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Author: Lagasse, Dee
Fake Relationship Romance

Birdie Yamamoto has lived in a fantasy world for as long as she can remember.

When she was a young child, she buried herself in comic books. As a teenager, she created stories of her own. Now she has her dream job, as a series writer for Suffra-Jette — her very own comic.

Atticus Cohen has perfected the art of pretending to be someone he’s not.

The rising Hollywood actor lands the role of a lifetime – a lead in the latest big budget superhero movie: Suffra-Jette. The rigorous workouts, grueling schedule, and relentless press are all things he expects when he takes the job.

What he doesn’t expect is comic creator, Birdie Yamamoto, to have an opinion about everything he says or does.

When word spreads about the trouble on set, fans of the beloved comic begin to worry about the outcome of the movie.

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Author: Ewing, Jackie
Humorous Memoirs

A laugh-out-loud memoir/self-help crossover of one woman’s bumpy path toward finding herself.

Told through vignettes with refreshing candour, Jackie Ewing imparts wisdom in a charming, relatable and down-to-earth manner in Life Lessons from a Late Bloomer.

This book is for those who stumble through life, bumping into inanimate objects (and apologizing profusely) as they traverse the world.

Jackie Ewing is a stumbler.

She has stumbled around the world, bumping into green paint, bears, bullet holes, rattlesnakes, interlopers, errant camels, flying mattresses, and even … giant testicles.

From growing up in small-town Ontario to teaching in countries far and wide, Jackie has had many opportunities to bump into wisdom.

Although a slow learner, she eventually unearthed ten life lessons from her myriad adventures.

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Author: Press, BookSumo
Cooking, Food & Wine
Here is a preview of the diverse meals you can create with Eggs:
Eggs Persian Style
Yummy Paella Bites
Classical Pad Thai Noodles II
Honduran Quesadillas
Cajun Breakfast
Thai Stir-Fry Noodle
Deviled Eggs
Mushrooms and Parmesan Frittata
Egg Salad Sandwich
Sweet Crepes
… and much more …
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Author: Dove, Julieann
Contemporary Women’s Fiction

Amy Whitfield had three weeks to transform from romantically challenged to spontaneous sex goddess. That was about how long the doctors said her husband would remain in a coma. He suffered from a head concussion, having wrecked his car after leaving a note for her stating their marriage was over.

Dr. Mark Reilly, known at Mercer General as Dr. McDreamy, had been passed over for promotion for two years as Chief Resident. He had all the talent and brains, but he lacked the refined demeanor for the regarded position.

Mark and Amy’s paths collided the night of her husband’s accident. Soon they realized that each of them possessed what it would take for the other one to get what they wanted in life. Mark would teach Amy how to hone the intimate nature locked inside her in order to keep her marriage alive. And in exchange, she would go to the doctor’s retreat, posing as his demure fiancé, thus proving his days of skirt chasing had ended.

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Author: Cimms, Karen
Contemporary Romance 

Rain Storm is every man’s wildest dream. A fantasy. When people look at her, they see what she wants them to see. They see the illusion.

The reality is much different. What lies below the buffed and glossed exterior is the bartender who teeters in four-inch heels, tapping kegs, pouring shots, and flirting for bigger tips; the scared fifteen-year-old who lost the most important man in her life; the girl whose mother checked out when she needed her most; the teenager who partied hard, ended up pregnant, and dropped out of school; the single mother who works multiple jobs to support herself and her daughter.

Even her boyfriend sees her as an accessory—something pretty to keep on a shelf until he wants to take her down and show her off.

But then Chase Holgate walks into Blondie’s, and from the first time he looks into Rain’s eyes, she knows he can see her. Not just the beautiful exterior but her pain, her vulnerability, and her strength.

With just one look, Chase knows Rain is the one who could take his shredded heart and sew it back together.

Now, all he has to do is convince her.

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Author: Wing, J.C.
Fairy Tale Fantasy

Frances Reed has kissed a lot of toads, but has yet to find her prince. Recovering from another disappointing date that not even three margaritas could improve, she consoles herself by shopping at her favorite lingerie shop, Cupid’s Closet. Before she can get to the Aphrodite Ultra Sleek push up bras, she trips headfirst into the decorative Aphrodite fountain.

Lying in the fountain bleeding, Frances watches the stone deity come to life. Angry, Aphrodite berates her for damaging her shell and for being an unworthy descendant.

Wait. What? A descendant of Aphrodite?

Later, after her hunky paramedic falls for her best friend, and a spark is ignited between her mom and her doctor, it becomes apparent that people fall in love when in Frances’ presence. She’s just got two questions—what in the world is a goddess born of the sea doing in Tornado Alley? And why can Frances make love connections for everyone in town but herself?

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Author: Greene, Annabelle
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Gay Regency Historical Romance

As a young man, Sir Gabriel Winters left behind his status as a gentleman, turning his back on his secret desires and taking a self-imposed vow of celibacy. Now a chaste hard-working vicar, his reputation is beyond reproach. But, try as he might, he’s never forgotten the man he once desired or the pain of being abandoned by his first love.

