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Author: Emerson, C.J.
Psychological Thrillers

Jess is meant to protect children but she has a dark secret, and someone knows what it is. Someone who kills. Almost everyone around her is suspect, even the girl who claims to be her abandoned daughter.

As her professional life becomes harder to control, Jess is forced to come to terms with her own past when someone unexpectedly reappears, someone she thought was lost forever. She finds herself crossing the line from investigator to victim, forced to question the very basis of her identity, and she can only wonder: who’s there to protect the protector?

When two more children disappear, Jess finds herself in a losing race to find the culprit before she too becomes a victim. Only one person is on her side, the mysterious female detective, Pav McNeil, whose interest in her seems to be more than professional.

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Author: Mahood, George
Parenting & Families Humor

George Mahood had a nice, comfortable life.

He had a job, a house, a wife and three kids. But he was stuck in a routine. Every day was the same and he felt that something was missing.

He then discovered that it was Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day. The day after that was National Pillow Fight Day, and the day after that was Work Naked Day.

George realised the calendar is FULL of these quirky, weird, and wonderful celebrations. He realised that somebody somewhere had created these holidays, believing them to be important enough to warrant their own official day.

Surely, he should be more appreciative of their existence?

So… he decided to try and celebrate them all.

Follow George on his hilarious, life-changing adventure, as he tries to transform himself into a happier, more intelligent and well-rounded person.

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Author: McCoy, Mel
Cruise Ship Cozy Mystery

Two fun-loving pastry chefs. One luxury cruise ship heading to the Bahamas. And an elusive killer running amok with a penchant for cleavers.

After overstuffing her husband with a button-bursting amount of cookies and cakes, Ruth Shores—charmed mother, grandmother, wife, and retired pastry chef—decides to take a dream job in the kitchen of the brand-new, luxury cruise ship, Splendor of the Seas. Luggage rolling behind her, she sets out on her first day, and it’s everything she imagined. That is, until she runs into the rudest, most inconsiderate person she’s ever crossed paths with: Loretta Moran.

That’s okay—Ruth refuses to allow a stranger to ruin her idyllic new life. But when a body is found in the kitchen, both women become prime suspects in a murder investigation. Compelled to prove their innocence, Ruth and Loretta must work together, all while desperately covering up a mouse running loose in the dining room. Can they set their differences aside to unveil the real killer before they both lose their jobs—or worse, their lives?

The Crime Beat: New York (affiliate link)

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Author: Fuller, A.C.
Conspiracy Thrillers

Perched on the soft tar of a New York City rooftop, a mysterious sniper fires a single round from a fifty caliber rifle. Five stories below, his target collapses on the marble steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, dead.

Crime reporter Jane Cole needs this story badly. Suspended NYPD cop Robert Warren is desperate to clear his name. They don’t trust each other, but they make the perfect team. And as Cole and Warren track the killer, they uncover a plot so ruthless it shocks the conscience, a crime so expansive it will rock the world.

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Author: Sloan, Justin
Science Fiction Adventure

Alice was told that her husband was dead, a month after he went up to space. Now she’s formed a team of technical assassins dedicated to taking down New Origins, the corporation in charge of the station, if she doesn’t get answers. Someone has to hold them accountable–even if it means going up against an army of genetically engineered super soldiers.

Stealth is an elite among elites. This Marine wanted to be on the front line of expansion into space, and now he is. Only the hacker organization known as The Looking Glass stands against them, trying to pull apart all of his team’s progress, all they believe in. Neither will stop until they have justice.

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Author: Dawson, Kay P.
Time Travel Romance

Jenna Hart grew up knowing she couldn’t count on anyone. And now, when her life is being threatened by someone who claimed to love her, she knows it’s up to her if she ever wants the happiness she’s searching for. When a purple-haired matchmaker who can grant wishes joins their weekly book club, Jenna knows what she has to do.

Adam Wallace is heading west, searching for adventure before he settles down. Unlucky for him, however, not only does his mother decide to join him, but so does the woman he’s supposed to be marrying…someday. As if that isn’t enough, he stumbles over a woman lying on the ground before heading out on the Oregon Trail, and he finds himself with one more person to look after along the way.

After Jenna lands in the middle of the frontier, she realizes she might not be cut out for life out there. And, when her heart falls for a man already spoken for, she knows a mistake has been made. She was supposed to find her soul mate – the one her heart was meant to find.

