheels

Ex–Marine Nate Weller is an expert at keeping his cool, which is how he keeps his feelings for Ali Morgan in check. Sweet, sexy Ali is his best friend’s sister…and totally off limits. Ali’s never seen anything sexier than Nate straddling his custom Harley—or the flash in his eyes when she tells him she’s in trouble. With Nate, her life is in his capable hands–but her heart is another story.

2. In Rides Trouble

Trouble tends to find Becky Reichert. Like the day ex-SEAL Frank Knight showed up, wanting to use her shop as a cover for his special ops team. Becky prides herself on being able to weld and shoot just as well as the big boys. But while munitions and mayhem are Frank’s way of life, the last thing he needs is Becky in the way. Yet it’s just his luck when she ends up in a hostage situation. Come hell or high water, he will get her back…

3. Rev It Up

Ex-SEAL Jake “the Snake” Sommers was known for striking quickly, quietly, and lethally. That’s also how he broke Michelle Carter’s heart. It was the only way to keep her safe—from himself. Four years later, Jake wants another chance, but Michelle has never forgiven him. But when her brother ticks off a mobster, she must do the unimaginable: place her life in Jake’s hands. And once she does, he’ll never let her go…

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Author: Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem, Obstfeld, Raymond
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Children’s People of Color Biographies

The first memoir for young readers by sports legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

At one time, Lew Alcindor was just another kid from New York City with all the usual problems: He struggled with fitting in, pleasing a strict father, and overcoming shyness that made him feel socially awkward. But with a talent for basketball, and an unmatched team of supporters, Lew Alcindor was able to transform and to become Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

From a childhood made difficult by racism and prejudice to a record-smashing career on the basketball court as an adult, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s life was packed with “”coaches”” who taught him right from wrong and led him on the path to greatness. His parents, coaches Jack Donahue and John Wooden, Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, and many others played important roles in Abdul-Jabbar’s life and sparked him to become an activist for social change and advancement. The inspiration from those around him, and his drive to find his own path in life, are highlighted in this personal and awe-inspiring journey.

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Author: Dent, Susie
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99

Whether it’s the distress of a bad haircut (AGE-OTORI) or longing for the food someone else is eating (GROAKING), the pleasure found in other people’s happiness (CONFELICITY) or the shock of jumping into icy water (CURGLAFF), there are real words to pinpoint exactly how you feel and Susie Dent, Queen of Countdown’s Dictionary Corner and lexicographer extraordinaire, is going to help you find them.

Here are 1001 terms everyone needs, whether it’s the best kind of hug (CWTCH), the relief found in swearing (LALOCHEZIA), or the ability to endure till the end (PERTOLERANCE).

It’s time to rediscover the lost positives of language (and be more GORM); find out how a stork gave us the word for the love between parent and child, and who the first MAVERICK was. Packed with unexpected stories and unforgettable words, on a mission to describe the indescribable, this life-enhancing book will deepen your vocabulary as much as it extends it.

Welcome to the first truly human dictionary, as idiosyncratic and unusual as you are.

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Author: Nolan, Clare
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Gardening & Horticulture

Learn to design and maintain a bountiful flower garden at home with this comprehensive guide on everything from planting to flower arranging.

In this book, brimming with inspirational photographs, interior stylist Clare Nolan reveals her secrets for growing a colorful, fragrant garden and using it to create spectacular floral displays for the home all year-round. Clare takes the mystery out of the growing process, offering clear advice on choosing the right plants for you, laying out your cutting patch, and planning ahead so you get your perfect palette of color, texture and shape, all at the right time.

An entire chapter on arranging will inspire you to create spectacular arrangements for your home without the need for complicated floristry techniques. Being able to step out of the back door and pick a single stem for beside the bed, pull together a posy for a friend or create a colorful centerpiece is an exciting and rewarding addition to the home gardening experience.

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