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Author: Davis, Jayne
Regency Historical Romance

Can broken promises ever be forgiven?

England 1814

Lieutenant Philip Kempton and Anna Tremayne fall in love during one idyllic summer fortnight.

When he’s summoned to rejoin his ship, Anna promises to wait for him. While he’s at sea, she marries someone else.

Four years later, he is a captain and she is a widow. When the two are forced together at a Christmas party, they have a chance to reconcile.

Can they forgive each other the past and rekindle their love?

BEND TO THE TEMPEST (affiliate link)

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Author: Lindley, Michael
Historical Thrillers

In 1918, Mathew lies recovering in a Paris hospital from a devastating wound in a battle in the French countryside. His nurse, Celeste, will not only tend his wounds but also capture his heart, but her ties to her local French village and a soldier still lost in the conflict of the Great War will be the first in his life’s most difficult choices.

Returning to his home in America during the tumultuous years of Prohibition, Mathew ultimately finds new love, but a bitter betrayal and his ruthless family’s ties to the liquor trade in 1920’s Atlanta force him to leave and seek refuge in a friend’s remote cottage in a small Florida beach town. He meets a young blind girl, Melanee Dalton, who will lead him on a journey that may be the final salvation for her wayward mother and Mathew’s own haunted soul.

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Author: Barth, Christi
Opposites Attract Rom-Com

Lights, camera, love!
Chicago wedding planner Ivy Rhodes is blindsided when a reality TV crew shows up at one of her weddings. They’re an intrusion …and a complication, since the sexy cameraman’s a relentless flirt. Ivy follows his easygoing charm straight into the bedroom.

Dealing with bridezillas was not what Bennet Westcott expected when a scandal cost him his career as a news videographer. But the gorgeous wedding planner on his latest assignment has him saying “I Do”… to a one-night stand.When he discovers Ivy’s a forever kind of girl, he walks away, breaking her heart.

The show must go on… and the network wants Ivy to be the star. She signs the contract before learning the Casanova cameraman who shredded her heart into confetti will spend the next three months filming her. Suddenly Ben’s spending every day watching the woman he can’t resist, while Ivy wonders how to plan for a happily ever after when the guy you want doesn’t believe in love?

The Grave Diggers (affiliate link)

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Author: Fritschi, Chris
Dystopian Science Fiction

Jack Tate and his rookie team of misfits fight the lethal undead to reclaim the infested no-man’s land that once was home.

When they unwittingly uncover a plot to overthrow the country, they become the target of a covert organization who will kill to keep their plans a secret.

Bullets rip past their heads as the Grave Diggers are caught in a deadly ambush. They thought the undead were enemy but now the real battle for survival has started.
The Grave Diggers are fighting for their country and their lives. Will their next move be their last?

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Author: Griffith, Jennifer
Holiday Romance
A vintage Christmas novel lost. A romance found.
It’s Christmastime, and Tabitha Townsend has come home, desperate to keep her personal shopping business, Twelve Days, afloat. Her only hope is finding a one-of-a-kind vintage novel for a wealthy client who demands total secrecy. Sigh-worthy bookstore owner, Sam, could be key to her success.
Sam Bartlett, widower and owner of Angels Landing Bookstore, can’t keep his inventory of used books stocked this Christmas, thanks to competition from gorgeous but exasperating Tabitha Townsend. When an auction unearths a coveted prize with deep meaning for Sam, competitive sparks fly.
Things get even more complicated when the matchmaking mayor pairs them at the town hot cocoa festival, and the chemistry between them is allowed to develop. Will their rivalry over the book pull them together or drive them apart in this holiday romance?

The Border (affiliate link)

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Author: McCammon, Robert
Regularly $17.99, Today $2.99
Space Marine Science Fiction

It happened one day in April. Huge explosions in skies across the world heralded the coming of the Gorgon ships, sparking a worldwide panic. Indestructible, they blasted Earth’s greatest cities into rubble. Then, through portals opening in the air, came the skeletal Cyphers. And Earth became a battlefield in a war between two alien races bent on mutual destruction.

In Colorado, just over a hundred survivors have found sanctuary in the ruins of an apartment complex—and it’s not just the Gorgons and Cyphers who threaten them. They are regularly besieged by the Gray Men, humans mutated by something in the atmosphere into monstrosities straight out of nightmares.