Edward Stanhope, the Duke of Caddonfell, is a notorious rake, delighting in scandal no matter the consequence. With a price on his head, he flees to the countryside, forced to keep his presence a secret or risk assassination. When Edward finds Gabriel on his estate, burning with fever, he cannot leave him to die, but taking him in puts them both in jeopardy.

With the help of a notorious blackmailer, a society of rich and famous gentlemen who prefer gentlemen, and a kitten named Buttons, they might just manage to save Edward’s life—but the greatest threat may be to their hearts.

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Author: O’Rourke, P. J.
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Political Humor

The iconic humorist offers his take on the stranger-than-fiction (and stranger-than-fact) 2016 presidential election and its equally unbelievable aftermath.

The 2016 election cycle was so absurd that celebrated political satirist, journalist, and die-hard Republican P. J. O’Rourke endorsed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. As P. J. put it, “America is experiencing the most severe outbreak of mass psychosis since the Salem witch trials of 1692. So why not put Hillary on the dunking stool?”

In How the Hell Did This Happen?, P. J. brings his critical eye and inimitable voice to some seriously risky business. Starting in June 2015, he asks, “Who are these jacklegs, high-binders, wire-pullers, mountebanks, swellheads, buncombe spigots, four-flushers and animated spittoons offering themselves as worthy of America’s highest office?” and surveys the full cast of presidential candidates including everyone you’ve already forgotten and everyone you wish you could forget.

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Author: Patel, Sajni
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Diversity & Multicultural Fiction

Zurika Damani is a naturally gifted violinist with a particular love for hip hop beats. But when you’re part of a big Indian family, everyone has expectations, and those certainly don’t include hip hop violin. After being rejected by Juilliard, Zuri’s last hope is a contest judged by a panel of top tier college scouts. The only problem? This coveted competition happens to take place during Zuri’s sister’s extravagant wedding week. And Zuri has already been warned, repeatedly, that she is not to miss a single moment.

In the midst of the chaos, Zuri’s mom is in matchmaking mode with the groom’s South African cousin Naveen—who just happens to be a cocky vocalist set on stealing Zuri’s spotlight at the scouting competition. Luckily Zuri has a crew of loud and loyal female cousins cheering her on. Now, all she has to do is to wow the judges for a top spot, evade getting caught by her parents, resist Naveen’s charms, and, oh yeah . . . not mess up her sister’s big fat Indian wedding. What could possibly go wrong?

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Author: McKinney, Meagan
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Historical Romances

New York heiress Alana Van Alen has everything—beauty, wealth, and status. But she is living a lie. To protect her sister, she plays society’s game and attends dazzling balls and soirees—until a cunningly orchestrated act of revenge leaves her penniless and at the mercy of one of the city’s most notorious gentlemen.

Dubbed the Predator of Wall Street, Trevor Sheridan rose from abject poverty in Ireland to the pinnacle of power in Manhattan. Yet he’s still shunned by the city’s elite Four Hundred. Now he has parlayed his hunger for revenge into a scheme to destroy the rich and powerful. In the final phase of his plan, he will marry the pedigreed Alana Van Alen to gain the acceptance that has been denied to him for so long. But along the way, he makes a fatal misstep: He falls in love with her.

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Author: Kelly, Carla
Regularly $8.99, Today $1.99
Historical Romance

Tired and hungry after two days of traveling, Susanna Hopkins is just about at the end of her tether when her train finally arrives in Cheyenne. She’s bound for a new life in a Western garrison town. Then she discovers she doesn’t even have enough money to pay for the stagecoach! Luckily for her, the compassionate Major Joseph Randolph is heading in the same direction.

As a military surgeon, Joe is used to keeping his professional distance and tries not to dwell on Susanna’s understated beauty, But he’s drawn to this woman who carries loss and pain equal to his own and has a heart that is just as hesitant and wary. . . .

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Author: Perry, Marta
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Amish Romance

In peaceful Pennsylvania Dutch country, a young mother discovers a shocking danger—and an unexpected ally

A whisper of a threat looms over widow Deidre Morris. She and her young son have unwittingly become prisoners of her intimidating father-in-law’s power. One wrong step could find her son torn from her and in the hands of the influential judge. But when Deidre collides with an intriguing stranger, the prospect of a new friendship gives her renewed hope…until a devastating murder rocks the quiet community of Echo Falls and Deidre learns first impressions can’t be trusted.

Attorney Jase Glassman’s assignment is straightforward: befriend Deidre, gather incriminating evidence…and allow her dogged father-in-law to take custody of her child. Anything else, including losing himself in her honest charm, will compromise the job he was hired to do. Yet when a murderer ushers danger into the town, Jase’s only instinct is to protect Deidre and her son—no matter the sacrifice.

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