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Author: Pierce, Blake
Women Sleuths

May Moore wastes no time investigating, but things quickly go south when her older sister, an accomplished FBI BAU agent who constantly outshines her, is called in by local authorities to help. Making matters worse, the case brings up dark memories and buried secrets from her family’s history—and neither May nor her sister are ready to confront the past.

But with a ticking clock, May and her sister will have to put aside old grievances to find this killer and save the next victim, and they will have to be careful not to assume this is the same killer from their past.

But is he?

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Author: Prescott, M. Lee
Police Procedurals
What safer haven could there be than a Quaker boarding school in a tiny New England coastal village? What secrets lie beneath its serene and quiet beauty? Out of the blue, the campus is laid open, the peace of Old Harbor Friends shattered by the murder of lascivious, comptroller, Milt Wickie. Wickie is discovered in his office, a scrimshaw knife protruding from his chest, a knife belonging to beloved teacher and grieving widow, Bess Dore. Initially a suspect, the forty-two year old, Bess is soon exonerated and jumps headlong into a murder investigation along with old flame, police detective, Roger Demaris, and Harry Winthrop, an amateur sleuth, prolific writer, and the son of the school’s wealthiest patron. Will Bess find romance along the way, giving her heart to the gruff police officer, who still adores her, or to the fly-by-night, but charming Harry who is clearly smitten?

Quinn Reaper (affiliate link)

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Author: Kellis, Jesi
Humorous Fantasy

Armed with caustic wit and Resting Doll Face, 24-year-old Quinn grapples through life, selling used underwear online to keep a dilapidated roof over her head. She escaped her past once before, but when an intruder arrives to escort her spirit to the hereafter, running isn’t an option.

Scheduled for a fatal brain aneurysm in eleven minutes, she strikes a desperate deal with Milo, her assigned reaper. If he’ll postpone her death by taking an impromptu vacation among the living, Quinn will be his travel guide. And she’ll replace his retired partner when her extension ends.

Counting down to her extinction through a nine-day road trip—complete with haunted hotels, a ghost-hunting ex-boyfriend, an obsessive-compulsive vegan, and a geriatric cat—Quinn has one goal for the dwindling remainder of her life: To torment the man who’s stolen her future.

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Author: Smith, Julie
Police Procedurals

Politics makes the strangest bedfellows of all and in New Orleans, a psychopath’s running for mayor. Not just the usual harmless megalomaniac—a murderer and a monster. His supporters and a good proportion of would-be voters think he’s just a kindly preacher-man and handily crucify anyone who says otherwise. Enter Detective Skip Langdon, who met the Rev. Errol Jacomine on a case, finds him pretty much the personification of evil, and can point to a pile of corpses to prove it.

But Langdon’s fresh out of street cred. On administrative leave after shooting someone, she’s become the Cassandra of the police department—everything she says gets put down to paranoia. So finding the proof to discredit Jacomine becomes her obsession until he kidnaps a couple of kids she cares about—and then it turns into a mission from hell.

Langdon has to bull her way through a hurricane to find the small army of Jacomine’s thugs who’ve got 15-year-old Sheila, the closest thing she has to a niece, and Sheila’s friend, who’s having the mother of inappropriate love affairs—with someone dangerously close to Jacomine.

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Author: Schindler, Holly
Humorous Fiction
Cross paths. Bump into. Encounter. Come face-to-face. Three cheers for the happy accident!
Oftentimes, the very best part of a story is the section in which the characters meet. The initial spark. The twists of fate. The you’ll never believe what happened to me todays. That’s what you’ll find here: a delightful array of characters—young and old and in-between—meeting for the first time in the most unexpected ways. Six light, humorous, sweet tales of how they came into one another’s lives. When you’re through, you’ll find yourself feeling glad to have spent time with them. Yes, you’ll think, thumbing back through the pages, funny meeting them here.
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Author: Press, BookSumo
Pastry Baking

Quiche Quest. Here is a Preview of the Quiche Recipes You Will Learn:
Quiche a la Martinique
Mini Quiche II
A Quiche Without A Crust
Zucchini Quiche III
Quiche Quiche
Hash Brown Quiche
Nutmeg and Bacon Quiche
Cheddar Mushroom Quiche
Rustic Quiche
Seattle Style Quiche
Broccoli, Lentils, and Tomato Quiche
Pepper and Chicken Quiche
Creamy Romano and Swiss Quiche
Artisan Sun-Dried Pesto Quiche
A Quiche from Maine
Cherry Tomatoes and Kale Quiche
Nutty Honey Quiche
Nutty Tangy Chicken Quiche
Mexican Style Quiche
Artisan Style Spinach Quiche
Really Rustic Quiche
Much, much more!

