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Author: Grace, Fiona
Cozy Mystery

For centuries, Thistlewood Manor has stood as home to the Montagu family, a beacon to British aristocracy in rural England. But it’s 1928, and in this new age of women’s rights, Eliza Montagu, 27, a free spirit, has turned her back on her family to live an artist’s life in London.

But when an unexpected family crisis arrives, Eliza has no choice but to return home to the demands of her family, to help her father, and to meet the Lord they hope she’ll marry.

When a dead body appears in the midst of the reunion, Eliza quickly realizes that if she doesn’t solve the mystery, the crime may just be pinned on her, and dash her hopes for a life as a free woman.

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Author: Carnegie, Jack
Historical World War II Fiction
Retired US Detective Emil Janowitz lied to his wife for nearly forty years. Having lost his entire family whilst an inmate of Auschwitz-Birkenau it was simply easier on his soul to invent a past than face up to the demons buried deep inside. Life was good, but then the mail arrived bringing a letter which would result in a voyage of discovery, denunciation and confrontation with the past. Life is a journey, history should not be forgotten, the evil still exists.
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Author: McGillick, K. J.
Private Investigator Mysteries

Lies and misdirection rule Fiona’s game.
Fiona O’Dell is a clever manipulator. But is she a dangerous sociopath?

On the run, Fiona is last seen leaving a motel room, where the police find a gruesome scene. One man is dead, and another clings to life. Staged to look like a sexual dalliance gone wrong, there is more to this than meets the eye. Her boss is quick to identify Fiona as the mastermind behind the theft of materials where all three work. One thing is certain, lives are at stake if she releases this sensitive data. But what have these two victims to do with Fiona? Are they her partners in crime? Did she double-cross them?

As law enforcement hunt for her across four states, they discover men from her past are being murdered for no apparent reason. Is she on a revenge mission? Or were they part of her elaborate plan to sell the information? The police are stumped. None of this makes any sense. Time is running out before the data goes on the dark web for sale, and they are no closer to catching her.

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Author: Brown, Catherine
Sales & Selling Management
Most salespeople worry about seeming too pushy when they sell. They remember when they have been victims of aggressive sales tactics in the past, so now they vow to sell differently. As humans, we’re wired for survival so we avoid experiences that make us feel uncomfortable. However, avoiding selling is disastrous to business. Catherine Brown, Founder of the ExtraBold Sales system, understands why Good Humans struggle to sell. Learning a reliable sales process is only half of the success equation. The other half is about us, the sellers—our individual values, habits, beliefs, and goals. In this book, Catherine explains how social science helps us sell well. Her approach to selling without sleaze or cheese invigorates salespeople, so they can consistently overcome their fear of seeming pushy, reach more prospects, and close more business.
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Author: Davidson, Louise
U.S. Regional Cooking

A great-tasting dish, be it a slice of pie or a meal, is something you tell your friends and family about. It is something you want to share so that others can experience the delicious flavors. This is what American regional cooking – and ultimately, this cookbook – is truly about. Each recipe in this collection of the most iconic dishes from each of the 50 United States reflects the unique regional food cultures that exist across America. These are traditional dishes that have been passed down for generations so that we can taste their incredible flavors today. It is what is served at the family table, in local restaurants, and at holiday get-togethers.

Perhaps most important, these dishes are what locals are proud to serve visitors to their region, giving them an experience to remember when they return home. Let this collection of recipes serve as a guide for your culinary journey to each state. It will show you the way each state traditionally prepares, cooks, and serves its iconic dish. With the rich history and culture reflected in each state’s official dish, you will discover new variations, methods, and flavors in this tasty, filling, and delicious journey across America.

What a Woman Needs (affiliate link)

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Author: Linden, Caroline
Historical Regency Fiction

Charlotte Griffolino knows a rake when she sees one, and the man her niece longs to marry most definitely qualifies. Stuart Drake is handsome, charming—and penniless. It is clear to Charlotte that he is only interested in neice’s inheritance. Having fallen prey to fortune hunters in the past, Charlotte is willing to do anything to stop Stuart . . . even if it requires seducing him . . .

