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Crime Thriller


A missing nurse who no one seemed to like.

It’s Detective Joanna Piercy’s first day back at work after her promotion. You could cut the tension with a knife. The rest of the team are more than a little bit jealous.

But there’s a missing persons case to get on with.

DI Piercy arrives at the missing nurse’s house. But it’s too late.

Marilyn Smith is dead. Spreadeagled on the bed, all dressed up for a date she didn’t keep. DI Piercy is convinced that Marilyn was murdered even though the post-mortem is inconclusive.

But if there was foul play involved, how did the killer get past her dog, who was so protective of his mistress? And how come her dog was just about the only creature who liked this nurse?

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Author: Hatfield, Shanna
Sweet Holiday Romance

She needed a change of pace. . .
No one said anything about a friendly camel or a hunky mechanic
Cedar Haynes has a choice: change her high-pressure lifestyle, or end up dead by the time she’s thirty. Not one to do things by half measures, she quits her demanding corporate job, swaps her sports car for an SUV, and moves to the peaceful mountain community of Faraday. She envisions a quiet, peaceful Christmas, surrounding by silence and sparkling snow. When a camel takes up residence on her porch, she realizes small-town life may be more quirky and complicated than she imagined. Thankfully, the local mechanic seems to have all the answers – plus good looks, bad-boy charm, and a mysterious aura that leaves her wanting to know more.

Rhett Riggs left big city life behind the moment his small-town uncle needed his help. To make ends meet, he takes over Faraday’s one and only garage and gas station. He gets more than he bargained for, though, when Uncle Will passes away, leaving Rhett a run-down farmhouse, a wacky camel named Lolly, and a deep-rooted love for the community he considers his home.

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Author: Falconer, Craig A.
Space Exploration Science Fiction

Sometimes, the stories come true…

Across oceans and ages, the same tales have persisted.

The lights in the sky. The whirring sounds at night.

The ships that cross the darkness and the headaches that come when they pass overhead.

But for some, the feelings have intensified. Recently it all feels… closer.

EJ, a humble artist, senses that the long-foreseen arrival is imminent.

Denounced as a self-promoter seeking attentions and fame, he finds few listeners but never stops trying to raise the alarm.

When dusk falls, the prophecy rains down.

Coffee on Waihi Beach (affiliate link)

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Author: Amanda, Enni
Holiday Romance

When Ingrid uproots her life to track down her long-lost father in New Zealand, romance is the last thing on her mind. But then she lands a job at a local café — and meets gorgeous barista Declan.

A product of a holiday fling, Ingrid is not planning to have one. But plans are hard to keep when every day brings a new set of challenges, like sharing a sleeper van with a strange German girl or approaching a celebrity who may or may not be your father. But, the hardest of all feats is resisting the charms of Declan.

A law student from a wealthy family, Declan attracts women without even trying. To ease his guilt over a past incident, he decides to help his awkward friend Kurt win the girl for once. Kurt has fallen in love, again. This time with the cute traveller Ingrid – a girl with secrets, and a penchant for getting in trouble. She’s intriguing. But, Declan can be a good friend. He can let this one go. Or, can he?

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Author: Frost, Agatha
Cozy Mystery


All Claire’s best friend Damon wants for his birthday is to celebrate with his far-flung friends. At a convention for science-fiction fans. With cosplay. But when Damon’s once close-knit group of online friends splinters in the week before the event, threatening to ruin Damon’s birthday and the plans he’s been looking forward to for months, it’s Captain Claire to the rescue – or it will be, just as soon as her mother puts the finishing touches on her costume.

Of course, what Claire doesn’t know (aside from pretty much anything to do with sci-fi) is that amid the hubbub of meet-and-greets, merchandise, and video game tournaments, it’s all fun and games . . . until someone gets stabbed. Thrown headfirst into a murderous friend group filled with lies and deception, can Claire solve the case before the bodies pile up?

