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Day Trading for a Living (affiliate link)

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Author: Aziz, Andrew
Trading Investing Strategies

This well-thought-out training regimen begins with an in-depth look at the necessary tools of the trade including your scanner, software and platform; and then moves to practical advice on subjects such as how to find the right stocks to trade, how to define support and resistance levels, and how to best manage your trades in the stress of the moment.

An extensive review of proven trading strategies follows, all amply illustrated with real examples from recent trades. Risk management is addressed including tips on how to determine proper entry, profit targets and stop losses. Lastly, to bring it all together, there’s a “behind the scenes” look at the author’s thought process as he walks you through a number of trades. While aimed at the reader with some exposure to day trading, the novice trader will also find much useful information, easily explained, on the pages within.

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Author: Meline, Matt
Retirement Planning

An empty nest starts on solid ground. Prepare your college-age kid, heart, and wallet for your family’s next chapter.
You’ve devoted so much effort, time, and energy to raising your children and planning for their future education. They’re ready for the next stage of their life, but are you?

Your nest may begin to feel empty, but you’re not stuck navigating this new phase of freedom alone. With a helping hand from a dad who’s done it, you can prepare for your transition from full-time parent to empty nester and set your family up for a successful future.

In Empty Nest, Full Pockets: How to Emotionally and Financially Prepare for Your Family’s Future, get expert advice from financial coach Matt Meline Sr., CFP, to navigate the financial uncertainties as parents of university-bound children and the growing pains of life as empty nesters.

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Author: Chang, Lina
Chinese Cooking

Bring the flavors of Szechuan Chinese food to your table with quick and easy recipes!

Among all the Chinese cuisines, Szechuan, a.k.a as Sichuan, is the highly spiced one. You can find an intense flavor of garlic, pickled chili peppers, and the Szechuan peppercorns in most of its popular dishes. However, Szechuan cuisine is not all about being “spicy and hot”; there are lots of sugary desserts and seasoned snacks that you can enjoy in this traditional Chinese cuisine as well.

Inside this illustrated cookbook, you’ll discover:
The difference between Szechuan cooking and other Chinese cuisines
Key ingredients for Szechuan cooking
Popular Szechuan meals
Szechuan cooking methods
Lots of Szechuan recipes from appetizers to desserts

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Author: Prescott, M. Lee
Contemporary Western Fiction
A woman is the last thing on Ben Morgan’s mind as he comes home to Morgan’s Run, his family’s ranch in Saguaro Valley. Doctor’s orders, he’s home to heal, but the sooner he can get back to Santa Barbara, the better. Then he runs into Maggie Williams on Main Street, prompting vivid memories of a magical night, and Ben’s ailing heart skips a beat. Father of her beloved five year old daughter, the eldest of the Morgan sons is the last person Maggie expects to have crash into her car and back into her life. For years, she has struggled to forget him and to make a life for herself and her daughter, Emma, the mirror image of a father, who is unaware of her existence. Now, here he is, looking more gorgeous than the day he ran out of town. Maggie swears Ben Morgan will never break her heart again.
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Author: Lee, Kristin
Classic Coming of Age

Forgive and forget? Not a chance. He left me alone but now, he’s taking what has always been his—me.

Brandon was my first love. My only love. Yeah, I was a hopeless romantic (and an idiot).

Thank God, the cocky, college guy didn’t get my V-card.
Just my heart. Priorities, right?

Years later, I still won’t let him in. Not after he wrecked me that night and shattered my romantic heart into pieces. Seeing his betrayal was one thing but feeling it was another.

But Brandon offers me the one thing he knows I can’t refuse…horses to train. I will be strong. I won’t let him mend the broken trust—the broken love.

I’m older. Wiser. And so is he. Sometimes sprinting towards the finish line isn’t the right course of action. Maybe we need to take the long route. Will giving us a second chance at love and intimacy land us in the winner’s circle?

Fired (Worked Up Book 1) (affiliate link)

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Author: Brent, Cora
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Romantic Comedy

Still reeling from a nasty divorce, Melanie Cruz’s pride takes another beating when she loses her enviable job at an upscale resort. After a flurry of unsuccessful interviews, she finally—desperately—accepts a job managing a small chain of family-owned pizzerias in a quaint downtown Phoenix neighborhood. The job also comes with Dominic Esposito, her overbearing but ridiculously handsome boss. Falling for him might be the last thing she expects, but maybe it’s the one thing she needs.