With a Viscount title in his future, Stuart expects it should be easy to marry an heiress—and winning the approval of her guardian should pose no trouble. But the young lady’s aunt Charlotte is far from the elderly matron he imagined. As his captivating opponent threatens to ruin his plan and his name, he is determined to fight fire with passionate fire.

All For You (affiliate link)

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Author: Jensen, Louise
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Psychological Thriller

Lucy: Loving mother. Devoted wife. And falling to pieces.
Aidan: Dedicated father. Faithful husband. And in too deep.
Connor:Hardworking son. Loyal friend. But can never tell the truth.

Everyone in this family is hiding something, but one secret will turn out to be the deadliest of all . . .

Can this family ever recover when the truth finally comes out?

The Cloven Viscount (affiliate link)

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Author: Calvino, Italo
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Absurdist Fiction

When a nobleman is split in two, his separate halves pursue different adventures in a fantastically macabre tale by the author of Invisible Cities.

It is the seventeenth century, and the Viscount Medardo of Terralba must go into battle against the Turks. But the inexperienced warrior is soon bisected lengthwise by a cannonball. Through a miracle of stitching, one half of him survives, returning to his feudal estate to lead a lavishly evil life. But soon his other, virtuous half appears—also very much alive. When the two halves become rivals for the love of the same woman, there’s no telling the lengths each will go to in order to win.

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Author: Daley, Margaret
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Christian Mystery & Suspense Romance
Someone’s after wealthy Texan Slade Caulder’s daughter. Desperate to keep her safe while he determines the motive, the widowed father hires a bodyguard for Abbey. A female bodyguard, with the training to protect the girl—and an understanding of a willful teenager who keeps trying to outsmart her. Elizabeth Walker is the perfect combination of caring and toughness for her job. But as the holidays approach, the stalker’s threats escalate. And Slade finds himself willing to risk everything to keep his Christmas bodyguard by his side . . . forever.
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Author: Camp, Candace
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Historical Romance

Olivia Moreland prides herself on discrediting charlatans, particularly the false mediums that flock to London. But when Lord Stephen St. Leger requests her help in investigating an alleged psychic’s claims, she can’t deny the ominous feeling she has within the walls of his ancient estate—or the intimately familiar connection she has with Stephen himself.

The last time he’d called Blackhope Hall home, Stephen had watched as his elder brother claimed both the family title and the woman he loved. Now, in the wake of his brother’s murder, Stephen has reluctantly returned to find his family ensconced in scandal. Who is responsible for his brother’s untimely death? And what is it about investigator Olivia Moreland that so thoroughly draws him in, reigniting a passion he hasn’t felt in years?

My Kind of Happy (affiliate link)

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Author: Bramley, Cathy
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Romantic Comedy

‘I think flowers are sunshine for the soul.’

Flowers have always made Fearne smile. She treasures the memories of her beloved grandmother’s floristry and helping her to arrange beautiful blooms that brought such joy to their recipients.

But ever since a family tragedy a year ago, Fearne has been searching for her own contentment. When a chance discovery inspires her to start a happiness wishlist, it seems that Fearne might just have found her answer…

Sometimes the scariest path can be the most rewarding. So is Fearne ready to take the risk and step into the unknown? And what kind of happiness might she find if she does?

What You Hide (affiliate link)

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Author: Richards, Natalie D.
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Adult Romantic Mysteries & Thrillers

Mallory didn’t want to leave home, but it wasn’t safe to stay. So she sleeps at her best friend’s house and spends the rest of her time at the library, doing her online schoolwork and figuring out what comes next. Because she’s not going live in fear like her mother.

Spencer volunteers at the library. Sure, it’s community service for a stunt he pulled, but he likes the work. And it’s the perfect escape from his parents’ pressure to excel at school, at ice hockey, at everything. Especially after he meets Mallory.

Then there is a tragic death at the library. Suddenly, what was once a sanctuary turns sinister. Ghostly footprints, strange scratching sounds, scrawled messages on bulletin boards and walls… Mallory and Spencer don’t know who or what is responsible, but one thing is for sure:

They are not as alone—or as safe—as they thought.

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