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Author: Faricy, Mike
Humorous Private Investigator Mysteries

Private Investigator Dev Haskell has finally got it made!
Beautiful Kerri seems to have fallen for him. She even left Dev a note . . .

Apparently she just needs a little help finding her sister.
Unfortunately, it turns out both women are involved with notorious Russian mob boss, Bracko the Whacko! Things quickly go downhill from there.
In short order Dev finds himself at odds with the local police, Homeland Security, ICE, and an FBI task force. He’s got a gunshot wound and shrapnel in his rear, ouch! Not to mention he’s on the run from a psychotic killer!
It must be love . . .

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Author: Faricy, Mike
Humorous Private Investigator Mysteries


“Dev is at it again. Put the coffee on, and plan to stay up late, this is a real page turner.” -The Irish Gazette

Dysfunctional, bumbling, crazy babe-magnet Dev Haskell, Private Investigator, has just landed the job of a lifetime. He’ll be the envy of every guy with a heartbeat: Dev is hired to provide security for a team of beautiful English roller derby stars (with stage names like Harlotte Davidson and Helen Killer). Though he’d rather be standing guard in the shower room, he finds himself in a world of trouble when he’s mistaken for the stalker-turned-killer he’s been tracking.

With an attorney who drinks too much and a team of females ready to kill him, Dev must prove his innocence, all the while finding the real killer and protecting himself against the wiles of yet another irresistible and dangerous woman.

A Change of Seasons: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Archer, Jennifer
Women’s Humorous Fiction

Her mom’s moved in. Her kid’s sneaking out. And she can’t stop eating…
After a bitter divorce, respected psychologist CiCi Dupree longs to build a happy new future. But despite helping patients reclaim their mental health, she can’t shake her own fear that if she fully embraces life, she’ll get screwed again – and not in a good way. While she hides out with her clinically depressed bulldog, eating comfort food and packing on pounds, her elderly mom and teen daughter are both falling in love and having the time of their lives – for now. Convinced they’re flirting with disaster, CiCi plays it safe with a nightly game of solitaire, “Bob” (her battery-operated boyfriend), and the hero in her favorite racy romance novel.

Hosting a senior citizen’s book club at her mom’s former assisted living facility is CiCi’s one social activity. But she soon discovers even that’s not safe when her choice of an erotic novel for the next reading selection triggers a lawsuit that threatens her reputation and her practice. Plus, the handsome lawyer she hires tempts her to have the time of her life too. Will CiCi risk her heart again for a man who could save her career? Or will she remain alone, afraid, and addicted to chocolate?

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Author: Smith, Dean Wesley
Police Procedurals

Retired Detective Bayard Lott hosts the weekly poker games at his home. The group calls themselves the Cold Poker Gang. And they succeed at closing old cases.

Lott’s very first homicide case as a brand-new detective had gone cold more than twenty years earlier. But retired Reno detective Julia Rogers, new to the Cold Poker Gang, suggests they look at that case again for personal reasons.

From that simple suggestion spins one of the strangest and most complicated murder mystery puzzles the gang has ever seen.

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Author: Press, BookSumo
Baking Bread

Here is a Preview of the Bread Machine Recipes You Will Learn:
Pumpernickel Bread Machine
Hawaiian Banana Bread
Black Bread
Honey Soy Milk Bread
Bonnie’s Bread Machine
Appalachian Moon Bread
Levantine Challah I
Manitoba Sweet Rye Bread
Asiago Cheddar Bread
Bavarian Caraway Bread
Pembrokeshire Raisin Bread
Tropical Bread
South Carolina Cornbread
Blue-Collar Wheat Bread
Carolina Cantaloupe Bread
Sour Cherry Bread
Lena’s Raisin Bread
Maui Morning Bread
Margaret’s Almond Bread
Winter Night Hazelnut Bread with Sweet Frosting
Sweet Root Vegetable Bread
PB&J Bread Machine
Spiced Cranberry Rolls
Bahamas Oat Bread
Much, much more!

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Author: McGovern, Nancy
Culinary Cozy Mystery

Someone has thrown a brick through the front window of Nora’s Madness Diner and she thinks she knows who’s to blame. After all, she’s had a run-in or two with the miserable new owner of Milburn’s local Bed & Breakfast, Mia Madford, and wouldn’t put her above such an act. Proving it and forcing Mia to pay for the damage she’s done, however, may be a problem.

Especially when she is found dead!

Now, with a case of vandalism and a murder to solve, Nora springs into action. After all, there’s a killer on the loose! But, as good as Nora’s gotten at solving crimes, this time she may just find herself in over her head!

