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Author: Gingerich, Mose J
Kidnapping Thrillers

Private investigator Bruce Ellsworth is familiar with the Amish. In his previous job as Sheriff in Castleton, Illinois, he was occasionally summoned to the nearby Amish community of Caroline Creek to solve a minor disagreement. But when an Amish family arrives at his office seeking help in finding their missing son, Bruce quickly finds himself caught up in a tangled web of FBI informants, Mafiosos, and secret societies that threaten to upend his whole world, and possibly get him killed.

At seventeen, Maria Reader is destined to follow in the footsteps of all Amish girls that came before—baptism, marriage and about a dozen children. Unfortunately, it is Maria’s brother Eli who has disappeared, which changes everything. Maria faces an impossible dilemma: forget about her brother, as her church elders demand, or do the unthinkable to try and save him.

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Author: Faricy, Mike
Private Investigator Mysteries

Private Investigator Dev Haskell gets a personal invitation to high school classmate, millionaire, Arthur (Arty-Farty) Grumley’s mansion. Dev didn’t like the guy in high school and nothing’s changed since then. Still, it’s an investigation and Dev can charge Arty-Farty top dollar. There’s just one problem that suddenly turns into many problems.

Meanwhile, Dev is dating two women. What are the odds they have a common friend? Things are once again complicated.

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Author: Hopper, Christopher
Hard Science Fiction

When famed engineer and test pilot Jericho Fox is sent to investigate an explosion on Astraea Station, he discovers that the emergency is more than a simple system failure. The issues cascade too fast to be accidents, and Fox senses a disaster is imminent.

Meanwhile, decorated astrophysicist Dr. Evelyn Park becomes the lead suspect in the attack. She’s forced to take matters into her own hands and fight to protect what she believes is humanity’s greatest discovery: a potential alien signal from the planet Kepler-1649c.

Tensions rise as Jericho and Evelyn try to piece together the shocking truth behind Astraea Station’s failures. But can they do it before everyone aboard dies?

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Author: Moore, Clementine
Cozy Mysteries

Ginger Burnet is turning a page in her life. Leaving behind the busy city life to embrace her creative pastry-making talents, she is about to start her tenure as a school baker at the prestigious Little Chiswick Academy!

When mid-term her closest friend from the school faculty is found dead, Ginger’s sleuth instincts kick in, and she starts looking into the reported suicide.

But as she digs deeper into the unknown history of the school, she will realise that the rabbit hole is greater than she expected, and in order to reach the truth she will have to go through a mysterious journey that will challenge everything she knows…

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Author: Bayless, Sally
Cozy Animal Mysteries

Libby Ballard’s got everything she needs to rebuild her life. A new job, a new friend, and a newly adopted golden retriever. Then there’s the dead body in her new office.

Libby Ballard, director of the history museum in the small town of Dogwood Springs, Missouri, is eager to start a new chapter of her life.

She’s only been in town a few days, but already she’s settled into an apartment, made a new friend named Cleo, and adopted a lovable golden retriever named Bella.

But everything is not as idyllic as it seems in Dogwood Springs. On her first day at the museum, Libby walks into her new office and finds her predecessor’s dead body.

Join Libby, Cleo, and Bella as they track down a killer!

Fatal Limit (affiliate link)

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Author: Goss, Inge-Lise
Medical Thriller

Dora Stephens can’t refuse this case.

When she witnesses Sheila, the aunt of her best friend, stagger out of the hospital and die from a traffic accident, Dora’s private eye instincts kick in. Something’s not right. Sheila had no known enemies… but someone wanted her dead.

Digging into the circumstances of Sheila’s death leads Dora on a devious path where she encounters lies, drugs, betrayal, and infidelity. She uncovers another mysterious death and stumbles upon a dark secret kept by some of the hospital’s top staff and privileged doctors.

Sheila was not the only nurse who had an affair with the hospital’s star surgeon. Would one of her romantic rivals stoop to murder? Or had she learned too much about the well-kept dark secret?

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Author: James, Peter
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Crime Thrillers

It’s a race against time as Detective Superintendent Roy Grace tries to stop a grieving mother from taking the law into her own hands in Dead Man’s Grip, by award winning crime writer Peter James.

A university student is killed in a tragic traffic accident while riding their bicycle. When two of the drivers involved are hunted down by a sadistic killer, Grace knows that the third driver, Carly Chase, may be next.