Epiphany Jones (affiliate link)

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Author: Grothaus, Michael
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Psychological Fiction
Jerry has a traumatic past that leaves him subject to psychotic hallucinations and depressive episodes. When he stands accused of stealing a priceless Van Gogh painting, he goes underground, where he develops an unwilling relationship with a woman who believes that the voices she hears are from God. Involuntarily entangled in the illicit world of sex-trafficking among the Hollywood elite, and on a mission to find redemption for a haunting series of events from the past, Jerry is thrust into a genuinely shocking and outrageously funny quest to uncover the truth and atone for historical sins.
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Author: Zamalin, Alex
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An uplifting look at how organizers in the past have successfully leveraged crises into emancipatory politics, and a plea for continued progressive movement building in our tumultuous social climate

From the climate apocalypse and COVID-19 to double-digit unemployment to Donald Trump and the rise of far-right white nationalists—disasters are everywhere we look.

While these disasters often leave us feeling hopeless and withdrawn, scholar Alex Zamalin argues that pessimism cannot be the only response. Silence and inaction only perpetuate mass suffering and inequality. Instead, All Is Not Lost suggests that following every crisis emerges new political opportunity for changing our politics and everyday lives.

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Author: Dobbyn, John F.
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Legal Thrillers

Amid the flash and din of Boston’s Chinese New Year’s celebration, a man is murdered

In Boston’s Chinatown, an elderly man is shot while watching the Chinese New Year’s parade from his window. Anthony Bradley, the son of an African American judge, is standing across the street at the time, and is immediately arrested for the crime.

Michael Knight, a young lawyer who’s going places, is surprised when Judge Bradley asks him to defend his son in such a high-profile and politically delicate case. Luckily, Knight finds powerful support from Lex Devlin, a senior partner at his firm. Once the foremost criminal defense attorney in Boston, Devlin has mysteriously withdrawn from defense work in recent years.

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Author: Hall, Andrew W.
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U.S. Civil War Naval Operations History
In the last months of the American Civil War, the upper Texas coast became a hive of blockade running. Though Texas was often considered an isolated backwater in the conflict, the Union’s pervasive and systematic seizure of Southern ports left Galveston as one of the only strongholds of foreign imports in the anemic supply chain to embattled Confederate forces. Long, fast steamships ran in and out of the city’s port almost every week, bound to and from Cuba. Join author Andrew W. Hall as he explores the story of Texas’s Civil War blockade runners–a story of daring, of desperation and, in many cases, of patriotism turning coat to profiteering.
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Author: Stone, Eileen Hallet
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Retailing Industry
After an arduous journey to Utah’s Mormon frontier, three Jewish immigrant brothers built a flagship institution that lasted more than a century in downtown Salt Lake City. The F. Auerbach & Bros. story is one of personal challenges, Prussian folktales, perilous sea voyages, Wild West tenacity and those elegant and sophisticated fashions found on the second floor. Built along railroad tracks and dressing boomtown “Ladies of Aristocracy” in finery, Auerbach’s tent stores evolved into one of the finest retailers in state history, providing something for everyone under one roof. Award-winning author and former Salt Lake Tribune columnist Eileen Hallet Stone brings to life the magical moments of the shopping dynasty that lasted until 1979.

Lacie’s Secrets: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Holmqvist, Tullan, Sorkin, Teresa
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Psychological Thrillers

For the past 18 years, Kate Williams has tried to forget the fateful summer in which her sister Lacie’s disappearance ripped their family apart. But when their estranged mother unexpectedly dies and Kate inherits Villa Magda, the family’s summer home on the Maine coast, Kate decides that enough time has passed. With the help of her husband, her son, and their close group of friends, Kate decides to face the past and go back to Villa Magda for one last trip.

But the sprawling, ocean-side house isn’t as picturesque as it seems, and as the week goes on, inexplicable incidents and suspicious visitors begin to torment Kate, threatening to expose her deepest secrets. The closer Kate gets to learning the truth about what happened that summer, the faster she realizes the house might be holding more secrets than she can handle.

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