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Author: Green, Stacy
Crime Thriller

My baby girl. This morning she was so excited for school. I bought her new shoes last night. Pink, sparkly shoes. She loved them so much. She wore them for the first time today. And now she is gone…

It is every mother’s worst nightmare. Eight-year-old Kailey Richardson skips out of the school gates in her brand-new pink shoes and never makes it home. Between the school and the safety of her shiny red front door, someone has taken her.

Private Investigator Lucy Kendall sees the fliers of a smiling gap-toothed Kailey and knows she won’t be able to sleep until the little girl is found. Having lost her own sister to the darkest evil, she is determined to help find Kailey before it is too late.

As Lucy talks to Kailey’s friends, desperate to find out who has taken the happy little girl, she begins to form a worrying picture of the days before Kailey’s disappearance. The blue car idling in the street outside the school. The friendly man across the road. And Kailey’s mother, Jenna, hollow-eyed and jumpy, clutching Kailey’s teddy bear and not telling Lucy everything.

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Author: Gold, Rich
Real Estate

Here is the comprehensive and essential guide for anyone looking to sell their house in today’s market. With the rise of online real estate platforms and the wide availability of information, more and more homeowners are choosing to sell their houses on their own, without the need for a traditional real estate agent. This book offers a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the process with ease and confidence, and ultimately get the best price for your property — and saving a ton of money in the process.

The book begins by exploring the traditional real estate sales process and the role that agents play in it, and how these costs can quickly add up. But more importantly, you’ll discover why many homeowners are now choosing to sell their houses on their own, and how the rise of online real estate platforms has made this possible.

The heart of the book shows exactly how to sell your house without an agent. You’ll learn how to determine the value of your property, prepare your house for sale, and market it effectively to potential buyers.

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Author: Gunzel, Jeff
Coming of Age Fantasy
Prophecies foretell of a great demon who will someday emerge to destroy the world. Only one man possesses the power to stop it.
And he has no idea.
In the lawless land of Tarmerria, only the strong survive. Eric, the simple son of a blacksmith, learns this awful lesson the day his village is attacked by horrific black-winged monsters. But the monsters aren’t simply wreaking havoc. They’re searching …
For him.
Surrounded by enemies on all sides, Eric must place his trust – and his life – in the hands of a mysterious girl who may be his only chance to fulfill his destiny. If they can survive long enough.
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Author: Mizera, Kat
Action & Adventure Fiction

Professional hockey player Sergei Petrov has had a rough time after the tragic loss of his beloved wife. Playing hockey and taking care of his son are all he has time for; getting traded was not on the agenda. Neither was a sexy, hockey-playing nanny to further complicate things.

Star college athlete Danielle Cloutier may dominate the rink, but off the ice, she’s an amateur. She’s been trying to get rid of her virginity for years, but guys are always intimidated by her strength. That changes when she meets her new boss. Chemistry between them sizzles, hot enough to melt the most frozen of hearts, but Danielle can’t afford to get attached.

Sergei doesn’t know what to do with the beautiful, stubborn woman, but watching her turn his new house into a home gives him a few ideas. Can he come to terms with his feelings before she skates out of his life for good?

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Author: Carlson, Steven
Business Reference

Skip the stress! Launch your LLC the simple, straightforward, and foolproof way.
Starting an LLC offers a wide range of benefits to business owners, such as liability protection and tax advantages, but unfortunately, the process can be tricky. From the intimidating paperwork and legal jargon to the confusing requirements, it’s easy to get overwhelmed – and worst of all, it’s easy to get things wrong.

In LLC Beginner’s Guide, you’ll discover everything you need to know about planning, launching, and managing an LLC — but this time, completely simplified for beginners and those who detest the nitty-gritty legalities of running a business.

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Author: Wing, Gina
Pregnancy & Childbirth

To the First-Time Fathers and Partners, Congratulations!

As you embark on this wonderful new journey of parenthood with your pregnant partner, you may have a lot of questions. They’re not the only ones who are experiencing a big change in their life!

This book will advise and inform you on:
Helping your partner choose a healthcare provider
What to expect from your partner’s pregnancy and how best to support them
What the stages of pregnancy are and how your little one is developing week-by-week
What you can expect from labor and delivery, and what your role will be
The ins and outs of cesarean section (just in case!)
What to expect if you’re expecting twins or more
An overview of possible complications
Pregnancy loss and how to deal with it
Great Tips from your Nurses!

