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Author: Brilee, Juliet
Second Chance Romance

Their breakup left two shattered hearts. When a chance encounter brings them back together, can they whip up a new batch of romance?
Noah Barrett has run out of options. In desperate need of help raising his turbulent teen daughter, the forty-year-old marine scientist plans to move them both to another state to be closer to his mother. But when they take a summer detour to a Florida beach rental for some bonding, he’s shocked to stumble across his still-stunning high school sweetheart.

Kathryn Hart is determined to turn life’s lemons into sugary delights. Regretful she left her first love at her mom’s urging, the widowed bakery owner’s heart catches fire when her former fiancé unexpectedly walks back into her life. But elbow deep in freakish disasters, pastry chef divas, and irresponsible employees, she hardly has time to face old hurts and longings.

Torn between chasing the-one-that-got-away and fulfilling his plans, Noah can’t escape his emotions when his kid takes a job working for the beautiful baker. And as Kathryn tries to focus on building five-star success, she fears falling again for her irresistible ex will only bring grief when his vacation ends.

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Author: Chan, Wil
Sword & Sorcery Fantasy

There was a time when I thought that dragons were beautiful…

During my childhood, I believed that I was friends with a dragon, except the dragon never knew of this friendship.

Days after my thirteenth birthday, my secret was no longer mine to keep. Soldiers arrived to slay the dragon so that a feudal lord could make his name amongst the Nine Kingdoms. It ended in abject failure. They were left to soak in a bloodbath of their own making.

In a rage, the dragon destroyed the place that I called home, and killed the people that I called family. She also dismantled a thing that I called love.

Reborn under a mound of ashen corpses, my empty shell vowed vengeance, forging a fiery path of retribution that could not be undone.

Not by my own design, I inadvertently became a slayer of dragons. Curiously, dragon slaying isn’t my next job…

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Author: Oxford Dictionaries
Mathematics Study & Teaching
The Oxford First Illustrated Maths Dictionary supports the curriculum and gives your child a head start in understanding first maths concepts. Organised alphabetically, this dictionary gives simple and clear meanings for over 300 maths words and concepts, from ‘add’ to ‘zero’. Each entry is illustrated with child-friendly artwork plus diagrams, including some Numicon shapes and figures, to explain, add meaning, and support the definition. Expertly-levelled supplementary material in an illustrated section at the back lists the everyday vocabulary children will come across in their maths lessons – topics included are days of the week, months of the year, numbers, and apparatus used in class. It is the perfect companion to theOxford First Illustrated ScienceDictionary.
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Author: Hahn, D. A.
Dystopian Science Fiction

In 2006, eighteen-year-old Sophia Alexander is shocked by the appearance of her time-traveling self, from twenty years in the future. She is even more shocked by the apparition’s message – Sophia must become a chef, obtain a job in the White House, and stop a president named Zachary Mirren from starting World War Three. Millions of lives are at stake.

Unsure if the vision was real or a hallucination, Sophia struggles to decide how much of her life to devote to this task. Yet, time brings more evidence that her encounter with her future self was indeed real.

Sophia resigns herself to her fate, knowing she must be prepared, even if it means sacrificing her own goals, needs, and relationships. But will she have to give up everything, even her humanity, for the sake of a better future?

Can the future even be changed… or is it determined?

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Author: Lockhart, Clare
Cozy Culinary Mystery

Just when she thought everything was on track for her new cafe’s opening, Quinn meets a bewitching stranger with an unfathomable secret about her husband. Now, she’s being haunted, swindled, and questioned about a murder.

Empty nested and excited to start a new chapter in life, Quinn is almost ready to open her new lakeside café in the small town of Bookend Bay.

Everything is perfect until she realizes she’s being followed.

Confronting the stranger sets Quinn on a course where her problems no longer revolve around selecting a feature scone. She’s suddenly questioning everything she believed about her marriage and her sanity.

Midlife isn’t supposed to bring a change like this!

When police question her about a murder, Quinn quickly realizes she can’t tell anyone but her best friend about the conniving, ghostly stranger who’s stalking her. No one would believe she’s been talking to a dead person, and Quinn is barely coping with the truth herself.

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Author: Kuhens, Kevin
Action Thriller Fiction

Kyle McEwan is a force to be reckoned with: a man who stops at nothing to eliminate the dark forces threatening our world. With the murderous “Terror’s Sword” threatening an attack with a genetically altered bioagent, the president unleashes the one weapon in America’s arsenal that can match this elusive foe.

When all the resources of the free world fail to find a cure for the deadly bioweapon Terror’s Sword is about to release, will Kyle McEwan avert the unthinkable?