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Author: Bays, Jan Chozen
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Healthy Living

Turn food from foe to friend with this bestselling guide to developing healthy eating habits through mindfulness practices—from a beloved Zen teacher

Food. It should be one of life’s great pleasures, yet many of us have such a conflicted relationship with it that we miss out on that most basic of satisfactions. But it is possible—and not really all that difficult—to reclaim the joy of eating, according to Dr. Jan Bays. Mindfulness is the key. Her approach involves bringing one’s full attention to the process of eating—to all the tastes, smells, thoughts, and feelings that arise during a meal. She shows you how to:

• Tune into your body’s own wisdom about what, when, and how much to eat
• Eat less while feeling fully satisfied
• Identify your habits and patterns with food
• Develop a more compassionate attitude toward your struggles with eating
• Discover what you’re really hungry for

Stet: An Editor’s Life (affiliate link)

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Author: Athill, Diana
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Biographies & Memoirs of Authors
For nearly five decades, Diana Athill edited (nursed, coerced, coaxed) some of the most celebrated writers in the English language, among them V. S. Naipaul, Philip Roth, John Updike, Jean Rhys, Mordecai Richler, Molly Keane, and Norman Mailer. A founding editor of the prestigious publishing house André Deutsch Ltd., Athill takes us on a guided tour through the corridors of literary London, offering a keenly observed, devilishly funny, and always compassionate insider’s portrait of the glories and pitfalls of making books—spiced with candid insights about the type of people who make brilliant writers and ingenious publishers, and the idiosyncrasies of both.
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Author: Buzan, Tony
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Memory Improvement

Discover how you can use mind mapping to get organized, improve your memory, plan your business strategy, and much more—from the original creator of this revolutionary thinking tool

For the past five decades, Tony Buzan has been at the leading edge of learning and educational research with his revolutionary Mind Map technique. With Mind Map Mastery, he has distilled these years of global research into the clearest and most powerful instructional work available on the Mind Map technique.

Tony Buzan’s Mind Map technique has gathered amazing praise and an enormous worldwide following over the last few decades—but as with any very successful idea, there have been many sub-standard imitators. With Mind Map Mastery, Tony Buzan re-establishes the essential concepts that are the core of the Mind Map with a clarity and practicality unrivalled by other books.

If you are looking to improve your memory, plan your business strategy, become more organized, study for an exam or plan out your future, this is the book for you.

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Author: Canadeo, Anne
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Cozy Craft & Hobby Mysteries

Meet the Black Sheep knitters—five smart, funny women who love to knit, gossip, and solve crimes.

Gloria Sterling had it all—money, looks, and a new sexy young husband. So when she’s found floating face down in her own swimming pool, shock waves ripple through tiny Plum Harbor. At the Black Sheep Knitting Shop, Maggie Messina and her circle are devastated to lose their dear friend—a woman as colorful as her fabulous yarn creations.

The police are quick to call it an accident, but sorting out Gloria’s final hours leaves too many loose ends to satisfy her friends. The vivacious, fiftysomething cougar had her French manicured tips in more than a few pots, and the threads of some inside deals stashed in her chic knitting tote.

Who was the last person to see Gloria alive on that quiet summer night? Two empty wine glasses suggest she wasn’t home alone knitting the entire evening… The Black Sheep need to know the truth and set out to unravel— stitch by stitch—the weighty secrets that pulled poor Gloria under.

His Lost and Found Family (affiliate link)

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Author: Quinn, Tara Taylor
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Family Life Fiction

Is he ready…

to be a father to this little girl?

Learning he’s guardian to his orphaned niece sends child-averse architect Michael O’Connell’s life into a tailspin. He’s floored by the responsibility, so when child life specialist Mariah Anderson agrees to pitch in at home, Michael thinks she’s heaven-sent. Michael is shocked at the depth of his own connection to Mariah, and when she moves in, he opens his heart to her in ways he never could have imagined. But can an instant family turn into a forever one?

The Desert Prince (affiliate link)

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Author: Brett, Peter V.
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Sword & Sorcery Fantasy

Fifteen years have passed since the end of the war with demons, creatures of darkness who have hunted the night and plagued humanity since time out of mind. The heroes of humanity’s hour of need have become legend, and those who remain struggle to escape their shadows.

Olive Paper and Darin Bales have grown up in this new peaceful world. Demons have been all but destroyed, but dangers still lurk for the children of heroes.

Olive, princess of Hollow, has her entire life planned out by her mother, Duchess Leesha Paper: a steady march on a checklist to prepare her for succession. The more her mother writes the script, the more Olive rails against playing the parts she is assigned.

Darin faces challenges of a different kind. Though free to choose his own path, the weight of legacy hangs heavy around his shoulders. It isn’t easy being the son of the man people say saved the world. Everyone expects greatness from Darin, but the only thing he’s ever been great at is hiding.

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