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Author: Kuzara, Allen
Post-Apocalyptic Zombie Thriller

They’re not undead; they’re just angry…

The DataMind meditation app has revolutionized the world, making people smarter, happier, and more productive. But a programming glitch in the final update causes billions of users to experience uncontrollable rage and aggression.

Nick, an ordinary high school senior in Fairbanks Alaska, is suddenly thrust into this life or death arena. He and his brother must escape the zombie-like hordes of blood-thirsty maniacs and seek refuge north of the arctic circle.

The four-hundred-mile journey tests the boys, their wits, and their trust in each other. They think they’re fighting to stay alive; but little do they know, they’re fighting to save mankind.

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Author: Lieske, Victorine E.
Clean & Wholesome Romance

Full-Length Novels:

Aria’s Christmas Wish – A young girl’s Christmas wish comes true in an unexpected way as her mother finds love again with the one man who had destroyed her heart. A warm second chance romance filled with longing and love.

Christmas with the Recluse – He’s cold and closed off from all emotion…at least until Charley enters his life. She helps him find the spirit of Christmas again.


Her Fake Christmas Date – When Jennifer spills a white lie and tells her mother she’s dating the guy next door, she doesn’t expect it to actually come true. What she doesn’t know is that he’s been secretly in love with her since they were kids.

Cupcakes and Kisses – Sparks fly when Candice gets trapped in an elevator with her nemesis, Liam Russell. Can they learn to overcome their differences, and find love for the holidays?

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Author: Guay, D.M.
Humorous Holiday Fiction
The tree is trimmed. The mistletoe is hung. The eggnog is spiked. It’s time to celebrate the merriest, most heart-warming Christmas ever! Or not? No. Definitely, absolutely not. This Christmas won’t be cheerful. It’ll be more like Ash vs Evil Dead meets National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. Because the Wallace family’s annual Christmas Eve party is about to skid off the rails. When a truckload of newly minted ghosts mix with the blizzard of the century, the neighborhood snowmen turn into blood-thirsty fiends. Their ghastly quest for revenge draws them to the brightest, loudest, most Christmasy place in the neighborhood: The home of Lloyd Wallace, hapless employee of the 24/7 Demon Mart, a local corner store where the beer cave doubles as the gate to hell. When the possessed snowmen crash a party packed with unpleasant relatives, back-stabbing socialites, one inconsolable cockroach, three badass demon fighters, and too much alcohol, this picture-perfect holiday soon goes straight to hell.
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Author: Logan, Christie
Sweet Single Mom Romance

A struggling single mom. Her lonely boss who hates Christmas. As they rediscover the magic of the holiday, will they also find love?

Christmas hasn’t been the same for Allison Voss since losing her husband, but she’s determined to make it merry for her daughters’ sake. She’s between jobs and simply managing day to day is a struggle until she meets Ward Haysgard. His act of kindness and offer of employment just might turn her luck around.

Ward is not a fan of Christmas. As a district manager for a large department store, he’s seen plenty of greed and selfishness and not much good will toward men. But Allison’s plight touches him. As he gets to know her and her girls, they work their way into his heart. A heart he thought had hardened long ago, when he lost the loving grandmother who raised him.
As the holiday approaches, an old secret from Ward’s past emerges and threatens his closeness to Allison. Will he leave her heartbroken? Or will she and Ward discover together what makes Christmas real?

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Author: Sainsbury, Ian W.
Crime Thrillers

The Firestarters move across America, a trail of bodies and burning towns in their wake.

The infernos erase the evidence. No witness is left alive.
Except one.
A traumatised child, who never speaks.
Meanwhile, Tom Lewis has found a new home. The quiet man finally at peace in a quiet town.
There’s no call for his violent alter-ego in Pike Point, North Carolina.
Until the Firestarters choose the wrong target, and Jimmy Blue is let loose.

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Author: Everson, Eva Marie
Holiday Fiction

Award-winning author Eva Marie Everson wraps up a Christmas story of hope, love, and forgiveness just in time for the holidays. The Ornament Keeper, a contemporary Christmas novella, features Felicia and Jackson Morgan who are spending their first Christmas apart after twenty years of marriage. But a lifetime of gifted ornaments helps Felicia piece together the story of their marriage and the one mistake of unforgiveness she made before they said, “I do.”

Can these memory-filled ornaments reunite this family before Christmas? Only time will tell.

The Oncoming Storm (Angel in the Whirlwind Book 1)

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Author: Nuttall, Christopher G.
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Space Fleet Science Fiction

In the year 2420, war looms between the galaxy’s two most powerful empires: the tyrannical Theocracy and the protectionist Commonwealth. Caught in the middle sits the occupied outpost system Cadiz, where young officer and aristocrat Katherine “Kat” Falcone finds herself prematurely promoted at the behest of her powerful father. Against her own wishes, Kat is sent to command the Commonwealth navy’s newest warship, Lightning.

