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Author: Blount, Derek

Pulled from the brink of suicide after suffering a tragic loss, John and Sarah Michaels enter an exclusive rehabilitation facility deep in the New Mexico desert where they hope to rediscover a reason to live.

His life as a corporate raider behind him, John attempts to embrace the program to save his marriage and himself. But as the days pass, John begins to suspect all is not as it seems with the unusual treatment methods.

When participants begin dying, John realizes the only chance for his and Sarah’s survival is to do the impossible and launch a hostile takeover of the program…but can he do it before time runs out?

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Author: Barwood, Martha
Clean Historical Regency Romance

She grew up in an orphanage. All her life she has dreamed of finding a family, a home to settle in. Things are going to change for Catriona but her new start will not be as she had imagined it…

Catriona Fraiser has spent the last 21 years in an orphanage knowing nothing of the family she came from. But her life takes a drastic turn when she discovers that she’s the legitimate daughter of the late Viscount Beaumore. Not only is she his daughter but she has inherited his vast fortune. Catriona is overwhelmed when she is forced by her newly found family members to prepare to be presented to London’s High Society. At times, Catriona longs to go back to the orphanage but that’s no longer an option for her.

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Author: Nelson , Johnny
Humor & Entertainment

Tough choices. Big laughs. It’s a timeless game for everyone.
Would you like to know more about your crush, but you’re too shy to make the first move?

Do you want to make your regular family get-togethers more intellectually stimulating, yet still be fun?

Are you tired of having the same old boring conversations with your friends every day?

If you’re looking for the perfect bonding activity to liven up your hang outs, a fun game is always a safe bet.

Asking “Would you rather” questions is a classic tradition that kids and adults alike enjoy. It provides great conversation starters that turn into all night ruminations. You find out interesting things about each other that you otherwise wouldn’t in a normal chat.

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Author: Cates, Georgia

This Alabama bad boy thought one dirty weekend with her would be enough.
He was wrong.

A faceless name.
That’s all she was when I agreed to play a part in deceiving her.
And then the unexpected happened.

We met.

I yearn for her skin against mine.
I crave her scent on my body.
I want to make her laugh and then moan.
And I do… in secret.

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Author: Weeks, Bree
Contemporary Short Stories

When my wife died two years ago, I’d have given up on everything if my kids weren’t depending on me. We’ve done as well as could be expected, but there’s something looming over me that I can’t escape now. A deadline is coming. One I’ve dreaded. My late wife wanted me to marry again. Find someone who would take care of the kids and me. Someone nice. And if I don’t find her soon, I’ll lose everything.

My brother-in-law has to approve the match, but since he hates me, the only woman he’ll consider is completely inappropriate. She’s young, impulsive, brash, and reckless. Everything I’m not. So, if she’s so wrong for me, why can’t I breathe without her beside me? Why can’t I stop thinking about her? And, more importantly, how do I win her love when I’m the last thing on her mind?

Asylum (affiliate link)

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Author: Cross, Amy
British Horror Fiction

Annie Radford is a murderer. After shooting her own little brother dead, she’s sent to the notorious Lakehurst psychiatric hospital, where she’s placed under the care of Nurse Winter. But Lakehurst hides many secrets and ghosts, and Annie’s guilt might not be so clear-cut after all.

As she tries to get used to life at Lakehurst, Annie starts to realize that a dark presence is lurking in the shadows. Someone is conducting hideous experiments on both the living and the dead, and one of the greatest evil forces in history is preparing to return. Before she can get to the truth, however, Annie has to try to survive the ‘special treatment’ she receives from Nurse Winter.

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Author: Wilson, Sarah K. L.
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Coming of Age Fantasy


I’m a practical girl. I can resign myself to an unwanted marriage – and I had. I just hadn’t expected my first potential bridegroom to be murdered by the second.
It’s all because I broke the Law of Greeting.
No one warned me the law existed. No one told me breaking it would mean I’d be swept up into the arms of a powerful and beautiful immortal bent on taking me as his sixteenth bride and dragging me off to his strange fairytale world. That’s a bit much to ask of a person.
But I’m not the kind of girl to just give up. Not even if it means facing all the strange puzzles and magic of this mad fae world with nothing but my common sense and determination. I will not mope in my room, or go crazy, or let myself be killed by one of his rivals. And I absolutely WILL NOT fall in love with him.

