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Author: Veitch, Krystal
Age Gap / Single Mom Romance

I was a twenty-two-year-old single mum with a thriving business, a beautiful daughter and two of the best friends a girl could ask for.

He was thirty-three, a tattoo artist covered from head to toe in ink, and to top it all off, he was a player with a capital P.

I tried to resist, knew it’d end in disaster, but he bulldozed his way into my life, into my heart. He was everything.

She was always in the background, pulling him from me in one way or another. I told him, he didn’t listen and then it all came crumbling down around us.

I don’t have anything left to give. He says he won’t let me go. Where do we go from here?

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Author: March, Meghan
Military Romance
I do what I want and who I want. I don’t follow anyone’s rules—even my own.
I knew I shouldn’t touch her, but it didn’t stop me.
Didn’t stop me the second time either. Only made me want a third.
My lifestyle suits the savage I am, and she doesn’t.
But Temperance Ransom is my newest addiction, and I’m nowhere near ready to quit her yet.
I’ll have her my way, even if it means dragging her into the darkness.
Hopefully it doesn’t kill us both.
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Author: Ellis, Robert
Police Procedural Mysteries

When a vibrant young woman is found brutally murdered in her own bed, the victim of a ritualized killing in a quiet neighborhood overlooking the Pacific Ocean, LAPD’s elite Robbery-Homicide Division rushes to the crime scene. Who killed Nikki Brant? And why does the murder match another bizarre killing that occurred exactly one month ago? That’s what rookie Detective Lena Gamble must find out before it’s too late. Before the infamous serial killer “Romeo” strikes again.

With panic sweeping across Los Angeles and wildfires burying the streets in clouds of smoke, Lena rips through the evidence and uncovers Romeo’s twisted secret. But now no one is safe. Not even her, as the hunter becomes the hunted, and Romeo believes only Lena Gamble can satisfy his every desire.

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Author: Atwood, Freya
Legal Thriller

Lawyer Laura Jones needs to find her missing son before it’s too late.

Blackmailed into taking on a hopeless case, the decades-old secret she has been holding is threatening to spill to the public. The more she digs deeper into this new profound murder, the more complex it all becomes.

But little did she know, this is a town with crimson walls. Dark scandals that people pretend never happened and shocking tales relating to the case hide behind a carefully constructed mask. And Laura has to get to the bottom of this before her client is pronounced dead and her reputation is forever ruined.

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Author: Slan, Joanna Campbell
Cozy Mystery Anthologies

JUST BECAUSE HER HUSBAND’S NAKED, DEAD, AND IN A HOTEL BED, it might not be what it seems. Of course it is. (Sigh.) New widow, Kiki Lowenstein, walks out of her pampered life and into a scrapbooking store, turning a hobby into a career. In short order, the police come for her and Family Services come for her daughter.

With no other options, this papercrafter turns amateur sleuth.

Hobbyists and non-crafters alike will love Kiki. Slan also provides the ultimate warm-and-fuzzy: a wonderful floppy-eared dog. PAPER, SCISSORS,DEATH is the kind of mystery that keeps you turning the pages just to spend time with the characters.

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Author: Ihli, Noelle, Allen, Jeanne
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E-commerce Professional

Learn simple ways to dramatically improve your Etsy shop ranking, your five-star reviews, your conversion rate, your shop views and traffic. And most importantly, learn how to stop getting buried by your competitors—and start making sales and real income.

You won’t find any “secrets” or snake-oil in this book. Just replicable strategies that we KNOW work because we used them ourselves to turn a brand-new shop with a single listing in 2013 into a top-1% ranking shop with 23k+ sales, a five-star rating, and 6-figure income. We’ll share the EXACT same strategies we used to grow our Etsy shop.

So skip the guesswork, the “secrets,” and the snake oil. Whether you’re just starting out or have been putting a lot of work into your Etsy shop without much success, don’t give up. Instead, get this book. Because our success on Etsy wasn’t an accident, or “good luck.” It was the result of meticulous testing, research, and replicable strategies.

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Author: Graham, Heather
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Witch & Wizard Thrillers

Matt Stone doesn’t believe in ghosts. But there are those who are convinced his home, a historic Virginia estate that dates back to the Revolutionary War, is haunted. Pressured to get at the truth about some strange happenings at Melody House, he agrees to let Harrison Investigations explore the house.

But he isn’t ready for beautiful, intriguing Darcy Tremayne. As a paranormal investigator, Darcy has learned to believe in the unbelievable. And she’s given Matt fair warning: sometimes people don’t like the skeletons she finds. She never dreamed that warning would apply to herself. For she’s about to discover that Melody House holds much more than a simple mystery from the distant past. What it holds is a very real and lethal danger, one that will cast her into a struggle against the worlds of both the living and the dead.

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Author: Billingham, Mark
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International Mystery & Crime

His first three victims ended up dead. His fourth was not so fortunate . . .

Alison Willetts is unlucky to be alive. She has survived a stroke, deliberately induced by a skillful manipulation of pressure points on the head and neck. She can see, hear, and feel and is aware of everything going on around her, but is completely unable to move or communicate. Her condition is called locked-in syndrome. In leaving Alison Willetts alive, the police believe the killer made his first mistake.

Then DI Tom Thorne discovers the horrifying truth; it isn’t Alison who is the mistake, it’s the three women already dead. The killer is getting his kicks out of toying with Thorne as much as he is pursuing his sick fantasy, and as the detective zeroes in on a suspect, he finds himself pushed to his personal and professional limits . . .

The Second Silence (affiliate link)

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Author: Goudge, Eileen
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Women’s Divorce Fiction
Noelle realizes it is time to move on when, rubbing lotion on her leg, she cuts herself with her wedding ring. The cut is slight, but it makes her realize that her marriage to Robert Van Doren is causing her nothing but pain. Although successful, wealthy, and boyishly handsome, her husband is a heartless man, who cheats on his wife and makes a living at the expense of the environment. Although it takes time to build up the courage, Noelle knows that leaving him is the right thing. But Robert Van Doren is not one to accept defeat. He punishes Nora by using his considerable power to get custody of their child. Leaving Robert is not the end of Noelle’s struggle; it is merely the first step on a treacherous journey towards freedom.
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Author: Lindsey, Johanna
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Historical Erotica

Sailing westward toward the Caribbean sun, young Bettina Verlaine obediently sets out to fulfill the promise made by her father–but not by her heart — a prearranged marriage destined not to be…once the notorious Captain Tristan’s pirate ship appears on the horizon.

Abducted by the bold and handsome brigand, the pale-haired beauty surrenders her innocence in the warm caress of the tropical winds — detesting her virile captor for enslaving her. . .yet loving him for the passionate spell he casts over fragile, yearning heart.

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