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Author: Ryan, JC
Military Thrillers

Following the deadly events of Afghanistan, Rex Dalton and his companion, the military dog, Digger, escape from Afghanistan and make their way into India. Rex knew that to stay alive he has to remain ‘dead’.

Rex tries to put the past behind him and start a new life, no more secret missions, no more killing, no more violence. He and Digger are going to travel the world, visit historical places, and learn about other cultures. Life becomes an extended holiday, they have nowhere to call home and they’re enjoying every moment of it.

Rex and Digger are on their way to Kapal Mochan, India, where Rex intends to dip his hand into a sacred spring, a symbolic act of cleansing the soul and in his case to finally put his violent past behind him. When they pass by a public park, Digger starts shifting around in the front passenger seat and looking at Rex as if to say, “So, when are you going to stop and give a dog a chance to go to the toilet?”

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Author: Valente, Lili
Romantic Comedy

Some men are troublemakers or dealmakers. The men in my family? We’re baby makers.

For six generations, the women of wine country have had a saying: don’t bang a Hunter man unless you want a bun in your oven.

Yeah, well. I’ve got a saying, too: no thanks. The last thing I need is baby makes three. My business is expanding, and the only thing I’m interested in getting knocked up is my bottom line.

But then one night Emma Haverford makes me an offer I can’t refuse—she backs away from the land I have my eye on in exchange for a favor…

A big, fat, baby-making favor…

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Author: Royal, Lauren
Regency Historical Romance

The eldest of three sisters, Lady Alexandra Chase has always done what was expected of her. But when the man she’s loved since her girlhood returns from a long spell abroad, she quite suddenly finds herself hoping the fine lord her brother has picked for her won’t propose. She decides that if he does, she’ll quite improperly turn him down—that is, until the man of her hopes and dreams informs her he has no intention of marrying her.

The last time Tristan Nesbitt saw Alexandra, he was a common man with no hope of ever wedding the daughter of a marquess. Seven years later, he’s now Lord Hawkridge, which should make him eminently suitable for the woman who long ago captured his heart. But a dreadful scandal has tarnished his name in England—a scandal so horrid that marrying Alexandra would ruin not only her flawless reputation but her whole family. For Alexandra’s own good, he must fight his relentless desires and stay far away…

The Mendelian Protocol (affiliate link)

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Author: Finkle, Raymond
Genetic Engineering Science Fiction
Two genetic researchers are brutally slain on a remote beach in the Bahamas. The investigation falls to Dr. Natalie Franklin, the small-town Medical Examiner working her first murder case. She doesn’t mind dealing with dead bodies, but dealing with her boss, the Chief of Police, is another matter entirely. As she struggles to make sense of the forensic clues, she vows to find answers to explain the bizarre evidence.
The Keller Corporation is the main employer on the island of Saint Angela. When researcher Greg Cooper is hired, he initially thinks he has landed in paradise. After a few days of crunching data, though, he realizes that his dream job is more of a tedious grind than anything else. Out of boredom he begins to poke around and soon suspects that the Keller Corporation is up to something unethical.
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Author: Cassidy, Nicola
Historical Thrillers
Molly Thomas is a feisty, independent soul, born on the Winter Solstice in the beautiful Boyne Valley, Ireland. At every stage of her life, she has faced troubles. As a young woman, her family are evicted from their home at Christmas. Molly swears vengeance on the jealous neighbour and land agent responsible, Flann Montgomery. Then in 1896, her baby son is taken from his pram. While Molly searches the streets for little Oliver, the police are called but her baby is gone. Why does trouble seem to follow Molly? And will she ever find out what happened to her child?
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Author: Agar, Abigail
Historical Regency Romance
For as long as Marianne Finch can remember, her cherished dream has been to become a novelist. Yet, this dream is turned into an elusive goal, as she has to support her ill father and keep their bakery business from failing. However, all of a sudden, a fateful encounter with the new Earl of Arundel sets her life on a completely different course. Her exquisite storytelling talent will prompt the dashing Earl to hire Marianne, for the purpose of helping his sister overcome her grief of their family loss. Delighted, Marianne accepts, but she soon realizes that her heart does not only yearn for her books anymore… Will she dare to even think of being with her dreamy Earl or will she get lost in a settled miserable life?

Southern Comfort (affiliate link)

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Author: Michaels, Fern
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Romantic Suspense

Atlanta homicide detective Patrick “Tick” Kelly turned his back on the world the day his wife and children were murdered. Holed up in a beach shack on Mango Key, Florida, he drowned his grief in Jack Daniels. Now sober and a bestselling author, Tick would gladly stay a recluse forever if his brother Pete didn’t keep trying to drag him back to the land of the living.