Determined to prove she has value beyond her family name, Kat struggles to earn her crew’s respect and find her footing as the youngest captain in naval history. She soon discovers the situation on Cadiz is even worse than anyone in power anticipated. War isn’t just a possibility—it is imminent. Yet the admiral in position to bolster defenses refuses to prepare for a fight. Can Kat find a way to investigate the enemy, alert the Commonwealth, and whip an entire fleet into fighting shape before the Theocracy’s war machine destroys everything she holds dear?

Total Control: High Performance Street Riding Techniques, 2nd Edition

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Author: Parks, Lee
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Motor Sports
Today’s super high-performance bikes are the most potent vehicles ever sold to the public and they demand advanced riding skills. This is the perfect book for riders who want to take their street riding skills to a higher level. Total Control explains the ins and outs of high-performance street riding. Lee Parks, one of the most accomplished riders, racers, authors and instructors in the world, helps riders master the awe-inspiring performance potential of modern motorcycles.This book gives riders everything they need to develop the techniques and survival skills necessary to become a proficient, accomplished, and safer street rider. High quality photos, detailed instructions, and professional diagrams highlight the intricacies and proper techniques of street riding. Readers will come away with a better understanding of everything from braking and cornering to proper throttle control, resulting in a more exciting yet safer ride.

Rookie Privateer (Privateer Tales Book 1)

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Author: McFarlane, Jamie
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Space Marine Science Fiction

He dreams of sailing the stars, but he never counted on space pirates…

Liam Hoffen wants off the asteroid he and his family call home. Despite passing the Mars Competency Test, he’s stuck mining a plot of land that may never pay off. To make matters worse, the girl of his dreams is about to ship off to the Naval Academy…

But when a brutal pirate horde sets its sights on Liam’s colony, he and his friends may be their ramshackle town’s only chance of survival. As they gather up all the courage and cunning they can muster, they learn that their little colony holds secrets far bigger than they ever could have imagined. The truth about their dusty asteroid could change everything, if they live long enough to do something about it…

The Nerd & the Quarterback: A Sweet YA Romance (Jackson High Book 1)

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Author: Collins, M.L.
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Romantic Comedy

I had a plan to survive my senior year.
Too bad Jackson High’s star quarterback BLEW. IT. UP.
Last year, I was the most hated girl at my old school.
This year, my plan is to lay low, keep to myself and graduate.
My plan’s working. Until the day I run into Dax DeLeon.

It’s impossible to stay invisible when the most popular guy at school claims I’m his girlfriend.
Did I mention his ex—the head cheerleader and the most popular girl in school—wants him back?
Now I’ve got a fake boyfriend.
And a target on my back. Again.

But what’s scaring me the most…
If this thing with Dax is fake—why does being with him feel so real?

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Author: Caldwell, Christi
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Victorian Historical Romance

To solve a mystery that’s become the talk of the ton, no clues run too deep for willful reporter Verity Lovelace. Not even in the sewers of London. That’s precisely where she finds happily self-sufficient scavenger Malcom North, lost heir to the Earl of Maxwell. Now that Verity’s made him front-page news, what will he make of her?

Kidnapped as a child, with no memories of his well-heeled past, Malcom prefers the grimy spoils of the culverts to the gilded riches of society. Damn the feisty beauty who exposed the contented tosher to a parade of fortune-hunting matchmakers. How to keep them at bay? Verity must pretend to be his wife. She owes him.

The intimacy of this necessary arrangement—Verity and Malcom thrust together in close quarters—soon sparks an irresistible heat. But when the charade ends, the danger begins. Will love be enough to protect them from a treacherous plot devised to ruin them?

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Author: Byers, Beth
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Cozy Historical Mystery

Christmas 1922.

Violet Carlyle–along with a slew of relatives–is called to spend the holidays with their aunt, Agatha Davies. The intransigent woman has spent the majority of her life squirreling away money and alienating her family.

It’s hardly the first time Vi has spent the holidays with her aunt. She and her twin intend to do what they always do. Enjoy Aunt Aggie’s luxuries while ignoring the histrionics of the family trying to worm their way into the will.

Only this time, Aunt Aggie claims someone is trying to kill her. But how can that be true? Before Vi can find the killer, Aunt Aggie dies. Since Agatha never named an heir, why would anyone want to kill her?

To her shock, Vi finds herself embroiled in a murder investigation where she and her family are the suspects. Just who murdered Aunt Agatha? And why? Will they be able to find the killer before someone else dies?

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