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Nothing They Won’t Do (affiliate link)

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Author: Campbell, Benjamin
Espionage Thrillers

Mason Wright is living the dream as a first-year student at the most famous business school in the world, until a tragic accident in Boston derails his life. Expelled from school, with a cloud over his head, he jumps at a chance opportunity to interview for a job in Paris, hoping for a fresh start away from everyone who knows his past.

Alone in a foreign land, Mason is befriended by a German expat named Hans von Eiger, who introduces him to beautiful, aristocratic friends at parties in chateaux across Europe. However, Mason discovers that not everyone in his new friend group is who they appear to be, and now someone wants him dead to keep their secret safe. Framed for a crime he didn’t commit, Mason finds himself completely alone again – on the run, trying to out-smart enemies who reach the highest echelons of power. Not knowing who he can trust, he ultimately puts his faith in, and falls in love with, a beautiful, independent, young woman – who he discovers may be hiding a secret of her own.

PAST CARING (affiliate link)

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Historical Mysteries

At a luxurious villa on the sun-soaked island of Madeira, unemployed historian Martin Radford is given a second chance. Martin is shown the leather-bound journal of another ruined man, former British cabinet minister Edwin Strafford.

Martin is offered a job—to return to England and investigate the rise and fall of Strafford, an ambitious young politician whose downfall, in 1910, is as mysterious as the strange deaths that still haunt his family.

Martin is intrigued. Strafford resigned at the height of his career, disappearing from the public eye. The woman he loved, for whom he was willing to sacrifice everything, suddenly and coldly rejected him. All the reasons for his fall from grace are shrouded in darkness.

Martin’s investigations trigger a violent series of events, throwing him straight into the path of those who believed they had escaped punishment for crimes long past but never paid for . . . And Martin himself may find that he must risk his life to discover the truth.

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Author: McGinty, Grace
Fantasy & Futuristic Romance

Welcome to Dark River. Population 0.

When Mika McKellen woke up in a stormwater drain while backpacking around Canada, she knew that her mother was right. If you made bad choices, you would end up dead in a ditch. But when she stumbled into Dark River, even her mother could never have dreamed up the residents of this small town in the middle of nowhere, Alberta.

Oh, it had all the usual suspects. Quirky diner owners, untrustworthy outcasts and a Sheriff so hot he’d make any red-blooded woman with a heartbeat beg to be in cuffs in the back of his patrol vehicle. No, the really unusual thing about Dark River was that it was entirely populated by the Undead. Vampires to be specific. And so was Mika.

As Mika adjusts to the life of a Vampire, a dark presence stalks her from the shadows. One of the residents of Dark River was her maker and her murderer.

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Author: James, Glynn, Fuchs, Michael Stephen
Dystopian Science Fiction

When the Zombie Apocalypse came, one country had shut down its borders in response to a major terrorist attack. Now Fortress Britain is the last bastion of the living – with 50 million beleaguered survivors facing down a world of 7 billion animated corpses.

And when civilization fell, one international team of supremely elite special operators was being assembled for a nearly impossible mission, deployed out of the SAS barracks at Hereford. Supremely trained and armed, always the most skilled, resolved, and unstoppable amongst us, now the commandos of Alpha team are humanity’s last best hope for survival. Searching through the detritus of fallen Europe, scavenging pharmaceutical labs for clues to a vaccine that might bring humanity back from the brink, now they are tasked with one last desperate operation.

China Dome (affiliate link)

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Author: Lovejoy, William H.


Hong Kong is poised to dominate a new century of international commerce with the opening of the China Dome, the world’s first supersonic airport.

Across the globe, however, a master terrorist plans to ensure the airport never takes off by hijacking the world’s most advanced super-jetliner.

Former Air Force fighter pilot Daniel Kerry is the only man to see it coming–and is the only man who can stop him.

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Author: Wiseman, Ellen Marie
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Historical Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

On a summer evening in 1931, Lilly Blackwood glimpses circus lights from the grimy window of her attic bedroom. Lilly isn’t allowed to explore the meadows around Blackwood Manor. She’s never even ventured beyond her narrow room. Momma insists it’s for Lilly’s own protection, that people would be afraid if they saw her. But on this unforgettable night, Lilly is taken outside for the first time—and sold to the circus sideshow.