Carly, a solicitor, believes hiding is not an option and heads to New York to speak with the cyclist’s mother. But Grace knows about the mother’s underworld connections and that the family will stop at nothing to take an eye for an eye . . .

My Anecdotal Life: A Memoir (affiliate link)

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Author: Reiner, Carl
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Biographies of Actors & Entertainers

More than once, Carl Reiner has had friends say, “Hey, Reiner, you ought to write those things down.” And at eighty, he finally has.

In this funny and engaging memoir, one of the best raconteurs on the planet recalls his life in show business in short comic takes. Reiner tells of how, after answering an ad for free acting classes on his brother Charlie’s advice, he forsakes a budding career as a machinist for an acting career. In “Sidney Bechet and His Jazz Band Meet Franz Kafka,” he captivates the legendary jazz man and his band with an unusual reading of The Metamorphosis, during a thunderstorm at a Catskills resort in 1942.

Reiner also recalls the highlights of the succeeding decades: his first sweaty audition, impersonating a dog impersonating movie stars; his forays into the theater; his work on Your Show of Shows and The Dick Van Dyke Show during TV’s golden days; and his long friendship and collaboration with Mel Brooks which gave birth to the Two Thousand Year Old Man.

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Author: Keyes, Martha
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Regency Historical Romance
All she needs is a little bit of change. She’ll have to fight him for it.
Georgiana Paige is on the shelf after eight full Seasons in London and not a single offer of marriage. When the opportunity to act as companion to her spinster aunt presents itself, she jumps at the chance to escape the Marriage Mart and embark on a new adventure. Upon her eventful arrival in the tiny Yorkshire village, though, she finds herself confronted with a man who both piques her interest and provokes her pride.
A lowly country vicar, Samuel Derrick would do anything to keep his coarse but idyllic parish the way it is. When change arrives there in the form of multiple new tenants straight from London, he vows to fight against their meddling. He is unprepared, though, for Georgiana Paige and the way she forces herself into the inner workings of the parish. His past experience tells him to keep the woman at arm’s length, but his heart—and her determination to stay involved—won’t allow for it.

The Star Fox (affiliate link)

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Author: Anderson, Poul
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Science Fiction Adventure

An outpost located at the edge of the galaxy, New Europe has been overrun by the Aleriona, a hostile alien race that resents humanity’s incursion into deep space. Fearing a wider war, the World Federation on Earth is hesitant to respond to the outrage, especially since the invaders claim the colonists have already been killed. But ex–navy captain Gunnar Heim refuses to believe there’s no one left—and he’s convinced that what happened to New Europe is only the beginning of the Aleriona’s intergalactic aggression.

The cowardly Terran government refusing to act, Gunnar takes matters into his own hands. Assembling a crew of able volunteers, he prepares to pilot the spaceship Star Fox and confront a relentless foe light years from Earth.

To Die in Vienna (affiliate link)

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Author: Wignall, Kevin
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Conspiracy Thrillers

He’s seen something that could get him killed. But what?

Freddie Makin is a spy for hire. For a year he’s been watching Jiang Cheng, an academic whose life seems suspiciously normal. To Freddie it’s just a job: he never asks who’s paying him and why—until the day someone is sent to kill him, and suddenly the watcher becomes the watched.

On the run from whoever wants him dead, Freddie knows he must have seen something incriminating. The only trouble is, he has no idea what. Is the CIA behind all this—or does it go higher than that? Have his trackers uncovered his own murky past?

As he’s forced into a lethal dance across Vienna, Freddie knows one thing for sure: his only hope for survival is keeping the truth from the other side, and making sure the secrets from his past stay hidden.

From Something Old (affiliate link)

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Author: Alexander, Nick
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Women’s Domestic Life Fiction

Four people looking for love. Four choices that could be the start of everything.

At thirty-three, nurse Heather is desperately waiting for her romantic life to begin. Then she meets handsome, strong Anthony and is sure she’s found the one. Brushing any doubts aside, she projects all her hopes for true love onto him.

Meanwhile, at a yoga retreat in Spain, happy-go-lucky Joe can’t believe his luck when he meets vivacious, witty Amy. She’s the sharpest, most beautiful woman he has ever dated, and the fact that she’s interested in him feels like a dream come true.

But new love can be blind, and when the two couples meet, the cracks are easy to see.

Will their crossed paths lead the way to happiness? Or are they all destined for heartbreak?

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