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MINE (affiliate link)

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Author: Kelleher, Casey
Psychological Thriller

You lied. He knows.

Rebecca Dawson lives a life that many women want – married to wealthy, handsome businessman Jamie and new mum to beautiful daughter, Ella, she thinks nothing can burst her bubble. Until a series of sinister events leaves Rebecca convinced that she is being stalked. While her only priority is keeping Ella safe, Rebecca knows that this might be more than a coincidence, and fears that her past is back to haunt her. Because somebody knows what she did. They are watching her, tormenting her, and soon they are going to make her pay.

While she hides her past, Rebecca finds herself unable to trust anyone, not even her husband, Jamie. Because Jamie is keeping secrets too. Is Jamie gas-lighting Rebecca into thinking she is going mad, in a bid to cover up his own sordid lies? Or is someone more sinister seeking their revenge?

Riley’s Journey (affiliate link)

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Author: Parker, P.L.
Time Travel Romance

The research project was only for an “extended period.” No one said anything about forever! Deceived and betrayed, Riley is sent back 40,000 years to be the mate of a man she’d never before met. Her journey will take her into a world fraught with dangers—a world made more treacherous by savage beasts, primitive Neanderthals, and the incursion of the aggressive Cro-Magnon man.

Surviving alone for five years in this vast wilderness, Nathan, along with his enormous dog, Demon, carve out a life in the perilous environment. Though thrown together by forces beyond their control, Riley and Nathan nevertheless find love—but can these two lost souls survive against such overwhelming odds?

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Author: Dawson, Mark
Espionage Thrillers

Meet John Milton. He considers himself an artisan. A craftsman. His trade is murder. Milton is the man the government sends after you when everything else has failed. You wouldn’t pick him out of a crowd but you wouldn’t want to be on his list.

In this second dip into his case files, Milton is sent to Italy to investigate the death of a colleague from Group 15, the secret assassination squad that liquidates those considered to be impediments to the furtherance of British interests. Milton discovers that the agent was involved with the Camorra, the powerful Mafia clan that controls the territory from Naples to the tip of the Italian boot. He identifies the assassin as a man nicknamed Tarantula. Now Tarantula, and his boss, are entries in Milton’s ledger. And all debts need to be paid.

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Author: Coles, Linda
Action Thriller Fiction

An abandoned baby. Three girls stolen in the night. Two connected cases?

London, Winter, 1999. When an abandoned newborn baby is discovered, DC Jack Rutherford becomes involved.

Covering the holiday period almost singlehandedly, resources are at breaking point and he’s pushed to his limit.

While searching for the young mother, evidence of an organized crime ring almost breaks his heart leaving Jack wondering how he can put so many wrongs, right. Welcome to the human race…

Can he solve the case before the girls are lost forever?

Hey You, Pretty Face is the fifth brilliant and captivating novel featuring DC Jack Rutherford by master storyteller Linda Coles. “Move over Agatha Christie, there’s a new dame in town.” Amazon reviewer.

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Author: O’Connor, A.
Historical Irish Fiction

In 1861 nineteen-year-old Bertie, Prince of Wales, began an affair with the Irish actress Nellie Cliffden. By Royal Appointment is a fictionalised account of their story, based on true events.

In the years following the Great Famine of the 1840’s, Queen Victoria has become deeply unpopular in Ireland. In 1861, as an official visit from the monarch is planned to win over her Irish subjects, her son Bertie is dispatched to County Kildare for military training as part of the charm offensive.

Bertie has undergone a life of duty, protocol and a harsh educational regime. As a frantic search is under way to find him a suitable princess to marry, he relishes the prospect of freedom from court life in Ireland. There, he is quickly introduced to a life of decadence and soon presented to the notorious actress Nellie Cliffden.

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Author: Pendleton, Don
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Mystery Action & Adventure

Overseas, Mack Bolan was dubbed “Sgt. Mercy” for the compassion he showed the innocent. On the home front, they’re calling him the Executioner for what he’s doing to the guilty.

