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Author: ELLIS, JOY
Mystery Thriller

When Matt Ballard was starting out his career, three boys were murdered in the same area, the remote and bleak Gibbet Fen. When the main suspect was killed in a hit-and-run, the killings stopped. But Matt was not satisfied that the real murderer had been caught.

Over 25 years later, Matt gets a photo in an unmarked envelope. It’s of the Gibbet Fen crime scene. And the picture was taken before the murder took place.

More photos arrive, relating to the historic murders, as well as intimate pictures of Matt’s very secret private life.


Then another murder happens, with some of the hallmarks of the old case. Has the killer returned or is this just a sick copycat determined to ruin Matt’s life and reputation? Everyone around Matt is in danger as the killer plays mind games with the detective.

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Author: Mayer, Bob
War & Military Action Fiction

Green Beret Eric Dane and his team of Defenders embark on a dangerous quest across space and time in a desperate gamble to change the fate of the earth…

In 10,000 BC, the Shadow destroys the mighty empire of Atlantis, leaving not trace of it other than vague legend. Only a handful of survivors, priestesses and warriors survive, knowing they must pass their legacy down, so that the next time the Shadow appears, mankind will be better prepared.

Across parallel dimensions the Shadow has consumed Earth timelines, but one Timeline has repeatedly stopped it: ours.

In the past in the American west, a leader is born, who will be named Crazy Horse. Years later, he clashes with Custer at Little Big Horn in a battle that will unleash powers not apparent at the time.

In the present Eric Dane and his team have gathered the crystal skulls of mystery and legend but don’t know what to do with them.

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Author: Mason, Kelly
Ghost Cozy Mystery

Apparently, she can see dead people. Can she solve a cold case to finally get the ghosts off her back?
Becky James can’t believe the mess she inherited. Following a bad breakup, the former receptionist moves into her dearly departed grandmother’s house for a much-needed fresh start. But her new home quickly loses its charm when shadowy figures begin haunting the hall.

Stunned to realize she’s able to communicate with the deceased, Becky does her best to ignore the obnoxious souls interrupting her restful reset. But between an unsolved mystery, a lovable specter-seeing stray cat, and a tireless string of spooks, Becky hopes solving a young girl’s disappearance will pave the path to silence.

With spirits on all sides, will England’s newest supernatural investigator seize her powerful responsibility?

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Author: Davis, Richard
Pulp Thrillers

What would you do if your son was taken by a cult?

America’s East Coast has been set alight by three of the most bizarre murders in law enforcement history: in each instance, the victims have been forced to kill themselves.

For ex-con-artist turned FBI agent, Saul Marshall, it seems like just another day in the office.

But when Saul discovers that the victims all have something in common – a close relative who’s been missing for many years – he immediately feels a personal connection: his own son is missing, presumed dead. And when out the blue he receives a note from his son, communicating he’s been kidnapped, Saul realizes this couldn’t be more personal.

As Saul learns more about his son’s captors – a serial killing cult, run by the psychopathic Ivan Drexler – he is forced off grid to fight back. But not only is Drexler giving his son just a week to live, he’s also got even more shocking attacks in the pipeline…

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Author: Nundy, Joanne
Dystopian Science Fiction

Can’t fight the dead? Then RUN…

The dead are rising and violently attacking people on the streets of the UK. Driven by an insatiable hunger for flesh, they attack anyone who dares to go out.

Anna is trapped as the zombie apocalypse rages outside her front door. Desperate and alone, she must find a way to get to her children who are with her Ex-partner. As Anna runs from the dead, she finds help from Rob and his fifteen-year-old brother, Jack, despite Rob’s better instincts. Together, they run the nightmare gauntlet that used to be their neighbourhood.

Run from the Dead is the first book in a zombie apocalypse series, following ordinary people trying to stay alive no matter what the cost. Battling the dead and humans alike, the people left must become somebody new. Someone prepared to do whatever it takes to live.

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Author: Ruger, Rebecca
Scottish Historical Romance

Heart of Shadows. Orphaned Isabel Fitzhugh is fourteen when she first comes to Wolvesley, traveling with her cousin to see her wed to the formidable Liam MacTavish. She’s unimpressed, with her current situation and her cousin’s husband. She thinks he is aloof and arrogant, well deserving of her cousin. But then Liam intercedes on her behalf against mean-spirited tormentors and everything changes. He becomes a hero to young Isabel, one to whose memory she clings when he is gone.

Liam MacTavish is happy to ride away from his new bride in the spring of 1296, thrilled to rise to the defense of his beloved Scotland. He doesn’t return for five long years, many of those spent in an English prison, renounced by his own father. He finds Wolvesley not at all as he remembered, derelict and all but abandoned, save for the redoubtable Isabel—whom he barely recalls—and an improbable cast of characters.

