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Author: Stephens, Robert W.
Traditional Detective Mysteries

A gruesome murder. A friend framed. One detective races to stop another bloody masterpiece…

Edgar Allan “Poe” Rutherford just lost his job, his girl, and his chance at a relaxing island vacation. When the brutal murder of a celebrity artist is pinned on his friend, Poe refuses to lose his best buddy to the Maui penitentiary. As he works his way down the gallery guest list, he navigates through bloated egos, heated rivalries, and more than a few eccentric personalities along the way. But he never expected the hunt for truth to reveal a second chance at love…

While the entire island of Maui is convinced his friend is the killer, Poe thinks he has a shot of convincing the smart, sexy police detective Alana Hu of the truth. Despite getting off on the wrong foot with Alana, Poe can’t help but detect a growing spark. His only hope is to win Alana over to his side before the real killer escapes… or paints the island with Poe’s blood.

My Name is Eva (affiliate link)

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Author: Goldring, Suzanne
Historical Fiction

You can pay a terrible price for keeping a promise…

Evelyn Taylor-Clarke sits in her chair at Forest Lawns Care Home in the heart of the English countryside, surrounded by residents with minds not as sharp as hers. It would be easy to dismiss Evelyn as a muddled old woman, but her lipstick is applied perfectly, and her buttons done up correctly. Because Evelyn is a woman with secrets and Evelyn remembers everything. She can never forget the promise she made to the love of her life, to discover the truth about the mission that led to his death, no matter what it cost her…

When Evelyn’s niece Pat opens an old biscuit tin to find a photo of a small girl with a red ball entitled ‘Liese, 1951’ and a passport in another name, she has some questions for her aunt. And Evelyn is transported back to a place in Germany known as ‘The Forbidden Village,’ where a woman who called herself Eva went where no one else dared, amongst shivering prisoners, to find the man who gambled with her husband’s life…

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Author: Larkman, Amanda
Paranormal Fantasy

“I see the wood, first. A knitted shawl of green and black tossed across the shoulders of the ancient hills. I take a great gulp of breath, my lungs no longer compressed by cages of contorted bone. I want to drink the cool air like water, scented as it is with earth and starlight.

But as I drift close to the house, I falter. Something is wrong. I will myself on, ignoring the whispers of pain beginning to curl up from my bedridden body.

A ball of dread is growing in my stomach; it is so terribly black and heavy, it slows me down. My hands shake.

The light is gone.”

Nothing ever changes in the village of Witchford, until the day a 100-year-old, bad-tempered witch falls and breaks her hip and a 50-year-old cleaner decides her life is over. Both are haunted by ghosts, but can Frieda help Angie find out what her long-dead father is trying to tell her? And can Angie help Frieda fight off the wolf that circles ever closer?

Inside Voices (affiliate link)

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Author: Davis, Sarah
Romantic Suspense

A series of disturbing premonitions. A massacre unleashed. A new beginning with a challenge.

Plagued by visions from childhood, never did Penny Osborn expect it would lead to her witnessing the massacre of her high school classmates first-hand, followed by the coldblooded murder of her father, on the same day.

Two years later, she lives in a remote village in Alaska with what’s left of her family, believing she would be safe here.

She was wrong.

Penny’s premonitions return; dark, disturbing, and deeply connected.

They’ve also brought her an unexpected task, to raise an abandoned polar bear cub found at the scene of a grisly murder.

Encouraged by new friends, as well as an ever-strengthening bond between herself and bear cub, Fjord, Penny must tear down her protective walls to harness the true scope of her gift.

‘Tis the Season (affiliate link)

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Author: Barbour, Mimi
Romantic Comedy

Loveable Christmas Angel – This wonderful Christmas story takes place in Waikiki, Honolulu; a magical city where anything is believable. Leilani is about to find out just how angels scheme to make romance happen for those in their care because Angels really do love romance.

Together For Christmas – Just because Abbie’s spirit is locked inside Marcus’s body, Christmas is coming and there’s a thousand chores needing to be done. An orphanage is relying on her to create a special holiday and he’s the only one who can make it happen… with her gentle prodding that is!

She’s Not You – Sick and widowed, running scared from a man who insists she belongs to him; Belle is forced to let the charmer down the hall help out. Not just for her sake, but its Christmas, she’s in trouble and her little girl has decided their sympathetic neighbor is her special hero.

Second Chance for Christmas (affiliate link)

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Author: Kemp, Anne
Sweet Romantic Comedy

All she needs is a Christmas miracle so she can win back her St. Nick…

Ellie Briggs and Nick Harrington went their separate ways a few years ago when her career pulled her in a different direction to his. She made a choice to leave while he stayed in the Caribbean to build his life. Now a social media diva in New York, she finds herself questioning her actions.