Thief Catcher (affiliate link)

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Author: Drake, John
Political Thrillers

It’s 1798 and in London there is political turmoil.

With the reigning ‘mad’ King George III a figure of public ridicule, the Prince Regent ‘Prinny’ is living a riotous life, which touches the edges of London’s underworld.

When an incriminating etched print is made and circulated in a book by the Lycanthropic Society, renowned thief-catcher Samuel Slym from Aldgate is put on the case to find those responsible and retrieve all existing prints before Prinny is subjected to public humiliation.

Meanwhile across the Channel and revered by the French military, General Napoleon Bonaparte is waiting for a chance to invade England, and his fleet is ready to strike and land.

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Author: Beaton, M. C.
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Traditional Detective Mysteries
Lochdubh constable Hamish Macbeth’s life is going to pot. He has-horrors!-been promoted, his new boss is a dunce, and a self-proclaimed traveler named Sean and his girlfriend have parked their rusty eyesore of a van in the middle of the village. Hamish smells trouble, and he’s right as usual. The doctor’s drugs go missing. Money vanishes. Neighbors suddenly become unneighborly. The tension only explodes after the itinerant Sean is found brutally beaten to death. Suspicion quickly falls on his girlfriend, but with nobody willing to talk, the canny Hamish faces the tough task of worming the facts out of the villagers. As he uncovers a bizarre story around the murdered traveler, Macbeth knows he must find the truth soon, before the killer gets away for good.
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Author: Bowen, Rhys
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Historical Mystery

Isabella Waverly only means to comfort the woman felled on a London street. In her final dying moments, she thrusts a letter into Bella’s hand. It’s an offer of employment in the kitchens of Buckingham Palace, and everything the budding young chef desperately wants: an escape from the constrictions of her life as a lowly servant. In the stranger’s stead, Bella can spread her wings.

Arriving as Helen Barton from Yorkshire, she pursues her passion for creating culinary delights, served to the delighted Queen Victoria herself. Best of all, she’s been chosen to accompany the queen to Nice. What fortune! Until the threat of blackmail shadows Bella to the Riviera, and a member of the queen’s retinue falls ill and dies.

Having prepared the royal guest’s last meal, Bella is suspected of the poisonous crime. An investigation is sure to follow. Her charade will be over. And her new life will come crashing down—if it doesn’t send her to the gallows.

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Author: Wheeler, Jeff
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Historical Fantasy

Theirs is a world of opposites. The privileged live in sky manors held aloft by a secretive magic known only as the Mysteries. Below, the earthbound poor are forced into factory work to maintain the engine of commerce. Only the wealthy can afford to learn the Mysteries, and they use their knowledge to further lock their hold on society.

Cettie Pratt is a waif doomed to the world below, until an admiral attempts to adopt her. But in her new home in the clouds, not everyone treats her as one of the family.

Sera Fitzempress is a princess born into power. She yearns to meet the orphan girl she has heard so much about, but her father deems the girl unworthy of his daughter’s curiosity.

Neither girl feels that she belongs. Each seeks to break free of imposed rules. Now, as Cettie dreams of living above and as Sera is drawn to the world below, they will follow the paths of their own choosing.

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Author: Berenson, Laurien
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Cozy Culinary Mystery

The apparent heart attack that killed kennel owner Max Turnbull has left seven pups in mourning, and his wife Peg suspecting foul play. But the only evidence is their missing prize pooch—a pedigreed poodle named Beau.

Enter Melanie Travis. With her young son happily ensconced in day camp, the thirty-something teacher and single mother is talked into investigating her uncle’s death—unofficially, of course. Posing as a poodle breeder in search of the perfect stud, Melanie hounds Connecticut’s elite canine competitions, and finds an ally in fellow breeder Sam Driver. But her affection cools when she’s put on the scent of Sam’s questionable past…and hot on the trail of a poodle-hating neighbor and one elusive murderer who isn’t ready to come to heel. For, as Melanie soon discovers, in a championship dog-eat-dog world, the instinct for survival, and winning, can prove fatal.

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Author: Green, Jonathan
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History of Scotland

What does an Egyptian princess have to do with the birth of Scotland? How is Scotch whisky made? What is the Stone of Destiny? Who was the real Macbeth? What is Hogmanay, and what does “auld lang syne” actually mean?

These questions and many more are addressed in Scottish Miscellany, filled with facts, figures, fun, and fascinating explanations of Scottish phenomena. From culture, traditions, and folklore to ancient history to modern pastimes, covering everything from haggis to the highlands, this delightful book is an ideal read for anyone living in Scotland, planning a visit to Scotland, interested in Scotland, or carrying a drop of Scottish blood.

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