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Author: Fleming, Preston
Military Thrillers

An American Gulag
Kamas, Utah, 2024. America has become a totalitarian dystopia after the Unionist Party’s rise to power. The American West contains vast Restricted Zones dotted with ghost towns, scattered military garrisons and corrective labor camps where the regime disposes of its real and suspected enemies.

A former businessman from Pittsburgh, Paul Wagner, arrives at a labor camp in Utah’s Kamas Valley. He is unaware that his eleven-year-old daughter, Claire, has set off to Utah to find him. By an odd quirk of fate, Claire has traveled on the same train that carried her father into internal exile.

˃˃˃ The Inmates Seize Control
Only after Wagner has renounced all hope of survival, cast his lot with anti-regime hard-liners and joined them in an unprecedented and suicidal revolt does he discover that Claire has become a servant in the home of the camp’s Deputy Warden.

Burke’s War: Bob Burke #1 (affiliate link)

Author: Brown, William F.

Suspense ThrillerAs Bob Burke’s 737 lands at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, he sees a man strangling a woman on a rooftop below. Whether or not anyone believes him, Bob Burke isn’t the kind of guy to let a thing like that rest. He knows what he saw, and it isn’t going to end well for the men responsible.

Mild-mannered and slight of build, this telecommunications company executive is easily dismissed as the “phone guy.” But after four tours running ‘special operations’ missions in Iraq and the rugged mountains of Afghanistan as an Army Ranger and Delta Force commander, he’s one of the most lethal killers the US government ever produced.

His new combat zone might be a glittering high-rise office building, a suburban tract house, or a wooded Chicago Forest Preserve District park, but when the bodies start falling and a young woman needs help, The Ghost doesn’t hesitate.

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Author: Walters, Alex
Supernatural Mysteries
DCI Kenny Murrain sees, hears and feels things that others do not. It’s a gift but also a curse.
When he wakes to the phantom sound of screaming he knows a murder has been committed but not where or why.
Then a woman’s body is found in a Stockport hotel room. It’s a murder that seems both frenzied and carefully planned, the scene expertly cleansed of any evidence.
Over the following days, more bodies are discovered, first in an upmarket spa on the Pennine moors, then in a run-down budget hotel on the outskirts of Manchester.
The same frenzied attacks, the same meticulous planning. The same killer.
The victims all have links to one man, a police colleague with a dark past. But Murrain discovers a more unexpected connection—with Marie Donovan, a former undercover officer now part of Murrain’s own team.
As the killer closes in on a fourth victim, Murrain knows that time is running out. But the outcome will be more unexpected and more terrifying than even he can imagine…

THE CURSE OF MAGDALA (affiliate link)

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Author: Kale , Col. Ashutosh
Historical Fiction
“Break the chains!” were the cryptic orders of Queen Victoria Empress of India In December 1867, a force set sail from Bombay, under Lt Gen Sir Robert Napier OBE, to bring to heel the Ethiopian Emperor Twedros and subjugate his Abyssinian Empire. The Abyssinian Campaign, involving the greatest force to sail under the British Empire, led to death, desecration and loot. The looted ancient treasures of Ethiopia ended up in England, in Museums and private collections. The desecration of Churches and loot unleased ancient prophecies and unnatural deaths over the years. A group of youngsters in London involved in the movement for return of the Ethiopian treasures discover the deaths and the prophecies that have continued to the present day. What starts as an innocent interest, turns into a sinister involvement that threatens to consume them. Vikram’s great grandfather had taken part in the campaign into Abyssinia. Catherine is the granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst, the world-famous champion of Ethiopian rights, Aferwork has a blood line connected to the unwed wide of Emperor Twedros II.
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Author: Kent, Mia

Later in Life Romance

A message in a bottle. A small-town mystery. And a summer where life takes an unexpected turn.

Robyn Wright isn’t merely knocking on the door to middle age—she’s hammering on it with both fists.

And to make matters worse? Her boyfriend of more than a decade won’t seal the deal. Her former dream job is now barely paying the bills. Her eighty-year-old father is getting married again…to a woman young enough to be Robyn’s daughter.

Summer is approaching. And so is the time for a change.

When Robyn takes a part-time job as the companion to an elderly woman who lives in a beautiful harbor house on a small island off the North Carolina coast, she’s expecting a few months of solitude and a chance to reset…until a walk on the beach uncovers a message in a bottle and a decades-long mystery that Robyn feels compelled to solve.

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Author: J Forder, Tony
Police Procedurals

When DS Royston Chase is called to the scene of a fatal road collision, his task is to identify the girl who died alongside the ex-Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police. Paired with the bold and strident DC Claire Laney, Chase is given the task of closing the case quickly and quietly.

But when the girl’s DNA provides a familial link to a child who vanished from her home twenty years earlier, Chase and Laney refuse to accept the coincidence. The pair start looking harder at the ex-cop’s life, at which point they encounter serious opposition. Perhaps deadly serious.

