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Author: Rose, M.L
Murder Mystery

16 years ago, Detective Chief Inspector Arla Baker’s sister Nicole disappeared…
Arla never stopped searching.

Today, a vicious killer stalks the same place where Nicole vanished. The killer sends Arla clues about Nicole. He or she knows intimate details about Nicole that no one knows but Arla.
As another body appears, it’s clear that the killer is hungry for more blood. And Arla is not the one hunting this crazed psychopath. Arla is the hunted.
As deep secrets of the past begin to unravel, so does Arla’s grip on reality.

Can she face up to this vicious killer and slay the demons of her past ?

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Author: Boyles, Amy
Cozy Mystery

Southern gal Clementine Cooke is busy. The house renovation business she runs with her best friend in the small town of Peachwood, Alabama, is thriving. That is until Clementine discovers her partner dead, encased in poured concrete.

It looks like murder. Clementine starts to investigate, quickly realizing that not only had her so-called best friend spent years lying to her, but plenty of folks wanted her dead–from the unionized wizard mafia to the old lady quilting club. But even with haters coming out of the woodwork, Clementine finds herself fighting off suspicion. She must locate the killer before the local police chief tosses her in jail and throws away the key.

With no one to turn to, she enlists the help of a wizard suffering from amnesia. But there’s a hitch–he might not remember who he is, but Clementine does, and for her own reasons, she’s not talking.

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Author: Chermside, Bradley
Literary Travel

What would you do if you were given €20 in Greece with an email address scribbled on it:

1. Spend it?

2. Slip the suspect counterfeit bill into an enemy’s birthday card?

3. Send an email, hoping it will lead to you finding everlasting love?

Brad, a hopeless romantic, chose the latter…

Two years later, his love life remains a disaster and his career is misfiring. As he’s about to walk Spain’s fabled Camino de Santiago to ponder some profound life changes, Brad receives a reply.

Incredibly, it’s from a woman who lives on the pilgrimage path, far away from where the money first crossed his palm. She invites him to sleep… ‘on her house.’

Hiking 900km on the Road to Santiago to a blind date with the mystery €20 woman, Brad has the adventure of a lifetime.

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Author: Levin, Charles

What could go wrong when a team of brilliant computer scientists achieves immortality by digitizing their personalities? Everything – if the government wants the technology and you’ve crossed paths with a band of ruthless terrorists bent on causing unspeakable damage.

Follow Sam Sunborn as he teams up with a real Einstein to give birth to an invention that could change the lives of everyone on the planet forever. Sam wants to help people with his invention but lands up having to defend it and his family from a sadistic psychopath known only as the Leopard, a driven and demented terrorist, whose mission is to rain chaos and destruction on the Western World. Using the latest technology and a battle of wills and wits, Sunborn and the Leopard engage in an epic global clash. What disasters befall the innocent in the Leopard’s wake?

Please Forgive Me (affiliate link)

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Author: Hill, Melissa
Contemporary Romance 

Leonie has fled her old life to start again – somewhere no one knows her or what she’s running from. Settling in to a new apartment at one of San Francisco’s famed Victorian houses, she finds a bundle of intriguing love letters written by a man called Nathan, all ending with the words ‘Please forgive me’.

Moved by his heartfelt pleas, Leonie sets out to uncover the mystery. If she can get the letters to their intended recipient, might the love of Nathan’s life find it in her heart to forgive him?

And along the way, help Leonie resolve some forgiveness issues of her own …

Embers (Wings of War Book 1) (affiliate link)

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Author: Hopkins, Karen Ann
Paranormal Angel Romance
There are descendants of angels walking among us. Ember is one of them.

Ember’s normal life ends abruptly when her parents are killed and she discovers she’s a descendent of angels. Still coping with her strange powers, Ember finds herself — and her heart — in the middle of a centuries-old war.

While Ember is instructed about her heritage and the powers that go along with it, she strikes up friendships with two teenagers who live inside a frightening walled compound in the forest. Inexplicably drawn to one of the young men in particular, an impossible romance develops. But it’s cut short when Ember discovers her new friends are fighting on the opposite side of a war that’s been raging between two factions of Watchers for thousands of years. When the compound’s inhabitants threaten the townspeople, Ember takes action, sealing her fate in the ancient battle of good versus evil, and the grayness in between.