The Guesthouse at Lobster Bay (affiliate link)

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Author: Robertson, Annie
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Holiday Fiction

When Emma sees The Guesthouse at Lobster Bay for sale online, she knows it is exactly the peaceful haven and fresh start she needs to recover from a recent trauma. Yet the moment she picks up the keys, Emma’s dream of owning a successful guesthouse begins to unravel…

Emma has one month to get the handsome, terraced house with stunning sea views in order before her first guests arrive at the beginning of June, a task made all the harder by the discovery that the previous owner has included her elderly and enormous dog in the sale. And then there’s the next door neighbour, Aidan, the local boat-builder – self-assured and unwelcoming – who Emma must turn to for help in a crisis. As Emma and Aidan work together to get the guesthouse ready, they grow closer, but then Aidan is called away and Emma has to carry on, alone.

Over the course of the summer, Emma must navigate unforeseen dilemmas and new friendships, and keep her business afloat. But as she falls in love with Lobster Bay, is she also falling for Aidan?

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Author: Brake, Mark
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Scientific Reference

Discover the scientific facts behind the abilities of your favorite superheroes!

The concept of the superhero has permeated our culture. They fascinate fans with their incredible superhuman abilities and impressive technology. But do you ever wonder if any of it is plausible or rooted in fact?

Enter The Science of Superheroes, which address more than fifty topics that span the worlds of your favorite superheroes and villains. Explore and examine their amazing abilities and fantastic gadgets with a detailed scientific lens.

The scientific questions examined within this book include:

Can an Iron Man suit be made?
How does Thor’s hammer work?
Could any known forms of radiation cause superpowers?
How many calories does Superman need each day?
Could you cross a Lamborghini and a Hummer to make the Batmobile Tumbler?
And many more!

The Photo Thief (affiliate link)

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Author: Delozier, J. L.
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Gothic Fiction
If photos could speak.
Still grieving his toddler’s death, Detective Dan Brennan of the Philadelphia P.D. returns to the force and is assigned to investigate a socialite’s fatal fall down her mansion’s staircase. But the open-and-shut case is turned on its head when the victim’s epileptic daughter alleges her mother was murdered. Her evidence? The dead. Vintage crime-scene photographs displayed on the mansion’s walls have told her so.
Compelled by the reclusive teen’s pleas, Brennan investigates her mother’s death and the disturbing secrets hidden in plain sight on the mansion’s walls. He soon discovers the vintage photographs are tied to a quartet of cold cases with a disturbing commonality. As the wealthy family’s long, sordid history threatens to bury him, Brennan’s forced to make a choice: save his career, or risk it all for the chance to hear his daughter’s voice again.
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Author: Crouch, David
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Economic Policy & Development


A country that defies the laws of economic gravity. A land with high wages, strong unions and generous welfare. A dream location for business and a bastion of social responsibility, coming out on top for childcare, equality and quality of life.


Having lived in Sweden for six years, journalist David Crouch has a unique perspective as an outsider looking in on one of the world’s most successful yet divided countries. Based on more than 70 interviews with leading figures in Swedish industry and politics, Almost Perfekt is a journey through Swedish society and what sets it apart from the world today.

Why is Sweden so good for businesses like IKEA, Spotify and Skype?
How will the country become zero carbon by 2045?
And what can we learn about immigration from its ambitious policies?

Dylan Thomas: A New Life (affiliate link)

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Author: Lycett, Andrew
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Biographies & Memoirs of Authors

Dylan Thomas is as legendary for his raucous life as for his literary genius. The author of the immortal poems Death Shall Have No Dominion, Before I Knocked, and Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night, as well as the short story A Christmas in Wales, and the “play for voices” Under Milk Wood, published his first book, 18 Poems, in 1934, when he was only twenty years old.

When he died in New York in 1953, at age thirty-nine, the myths took hold: he became the Keats and the Byron of his generation—the romantic poet who died too young, his potential unfulfilled.

Making masterful use of original material from archives and personal papers, Andrew Lycett describes the development of the young poet, brings valuable new insights to Thomas’s poetry, and unearths fascinating details about the poet’s many affairs and his tempestuous marriage to his passionate Irish wife, Caitlin. The result is a poignant yet stirring portrait of the chaos of Thomas’s personal life and a welcome re-evaluation of the lyricism and experimentalism of his literary legacy.

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Author: Bane, Jenn, Garritano, Trin
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Communication & Social Skills

With eight billion people in the world, why is it so hard to meet and make new friends?

Navigating the world of adult friendships can be a real challenge when everyone is busy, overwhelmed, or too often too far away. Here to help are Jenn Bane and Trin Garritano, the duo behind the cult favorite podcast Friendshipping. Insightful, empathetic, and just a touch irreverent, Jenn and Trin give readers the tools they need to make new friends and revitalize the quality of existing friendships. The book covers it all:
Meeting new people
Mastering the art of small talk
Deciphering the levels of friendship in the workplace
Making the first friend move, plus how to give a non-creepy compliment
You’ll also learn why it’s important to use the same IRL etiquette when making friends online; how to decide if a friendship is toxic and know when it’s time to move on; and most important, how to be a better friend, to yourself and others.

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