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Author: Kling, Christine
Action & Adventure Romance

She’s much better at handling boats than bodies—dead ones, that is…
The ocean is dark and dangerous—no place for a woman. Or is it?

As the only female tug and salvage captain on the Fort Lauderdale waterfront, Seychelle’s not out to prove anything. She just wants to get the job done, whether that means salvaging boats or lives.

From a missing ex-lover to a monster with a machete, Seychelle faces the dangers head on, while enemies who will stop at nothing try to put her out of business for good.

SURFACE TENSION: Seychelle answers a Mayday call from a five-million-dollar superyacht only to find a blond with a knife in her back, and the captain, Seychelle’s former lover, is nowhere to be found.

CROSS CURRENT: Seychelle intercepts a swamped fishing boat in the Gulf Stream—inside the boat are a murdered woman and a little girl in a white dress. Determined to keep the child from being sent back to Haiti, Seychelle becomes obsessed with the forces that nearly killed the girl.

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Author: Zevy, Aaron
Humor Essays

A collection of vignettes, memoirs and stories, culled from Zevy’s first three books, which crackle with wit, brazen sentimentality and unfiltered self-awareness.

This collection adds a comic and often poignant twist to the story of the nearly 1 million strong Jews who lived in Arab lands before the second world war. But Zevy, the son of an ashkenazi father and sephardic mother adds some shtick to his recollections. His Ashkenazi side is the wry, bemused spectator of the antics and entanglements of his other half.

In Crossing the Nile, the young Zevy begs his mother to make Lipton Cup-A-Soup and grilled cheese instead of an Egyptian concoction for a Canadian friend coming over for lunch. In Shesh Besh, the grown up Zevy is terrified that the aggressive backgammon taught to him by his foul-mouthed uncles will derail a blind date. In Hanono, he is a second from bursting with excitement over a chance to finally fire a favorite juicy Arabic insult amongst Egyptian poker players.

Join Zevy as he navigates life as an outsider amongst outsiders, and remember, never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

A Key to Treehouse Living (affiliate link)

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Author: Reed, Elliot
Coming of Age Fiction

A Key to Treehouse Living is the adventure of William Tyce, a boy without parents, who grows up near a river in the rural Midwest. In a glossary-style list, he imparts his particular wisdom on subjects ranging from ASPHALT PATHS, BETTA FISH, and MULLET to MORTAL BETRAYAL, NIHILISM, and REVELATION. His improbable quest—to create a reference volume specific to his existence—takes him on a journey down the river by raft (see MYSTICAL VISION, see NAVIGATING BIG RIVERS BY NIGHT). He seeks to discover how his mother died (see ABSENCE) and find reasons for his father’s disappearance (see UNCERTAINTY, see VANITY). But as he goes about defining his changing world, all kinds of extraordinary and wonderful things happen to him.

Unlocking an earnest, clear-eyed way of thinking that might change your own, A Key to Treehouse Living is a story about keeping your own record straight and living life by a different code.

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Author: Mathis, J.R., Mathis, Susan
Amateur Sleuths
The murder of the deacon of Saint Clare’s Catholic Church in Myerton cuts short the honeymoon plans of Father Tom Greer and his new wife, Chief of Police Helen Greer.
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Author: Press, BookSumo
Italian Cooking

In this book we focus on Risotto, an Italian dish of rice cooked in stock with other ingredients such as meat and vegetables. You will find that even though the recipes are simple, the tastes are quite amazing.

Here is a Preview of the Risotto Recipes You Will Learn:
Tallahassee Seafood Risotto
Risotto Brasileiro
Caprese Risotto
No Rice Risotto
Picnic Risotto
Minty Garden Risotto
Wisconsin Country Risotto
New Hampshire Restaurant Risotto
Mediterranean Lentil Risotto
Full Veggie Risotto
South American Kidney Beans Risotto
Downstate Risotto
Easy Peasey Risotto
Savory Cinnamon Risotto
Italian Herbed Risotto
Amish Barley Risotto
South of the Border Risotto
New Mexican Mesa Risotto
Risotto Roots
California Risotto
Butternut Bacon Risotto
Risotto Hot Pot
Tuscan Risotto
Rice Cooker Risotto
Autumn Sunset Risotto
Much, much more!

The Wilds (affiliate link)

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Author: Elliott, Julia
Contemporary Short Stories

The Wilds blends Southern gothic strangeness with dystopian absurdities, sci-fi speculations, and fairy-tale transformations.

At an obscure South Carolina nursing home, a lost world reemerges as a disabled elderly woman undergoes newfangled brain-restoration procedures and begins to explore her environment with the assistance of strap-on robot legs. At a deluxe medical spa on a nameless Caribbean island, a middle-aged woman hopes to revitalize her fading youth with grotesque rejuvenating therapies that combine cutting-edge medical technologies with holistic approaches and the pseudo-religious dogma of Zen-infused self-help. And in a rinky-dink mill town, an adolescent girl is unexpectedly inspired by the ravings and miraculous levitation of her fundamentalist friend’s weird grandmother. These are only a few of the scenarios readers encounter in Julia Elliott’s debut collection The Wilds. In her genre-bending stories, Elliott blends Southern gothic strangeness with dystopian absurdities, sci-fi speculations with fairy-tale transformations.

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Author: Carter, Solomon
Crime Thrillers

Shortly after getting hired by a former school friend Private Investigator Eva Roberts becomes embroiled in the beach murder case. Eva’s friend is in deep trouble. Her husband is violent and may soon kill her. But in all respects, nothing is as it seems

The beach murders appear to have nothing in common. But the truth goes deep into the heart of a crime threatening to tear the town apart.