Starship’s Mage (affiliate link)

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Author: Stewart, Glynn
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Space Marine Science Fiction

A ship that cannot leave
A Mage that will not stay
A meeting of desperations

In a galaxy tied together by the magic of the elite Jump Mages, Damien Montgomery graduates into their numbers—only to discover that without connections, he can’t find a ship and is stuck in the Sherwood system.

Pirates attacked David Rice’s jump freighter, leaving him with a dead Mage and a damaged ship—stuck in Sherwood, where a grieving father has blacklisted him from hiring a replacement Jump Mage.

When their desperate needs meet, Damien Montgomery is drawn into a conflict with the most powerful criminal organization in the galaxy—and to the attention of the Mage-King of Mars himself!

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Author: Landish, Lauren
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Humor & Satire

Have you ever had one of those really bad days at work?
You know, one where your hot boss catches you photocopying your backside in his office?
No? Just me then?

I blame my bestie and partner in chaos.
She challenged me with a not-so-innocent dare that I should’ve flat out declined.

But I’m an adrenaline junkie, and now, here I am.
I know it sounds crazy, and daredevil tendencies aside, I definitely went too far to get his attention.

But you haven’t seen him.
Colton Wolfe. My boss.
Tall, dark, and handsome, with the sexiest British accent I’ve ever heard.
His only flaw? That he’s completely oblivious to what’s been right in front of him all along.

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Author: Wong, Tao
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Apocalyptic LitRPG

What happens when the apocalypse arrives, not via nuclear weapons or a comet but as Levels and monsters? What if you were camping in the Yukon when the world ended?

All John wanted to do was get away from his life in Kluane National Park for a weekend. Hike, camp and chill. Instead, the world comes to an end in a series of blue boxes. Animals start evolving, monsters start spawning and he has a character sheet and physics defying skills. Now, he has to survive the apocalypse, get back to civilisation and not lose his mind.

The System has arrived and with it, aliens, monsters and a reality that draws upon past legends and game-like reality. John will need to find new friends, deal with his ex and the slavering monsters that keep popping up.

Pirate Latitudes: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Crichton, Michael
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Historical Thrillers

The Caribbean, 1665. A remote colony of the English Crown, the island of Jamaica holds out against the vast supremacy of the Spanish empire. Port Royal, its capital, is a cutthroat town of taverns, grog shops, and bawdy houses. In this steamy climate, there’s a living to be made, a living that can end swiftly by disease – or by dagger.

For Captain Charles Hunter, gold in Spanish hands is gold for the taking, and the law of the land rests with those ruthless enough to make it. Word in port is that the galleon El Trinidad, fresh from New Spain, is awaiting repairs in a nearby harbor. Heavily fortified, the impregnable harbor is guarded by the bloodthirsty Cazalla, a favorite commander of the Spanish king himself. With backing from a powerful ally, Hunter assembles a crew of ruffians to infiltrate the enemy outpost and commandeer El Trinidad, along with its fortune in Spanish gold. The raid is as perilous as the bloodiest tales of island legend, and Hunter will lose more than one man before he even sets foot on foreign shores, where dense jungle and the firepower of Spanish infantry stand between him and the treasure….

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Author: O’Mahoney, Peter
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Mystery Thrillers

When Chicago’s most revered newsreader, Brian Gates, is found murdered in his dressing room, all the evidence points to one man—professional computer gamer Alfie Rose. Desperate to prove his innocence, Rose defies the advice of his legal team, hiring private investigator Jack Valentine to find the truth.
Still reeling from a personal tragedy, the relentless Valentine embarks on the most dangerous case of his career—battling against obsessive political groups, corrupt businessmen, and powerful media corporations that will do anything to deliver the news first.

With a community on edge, Valentine turns leads into danger and friends into suspects, but what he uncovers will change him forever…

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Author: Eisler, Barry
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Assassination Thrillers

All John Rain wants is to get out of the killing business. But with his discretion, his reliability, and his unique talent for death by “natural causes,” no one is willing to let him just retire. So when an old nemesis from the Japanese national police force comes to him with a new job—eliminate Murakami, a killer even more fearsome than Rain himself—he can’t refuse.

Aided by an achingly desirable half Brazilian, half Japanese exotic dancer he knows he shouldn’t trust, Rain pursues his quarry through underground no-holds-barred fight clubs, mobbed-up hostess bars, and finally into the heart of a shadow war between the CIA and the yakuza. It’s a war Rain can’t win, but also one he can’t afford to lose—a war where the distinctions between friend and foe and truth and deceit are as murky as the rain-slicked streets of Tokyo.

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