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Author: Nelson, James L.
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Military Historical Fiction

Shortly after Thomas Marlowe’s arrival in Williamsburg, Virginia, all in that newfound capital city are speaking his name. With the bounty from his years as a pirate–a life he intends to renounce and keep forever secret–he purchases a fine plantation from a striking young widow, and soon after kills the favorite son of one of Virginia’s most powerful clans while defending her honor. But it is a daring feat of remarkable cunning that truly sets local tongues wagging: a stunning move that wins Marlowe command of Plymouth Prize, the colony’s decrepit guardship.

But even as the enigmatic Marlowe bravely leads the King’s sailors in bloody pitched battle against the cutthroats who infest the waters off Virginia’s shores, a threat from his illicit past looms on the horizon that could doom Marlowe and his plans. Jean-Pierre LeRois, captain of the Vengeance–a brigand notorious even among other brigands for his violence and debauchery–plots to seize the colony’s wealth, forcing Marlowe to choose between losing all or facing the one man he fears.

Night Diver: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Lowell, Elizabeth
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Family Life Fiction

After a family tragedy, Kate Donnelly left the Caribbean behind forever. But a series of bad management decisions has left her family’s diving and marine recovery business drowning in red ink. Now her brother pleads with her to come back to the island nation of St Vincent. Without Kate’s financial expertise, the iconic treasure-hunting enterprise started by her grandfather will go under. Unable to say no to the little family she has left, Kate heads back to the beautiful and terrifying ocean that still haunts her nightmares.

Holden Cameron was addicted to the adrenaline rush of active duty—including narrowly surviving an underwater explosives accident. The last thing the former British military diver wants is to babysit a family of thieves on a tropical island—even if they are the world-famous Diving Donnellys.

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Author: Flynn, Kathleen A.
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Time Travel Fiction

London, 1815: Two travelers—Rachel Katzman and Liam Finucane—arrive in a field in rural England, disheveled and weighed down with hidden money. Turned away at a nearby inn, they are forced to travel by coach all night to London. They are not what they seem, but rather colleagues who have come back in time from a technologically advanced future, posing as wealthy West Indies planters—a doctor and his spinster sister. While Rachel and Liam aren’t the first team from the future to “go back,” their mission is by far the most audacious: meet, befriend, and steal from Jane Austen herself.

Carefully selected and rigorously trained by The Royal Institute for Special Topics in Physics, disaster-relief doctor Rachel and actor-turned-scholar Liam have little in common besides the extraordinary circumstances they find themselves in. Circumstances that call for Rachel to stifle her independent nature and let Liam take the lead as they infiltrate Austen’s circle via her favorite brother, Henry.

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Author: Small, Bertrice
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Ancient World Historical Romance

For Lara, a half faerie, half human, her beauty is a blessing and a curse. Sold into a Pleasure House by her father, she commits herself to a lifetime of servitude. But even in a place where pleasure is not censured but encouraged, her otherworldly beauty proves too much for her suitors.

When Lara escapes, she is introduced to a new way of life, and an incredible man who opens her eyes to the growing unrest among their people…and the extraordinary destiny that awaits her. Lara will journey the depths of desire and despair to find a love that will last an eternity—a love that will change Hetar forever.

Moxie: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Mathieu, Jennifer
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Adult School & Education Fiction

Vivian Carter is fed up. Fed up with an administration at her high school that thinks the football team can do no wrong. Fed up with sexist dress codes, hallway harassment, and gross comments from guys during class. But most of all, Viv Carter is fed up with always following the rules.

Viv’s mom was a tough-as-nails, punk rock Riot Grrrl in the ’90s, and now Viv takes a page from her mother’s past and creates a feminist zine that she distributes anonymously to her classmates. She’s just blowing off steam, but other girls respond. As Viv forges friendships with other young women across the divides of cliques and popularity rankings, she realizes that what she has started is nothing short of a girl revolution.

A Matter of Will (affiliate link)

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Author: Mitzner, Adam
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Psychological Fiction

Success becomes dangerously seductive for this Wall Street broker in a dizzying thriller by the author of the Amazon Charts bestseller Dead Certain.

Will Matthews came to Wall Street with hopes and dreams of hitting it big. But things have not been going as expected. He’s on the verge of being fired when he meets the devilishly mysterious and fabulously wealthy Sam Abaddon.

Winning Sam’s business answers Will’s prayers, catapulting the young stockbroker into the privileged world of money and luxury. Not only that, but Will also has met his dream girl, ambitious attorney Gwen Lipton.

All at once, it seems as if Will’s life couldn’t get any better.

And it doesn’t.

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