In the jungles of Southeast Asia, American sniper Mack Bolan honed his skills. After twelve years, with ninety-five confirmed hits, he returns home to Massachusetts. But it’s not to reunite with his family, it’s to bury them—victims in a mass murder/suicide. Even though Bolan’s own father pulled the trigger, he knows the old man was no killer. He was driven to madness by Mafia thugs who have turned his idyllic hometown into a new kind of war zone.

Duty calls . . .

Introducing an action hero “who would make Jack Reacher think twice,” this is the first book in the iconic series of vigilante justice that has become a publishing phenomenon ( With more than two hundred million Executioner books sold since its debut, the series continues to stimulate. Gerry Conway, cocreator of Marvel Comics’ The Punisher, credits the Executioner as “my inspiration . . . that’s what gave me the idea for the lone, slightly psychotic avenger.” The series is also now in development as a major motion picture.

Kissing Carrion: Stories (affiliate link)

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Author: Files, Gemma
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Dark Fantasy Horror
These seventeen tales take readers into the uniquely twisted mind of “one of Canada’s most promising new horror writers” (Publishers Weekly). From a live necrophilia show starring reanimated corpses to a confrontation between a security guard and inhuman squatters, from who can be found at an all-night laundromat to what lies in wait at the bottom of the sea, from undead addictions to all-consuming obsessions, Kissing Carrion is “a journey through some of the most beautifully rendered visions of darkness and death to be published this past year. . . . Fans of Poppy Z. Brite, Charlee Jacob, and Clive Barker should enjoy this collection immensely” (SF Reader).
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Author: Fraser, Fern
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Steamy Short Romance


I might be young and idealistic, but I set goals in life. One of which–being a successful romance author–I’m already living. While at a writer’s retreat with my besties, I drink too much Champagne and let my secret slip. I may write about dirty things but have no real life experience. My friend suggests a solution and the smoking hot mountain resort groundskeeper seems like the perfect candidate to help solve my ‘V-card ‘problem.’


I have more money than I know what to do with, and giving it away makes me happy. I’m tired of people judging me by the number of zeroes in my bank account. Being burned one too many times leaves me feeling guarded and private.

I own Big Bear Lodge mountain resort, and when a sweet and way-too-young-for-me guest assumes I work here, I don’t correct her.

Naughty Ninja Takes a Bath (affiliate link)

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Author: Tarpley, Todd
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Children’s Humorous Action & Adventure

After crossing raging rivers and tromping through the jungle, Naughty Ninja returns to his secret ninja training camp for lunch. But when he gets inside, his parents tell him he needs a bath. Before Naughty Ninja gets in the tub, he notices poisonous flies and an angry alligator circling his dad, who doesn’t even seem to know he’s in trouble. Good thing Naughty Ninja is around to save the day!

Amid sudsy fun, a boy’s imaginary ninja life and his everyday world collide in the ultimate bath time adventure.

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Author: Lindsey, Julie Anne
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Cozy Animal Mystery

An amateur sleuth named Bonnie and her kitty companion Clyde, with names like those, what could possibly go wrong?

Life hasn’t sparkled too brightly for Bonnie Balfour over the past few years, but a heart-breaking divorce has brought her back to her small rural hometown of Bliss, Georgia, and things are starting to shape up.

The proud new owner of Bless Her Heart—a second chance dress shop and boutique on the town square—Bonnie thinks thirty-eight might not be too late for a fresh start in life after all.

Until a grouchy old widow turns up dead in a pile of donations meant for Bonnie’s shop, and the town’s new detective pins her to the top of his suspect list!

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Author: Carpenter, Thomas K.
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Coming of Age Fantasy


Aurelia Silverthorne is determined to attend the world’s only magical university – but life at the Hundred Halls is even more deadly than the trials to be accepted.

The Hundred Halls is a multi-series universe with over twenty books and over 6,000 pages of magical academy adventure. If you enjoy reading a well-written contemporary fantasy saga, or are a Harry Potter, or Magicians fan, these books are written for you! Pick it up and—escape to the Hundred Halls!

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