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Author: Turner, L.C.
Cozy Mystery

This semester is a killer…
Olivia and Polly, professors at Spencer University, are ready for a new and exciting fall semester. But when one of their colleagues is found hanging in the academic building, the women quickly realize that this particular year is going to be a killer.

Determined to uncover the motive behind the professor’s murder, Olivia and Polly start gathering information. Knowing he wasn’t a beloved faculty member; they suspect foul play among their other co-workers. The campus is no longer a sanctuary of safety and academia, now suspicion and fear are running rampant.

But esteemed and intelligent college professors aren’t murderers – are they?

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Author: Bussell, Suzy
Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

A stunning crime and mystery debut with twists and turns to keep you turning the pages.

A disappearance. A murder. Two mysteries connected.

Meet Angus Darrow, straight-laced, ex-police detective, turned private investigator. He’s hired to find a missing vulnerable young man whose parents are convinced he’s been co-erced into something bad.

But in order to try and find the boy, technophobe Angus needs to recruit Charlotte Lockwood, a brilliant but unpredictable cyber security expert.

They quickly discover they need each other more than they realise.

With her technical knowledge and his investigation skills, will they uncover the mystery of the missing boy?

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Author: IRVINE, IAN C.P.
Crime Thriller

Two teachers are murdered, with the first killing publicly played out before hundreds of horrified spectators, and the other victim found dead only hours later.

Having just returned to duty from his recent suspension, DCI McKenzie (Say You’re Sorry & The Assassin’s Gift) quickly discovers he’s dealing with a sick but highly intelligent serial killer.

With a school reunion planned for that same night, in a race against time, McKenzie and his small team of investigators must use all their skills to track down the killer before more depraved murders take place, and more teachers from the school die.

But as the hours roll by and the death toll mounts, McKenzie finds himself facing a genius mystery criminal who is always one step ahead of the police and somehow anticipating their every move. In the days that follow, the school campus becomes a maze of rooms and tunnels where new murders are discovered, and the death toll mounts.

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Author: IRVINE, IAN C. P.
Psychological Thriller 

An extraordinary tale of love, trust and betrayal. It will make you think. And it will make you cry.

What if you found out that your whole life had been a lie? Or that nothing you had based your life upon was real? Was there anyone in this world that you could trust? And then, in the midst of the carnage of your life, you finally found someone to love? But can they trust you?

In 2005 London is the best and most exciting city in the world. But then the terrorist bombs of July 7th blow the city apart, and lives and worlds are shattered… For some, nothing will ever be the same again.

Set against the backdrop of London in 2005, this is a tale of our time.

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Author: Zimmer, Arno B.
Hard-Boiled Mysteries
It is 1967 and ten years have passed since murder and larceny destroyed the idyllic self-image of 1950s Parlor City. Young Woody has now graduated from college and, with the Vietnam War raging, is anxiously anticipating an induction letter from his local draft board. Spending the summer at the family’s lakeside cottage at nearby Parlor Harbor, he is accused of murder by a sheriff who has a decades-long grudge against his stepfather, Det. Billy Meacham, Jr. Tensions mount as powerful forces in Parlor Harbor try to thwart Meacham’s efforts to exonerate Woody and find the real killer.
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Author: Anderson, Karen C.L.
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For any adult daughter who struggles with a narcissistic, controlling, or otherwise difficult mother, here’s the good news: Your mother doesn’t have to change in order for you to be happy. Inspired by her own journey, Karen C.L. Anderson shows women how to emotionally separate from their difficult mothers without guilt and anxiety, so they can finally create a life based on their own values, desires, needs, and preferences.

With personal stories, practical tools, and journal prompts that can be used now to feel better. Anderson compassionately leads women struggling in their relationships with their difficult mothers through a process of self-awareness and understanding. Her experience with hundreds of women has resulted in cases of profound growth and transformation. This book is about Anderson discovering and accepting the whole of who she is (separate from her mother), and—in relatable, real, funny, and compassionate prose—making her discoveries accessible to women struggling to redefine their own challenging relationships with their mothers.

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Author: Knight, Ciara
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Sweet Beach Read

Widow, Julie Boone has lived her life and is content, so she thought until her daughter gives her the perfect nightmare of a fiftieth birthday gift-her three childhood besties. The arrival of her wildly successful, buttinski friends, overwhelms Julie when her life goes from peaceful to melodrama, makeovers, and matchmaking. Especially when they make her believe there is still life to be lived with one handsome sailor who’s just moved to town.

Trevor Ashford retreats from big city life to sunny Florida after a failed marriage and damaged reputation.His only wish is to open a small boat charter company in peace, but when Houdini—a mischievous pet ferret—steals an engine part and leads him on a merry chase into the arms of Julie Boone, he has to choose between being a recluse or embracing a new love.

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Author: Lee, Jayci
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Holiday Romance

Resolute bachelor Garrett Song’s single-minded focus on business is about to pay off. He’s this close to taking the reins of his family’s L.A. fashion empire. But his family is throwing up a roadblock: Marry the Korean heiress they handpicked for him or lose the CEO seat. To foil the plan, he needs a fake bride, fast. As if on cue, Natalie Sobol enters his office, reading him the riot act about breaking company rules…dare he pop the question?

Talk about breaking the rules. Natalie can’t believe her ears when the big boss proposes—and she says, “I do”! Where the heck did that come from? Sure, Natalie needs to show she can provide a stable home to keep custody of her adorable orphaned niece, and adding a husband to the picture, even temporarily will make her case. She’ll benefit from a fake marriage as much as he does. But there’s one hitch: the spark between them. Will red-hot chemistry burn their bargain down?

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Author: Willett, Alan
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Business Leadership

Every manager has to deal with difficult employees. However, what separates the great managers is their ability to turn them into productive team players.

Control freaks. Narcissists. Slackers. Cynics. Their outbursts, irrational demands, gripes, and countless other disruptions need to be dealt with, and you are the unlucky one with that job description.

This book turns this seemingly difficult chore into a straight-forward process that gently, yet effectively, improves behaviors. It all begins with understanding a core truth: most people actually want to contribute results, not cause headaches. When the manager resets to that fundamental principle, the potential for change can reveal itself in even the most hopeless situations.

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Author: Lee, Min Jin
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Asian American Literature

Inspired by a true event, this powerful short story from the author of National Book Award finalist Pachinko explores the meaning of patriarchy and the cost of female silence through the eyes of a dutiful young girl.

An excellent student from a poor, traditional family in Seoul, the narrator has absorbed the same message her whole life: Only a boy can provide the family with dignity and wealth. Not her. Not her three sisters. Receiving approval only for uncomplaining sacrifice, she has resolved to take on her family’s troubles. She is a good girl. And she knows what good girls must do.

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