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Author: Aldrich, Maggie
Humorous Romantic Mystery

After finding herself suddenly penniless, Emily is on the verge of homelessness when she lands a job as a sorority house mom. Finally, her life is back on track! After a year of turmoil, she’s got a steady source of income, a roof over her head (albeit, a decrepit one) and a welcome, but unexpected, frequent dose of eye candy. Especially, Michael, the sexy contractor. If only that darn federal investigation weren’t lurking in her background…

Emily teams up with a zany PI to dig up the truth about her family’s sketchy past. But investigating crime while babysitting Gamma Delts makes embracing her new life (not to mention Michael) much more… interesting than it seems.

Can Emily leave behind her sweet single girl lifestyle and accept the craziness her life has become?

With enough intrigue to keep you guessing and plenty of humor and romance, this debut novel by award-winning author Maggie Aldrich is “a well-paced, entertaining, breezy read. A perfect addition to summertime fare!”

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Author: Derek, Julia
Crime Thrillers


Stay-at-home mom Yvonne Landis enters her kitchen one day to meet a huge surprise: seated on a chair is her son, Gabe. He went missing when he was ten years old, more than three years ago. It turns out he was abducted by pedophiles who made his existence a living hell. Extremely traumatized, he acts strangely and barely speaks. Yvonne is determined to heal Gabe. He’ll stay at home and work daily with a trauma therapist. Her husband Ben is not completely on board with that idea, especially since Gabe stabbed him with a fork shortly after they were reunited. Then disturbing things happen to their younger son, 9-year old Joseph, and Gabe may be behind those too…

Mother of Pearl (affiliate link)

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Author: Coates Gilbert, Kellie
Contemporary Women’s Fiction

How Far Would You Go for your Child?

Barrie Graeber has two great kids, a loving husband, and a respected job as the high school counselor in her close-knit community. Without warning, everything unravels when her teenage daughter, Pearl, is betrayed and lashes out.

Nothing prepares this mother for the helplessness that follows when her attempts to steer her daughter back on course fail, and Pearl shuts her out . . . or when Barrie discovers the unthinkable about her nemesis, the football coach.

Emotionally riveting and profoundly moving, Mother of Pearl brings us into the heart of a mother bound by an incredible burden, who ultimately finds she must recognize her own vulnerability and learn to trust in something much bigger..

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Author: McGovern, Nancy
Cozy Mystery

You may have met Nora Newberry as a determined & talented young baker with a nose for sniffing out murderers in Death At A Diner, the first book in her original series, “A Murder In Milburn”. Now, after a twenty-five year hiatus, she is back! And there’s a lot to catch up on! So much so that we just had to “Return To Milburn”!

If you enjoyed Nancy McGovern’s popular series, “A Murder In Milburn”, you will love this sequel-series, set 25 years later than the original! This Big Box Set includes ALL 6 stories from the “Return To Milburn” series, as well as six delicious recipes straight from the pages of those stories!

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Author: Benson, Dayo
Christian Romantic Thriller

She wanted to be a singer, not a slave to a celebrity cult.

For as long as Crystal remembers, she has wanted to be a singer.
For as long as she remembers, her parents have feared Luke, the leader of a celebrity cult that will make you famous, but destroy you in the process.
Fifteen years ago, Luke missed out on capturing Crystal’s mother. He is determined not to let Crystal slip through his fingers.

After Luke deals a deadly blow, Crystal has no choice but to obey his orders to sign up for Searchlight, the biggest talent show on TV. With the cult’s backing, Crystal could win, but is she willing to pay the price?

At Searchlight, her dreams and nightmares collide. Rehearsals by day. Midnight cult meetings by night.

One thing is certain: This is no time for falling in love.

Not when anybody Crystal associates with could become a target too. Juda is darkly handsome and he wants to help her, but this battle is too big for him to fight.

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Author: Linwood, Hazel
Scottish Historical Romance

You have to be willing to fight in order for a love story to last a lifetime…

When Noah Finch, the Duke of Gilbridge, joins his family to visit some family friends for Christmas, he is certain their daughters will be like any other lady of the ton. Until he meets Christianna.

One thing has been clear ever since Lady Christianna lost her sight: a husband, a family and all of the things that so many young ladies dream of would never be hers. So why does her heart flutter whenever the Duke speaks her name?

As Christmas day gets closer, sparks start to fly between the unlikely couple. But when her family announces her betrothal to another man, it all comes crashing down. With their own hearts at stake, Christianna and Noah must risk everything before the Twelfth Night is over, lest they never see each other again…

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Author: Simpson, Dorothy
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Traditional Detective Mysteries

Det. Inspector Luke Thanet is brought in when a dead man is found in bed, apparently killed by a single blow with a blunt object. When the corpse is identified as Steven Long, the question is no longer who wanted to kill him, but who didn’t? A troublemaker with enemies wherever he went, Long was loathed by everyone in town, from his long-suffering ex-wife to the man whose family he killed in a driving accident. To find the culprit, Thanet will have to get to the bottom of a lifetime of hate.

