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Author: Anne, Melody
Contemporary Romance

Meet Charlie Diamond as she’s arrested at her wedding. We then dive into the world she’s lived in for the past decade as she begins to tell her story of where she grew up and how she fell in love with Bentley Lawrence.

Her relationship with her best friend Steph brings life and eternal bonds in the story to life. Charlie has to be careful, though, not to betray the closest person to her as she relays her story to the news cameras, the courts, and the world, who needs to listen to find out how this woman could possibly have lived the life she’s lived.

Did she actually commit a crime? That’s for the world to find out. We’re taking a journey with Charlie that will forever change us in how we view our own lives. We change a lot from the age of eighteen to thirty. We grow, we mature, and we learn to soar.

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Author: Leiren, Nicole, Ashby, Elizabeth
Cozy Culinary Mystery
When Lilly Waters moved to her ancestral small-town home of Danger Cove, Washington, she hoped for a walk down memory lane and a chance to connect with the family she never knew. What she got instead was a bartending job at the Smugglers’ Tavern, a mysterious man promising information about her grandfather—who had been listed as MIA since the Vietnam War—and a dead body she practically tripped over! When the police point to Lilly as their number one suspect, she decides to take fate into her own hands. She enlists the help of a trivia loving waitress and a hot local security guard who sincerely hopes Lilly is doing more than just passing through. As Lilly searches for clues to clear her name, she uncovers puzzles that reveal secrets about her family and hidden treasure. Each clue brings her closer to the fortune…and to the real killer who will stop at nothing to get the gold.
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Author: Collins, Ron
Space Opera Science Fiction

Absence of Evidence is not Evidence of Absence

Everguard’s mission: Launch a multidimensional wormhole gate inside Alpha Centauri A so Interstellar Command can fuel new faster-than-light spaceships.

Lieutenant Commander Torrance Black, career already on shaky grounds, finds himself facing questions. Did they just contact sentient life in the Centauri system? Will humankind sacrifice an entire alien species in their quest for the stars?

How much will he have risk to save them?

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Author: Michael, Madison
Contemporary Romance

Is Keeli’s misstep a tumble into true love?

Feisty Keeli Larsen has nothing more to lose.

She’s left her home, her family, and her job to pursue a solo career as a jewelry designer. She’s poured her last dime into the new venture. but reserved her heart for an unattainable prince charming. He’s Chicago’s most eligible bachelor, a real ladies man, who doesn’t know she exists. He’s a billionaire to boot. She can’t even afford a warm winter coat.

Wyatt Lyons Howe IV has nothing more to gain.

The handsome billionaire has everything money can buy. Groomed as heir to a far-reaching family empire, sexy, successful, and brilliant, he wins at everything but arguments with his father. Wyatt is weighed down by responsibility, that rests heavily on shoulders that don’t want the burden. This beguiling bachelor is suffocating under family expectations including an unwanted fiancé.

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Author: Skye, J. T.
Men’s Adventure Fiction

In a South American jungle, perched precariously above a raging river, the secret detonator for a WW2 Nazi nuclear weapon lies undisturbed inside a long lost airplane.

Its discovery ignites a race to grab the bomb and cover up another terrible secret: a written accord giving Europe to Hitler. A treaty that would tear apart the NATO Alliance.

The CIA recruits salvage expert Morgan Fox to recover the pilot, the plane and the bomb. But a rogue CIA operative threatens to expose everything, sell the treaty, destabilize the region and all of NATO.

Will Morgan and his team recover the plane in time, save NATO and prevent a nuclear explosion that would contaminate the Southern Caribbean?

Only if they can survive countless attacks by the rogue operative and her team bent on fierce revenge.

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Author: Stockton, Kasey
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Clean & Wholesome Romance

She can only stay as long as the invalid needs her… so he makes it his business to need her forever.

When a cryptic invitation brings Giulia Pepper to her uncle’s remote estate in Devon, she arrives in dire need of a benefactor, only to discover that her uncle never sent her any invitation—nor does he want her there. Forced into a corner, Giulia must contrive a way to convince him to allow her to remain, just long enough to figure out where to go next.

