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Author: Ryan, Kendall
Domestic Thrillers

Beth has the perfect life. She has constructed it carefully over the last eighteen years. But one night she makes a choice that risks everything.

When Kat sees an article about that night online, buried memories begin to surface. She and Beth were friends once. Things ended badly then, but now she has a chance to make them right.

Kat introduces herself to Beth. Not as her old friend, but as a stranger. Beth has no idea Kat isn’t who she says she is.

But then neither is Beth.

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Author: Croft, Adam
Police Procedurals

A peaceful Sunday morning in Rutland is shattered when a dead body is discovered on the rocks at Normanton Church.

The victim has been laid out in a crucifixion pose, facing the altar. DI Caroline Hills is certain there’s a religious connection — one which threatens the tranquility of life in the area.

The killer has gone to extraordinary lengths to make the symbolism clear. And the deaths will continue until Caroline and DS Dexter Antoine uncover the truth behind the dark secret — and what lies beneath.

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Author: Potts, Meredith
Cozy Mystery

Fun-filled parties. Beautiful decorations. Delicious food. Fantastic presents. Joyous family celebration. And murder.

This is shaping up to be a holiday season that Sabrina Daley will never forget.

But if she doesn’t act fast, it will be for all the wrong reasons.

Can Sabrina bring a killer to justice before her Christmas is ruined?

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Author: Edwards, Leon M A
Private Investigator Mysteries

Cold Case Detective, Thriller, Crime and Murder.

Fans of crime thrillers by Michael Connelly, Alex Michaelides, J M Dalgliesh, and Rachel McLean will love Cold Bones.

Stoane Cold, who is in his 60s is encouraged to retire under shady circumstances. He is a family man.

He is asked to solve a 39-year-old cold case. A suspect is already in jail for the crime. A Senator thinks he is innocent.

Using his intelligence and methodical mind with forensic to investigate.

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Author: Stein, Drea
Small Town Romance

High-powered lawyer Darby Reese dreamed of a sweeter life for herself. When her father needs someone to run the struggling small-town family deli, she jumps at the chance to prove her cooking chops. It’s everything she hoped for, until her hotheaded former cooking instructor walks through the door.

Sean Callahan was an up-and-coming star chef until an angry outburst got him banned from most big-city kitchens. Transforming a surf and turf restaurant in Queensbay, New England into a five-star experience may be his only shot at redemption. But meeting spunky redhead Darby makes him wonder if he wouldn’t mind sticking around town.

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Author: Nortman, Karen Musser, Shannon, Libby
Holiday Fiction
The Shoemakers and Ferraros plan to spend Christmas in Texas with Larry and Jane Ann’s brother and then take a camping trip through the Southwest. But those plans are stopped cold when they hit a rogue ice storm in Missouri and they end up snowbound in a campground. And that’s just the beginning. Includes recipes and winter camping tips.
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Author: Culver, Chris
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Hard-Boiled Mystery

Detective Homer Watson’s young children wake him up multiple times a night, his roof leaks terribly, and his car rarely starts the first time. Life’s not perfect, but he and his family have what they need. They’re happy, more or less.

Then a jogger finds a young woman murdered at a local park.

She was strangled with a climbing rope and left to die. Homer recognizes her at a glance. Every cop within a hundred miles could do the same.

A year ago, the victim allegedly murdered an undercover narcotics detective in cold blood. A jury found her not guilty.

Homer launches himself into the investigation. For his entire career, he’s followed the evidence wherever it led, but in this case, every puzzle Homer solves merely leads to another.

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Author: Hunt, Rosie
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1920s Cozy Mystery

Lower Diddleton’s village green boasts a duck pond, a cricket pitch … and a dead body!
England, 1921. Murder has stunned the peaceful village where news reporter Lady Felicity Quick grew up. But she’s further confounded when a dashing journalist from London is given the story that should have been hers.

Refusing to give up, Felicity uses her local connections to research her article and unearth Lower Diddleton’s secrets, speaking to everyone from the village baker to the pub landlord to the president of the plant and floral society.

But when a family friend becomes the prime suspect, Felicity has no choice but to team up with her rival to find the true killer. Can Felicity solve the mystery before the wrong person takes the blame and the real murderer gets away with it?

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Author: James, Monica
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Two households, unlike in dignity, in the City of Angels is where we lay our scene…

London Sinclair was the boy my mother warned me about for as long as I can remember. His name alone has brought my family nothing but shame and suffering, so it’s no surprise we’ve been sworn enemies since the first moment we met.

With his bedroom eyes and cocky smile, he has all the girls under his spell. I have one more year of school left, and then I’m home free because I’m guarding a secret, one I’m ashamed to keep.

The boy who is completely off-limits is the one who drives me, Holland Brooks, wild. I want London, and I think…he wants me, too.

Some may compare it to a Shakespearian tragedy, as our surnames have fated our future, but when a single night changes my life forever, I can’t leave the City of Angels fast enough.

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Author: Olson, Melissa F.
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Vampire Suspense

Scarlett Bernard knows about personal space: step within ten feet of her, and anything supernatural is instantly neutralized—vampires and werewolves become human again, and witches can’t cast the slightest spell. Scarlett uses her status as a null to cover up crime scenes for Los Angeles’s three most powerful magical communities, helping them keep humanity, and the LAPD, in the dark.

One night Scarlett gets caught at the scene of a grisly murder by the all-too-human LAPD cop Jesse Cruz, who blackmails her into a deal: he’ll keep quiet about the supernatural underworld if she helps him crack the case. Their pact doesn’t sit well with Dashiell, the city’s chief vampire, who fears his whole empire is at stake. And when the clues start to point to Scarlett herself, it’ll take more than her unique powers to catch the real killer and clear her name.

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Author: O’Neal, Kristen
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Young Adult Humorous Fiction

Priya worked hard to pursue her premed dreams at Stanford, but the fallout from undiagnosed Lyme disease sends her back to her childhood home in New Jersey during her sophomore year—and leaves her wondering if she’ll ever be able to return to the way things were.

Thankfully she has her online pen pal, Brigid, and the rest of the members of “oof ouch my bones,” a virtual support group that meets on Discord to crack jokes and vent about their own chronic illnesses.

When Brigid suddenly goes offline, Priya does something out of character: she steals the family car and drives to Pennsylvania to check on Brigid. Priya isn’t sure what to expect, but it isn’t the horrifying creature that’s shut in the basement.

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Author: Brown, Maegan
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Holiday Cooking

Take your snack boards to the next level—filling a table or kitchen counter—with these 50 delicious, inspiring, family-friendly, and easy-to-put-together food spreads and DIY bars for all occasions.

The BakerMama is back! In this follow-up to her best-selling Beautiful Boards, Maegan Brown has created not just a cookbook, but an entertaining resource. Spectacular Spreads features over 250 recipes, gorgeous photography, and endless ideas that you can follow to a tee or mix and match.

Discover even more of the BakerMama’s tips and tricks for effortless, stress-free, and foolproof entertaining that will impress your guests and feed a hungry crowd, all while allowing you to relax and enjoy the occasion. Visually exciting and deliciously enticing, the spreads and bars are comprised of a combination of yummy recipes and easy-to-find fresh and prepared foods.

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