The long-running series featuring Detective Inspector Thanet, which includes The Night She Died and CWA Silver Dagger winner Last Seen Alive, is perfect for fans of P. D. James and classic police procedurals. Dead on Arrival is “an intriguing tale not to be missed” (Yorkshire Post).

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Author: Lutz, John
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Psychological Thrillers

A killer dubbed “The Night Prowler” has turned the city that doesn’t sleep into a town kept awake by terror. Unseen, he enters couples’ homes. Unsuspected, he lingers until the perfect moment arrives. He leaves “gifts” for his victims—before taking their lives.

Enter ex-homicide cop Frank Quinn, still reeling in the wake of an elaborate setup that ended his career. For Quinn, this isn’t just any job—it’s a last chance to salvage his reputation. As the investigation proceeds, the murderer loses no time stalking new prey: a loan officer and her high-earning husband; a couple who made a killing in the stock market; a pretty actress and her prosperous lover.

With the body count rising, it’s up to Quinn to unlock the mystery of a madman’s past and end his bloody reign. Quinn’s got his work cut out—because in a city the size of New York, any one of eight million faces could be that of a killer—or his next target . . .

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Author: Estabrook, Barry
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Gardening & Horticulture Fruit

In Tomatoland, investigative food journalist Barry Estabrook reveals the huge human and environmental cost of the $5 billion fresh tomato industry. He traces the supermarket tomato from its birthplace in the deserts of Peru to the impoverished town of Immokalee, Florida, a.k.a. the tomato capital of the United States. He visits the laboratories of seedsmen trying to develop varieties that can withstand the rigors of agribusiness and still taste like a garden tomato, and then moves on to commercial growers who operate on tens of thousands of acres, and eventually to a hillside field in Pennsylvania, where he meets an obsessed farmer who produces delectable tomatoes for the nation’s top restaurants.

Throughout Tomatoland Estabrook presents a who’s who cast of characters in the tomato industry: the avuncular octogenarian whose conglomerate grows one out of every eight tomatoes eaten in the United States; the ex-Marine who heads the group that dictates the size, color, and shape of every tomato shipped out of Florida; the U.S. attorney who has doggedly prosecuted human traffickers for the past decade; and the Guatemalan peasant who came north to earn money for his parents’ medical bills and found himself enslaved for two years.

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Author: Kinder, Colleen
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Sixty-five extraordinary writers grapple with this mystery: How can an ephemeral encounter with a stranger leave such an eternal mark?

When Colleen Kinder put out a call for authors to write a letter to a stranger about an unforgettable encounter, she opened the floodgates. The responses—intimate and addictive, all written in the second person—began pouring in. These short, insightful essays by a remarkable cast of writers, including Elizabeth Kolbert, Pico Iyer, Lauren Groff, Gregory Pardlo, Faith Adiele, Maggie Shipstead, Lia Purpura, Kiki Petrosino, and Jamil Jan Kochai, are organized around such themes as Gratitude, Wonder, and Farewell and guide us both across the globe and through the mysteries of human connection. Addressed to a first responder after a storm, a gambler encountered on jury duty, a waiter in Istanbul, a taxi driver in Paris, a roomful of travelers watching reality TV in La Paz, and dozens of others, the pieces are replete with observations about how to live and what we seek, and how a stranger’s loaded glance, shared smile, or question posed can alter the course of our lives.

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Author: Hardy, Benjamin P.
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Personal Success in Business

Who is your Future-Self?

That question may seem trite. But it’s literally the answer to all of your life’s questions. It’s the answer to what you’re going to do today. It’s the answer to how motivated you are, and how you feel about yourself. It’s the answer to whether you’ll distract yourself on social media for hours, whether you’ll eat junk food, and what time you get up in the morning.

Your imagined Future-Self is the driver of your current reality. It is up to you to develop the ability to imagine better and more expansive visions of your Future-Self.

Your current view of your Future-Self is very limited. If you seek learning, growth, and new experiences, you’ll be able to imagine a different and better Future-Self than you currently can.

It’s not only useful to see your Future-Self as a different person from who you are today, but it is also completely accurate. Your Future-Self will not be the same person you are today. They will see the world differently. They’ll have had experiences, challenges, and growth you currently don’t have. They’ll have different goals and priorities. They’ll have different habits. They’ll also be in a different world—a world with different cultural values, different technologies, and different challenges.

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