Nicholas never asked for an earldom, but when an aged lord arrives at his door and tells Nicholas that he is next in line for the title, he willingly goes to Halstead Manor to learn the role. But someone isn’t pleased with the heir, and after a gunshot wound in the arm, Nicholas must discover who is out to get him.

Cora Jean (affiliate link)

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Author: Gulley, Lawrence
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Literary Fiction
Cora Jean is the story of a young girl from the American South, the daughter of a prostitute who is sold for forty dollars and five sacks of sweet potatoes.
From a brutal upbringing and tumultuous life growing up in the 1960s to modern day, Cora Jean’s simple heart and strength of character shine through in a story of love, loss and ultimate grace that speaks volumes to us all.

Crown Jewel: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Michaels, Fern
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Women’s Romance Fiction
Handsome, rich, and adored by millions, Ricky Lam was a golden boy—with a dark side. The substance-addicted superstar had hit rock bottom, but luckily, he had a business manager, his older brother Philip, who forced him into a rehab clinic—a move that would create an irreparable rift between them. Yet, years later, when tragedy strikes, Ricky dedicates himself to Philip’s dream: constructing a unique resort in South Carolina called the Crown Jewel. Stepping into his brother’s shoes, Ricky encounters unsettling surprises, one of which is an amazing woman, his sister-in-law Roxy, who leads him to the mystery at the center of his brother’s life, and into a passionate love affair. As Ricky attempts to discover the brother he loved but never truly knew, he must settle a grave injustice committed decades ago—even if it means risking his fame, his fortune, and his life.

The Good Neighbors (affiliate link)

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Author: Modglin, Kiersten
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Psychological Thrillers

Good neighbors invite you over for dinner, bring you baked goods to welcome you to the neighborhood, and wave hello at the mailbox.
Good neighbors do not destroy your life.

When Bryant and Harper Page move to Lancaster Mills, their first encounter with their new neighbors—Jason and Tori Fuller: beautiful, strange, and terrifying—is anything but a warm welcome.

Despite their hesitations, the Pages are intrigued by the people they now share a street with.
As their curiosity gets the best of them, they discover that there’s much more to the Fullers than meets the eye. Their new neighbors have secrets, that much is obvious, but just how dangerous could they be?

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Author: Hoffman, Alice, Hoffman, Lisa
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The magic of storytelling and the magic of knitting—woven together in 14 original patterns inspired by each story.

“How fairy tales are told and remembered has a great deal in common with knitting traditions. It is no mistake that we describe storytelling as knitting a tale, or weaving a story, or spinning a yarn.”—Alice Hoffman, from the Introduction of Faerie Knitting

Featuring fourteen original fairy tales, Faerie Knitting is an entrancing collection of stories of love and loss, trust and perseverance. Seamlessly woven into the plot of each tale is a magical garment or accessory inspired by the bravery and self-reliance of the tale’s heroine and brought to life through an imaginative and bespoke knit pattern.

From the Blue Heron Shawl and the Love Never Ending Cowl, to the Three Wishes Mittens and Amulet Necklace, each project is as wearable as it is magical. Lush, atmospheric photography captures the enchanted faerie domain while beautifully rendered charts and instructions are well suited for beginner and advanced knitters alike.

The Lawless West (affiliate link)

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Author: L’Amour, Louis
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In the field of Western fiction, three authors stand unmatched: L’Amour, Grey and Brand. Now three of their best short novels are collected in a single volume. Zane Grey’s From Missouri has been restored from the author’s own manuscript and is appearing in paperback in its corrected form. Max Brand’s Over the Northern Border is a classic tale of stage coach robbery and relentless pursuit, also corrected and restored from the author’s original manuscript. Louis L’Amour’s Riders of the Dawn debuted in Giant Western magazine in 1951 and appears here in that original version, as L’Amour himself first intended it. Enjoy these three classic tales and experience the Western the way it was meant to be.

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