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Author: Thomas, Lisa B.
Cozy Animal Mystery

We all have a skeleton in the closet. Hers is real.
Burned out after thirty years of teaching high school, Deena Sharpe up and quits. She sets her sights on a reporting job at the local newspaper, but something unexpected blindsides her — she is asked to solve a family mystery 50 years in the making.

It all starts when a rookie sheriff’s deputy uncovers a forgotten skeleton in their evidence closet and soon makes an identification. The victim’s cause of death? Murder. That’s when Deena’s ailing grandmother turns to her for help. Gran doesn’t want to go to her grave not knowing the truth about her son’s disappearance so long ago.

But when a mysterious, big-city stranger shows up asking questions about the victim, Deena realizes their personal family tragedy could have vast implications that go way beyond the borders of their small Texas town.

Imperium Descent: Volume I (affiliate link)

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Author: Hopper, Christopher
Science Fiction Adventure

Once a respected Imperium stratusaire, Pelegrin Hale now collects bounties with a local mercenary guild. He’s a few jobs away from earning his old life back when a mission goes sideways. Now, he’s forced to choose between his dream of reenlisting and saving the lives of a crew who hates him.

Meanwhile, Princess Orelia Pendaline is interrupted from palace life by an intruder. The thief breaks into the throne room and threatens to steal the family’s most valuable possession, an act punishable by death. But once Orelia unmasks the interloper, can she bring herself to do what justice requires?

Little do Hale and Orelia know that they are being watched. If they’re not careful, their next decisions will summon the wrath of the most powerful people in the Imperium.

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Author: Moore, Cameron K.
War & Military Action Fiction

When Dr. Karl Shepherd discovers a revolutionary drug that can cure his daughter’s rare disease, he unlocks the ultimate version of Pandora’s Box.

Soon, he is hunted through the Amazon rainforest by ruthless mercenaries desperate to steal his secret. His every step is tracked by the brutal Jacques Benoit, a cognitively-enhanced commando. Shepherd’s survival and the antidote for his daughter hinge upon his experience as a former U.S. Ranger.

But, Shepherd doesn’t know that his amazing breakthrough could unleash something far worse. The ability to create super-soldiers – genetically upgraded men and women bred to be the ultimate gladiators – a staggering military advantage capable of rewriting the laws of power and rearranging world order.

Whoever controls Shepherd’s discovery will rule the planet.

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Author: Ravenscroft, Terry
Humor & Entertainment
The long and eagerly awaited follow-up to the author’s best-selling Dear Coca-Cola. Once again master complaint writer Terry Ravenscroft casts his line into the murky waters inhabited by food and drink companies to see which among them will bite on the bait of his tempting opening letter. Victims this time include Starbucks, Nestlé, Subway, Heinz, Green Giant, and many, many more. All of whom by now no doubt wish they’d never heard of him.
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Author: Michaels, Diane
Romantic Comedy

A dead-end career. A love life that’s DOA. When fate sends her on a wild goose chase, can she land the deal of a lifetime?
Struggling realtor Lauren Bent is desperate for a break. If she can’t close a deal soon, she’ll need more than her million-dollar dreams to pay her bills. But abandoning her chosen career is even harder than landing a sale.

When her wealthy great-aunt passes away, Lauren has a chance to turn everything around. To inherit the fortune, she must compete against her eccentric family in a contest. Between scheming relatives, accidentally setting fire to a client’s apartment, and a poodle mistaking her for a hydrant, winning seems like a long shot. And then she comes face-to-face with Johnny, her attractive high school nemesis. With him judging the tournament, her odds of surviving the competition sink lower than her sales numbers.

Lauren has every reason to walk away from it all. But something about Johnny—and her great-aunt’s mission—keeps drawing her back into the fray. Will her quest for success reward her with a prize beyond her wildest dreams?

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Author: Pishiris, Christina
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Women’s Domestic Life Fiction

Zoë Frixos gets the whole love song thing. Truly, she does. As an editor at a major music magazine in London, it’s part of her job description. But love? Let’s just say Zoë’s been a bit off-beat in that department. After falling hard for her best friend, Simon, at thirteen and missing every chance to tell him how she felt before he left town, Zoë came to one grand conclusion: Love stinks.

Twenty years later, Simon is returning to London, newly single and as charming as ever, and Zoë vows to take her second chance. But Zoë’s got other problems now: In order to save her magazine from closure, she has to land the biggest interview of her career with a notoriously elusive rock idol. There’s just one problem: Nick, the arrogant publicist who seems determined to stop the story and ruin Zoë’s life.