Final Scream (affiliate link)

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Author: Jackson, Lisa
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Psychological Thrillers

For the wealthy Buchanans, the town of Prosperity—in the shadow of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains—has delivered everything its name promises. Not that Cassidy Buchanan cares about money, cars, or expensive clothes—unlike her beautiful older sister. All Cassidy wants is to ride her horses. Then her father hires Brig McKenzie, a handsome troublemaker who ignites a storm of rivalry. By summer’s end, a fatal fire rages through the Buchanans’ sawmill, tearing the family apart—and Brig disappears, presumed guilty of arson.

Seventeen years later, Cassidy has never stopped trying to uncover the truth about that terrible crime. Now married to Brig’s brother, Chase, she’s come back to Prosperity to find closure. Instead, she encounters a fresh nightmare. Another fire is set, deliberate and deadly. Some view Cassidy as a suspect—others believe she’s the target. All Cassidy knows for sure is that neither her family nor her marriage is quite what it seems. And that her own final scream may be the last sound she ever hears . . .

Her Last Hope (affiliate link)

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Author: Guy, Louise
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Women’s Domestic Life Fiction

Will new friends almost ruined by their husbands find the strength to fight for each other?

Abi’s life has been turned upside down by her husband’s death—in more ways than she could ever have imagined. With his dodgy business dealings now exposed, gone is her glamorous lifestyle and the trust of her family and friends. How could the man who said he loved her have betrayed her so spectacularly?

Abi’s new neighbour Lucinda and her four-year-old son Max are struggling to overcome their own betrayal by Max’s violent, vengeful father. The pieces of Lucinda’s life seem finally to be coming together when she is given a new identity and finds an ally in Abi. But an unexpected twist throws both women’s lives into fresh turmoil.

Faced with a tougher time than they ever thought possible, Abi and Lucinda turn to each other. It’s an unlikely friendship built on common ground—but is it strong enough to help them rebuild their lives from rock bottom?

Glory Lane (affiliate link)

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Author: Foster, Alan Dean
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Humorous Science Fiction

It’s just another boring late night in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for Seeth, a disillusioned punk rocker with too much time on his hands and too little money. That is, until he heads to a bowling alley and runs into Kerwin, a geeky graduate student who’s there doing research for a sociology assignment. While trying to distract Kerwin from his scholarly pursuits, Seeth notices two burly cops trying to unlawfully arrest a lone bowler, and for laughs, he jumps in to save him.

When it turns out the bowler, the cops, and even the bowling ball are all different races of aliens involved in an interstellar chase, Seeth and Kerwin find themselves on a ship careening through space—protecting a mysterious, all-powerful lifeform that might possibly be the most valuable thing in the universe.

Seeth’s found the excitement he wanted. And he didn’t even have to leave Albuquerque—just Earth.

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Author: McNab, Andy
Regularly $11.95, Today $0.99
Military Intelligence & Spies History

It is the early 2000s and 9/11 is fresh in the world’s memory. The Taliban have taken over Afghanistan, and armed militants and explosive devices are terrorizing the people. And now a new threat is emerging in the country: suicide bombings, ordered by military commander of the Taliban, Mullah Dadullah.

Special Forces are sent in to stop him.

The Hunt is the thrilling story of the secret mission to catch Dadullah, one of the most dangerous men alive. Using classified sources and his unique insight into the way the SAS works, Andy McNab gives a page-turning account of what it took the Special Forces to find their target and what they would have to do to take him down.

The Undertaking: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Magee, Audrey
Regularly $14.99, Today $2.99
World War II Historical Fiction

Set during World War II amid the trenches of the eastern front and the turmoil of Berlin under the Third Reich, The Undertaking intertwines the lives of two German strangers entering into a proxy marriage of convenience, self-interest, and of ideology.

Peter Faber is a soldier desperate to escape the madness of war if only by a three-week honeymoon leave. His new wife is Katharine Spinell, a resourceful young woman from Berlin who anticipates the likelihood of a widow’s pension should Peter die in battle. When they finally meet there is an attraction as unexpected as it is intense. But as Peter returns to Stalingrad, and as Katherine ruthlessly works her way into Nazi high society, the tides of war change. So do Peter and Katharine’s fates and fortunes, in this “bold, honest novel about Nazi greed and moral blankness . . . and the small people who are inseparably part of a great ravagement” (The Guardian).

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Author: Teta, Jade, Teta, Keoni
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Weight Maintenance Diets
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