More than two decades later, nineteen-year-old Julia Blackwood has inherited her parents’ estate and horse farm. For Julia, home was an unhappy place full of strict rules and forbidden rooms, and she hopes that returning might erase those painful memories. Instead, she becomes immersed in a mystery involving a hidden attic room and photos of circus scenes featuring a striking young girl.

At first, The Barlow Brothers’ Circus is just another prison for Lilly. But in this rag-tag, sometimes brutal world, Lilly discovers strength, friendship, and a rare affinity for animals.

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Author: Cody, Jennifer
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Gay Romance
Third time’s the charm, right? At least that’s what I tell myself when I witness the same hot guy commit mass murder three times in a few days. I’m either the luckiest mute boy ever or possibly the unluckiest. Who knows, maybe him kidnapping me will turn into the greatest love story ever told? Hey, it could happen! You never know how these things will turn out. I happen to believe in love and soulmates, and if nothing else, Arlington Fox doesn’t treat my disability like a nuisance. It’s not everyday you find someone who just gets you, and I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth even if the horse in question is a man so good at killing people that I should probably introspect a bit about why that skews my moral compass and possibly my kinks. But c’mon, competence is sexy, amiright?

We Hunt Monsters (affiliate link)

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Author: Oster, Aaron
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Norse Myths & Legends

Keith has died twelve times.

After making a deal with a mysterious immortal, he was sent to a new world in hopes of gaining the offered reward – a chance at a better life with his family. However, Keith failed to realize that this deal did not come with an expiration date, no matter how many times he died.

After dying for the dozenth time, Keith renegotiates with the immortal. This new deal will see him sent to the world of Raiah – a world filled with monsters, cowardly monkeys, and a system of magic very similar to the fantasy roleplaying games his brother used to enjoy.

Completing a quest to hunt the most dangerous monsters on the planet, is the price Keith will need to pay to regain his old life. It’s a good thing that all of his experiences in his previous lives translate to Skills in this new one because if Keith fails this time, the price he will need to pay will be far steeper.

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Author: Hill, Maisie
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Reproductive Medicine & Technology

A profound and practical blueprint for aligning daily life with your menstrual cycle.

Period Power is the handbook to periods and hormones that will leave you wondering why the hell nobody told you this sooner.

The hormones of the menstrual cycle profoundly influence our energy, mood and behaviour, but all too often we’re taught that our hormones make us unreliable, moody bitches, or that it’s our lot in life to put up with ‘women’s problems’. Maisie Hill, a women’s health practitioner, knows the power of working with the menstrual cycle and refuses to accept this theory. Instead, Maisie believes that our hormones are there to serve us and, if utilized correctly, can be used to help you get what you want out of life. Yes, we are hormonal, and that’s a very good thing.

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Author: Wallach, Ari
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Business Decision-Making

A paradigm-shifting manifesto for transforming our thinking from reactionary short-termism to the long-term, widening our scope beyond today, tomorrow, and to even five hundred years from now to reclaim meaning in our lives.

Many of the problems we face today, from climate change to work anxiety, are the result of short-term thinking. We are constantly bombarded by notifications and “Breaking News” that are overwhelming our central nervous systems, forcing us to react in the moment and ultimately disconnecting us from what truly matters. But there is a solution.

Futurist Ari Wallach offers a radical new way forward called “longpath,” a mantra and mindset to help us focus on the long view. Drawing on history, theology, neuroscience, evolutionary psychology, and social technologies, Longpath teaches readers to strengthen their ability to look ahead, relieve reactions to stressful events, increase capacity for cooperation, and even boost creativity.

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Author: Godden, Rumer
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Historical Literary Fiction

For most of her adult life, Philippa Talbot has been a successful British professional. Now in her forties, the World War II–widow has made a startling decision: She’s giving up her civil service career and elite social standing to join a convent as a postulant Roman Catholic nun.

In Sussex in the south of England, Philippa begins her new life inside Brede Abbey, a venerable, 130-year-old Benedictine monastery. Taking her place among a diverse group of extraordinary women, young and old, she is welcomed into the surprisingly rich and complex world of the devout, whom faith, fate, and circumstance have led there. From their personal stories, both uplifting and heartbreaking, Philippa draws great strength in the weeks, months, and years that follow, as the confidence, conflicts, and poignant humanity of her fellow sisters serve to validate her love and sacred purpose.

But a time of great upheaval in the hierarchy of the Catholic Church approaches as the winds of change blow at gale force. And for the financially troubled Brede and the acolytes within, it will take no less than a miracle to weather the storm.

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