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Author: Laporte, Sofi
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Regency Historical Romance

A resolute spinster. An irresistible rake. One accidental letter… Can love triumph over this hopeless muddle in the middle of the London season?

Lady Ludmilla Windmere is mortified. The spinster extraordinaire has fallen in love with her best friend, and that cannot be. The problem? She hasn’t met him. Not once. For they have only ever corresponded by letter. When she sets out to uncover his identity, her world shatters. For Addy turns out to be none other but London’s worst rake.

Adrian St.Addington is perturbed. The rakehell extraordinaire is developing a marked tendre for a spinster, and that cannot be. The problem? She might be mistaking him for someone he is not. Or, what is worse, know precisely who he is. A depraved heart like his surely cannot fall in love…least of all with a plain, outspoken spinster.

Determined to discover the truth behind the man she loves, Lu does what she does best: she sits down and writes a letter…

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Author: Wilson, April, Riley, Laura
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Romantic Comedy


It was just supposed to be a one-year internship in London.

I wasn’t supposed to meet Prince Charming.

I wasn’t supposed to fall in love.

And I certainly wasn’t supposed to get my heart broken.


Women fall at my feet. They find me—and my bank account—irresistible.

It’s not until I meet a shy American wallflower with an uncanny knack for numbers that I fall, too.

I want this girl. I’d lay the world at her feet—if only she’d let me.

When one of my past mistakes returns with a vengeance, I risk losing the one person who means the world to me.

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Author: Hanh, Thich Nhat
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New Age Meditation

Bringing the energy of true presence into our lives really does change things for the better—and all it takes is a little training. This treasury of 365 gems of daily inspiration is for anyone who wants to train to meet every moment of life with 100 percent attention.

Beloved spiritual teacher Thich Nhat Hanh draws from the his best-selling works to offer powerful and transformative words of wisdom that reflect the great themes of his teachings: how the practice of mindfulness brings joy and insight into every moment of our lives; how to transcend fear and other negative emotions; how to transform our relationships through love, presence, and deep listening; and how to practice peace for our world.

Inspiring, joyful, and deeply insightful, Your True Home shows how practicing mindfulness can improve every area of our lives—and how its benefits radiate beyond us to affect others and the whole, larger world.

Tennessee Truths (affiliate link)

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Author: Munoz, Ashley
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Small Town Romance

He was a liar.

I was a coward.

At age fourteen the boy who wrote me secret notes stole my heart.

The cunning thief that he was, he had convinced me we were soul mates.

Or so I thought.

At eighteen he shattered my heart.

I didn’t know that kind of pain existed and I didn’t stick around for anyone to witness it.

Five years after running away, I’m returning home as a married woman.

Nothing much has changed, including the fact that the boy I once loved, is still here.

Only now he’s a man who owns a mechanic shop and shows up everywhere I don’t want him to.

He won’t stop saying the rudest things imaginable.

Every barb tears through me, like a whip, and in turn, I say the most horrible things right back.

I hate it.

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Author: Choo, Yangsze
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Historical Asian Fiction

“One evening, my father asked me if I would like to become a ghost bride…”

Part 19th century novel, part magical journey to the Chinese world of the dead, Yangsze Choo’s debut novel The Ghost Bride is a startlingly original historical fantasy infused with Chinese folklore, romantic intrigue, and unexpected supernatural twists. Reminiscent of Lisa See’s Peony in Love and Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere, The Ghost Bride is a wondrous coming-of-age story from a remarkable new voice in fiction.

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Author: Divakaruni, Chitra Banerjee
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Biographical Fiction

She rose from commoner to become the last reigning queen of India’s Sikh Empire. In this dazzling novel, based on true-life events, bestselling author Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni presents the unforgettable story of Jindan, who transformed herself from daughter of the royal kennel keeper to powerful monarch.

Sharp-eyed, stubborn, and passionate, Jindan was known for her beauty. When she caught the eye of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, she was elevated to royalty, becoming his youngest and last queen—and his favorite. And when her son, barely six years old, unexpectedly inherited the throne, Jindan assumed the regency. She transformed herself from pampered wife to warrior ruler, determined to protect her people and her son’s birthright from the encroaching British Empire.

Defying tradition, she stepped out of the zenana, cast aside the veil, and conducted state business in public, inspiring her subjects in two wars. Her power and influence were so formidable that the British, fearing an uprising, robbed the rebel queen of everything she had, but nothing crushed her indomitable will.

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