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Author: Green, Deborah
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Home Decorating

Decorate • Embellish • Transform your home and accessories using just a Sharpie pen!

Take your coloring to the next level! From cups and saucers to sneakers and tote bags, this book is guaranteed to transform your home and your garments with stylish and colorful designs. Clear and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions take you through the basics of working with a variety of Sharpie pens, from oil-based and water-based markers to paint pens and more!

Ranging from cute and crafty to unique and boutique, these fun, one-of-a-kind projects are for all skill levels and can be easily applied to fashion accessories, home décor, and many more commonly found objects. Filled with tips, variations, and colorful photographs, it has never been this easy to customize your life. All you need is your creative inspiration, and a Sharpie.

Behind Frenemy Lines (affiliate link)

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Author: Price, Lauren
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Humorous Fiction

When Erika Monroe is approached with an offer too tempting to refuse – a scholarship to her dream college – she signs up to plot the expulsion of Lindale High’s notorious flirt and rule-breaker, Chase Thatcher. Her plan is simple: catch him in an act of wrongdoing and give the principal the evidence she needs to expel him.

But as Erika finds herself increasingly entangled in a web of lies, moral dilemmas, and bad behavior (not to mention those pesky feelings), it quickly becomes clear that her path to Stanford won’t be as clear-cut as she had hoped. And with Chase, being bad feels kinda good…

Confronted by decisions about who she is and what she stands for, how long can Erika continue to hide behind frenemy lines?

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Author: Micotti, Kristina
Regularly $10.99, Today $1.99
Humor & Entertainment Short Reads

Featuring 30 types of breasts, The Boob Book is an illustrated celebration of womanhood and the boobs that come with it. Scattered throughout are boob miscellany: a boob personality flow chart, boob facts, boob self-care tips, a roundup of bras, types of nipples, a boob doodle, and illustrated ways we show off the goods.

This joyful book features breasts of all colors and sizes—from “The Handful” to “The Mom-To-Be” to “The Small but Mighty”—showing women that every boob type is weird, beautiful, and natural.

• An illustrated love letter to a girl’s breast friend
• Filled with fun and interactive boob-related miscellany, like a boob personality test (are you a “Chillaxer” or a “Handful”?), boob facts, and breast self-care tips
• Light, celebratory, and a little cheeky—but ultimately sincere

Gone By Morning: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Miller, Michele Weinstat
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Terrorism Thrillers

New York City in June is no joke–and as a wave of violence engulfs the sweltering city, an even greater danger looms in this riveting thriller for fans of Iris Johansen and Tess Gerritsen.

As the heat rises on a New York summer, a suicide bomb set off in a Times Square subway station nearly claims the life of 68-year-old ex-madam Kathleen. Then a woman is brutally murdered, her body dumped on a marshy beach in Queens. The woman, Sharon, was last seen by 26-year-old Emily–a Deputy Press Officer working at City Hall–getting into a car in front of the building where she and Kathleen both live in far upper Manhattan.

Emily requests an autopsy report from the Chief of the NYPD, but she doesn’t realize the gravity of using her position to gain information. Things turn deadly when a bomb is planted in her building, gutting it with a raging fireball. Kathleen, Emily, and Emily’s two-year-old daughter, Skye, barely escape with their lives.

Farringdon’s Fate (affiliate link)

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Author: Finlay, Linda
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Historical Fiction

A house.
A dynasty.
A gypsy’s curse.
Another gorgeous escapist read from the Queen of West Country Saga, Linda Finlay.

One noble family. Five eligible daughters. A sealed fate.
Nettlecombe Manor, nestled in the rolling hills of Devon, is home to the Lord Farringdon and his second wife, Lady Charlotte. As if running the vast estate wasn’t enough, Lord Farringdon has five daughters to keep him busy. Lady Charlotte is determined that the betrothal of the eldest, Louisa, should be celebrated with a ball which is the envy of Devon society and summons a corsetière from Exeter to measure them up for new corsets.

Apprentice Jane Haydon arrives at Nettlecombe to do the fittings. Having never set foot in such a grand home, Jane is disturbed to hear tell of a gypsy’s curse which has haunted the family for generations, and a local wise woman’s vision that there will never be a wedding at Nettlecombe…

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