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Author: St. Aubin, Cynthia
Paranormal Ghost Romance

It isn’t every day a sexy demigod throws a pissed-off Cupid onto psychologist Matilda Schmidt’s couch and informs her the fate of the world depends on her ability to get him off his diapered ass and back to helping people fall in love.

Just when Matilda convinces herself she’s not hallucinating, in walks a Vegas hit man with a big gun and a bigger threat: pay back the million dollars she owes a notorious casino mogul, or wind up as fish food in Lake Mead.

Rocketing across country with a gun to her head, Matilda has a dysfunctional love-god in her laptop bag, a million dollar debt she has no knowledge of, and must convince the seductive hit man he’s snatched the wrong woman before he convinces her he might be the right man—for a night.

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Author: Embry, Mariah R.
Multicultural & Interracial Romance

Madison Machin, Madi Mac, has had quite the year. She lost her job under Pinup Dream Girl Modeling Agency. Her now ex-boyfriend cheated on and dumped her, forcing Madison to move back in with her parents. And now, her dream of being a supermodel seems even more distant since every agency turns her down. All the obstacles in Madison’s life begin to take their toll on her go-getter attitude and optimism. At this point, Madison doesn’t even know why she tries anymore.

Veronica Vallier, CEO of Trade Girl Modeling Agency, is changing the look of the women she represents. After being quarantined for months due to COVID-19, Veronica decides to make her company what she always envisioned. This means out with the traditional super tall and ultra-thin models they previously represented. And in with women of different varieties.

French Kissing: Season One (affiliate link)

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Author: Bliss, Harper
Lesbian Romance

Paris… City of lights, City of love… City of drama!

French Kissing follows a group of Parisian women as they navigate the stormy waters of love and life.

Claire and Juliette have been best friends for twenty years. Together they own a successful PR agency, but their journey to success has come at a price. Juliette and her partner Nadia have drifted apart after ten years together while Claire hasn’t been on a real date for as long as she can remember. Meanwhile, their happily single employee Steph is getting a bit too close to a new, high-profile client.

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Author: Costello, W.J.
Crime Action Fiction
For Julie Collins the loss was shattering. First her son was kidnapped. Then he was found dead. On the fifth anniversary of his death Julie receives a Facebook message from him: “Happy anniversary, Mommy.” Is it a hoax? Or is he still alive? Former U.S. marshal Rip Lane’s pursuit of the truth plunges him into a dark world of family secrets.
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Author: Noble , Olivia
Two-Hour Romance Short Reads

Sam Valentine, Secret Agent

For as long as I can remember, I’ve put my life on the line to put away the bad guys. Drug cartels, mafia, foreign agents—things the government doesn’t want me talking about, even in my head. But today, I plan on doing something really dangerous.
My mission is to give that girl these flowers.
Target: I don’t know her name.
Strategy: Ask her out on a date.
Objective: To win her heart at all costs.

The Claiming (affiliate link)

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Author: Hamill, Ike
Occult Horror
It wasn’t her fault.
It wasn’t Lizzy’s fault that she saw the cloaked people out in the yard. It wasn’t her fault that she was drawn by the moonlight to watch them as they advanced on the house. And it definitely wasn’t her fault when people began to die. Lizzy didn’t want the strange dreams where she saw how they were killed. Even her sister was starting to suspect her.
It wasn’t fair because it wasn’t her fault.
Lizzy was claimed.
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Author: Thomas, Jo
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Contemporary Romance

Emmy Bridges has always looked out for others. Now it’s time to put down roots of her own.

Working for a wine-maker in France is the opportunity of a lifetime for Emmy. Even if she doesn’t know a thing about wine – beyond what’s on offer at the local supermarket.

There’s plenty to get to grips with in the rustic town of Petit Frère. Emmy’s new work friends need more than a little winning over. Then there’s her infuriatingly brash tutor, Isaac, and the enigmatic Madame Beaumont, tucked away in her vineyard of secrets.

But Emmy will soon realise that in life – just as in wine-making – the best things happen when you let go and trust your instincts. Particularly when there’s romance in the air…

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Author: Ivy, Alexandra
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Paranormal Vampire Romance

Once, Brigette was the conduit through which the ultimate evil reached Earth. Now she’s just a lonely Were isolated in an Irish cottage, cut off from her animal and humanity alike. When a band of rebels approach her to take down the king of the vampires, she knows denying them means certain death—but even if she warns the king, he may not listen to the likes of her.

From the moment Xi slips into Brigette’s bedroom to escort her to his king, he sees the heartbreak that hides behind her guilt. The elusive vampire has fought for centuries to master his own regrets, and his word will convince the king to value hers. Neither can escape the attraction between them, even as partners on an undercover mission. But there’s no room for pleasure when their work might redeem her to the Guardians completely—or send them to the death they’ve evaded for so long . . .

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Author: Duane, Diane
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Star Trek Series
One hundred years ago, four crewmembers of the U.S.S EnterpriseTM crossed the dimensional barrier and found a mirror image of their own universe, populated by nightmare duplicates of their shipmates. Barely able to escape with their lives, they returned, thankful that the accident which had brought them there could not be duplicated, or so they thought.
But now the scientists of that empire have found a doorway into our universe. Their plan is to destroy from within, to replace a Federation Starships with one of their own. Their victims are the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, who now find themselves engaged in combat against the most savage enemies they have ever encountered, themselves.

All Eyes on Her (affiliate link)

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Author: Flynn, L.E.
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Young Adult Mysteries & Detective

You heard the story on the news. A girl and a boy went into the woods. The girl carried a picnic basket. The boy wore bright yellow running shoes. The girl found her way out, but the boy never did…

Everyone thinks they know what happened. Some say Tabby pushed him off that cliff— she didn’t even like hiking. She was jealous. She had more than her share of demons. Others think he fell accidentally—she loved Mark. She would never hurt him…even if he hurt her.

But what’s the real story? All Eyes On Her is told from everyone but Tabby herself as the people in her life string together the events that led Tabby to that cliff. Her best friend. Her sister. Her enemy. Her ex-boyfriend. Because everybody thinks they know a girl better than she knows herself.

Verona (affiliate link)

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Author: Deaver, Jeffery
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Mystery, Thriller & Suspense

When your mob families are at war, what are the risks of giving love a shot?

In this explosive short story, international bestselling author Jeffery Deaver brings readers a classic tale of star-crossed lovers who defy the boundaries of enemy territory. When an underworld kingpin gets taken out, his prime turf is up for grabs. For Irish crime lord Brendon Nagle and archrival John Yung, head of a forty-man tong, it’s war. For Nagle’s son, Andrew, and Yung’s daughter, Loi, it’s love at first sight. But others are watching as their secret love unfolds. Surveilled, suspected of betrayal, and targets of their fathers’ ruthless greed, Andrew and Loi know this story well. They’re doomed. But they have plans of their own. Challenging the violent rules of the mob, they’re rushing headlong toward a fate that few can see coming.

Beijing Payback: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Nieh, Daniel
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Organized Crime Thrillers

Victor Li is devastated by his father’s murder, and shocked by a confessional letter he finds among his father’s things. In it, his father admits that he was never just a restaurateur—in fact he was part of a vast international crime syndicate that formed during China’s leanest communist years.

Victor travels to Beijing, where he navigates his father’s secret criminal life, confronting decades-old grudges, violent spats, and a shocking new enterprise that the organization wants to undertake. Standing up against it is likely what got his father killed, but Victor remains undeterred. He enlists his growing network of allies and friends to finish what his father started, no matter the costs.

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