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Author: Blakely, Lauren
Contemporary Romance
An extremely eligible bachelor in New York, Jack Sullivan is the total package, handsome as hell, rich as sin, and charming as anything. But the powerful and successful sex toy CEO has commitment issues a mile-long after the tragic way his relationship with his fiancée ended. He’s looking for a way to erase the pain and that arrives in the form of Michelle Milo. From her pencil skirts to her high heels, she’s his perfect fantasy, especially since she doesn’t have room for anything more in her life. When Jack proposes a deal – share her nights with him for thirty days of exquisite pleasure, then they walk away, his proposition sounds blissful. And it is full of bliss and ecstasy, until trouble from the past threatens their present arrangement…
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Author: Deas, Jason
Private Investigator Mysteries

Welcome to Tilley, Georgia
Ex-FBI agent Benny James tries to disappear and retire on a houseboat in this sleepy lake town, but the local police won’t let him spend his days basking in the sun. Murder comes to town and they need his help.

Introducing Benny James
He’s cool, calm, and you guessed it – collected. The FBI calls it fired but Benny would rather use the term retired when talking about his former career. He was the best of the best and even though he doesn’t want to admit it, he’d like a shot at redemption.

Meet Red
Red was raised deep in the Ozark Mountains by deaf-mute parents away from the world. He’s a young guy who talks like a drunk four-year-old and will steal your heart and have you laughing out loud with his view of the world. Red was only supposed to stick around for the first book, but I had so many emails from people who fell in love with his character that he hangs around for all three.

Starship Blackbeard (affiliate link)

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Author: Wallace, Michael
Science Fiction Adventure

In the aftermath of an interstellar war with an alien race, Captain James Drake is unjustly court martialed and sentenced to hard labor. Now Drake is on the run from Lord Admiral Malthorne, while another pursuer, Drake’s old friend, believes the accusations are true, and promises to bring him to justice.

But Drake won’t go down without a fight. Rather than surrender, he’ll lead his loyal crew into the lawless frontier worlds, infested with pirates and smugglers, to repair and rearm his ship. Then he’ll return to attack Malthorne’s estates and seize the evidence he needs to clear his name.

But more than just Malthorne’s estate is at stake. If Drake is captured, he and his crew are doomed—and the kingdom will be plunged into another war.

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Author: D’Aquisto, Joseph

Seattle Police Detective John Sandes is involved in one of the toughest cases in his career. What starts out to be a routine homicide case turns out to be much more. He constantly struggles with past mistakes in his personal life and that drives him to solve this case. At sixty-five, fighting physical health problems and emotional distress from his past, he knows his career days are numbered.

Sandes receives a missing person report for Leo Johnson. He finds Johnson dead in the bathtub from a gunshot wound to the head. While investigating the scene, Sandes discovers a photo of an eleven-year-old girl on Johnson’s bed. Sandes’ investigation finds him butting heads with a child sex trafficking ring. Sandes knows it is his very last case and that he must do whatever it takes to solve it before his retirement which is soon approaching.

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Author: Kostov, Nayden

This book is full of fun and verified facts, presented in an accessible manner that I hope will provide you with hours of entertainment. My objective has been to provide you with a lifetime supply of icebreakers and points of discussion. Amaze your friends and family by telling them that all the planets in our Solar System could fit in the distance between Earth and the Moon or that flamingos can drink boiling water.

Following the success of my site RaiseYourBrain, I decided to collect the best trivia gems and present you with a fact compendium suitable for a wide audience. This is the product of years of sifting through history and references books on a myriad of subjects as well as searching the Internet and paying attention to the news.

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Author: Norton, Aria
Historical Regency Romance

Eliza Campbell dreams of becoming a lady, but being the daughter of a Jamaican plantation worker and an English earl will only complicate things. Her arrival to London after her seventeenth birthday is the chance to finally earn her father’s approval. Therefore, she immediately sets her mind to it by focusing on romance as her only potential entrance to nobility. Despite her best efforts though, the high society she tries to enter proves to be impenetrable. Luckily for her, a handsome, if not eccentric, young man crosses her path and offers to help her prepare for her debut. Surprising even herself, her indubitable connection to him won’t allow her to deny the proposal.

Will this be her ticket to succeeding or will this intriguing connection distract her from her goal?