As hard as they try to resist, Melanie and Dominic embark on a romance as hot as a brick oven, and Melanie has every reason to believe that maybe, this time, she’s finally found “the one.”

But Dominic has a secret—one even his family doesn’t know. And the scandal could threaten everything he and Melanie have worked for…in business and in love.

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Author: Forward, Susan, Frazier, Donna
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Interpersonal Relations

A practical guide to better communication that will break the blackmail cycle for good, by one of the nation’s leading therapists, Susan Forward.

“If you really loved me…”

“After all I’ve done for you…”

“How can you be so selfish…”

Do any of the above sound familiar? They’re all examples of emotional blackmail, a powerful form of manipulation in which people close to us threaten to punish us for not doing what they want. Emotional blackmailers know how much we value our relationships with them. They know our vulnerabilities and our deepest secrets. They are our mothers, our partners, our bosses and coworkers, our friends and our lovers. And no matter how much they care about us, they use this intimate knowledge to give themselves the payoff they want: our compliance.

Petals on the River (affiliate link)

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Author: Woodiwiss, Kathleen E.
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Victorian Historical Romance

A proud and spirited woman whose life was stolen from her… A man of secrets accused of a terrible crime… In a place of new beginnings their destinies are joined—in a gloriously romantic new work from the incomparable storyteller.

The fiery and outspoken adopted daughter of one of England’s most formidable a women, Shemaine O’Hearn has made powerful enemies. And now her adversaries have found a way to remove the hot-blooded beauty from her life of privilege: by falsely convicting Shemaine of thievery and sending her in shackles to America, where she is to be sold in indentured servitude to the highest bidder.

In a bustling port city in the colony of Virginia, she becomes the servant of Gage Thornton—a shipbuilder with a young child in need of a nanny. And despite whispered rumors condemning the handsome widower for the untimely death of his wife, Shemaine cannot ignore her desire for this caring, generous and enigmatic stranger who silently aches with his growing need for her—even as grave peril reaches out from across a vast ocean to threaten their flowering love.

Daughters of Sparta: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Heywood, Claire

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Ancient Historical Fiction

For millennia, men have told the legend of the woman whose face launched a thousand ships—but now it’s time to hear her side of the story. Daughters of Sparta is a tale of secrets, love, and tragedy from the women behind mythology’s most devastating war, the infamous Helen and her sister Klytemnestra.

As princesses of Sparta, Helen and Klytemnestra have known nothing but luxury and plenty. With their high birth and unrivaled beauty, they are the envy of all of Greece. But such privilege comes at a cost. While still only girls, the sisters are separated and married to foreign kings of their father’s choosing—
Helen remains in Sparta to be betrothed to Menelaos, and Klytemnestra is sent alone to an unfamiliar land to become the wife of the powerful Agamemnon. Yet even as Queens, each is only expected to do two things: birth an heir and embody the meek, demure nature that is expected of women.

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Author: Meier, Leslie
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Lawyers & Criminals Humor

Not many people in Tinker’s Cove, Maine, knew Old Dan Malone. The grizzled barkeep’s social circle was limited to the rough-hewn lobstermen and other assorted toughs that frequented his bar. But when his body is found bobbing in the town’s icy harbor, Lucy Stone makes getting to know more about Old Dan a priority.

A local musician insists Old Dan conned a winning lottery ticket worth five grand from him. A handyman claims that Old Dan stiffed him for repair work he’d done at the bar. The confusion surrounding the death is only compounded by the arrival of Dylan Malone, Old Dan’s brother and a prominent, if fading, star of the Dublin stage. Dylan has come to direct the production of Finian’s Rainbow, the featured event at Our Lady of Hope’s St. Patrick’s Day extravaganza.

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Author: Coulter, Catherine
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Police Procedurals

In Connecticut, the murder of a pharmaceutical bigwig brings in Savich and Sherlock, along with local Agent Bowie Richards and P.I. Erin Pulaski. Back in Washington, an important U.S. senator is terrorized by an unknown entity, and is calling for Savich’s special skills.

When the Vice President is nearly killed, it’s clear these crimes are linked—and Savich and Sherlock must act fast to stop a killer…

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