Because the establishment looks after its own, and soon it’s not only their bosses getting in the way of a thorough investigation. Chase and Laney find themselves seemingly at odds with everyone, fighting to save their own reputations as well as the case. But neither will rest until they identify their young victim, no matter what the cost…

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Author: Wight, Will

Epic Fantasy

Sacred artists follow a thousand Paths to power, using their souls to control the forces of the natural world.

Lindon is Unsouled, forbidden to learn the sacred arts of his clan.

When faced with a looming fate he cannot ignore, he must rise beyond anything he’s ever known…and forge his own Path.

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Author: DeGray, Jane
Time Travel Romance
When modern miss meets medieval man, can time-crossed love survive?
Texas teen Ashley Duvall thrills to the romance of an archeology dig near Stonehenge when her Uncle Zeek offers her a spot in his university summer class. Her excitement fades as her big plans fail to pan out and it looks like it’s going to be a long summer. That is until Ashley uncovers an ancient stone that sweeps her away to 1363 England where romance and the friendships of a lifetime await her.
Medieval man, Lord Robert Spycer, warrior son and heir to the Earl of Hertford, is haunted by dreams of a mysterious woman. She is blonde, blue-eyed, and beautiful but not his betrothed. Pining for a woman to love, he intends to marry his childhood match. That is, until Ashley lands in his life and upsets everyone’s best-laid plans.
It’s a midsummer night’s designs gone astray that send mismatched couples scrambling for their true partners over the wishes of the powerful men who rule them. Will Ashley and Robert, with the help of a wizard, a witch, and their friends, win the right to be together or will they be forced into loveless marriages.
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Author: Vedam, Shereen
Cozy Mystery Psychic Romance NovelPolice line, do not cross.
Rose Devlin is a fun friend with a good heart. Sage Tanton is her BFF with a psychic sense for trouble.Protective of her family and friends, Rose is confident she can handle any situation without Sage’s supernatural intervention. But then the unthinkable happens. Rose’s action triggers one of Sage’s visions about a child in danger. And once again, her life is turned upside down.

Getting the police involved throws Rose an unexpected romantic curveball. So, she does what she does best – jumps in feet first and finds herself out of the proverbial herbal teapot and into the flames.

Liar, liar, pants on fire, Detective Nathan Bryant knows that gorgeous woman he just met is not only deceitful but could be entirely insane. Now he can’t stop lusting after her. Can a determined police detective help Rose achieve her long sought-after redemption or will they both retreat behind their yellow tape and lose out on love? Trust is a gift either has yet to give.

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Author: Call, Jonathan

Pulp Thrillers

New York, 1941 – With the world on the brink of war, a cat burglar stalks Manhattan.

The newspapers call him The Smoke—vaporous and seeping. But when The Smoke unsuspectingly opens the safe of eminent scientist Nikola Tesla, he is hurled headlong into the world of espionage and murder.

Hidden inside the safe is a lethal secret—blueprints for a weapon of mass destruction. As enemy agents converge on the New Yorker Hotel, hoping to obtain Tesla’s device, it becomes a life and death struggle over the designs for the weapon.

The outcome of World War II is now in the hands of a thief.

Can The Smoke keep America’s enemies from stealing Tesla’s technology? Or will the consequences of opening the wrong safe cost him his life?

The Mysterious Island (affiliate link)

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Author: Verne, Jules
Science Fiction Adventure

The Mysterious Island is Jules Verne’s unofficial 1874 sequel to both Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and In Search of the Castaways. It is officially #12 in Verne’s 54-novel series The Extraordinary Voyages.

The story tells the adventures of five Americans on an uncharted island in the South Pacific. The story begins in the American Civil War, during the siege of Richmond, Virginia, the capital of the Confederate States of America. As famine and death ravage the city, five northern prisoners of war decide to escape by the unusual means of hijacking a balloon.

The escapees are Cyrus Smith, a railroad engineer in the Union army; his manservant Ne; the sailor Bonadventure Pencroff; his protégé Harbert Brown, a young boy whom Pencroff raises as his own after the death of his father; and the journalist Gedéon Spilett. The company is completed by Cyrus’ dog Top.

After flying in stormy weather for several days, the group crash-lands on a cliff-bound, volcanic, unknown island, described as being located somewhere east of New Zealand. The island has a secret: it is Captain Nemo’s hideout and home port of The Nautilus…

”What kind of life is this you live? Can you remember even one day you didn’t go to bed afraid and wake up afraid?”

These are the words Jena Parks says, looking in the mirror as a child.

Imagine being a child and every day a desperate struggle to survive. This was the life Jena endured from birth until the day she escaped the living nightmare of her father’s abuse.

In The Fear of the Blow, Jena tells her candid personal story of the cruelty, abuse, and terror her father inflicted upon her, her brother, and her mother. She provides an insider perspective on the horrors of domestic violence and child abuse that inform and inspire the reader to help those who struggle.