The private detectives must follow the clues to track down a killer… and Eva must save her friend before it’s too late.

Mystery, danger, and intrigue lure Roberts and Bradley into a deadly case of dark crime and even more sinister motives.

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Author: Simkin, Penny
Regularly $22.99, Today $2.99
Pregnancy & Childbirth

Since the original publication of The Birth Partner, partners, friends, relatives, and doulas have relied on Penny Simkin’s guidance in caring for the new mother, from her last trimester through the early postpartum period.

Now fully revised in its fifth edition, The Birth Partner remains the definitive guide to helping a woman through labor and birth, and the essential manual to have at hand during the event. The Birth Partner includes thorough information on:

Preparing for labor and knowing when it has begun
Normal labor and how to help the woman every step of the way
Epidurals and other medications for labor
Pitocin and other means, including natural ones, to induce or speed up labor
Non-drug techniques for easing labor pain
Cesarean birth and complications that may require it
Breastfeeding and newborn care
and much more

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Author: Admans, Jaimie
Regularly $2.99, Today $2.99
Holiday Romance

Her new start is about to bee-gin!

Having moved into her mum’s spare room after a disastrous break-up, Kayleigh Harwood is desperate for a fresh start. When she sees an opening for a new beekeeper at Elderflower Grove she jumps at the chance – despite not knowing a thing about bees…

The abandoned manor house holds a mystery of its own – the previous owner vanished years ago – and locals have been inventing stories about the manor ever since. Unable to resist the urge to look around, Kayleigh is shocked to find drop-dead-gorgeous gardener Carey living inside!

Carey explains that the house and surrounding land is at risk of being demolished, endangering the bees, and he has been staying there to protect it.

Convinced the secret of the house holds the key to saving Elderflower Grove’s bees, Kayleigh is prepared to do everything she can to help. But is she ready to find her own happy-ever-after too…?

No Safe Secret (affiliate link)

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Author: Michaels, Fern
Regularly $7.59, Today $1.99
Sisters Fiction

From her silver Mercedes to her designer kitchen, Molly’s life is gleaming and beautiful—at least on the surface. But no one in her exclusive neighborhood in Goldenhills, Massachusetts, knows what living with her demanding husband Tanner is really like. They know even less about the life she left behind in Florida almost two decades ago.

Back then, Molly was Maddy Carmichael, living with her twin brother and neglectful mother in a run-down trailer park amid the orange groves of Florida. After the terrible events of her high school prom night, Molly fled north and reinvented herself. Now the veneer of Molly’s polished existence is finally cracking—and Molly must find the strength to become the woman she once hoped to be.

Miramar Bay (affiliate link)

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Author: Bunn, Davis
Regularly $8.46, Today $1.99
Contemporary Christian Romance

When Connor Larkin boards a late-night bus in downtown L.A., he’s not sure where he’s going or what he’s looking for. Putting his acting career—and his fiancée—on hold, he’s searching for a part of himself he lost on the road to success. Now, with his wedding day approaching, Connor finds himself stepping into the sleepy seaside town of Miramar Bay—where one remarkable woman inspires him to rethink all of his choices . . .

Unlike the pretentious starlets back in Hollywood, Sylvie Cassick has had to work hard for everything she has. When Connor hears familiar music drifting out of her restaurant, he can’t escape a feeling of finally coming home. Sylvie isn’t sure what to think when this impossibly handsome stranger applies for a waiter’s job. Yet once he serenades her customers—and slowly works his way into her heart—she realizes there’s more to him than he’s letting on. But as the world outside Miramar begins to threaten their fragile bond, Connor will have to risk losing everything to gain the life he longs for—and become the man Sylvie deserves.

Small Town Rumors (affiliate link)

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Author: Brown, Carolyn
Regularly $4.99, Today $2.49
Women’s Fiction

Everyone is talking about Jennie Sue Baker and the mess she made of her life in New York. The former high school queen bee—and wealthy darling of Bloom, Texas—has returned home after all these years, riding on a common bus and bearing two bounced alimony checks. In a town that thrives on gossip, Jennie’s fall from grace has shamed her mother, set the town buzzing, and caused old, jealous enemies to whisper in delight. They say she’s taken a job as a housekeeper, gotten a garage apartment, and might be crushing on Rick Lawson, a simple farmer with modest dreams.

As romance starts to bud, Jennie relishes what it means to follow her heart, find real new friends, and finally be herself—regardless of all the lying town chatter. But fate has another twist in store. Rumor has it that Jennie now stands to lose what matters most…unless she can convince Rick of one true thing—and that’s love.

Candy Cane Murder (affiliate link)

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Author: Levine, Laura, Fluke, Joanne, Meier, Leslie
Regularly $8.46, Today $1.99
Mystery Anthologies

’Tis the season for trimming the tree, caroling, baking cookies, and waiting for Santa to drop down the chimney. But in this festive collection of whodunits, murder is also paying a visit…

Candy Cane Murder by New York Times-bestselling author Joanne Fluke
When a trail of candy canes leads to a corpse outfitted in a Santa suit on a snowy bank, Hannah Swensen sets out to discover who killed Kris Kringle…

The Dangers of Candy Canes by Laura Levine
A wealthy suburbanite takes a lethal tumble off his roof while installing a giant candy cane. Now it’s up to Jaine Austen to sift through a long list of scheming neighbors with dirty secrets in their stockings to expose a murderer…

Candy Canes Of Christmas Past by New York Times-bestselling author Leslie Meier
Lucy Stone must learn the mystery of a glass candy cane found smashed to bits near a corpse—to unlock the doors of Christmas past and find a killer who got away with murder.

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