After years of sacrificing her personal life in favor of her DEA job, special agent Kate Rush resigned and moved back to her native Miami. But the unofficial assignment that has just come her way is too intriguing to pass up. She and a fellow ex-agent are relocated to Mango Key to keep an eye on an imposing, mysterious fortress believed to be at the center of a human trafficking ring. At first, the Kelly brothers are suspected of involvement, but Kate is sure Tick poses no danger–except for the slow-burning gaze that makes her breath catch and her heart race. . .

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Author: Berens, Abra
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Rice & Grains Cooking

Make grains the easiest, healthiest, and most exciting stars on your table.

Grist is the only grain and legume cookbook you need. Abra Berens, a James Beard semifinalist for Outstanding Chef: Great Lakes and the author of Ruffage, shares more than 300 recipes and variations, plus substantial reference information to help you discover the next great grain.

Grist includes more than 125 recipes for 29 different types of grains, legumes, and seeds that, in combination with vegetables and lean proteins, are the stars of the healthiest, most variable, and most satisfying meals—many of them gluten free.

New and seasoned home cooks will want to reference this guide to start building a repertoire of approachable, big-on-flavor recipes. Home cooks will be attracted to the reference quality of the book, its beauty (more than 100 photos and 30 illustrations) and heft (125 recipes + 300 variations = 448 pages), as well as the great writing, relatable voice, author authority, unique recipe style, extensive variations, and gorgeous photography and illustrations.

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Author: Peel, Jennifer
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Romance Anthologies

Not many people can say they enjoy their job. Luckily for me, I can. I love putting my doctorate in psychology to use by evaluating clients for Atlanta’s premier matchmaking service. That all comes crashing to a halt when the one and only Nicholas Wells becomes not only a client, but the new face of the company. Now I have to take on a new role as his relationship manager and try to “fix” the actor-turned-writer-slash-producer—not to mention egotistical and possibly narcissistic celebrity—to save the company’s reputation.

Once upon a time, this would have been a dream come true—but the older, wiser, and live-within-the-boundaries-of-her-rules Kate knows more than I would like to about narcissists. Annulment is an ugly word, and one I can’t or won’t forget. But is Nick the man he says he is on paper, or is he the man I see before my eyes? An adoring father with a generous heart who’s willing to smooth out some of his rough edges for the right woman, making me wonder who’s fixing who. But is he magical enough to repair this reluctant matchmaker’s heart? Or was my first evaluation of him spot on: narcissistic tendencies?

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Author: Wragg Sykes, Rebecca
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Kindred is the definitive guide to the Neanderthals. Since their discovery more than 160 years ago, Neanderthals have metamorphosed from the losers of the human family tree to A-list hominins.

Rebecca Wragg Sykes uses her experience at the cutting-edge of Palaeolithic research to share our new understanding of Neanderthals, shoving aside clichés of rag-clad brutes in an icy wasteland. She reveals them to be curious, clever connoisseurs of their world, technologically inventive and ecologically adaptable. Above all, they were successful survivors for more than 300,000 years, during times of massive climatic upheaval.

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Author: Fluke, Joanne
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Christmas Cozy Mystery

As December turns Lake Eden, Minnesota, into the North Pole, the heat is on in Hannah Swensen’s kitchen to honor two Christmas promises: baking irresistible holiday cupcakes and preventing an attempted murderer from succeeding the second time around!

While Hannah speeds through a lengthy holiday checklist, drama in town grows like Santa’s waistline on Christmas Eve. Her sister Andrea wants to stave off the blues by helping out at The Cookie Jar, Michelle’s love life is becoming complicated, Lisa needs Hannah’s advice, and Delores has a Christmas secret she’s not willing to share. But nothing dampens the holiday mood more than the chilling mystery surrounding the man found near death in an abandoned storefront two doors down from Hannah’s bakery . . .

Plain Bad Heroines: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Danforth, Emily M.
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Gothic Fiction
The award-winning author of The Miseducation of Cameron Post makes her adult debut with this highly imaginative and original horror-comedy centered around a cursed New England boarding school for girls—a wickedly whimsical celebration of the art of storytelling, sapphic love, and the rebellious female spirit Our story begins in 1902, at the Brookhants School for Girls. Flo and Clara, two impressionable students, are obsessed with each other and with a daring young writer named Mary MacLane, the author of a scandalous bestselling memoir. To show their devotion to Mary, the girls establish their own private club and call it the Plain Bad Heroine Society. They meet in secret in a nearby apple orchard, the setting of their wildest happiness and, ultimately, of their macabre deaths. This is where their bodies are later discovered with a copy of Mary’s book splayed beside them, the victims of a swarm of stinging, angry yellow jackets. Less than five years later, the Brookhants School for Girls closes its doors forever—but not before three more people mysteriously die on the property, each in a most troubling way.

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