After her current relationship tumbles around her ears, Ellie heads back to St Kitts for Christmas. Catching up with old friend Leigh George is just what’s needed, and maybe another chance with Nick. With a little sprinkle of the George sisters’ magic, and some help from the locals, will Ellie and Nick find a way to try again?

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Author: Pillsbury Editors
Regularly $17.99, Today $3.99
Biscuit, Muffin & Scone Baking

This delectable follow-up to the national bestseller Pillsbury: The Big Book of Easy Baking with Refrigerated Dough features 160 wow-worthy recipes—each with a full-color photo—that make baking a breeze with prepared doughs like biscuits, pie crust, and pizza dough. Pillsbury enthusiasts and time-strapped bakers alike will find appealing main dishes and savory appetizers such as Buffalo Chicken Monkey Bread, as well as sweet treats like Party Cookie Pops.

A new index of products featured in the book will make it even easier for home cooks to find the perfect dish for their favorite refrigerated doughs. New features include making donuts and grilling bistro-worthy pizza. And as with all Pillsbury products, every recipe will have full nutrition information.

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Author: Morris, Mary McGarry
Regularly $17.99, Today $3.99
Small Town & Rural Fiction

After decades in prison for a senseless juvenile murder, Gordon Loomis returns home to find his old neighborhood blighted by drugs and poverty. Desperate for work, he takes a job at the same rundown market where he once stocked shelves as a teenager. But while Gordon’s situation seems bleak, he is not without support.

His brother Dennis, a successful oral surgeon, tries to work past his own fears and failings to help Gordon move on from his past. And the flamboyant Delores Dufault yearns to be part of Gordon’s new life—even if he’s as terrified of relationships as he is of going back to jail. Meanwhile, Gordon’s inherent decency draws the attention of a hungry child whose survival threatens the fragile balance that is Gordon’s freedom.

Gordon can never forgive himself for that deadly home intrusion twenty-five years ago. Because of him, a pregnant young woman is gone forever. But in spite of his numbness and pain, Gordon will continue to be pursued by those who care for him, need him, and love him.

Timing (affiliate link)

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Author: Calmes, Mary
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Gay Romance

Stefan Joss just can’t win. Not only does he have to go to Texas in the middle of summer to be the man of honor in his best friend Charlotte’s wedding, but he’s expected to negotiate a million-dollar business deal at the same time. Worst of all, he’s thrown for a loop when he arrives to see the one man Charlotte promised wouldn’t be there: her brother, Rand Holloway.

Stefan and Rand have been mortal enemies since the day they met, so Stefan is shocked when a temporary cease-fire sees the usual hostility replaced by instant chemistry. Though leery of the unexpected feelings, Stefan is swayed by a sincere revelation from Rand, and he decides to give Rand a chance.

But their budding romance is threatened when Stefan’s business deal goes wrong: The owner of the last ranch he needs to secure for the company is murdered. Stefan’s in for the surprise of his life as he finds himself in danger as well.

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Author: Frazier, Karen
Regularly $6.99, Today $3.49
Divination with Crystals

Discover the healing properties of 99 common crystals and how they can improve your life

For centuries, people have been using crystals to heal and improve their mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. This user-friendly crystal bible offers insight into chakras and individual crystals with over 200 remedies for emotional distress as well as common ailments and challenges.

What sets this guide apart from other crystal healing books:

Detailed profiles—Alphabetized for easy reference, each crystal profile provides an overview of the stone’s essential characteristics, everything from its origins to ideal positioning for healing.
Healing remedies—This book recommends the crystals you need (often two or three) to overcome issues or ailments, such as crippling fear or insomnia, or to attain specific goals, like improving empathy or being open to greater prosperity.
Identification made easy—With bright, detailed photography, this book will teach you to recognize powerful crystals and gemstones at a glance, like Amethyst, Tourmaline, and Carnelian.

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Author: McConnell, Lucy, Meyer, Anne-Marie
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Contemporary Romance Fiction

The one guy I never wanted to see again… Just moved in across the hall…

To make things worse, he doesn’t even remember the moment our lips touched and stars exploded. Misunderstandings collide when the tabloids mistake me for his secret girlfriend. They love me—because I’m an all-American girl and he’s a football star. Plus, we sort of grew up together. Hometown romance sells. We were made to be together, right? Not according to my overprotective family. To them, my brother’s best friend has always been forbidden. I thought I could handle a fake relationship with Jaxson. I was wrong.

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