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Author: Cash, Wiley
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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

After their mother’s unexpected death, twelve-year-old Easter and her six-year-old sister Ruby are adjusting to life in foster care when their errant father, Wade, suddenly appears. Since Wade signed away his legal rights, the only way he can get his daughters back is to steal them away in the night.

Brady Weller, the girls’ court-appointed guardian, begins looking for Wade, and he quickly turns up unsettling information linking Wade to a recent armored car heist, one with a whopping $14.5 million missing. But Brady Weller isn’t the only one hunting the desperate father. Robert Pruitt, a shady and mercurial man nursing a years-old vendetta, is also determined to find Wade and claim his due.

The Quickening (affiliate link)

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Author: Ward, Rhiannon
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Historical Fantasy

England, 1925. Louisa Drew lost her husband in the First World War and her six-year-old twin sons in the Spanish Flu epidemic of 1918. Newly re-married and seven months pregnant, Louisa is asked by her employer to travel to Clewer Hall in Sussex where she is to photograph the contents of the house for auction.

She learns Clewer Hall was host to an infamous séance in 1896, and that the lady of the house has asked those who gathered back then to come together once more to recreate the evening.

When a mysterious child appears on the grounds, Louisa finds herself compelled to investigate and becomes embroiled in the strange happenings of the house. Gradually, she unravels the long-held secrets of the inhabitants and what really happened thirty years before… and discovers her own fate is entwined with that of Clewer Hall’s.

On Duty With The Queen (affiliate link)

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Author: Arbiter & Barrett-Lee, Dickie & Lynne
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Biographies of Royalty

In this honest and entertaining book, Dickie Arbiter recounts his life’s journey from a broadcast journalist to becoming a press spokesman to the Royal family, and back again to journalism. He discusses the inner workings of everyday life in Buckingham Palace, and what it was really like to work under the media spotlight with the most famous family in the world.

Dickie Arbiter gives his personal insights into events that shaped his relationship with the Royal family over the years, from joining the Queen on a picnic at Balmoral in 1988 to being alongside her at the time of the death of Diana Princess of Wales in 1997.

Dickie was spokesman for the Queen during the most turbulent period of her reign. On Duty With The Queen is an open and engaging account of his life and his fascinating role in serving this unique family at a time of momentous change.

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Author: Szymanski, Kris, Kalkraut, Slawek
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Cooking Meats

Join the Men with the Pot and make a memorable meal! Learn to cook over the fire and enjoy a bit of bushcraft or use your grill for mouthwatering meats, rustic bakes, and more.

People often ask the Men with the Pot “what’s behind the name?” The answer is simple: when they started out, they were just two men with one pot who wanted to do something big! Their aim was to light a fire and inspire others to follow the same path—cooking whatever brings them joy. Kris and Slawek’s eye-catching videos have done just that, propelling that humble idea into a concept reaching tens of millions of fans every month. Men with the Pot Cookbook brings that same spirit to the page, with their first collection of recipes in print.

The Traitor’s Story (affiliate link)

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Author: Wignall, Kevin
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International Mystery & Crime

When fifteen-year-old American Hailey Portman goes missing in Switzerland, her desperate parents seek the help of their neighbor, Finn Harrington, a seemingly quiet historian rumored to be a former spy.

Sensing the story runs deeper than anyone yet knows, Finn reluctantly agrees to make some enquiries. He has little to go on other than his instincts, and his instincts have been wrong in the past—sometimes spectacularly wrong.

But he gets involved anyway, never imagining that Hailey’s disappearance might be linked to the tragic events that ended his career six years earlier, drawing him back into a deadly world that has neither forgiven nor forgotten.

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Author: Ruggle, Katie
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Holiday Romance

In the heart of this Rocky Mountain haven, one unexpected Christmas reunion can change everything.

When firefighter and single dad Steve Springfield moved his four kids to a Colorado Christmas tree ranch, he intended for it to be a safe haven. But he never expected danger to follow them to his childhood home…

Or that he would come face-to-face with the one girl he could never forget.

Folk artist Camille Brandt lives a quiet life. As the town’s resident eccentric, she’s used to being lonely—until Steve freaking Springfield changes everything. Brave and kind, he’s always had a piece of her heart, and it doesn’t take long before she’s in danger of falling for him again. But as mysterious fires break out across the sleepy Colorado town, Steve and Camille will have to fight if they want their happy family to survive until Christmas…

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