Written by a former supervisory special agent for the US Department of Defense, TERROR’S SWORD is driven by real-world experience with the political inner workings that thwart terrorist threats, and the obstacles that sometimes impede those efforts.

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Author: Allison, Ketley
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Contemporary Romance

My heart will always be corrupt … because of him.

Chase Stone is hot.

In charge of a world I don’t understand.

Briarcliff was meant to give me a better future, but its secret prince despises me on sight. Chase bullies, intimidates, and promises a world of pain and suffering if he’s to do me any favors when my friend goes missing.

He makes me think it should have been me.

If I want his help in finding her, I have to bow to him, first.

So be it.

Chase may have the reputation of a cold-eyed predator while sauntering through the halls like a gorgeous god, but I have nothing else to lose.

Wrath of the Lion (affiliate link)

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Author: Higgins, Jack
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Historical Thrillers

In the waters off the French coast, a predator is on the loose. The French submarine L’Alouette has come under the control of the OAS—an ultranationalist group dedicated to maintaining France’s dominion in Algeria. They have been wreaking havoc in the Channel’s shipping lanes—including the cold-blooded murder of a prosecutor who put several of the group’s comrades in prison.

Former SAS soldier Neil Mallory is sent by British Intelligence to join with a French agent based in the Channel Islands. But even on the sparsely populated isle of St. Pierre, it seems their mission is being confounded by someone who knows their next move before they even think of it. And time is running short. Because the madmen aboard the L’Alouette are changing their course away from mere piracy and chaos toward something far worse.

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Author: Corry, Judy
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Contemporary Romance

When I found out I was cast opposite my crush in the school musical, I thought it was a dream come true.

Nash Hastings is the type of guy a “good girl” like me should want. He’s sweet, attentive, loyal and best of all, he finally asked me on a date.

It’s the perfect setup for an onstage romance to move offstage.

There’s just one problem: Asher Park—the bad-boy rumored to have been involved in the mysterious disappearance of his ex last spring—is also in the play.

I know I shouldn’t get involved with Asher. That he’s possibly dangerous and the exact type of guy I always get burned by.

But the more I get to know him, the less I want to believe the rumors.

Nash and Asher are sworn rivals and before I know it, I’m caught in the middle.

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Author: Stanton, Angie
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Young Adult Fiction about Blended Families
When the police arrest Piper Winslow’s mother, claiming she stole a newborn infant 17 years ago, Piper is shocked. When she learns she was the baby, her life is destroyed.
Piper’s birth family is about to reclaim her to a life as foreign as the birth name they gave her – Greta. What can Piper do while her world crashes around her? Run, of course.
And run she does. Piper’s plans are nearly foiled when her brother’s annoying best friend joins her. Despite close calls, they elude authorities. All she wants is time to digest her new fate.
Unfortunately, her birth family has unlimited resources, and Piper is discovered. She is delivered to a family with a glowing image, but it turns out not all of them are happy to see her.
As Piper tries to cope in her new world, she hits obstacle after obstacle. This family that appears so perfect on the outside, harbors secrets, and nothing is as it seems….
Will she ever be fully accepted?
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Author: Lama, Dalai, Kamalashila
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n Buddhist Rituals & Practice

A translation of the ancient classic Stages of Meditation, by Kamalashila, with commentary from everyone’s favorite Buddhist teacher, the Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama explains the principles of meditation in a practice-oriented format especially suited to Westerners. Based upon the middle section of the Bhavanakrama by Kamalashila–a translation of which is included–this is the most extensive commentary given by the Dalai Lama on this concise but important meditation handbook. It is a favorite text of the Dalai Lama, and he often takes the opportunity to give teachings on it to audiences throughout the world. In his words, “This text can be like a key that opens the door to all other major Buddhist scriptures.” Topics include the nature of mind, how to develop compassion and loving-kindness, calm abiding wisdom, and how to establish a union of calm abiding and special insight.

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Author: Manning, Ivy
Regularly $15.99, Today $2.99
Soups & Stews Cooking
Nothing is more comforting at the end of the day than a hearty bowl of homemade soup accompanied by freshly baked bread, and this book shows home cooks how to do it in under an hour. Easy Soups from Scratch with Quick Breads to Match makes it simple to create delicious, nourishing soups and warm, toothsome breads for any day of the week with straight-forward, time-saving recipes. With 70 soups and breads to mix and match, soup lovers can choose from cozy classics like Farro Minestrone with Roasted Garlic Focaccia or international flavors like Barbecue Pork and Miso Ramen with Flaky Green Onion Pancakes. Readers can rely on helpful troubleshooting tricks and get-ahead tips to make these winning combinations come out perfect every time.

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