With her brother’s big(ish) fat(ish) Greek wedding on the horizon, Zoë begins to wonder if her first love is the right love. In the wake of a life-changing choice, Zoë must decide if she’s right to be skeptical about love, or if it’s time to change her tune…

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Author: Prather, Chad
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Political Humor

Chad Prather — “a modern-day Will Rogers” — is just your friendly neighborhood cowboy philosopher, gazing into the sweet tea leaves at the bottom of his cowboy hat, pondering a most fundamental question: “Am I crazy? Or is the world crazy…?” Chad finds life amusing, baffling, sometimes heartwarming, and downright interesting, and wants to share personal stories and witty observations on the hasty growth of insanity within the folds of society, and inspire critical thinking about the state of our modern culture.

In this series of humorous essays — reminiscent of the rants he is famous for doing from his truck in Texas — Chad takes on all the problems he has with the modern age, and also talks about some of the problems that we have with each other. Problems with kids, problems with spouses, problems with our bosses at work, and of course problems with all those other jackwagons we work with.

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Author: Galli, Natalie
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History of Italy

An eighteen-year-old woman named Franca Viola made history in 1966 as one of the first “#metoo” heroines of modern times, when she refused to go along with a centuries-old forcible marriage custom in Sicily. Having endured kidnap and rape, she publicly defied the expectation that she would marry the rapist to “restore her broken honor.” A social uproar occurred throughout the island ― and beyond.

In Natalie Galli’s The Girl Who Said No, Viola’s remarkable story unfolds when the author arrives in Palermo to search for this brave heroine, with little more than the memory of a tiny article she had spotted two decades prior. Galli wanted to know: whatever had become of this courageous girl who had overturned an ancient, entrenched tradition?

The riveting events after Franca pressed charges with the police form the core of this gripping memoir. Viola was subjected to public taunting whenever she appeared on the streets of her town; Mafia-orchestrated bullying threatened her entire family. Galli traced the dramatic tale to its conclusion, in spite of initial warnings from her own relatives not to break the Sicilian code of silence.

Love and Life (affiliate link)

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Author: Schlessinger, Laura
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Self-Esteem Self-Help
For over thirty years, New York Times bestselling author and #2 Sirius Radio Talk Show Host, Dr. Laura Schlessinger has been doling out no-nonsense relationship and family advice, advocating a strong sense of personal responsibility, to the delight of her millions of followers and fans. In her newest book, Love and Life, Dr. Laura covers the most popular topics and thorniest problems that face today’s parents and grandparents, husbands and wives, men and women, and everyone seeking love, fulfillment, success – or anyone who wants to be a decent and productive human being. With her provocative and firm, but always stimulating advice, Dr. Laura provides guidance that will inspire readers to be the very best in terms of character, conscience, and courage – to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of those they love.
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Author: Good, Phyllis Pellman
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Comfort Food Cooking

With her bestselling cookbook Fix-It and Forget-It, Phyllis Good shared a treasure trove of crowd-pleasing slow cooker recipes. Now she presents a new array of recipes you won’t have to wait to enjoy! Each of the nearly 700 recipes in this volume is easy to prepare and ready to become a new family favorite.

Fix-It and Enjoy-It offers choice recipes for weekday meals made on the stove-top or in the oven. Featuring breakfasts, snacks, dinners, and more, these healthy and delicious recipes use ingredients that are already in most cooks’ cupboards. And they are so simple, even beginner cooks will have an easy time preparing them.

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Author: Bennett, Connie
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Medical Nutrition

For the millions of people who suffer with problems such as low libido, excess weight, overpowering fatigue, and many other unexplained ailments, Beyond Sugar Shock provides a step-by-step, six-week program to gently guide readers to a healthier life. In this friendly, compassionate book, they’ll find:

• A playful, but serious Sugar Shock Quiz to help readers learn about their personal sugar addiction.
• Easy, tried-and-true techniques that Connie used—and that her clients and Sugar Freedom Now participants now use—to successfully quit her sugar habits.
• Dozens of easy tips and tactics to stomp out carb cravings.
• Simple meal plans, tasty recipes, and a food/lifestyle pyramid that shows readers how to let go of quickie carbs and nonfoods (the Standard American Diet or SAD) and instead enjoy real, wholesome, health-giving nutrition.
• Entertaining, interactive “adventurcises” (adventurous exercises) such as “Do Sugary Soul Searching,” “Party with the Produce,” and “Snatch the E-Z Vitamins.”
• Affirmations to refresh, rejuvenate, and renew the mind, body, and spirit.
• Remarkable success stories with before-and-after photos.

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