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Author: Pierce, Blake
Women Sleuths
With her tattoos and piercings, MIT tech genius Cami Lark is rebellious and anti-authoritarian—and finds herself in deep trouble when she hacks the FBI. Faced with the choice of prison or aiding the BAU hunt down serial killers, Cami reluctantly partners. Yet when she is faced with a killer with a penchant for Augmented Reality, and with future victims lives on the line, Cami may have found more than she bargained for.
With a list of suspects a mile long, and endless augmented reality dead ends, Cami’s first case does not look promising. Partnered with a condescending agent who resents her presence, Cami’ must find a connection to the physical world before time runs out. Working with the same people that fumbled her missing sister’s case when she was young, Cami must heal old wounds and lean into her tech genius to solve a case the FBI can’t.
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Author: Bradshaw, Cheryl
Espionage Thrillers

Doug Ward has been running from his past for twenty years.

But after his fourth whisky of the night, his steely resolve has started to crack, and he doesn’t want to keep quiet — not anymore.

When blood is found on the deck where Doug was last seen, private investigator Sloane Monroe goes in search of the truth and uncovers the biggest secret of them all.

If you like stories that keep you guessing, you’ll be up all night with this page-turning mystery, a New York Times bestselling series.

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Author: French, Robert P.
Mystery Thriller

How do you track down a lost teenager, when everyone else who has tried to find her ends up missing or dead?

PI Cal Rogan goes to Hong Kong to search for a teenager who disappeared while on vacation. Her brother, who went looking for her, has also vanished.

As Cal investigates, he discovers that hunting for this girl is a death warrant… and he’s next on the list.

While Cal struggles to stay alive, his partner Nick is dealing with a blackmail case which goes horribly wrong and puts the whole firm in jeopardy.

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Author: Ryan, JC
Terrorism Thrillers

On a mission to Afghanistan to gather information about the opium trade, Rex Dalton stumbles across spine-chilling deceit and corruption reaching the highest hallways of power in Afghanistan, America, and Europe.

His requests to his superiors to wipe out the drug stores, labs, and drug lords, fall on deaf ears.

With no time to waste, and US politicians failing to act, Rex takes matters into his own hands and stirs up a hornet’s nest. One so deadly even Rex, one of the world’s most lethal assassins, might not survive.

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Author: Manos, Blanche Day
Cozy Mystery

Nettie “Ned” McNeil cannot imagine why her Uncle Javin feels that he is in danger, but she loads her suitcases into her car, leaves Atlanta and her late husband, and makes the long trek to Ednalee, Oklahoma, to help out. When she arrives, Uncle Javin’s white Victorian house is strangely dark and silent. Inside she finds him lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

So begin her first moments back in her old home town, where the mystery of Uncle Javin’s violent death pulls at Ned. But his mysterious murderer seems to always be just a few steps ahead of her search. How can she protect her own life as she pursues a killer who will stop at nothing to guard a deadly secret?

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Author: Lark, Sarah
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Family Saga Fiction

In the chaos of World War II, Polish teenagers Helena and Luzyna Grabowski have lost everything. Without parents or a home, they are shipped to a refugee camp in Persia, where the days ahead hold only darkness. When they hear that orphans are being selected for relocation to New Zealand, Helena is filled with hope—until the officials say they have a place only for her younger sister.

On the morning she is to be transported, Luzyna fails to join the chosen group, and Helena takes her place. But the horrors of war—and her guilt at abandoning her sister—follow Helena on the journey across the sea, as a man from her past preys on her fear and remorse.

A Long Time Coming (affiliate link)

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Author: Elkins, Aaron
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International Mystery & Crime

It takes a real artist to solve a crime this big—in a brilliant, engrossing mystery by Edgar Award winner Aaron Elkins…

Art curator Val Caruso is not a happy camper. His promotion has just been nixed, his divorce has become final, and he’s dug himself into a nice little rut for his fortieth birthday. The uplift? A trip to Milan to help Holocaust survivor Sol Bezzecca recover a pair of cherished sketches by Renoir. They’d once been given to Sol’s family by the then-unknown artist, looted by the Italian Fascist militia, and now after decades in hiding have turned up for auction. It’s Val’s job to get them back.

Unfortunately, his Italian adventure takes a dangerous turn when he becomes trapped in an intricate web that reaches back to World War II—and is still very sticky with art thieves, forgers, and somebody who wants Val out of the picture permanently. When the lost Renoirs are stolen yet again, Val is more determined than ever to hunt them down. The reward for reuniting an old man with his rightful past? Priceless.

A Density of Souls (affiliate link)

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Author: Rice, Christopher
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Psychological Thrillers

Four childhood friends in present-day New Orleans are torn apart by envy, passion, and a secret murder.

Five years ago, Meredith, Brandon, Greg, and Stephen quickly discover the fragile boundaries between friendship and betrayal as they enter high school and form new allegiances. Meredith, Brandon, and Greg gain popularity, while Stephen is viciously treated as an outcast. Then two violent deaths destroy the already delicate bonds of their friendship.

When the friends are drawn back together, new facts about their mutual history are exposed and what was held to be a tragic accident is revealed as murder. As the true story emerges, other secrets begin to unravel with more dangerous, far-reaching consequences.

Together by Christmas (affiliate link)

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Author: Swan, Karen
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Contemporary Romance

When Lee first came to Amsterdam, it was with a newborn baby and a secret. Five years later, her life is approaching normal: her career as a celebrity photographer is flourishing, her son Jasper is growing up, and they are enjoying the run-up to Christmas with their tight circle of close friends.

But all this changes one morning when Lee finds a book in the basket of her bicycle – and scrawled inside it, a desperate message. Who left it for her, and why? Lee feels compelled to help and tracks down the book’s author, Sam. With an instant, undeniable connection it seems they might have a shot at a real future together.

Until her past comes calling. As the snow falls and ice thickens on the city’s canals, the secret Lee has never told resurfaces. Suddenly everything she holds dear hangs in the balance. Christmas is a time for being together – but what if the truth means she ends up alone?

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Author: Thompson, Kalee
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Coast Guard History
The spellbinding true story of the greatest rescue in U.S. Coast Guard history. Recounting the tragic sinking of the fishing trawler, Alaska Ranger, in the Bering Sea and its remarkable aftermath in March 2008, Deadliest Sea is real life action and adventure at its finest. The full story of an amazing rescue—where extraordinary courage, ingenuity, will, and technology combined in one of the most remarkable maritime feats ever recorded—has never been told before now.
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Author: Campbell, AJ
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Domestic Thrillers

A missing man. A desperate friend. A circle of deceit.

Would you refuse your best friend’s plea for help?

Marc O’Sullivan has disappeared.

His wife Sasha is frantic, and Eva is baffled.

They were blissfully married with three kids. The perfect couple… or so everybody thought.

Sasha begs Eva to help her find Marc. But he has given a written statement at the police station where Eva works. It’s on record – when his family report him missing, Marc does not want to be found. But why?

Ultimately, friendship and loyalty override Eva’s professional integrity, and she is compelled to use her resources to delve into Marc’s life, even if it means breaking the police Code of Conduct and jeopardising her career.

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