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Author: Faricy, Mike
International Mystery & Crime
US Marshal Jack Dillon is sent to the coastal village of Skerries to investigate a murder. Since his partner D.I. Paddy Suel can’t make it, Dillon is accompanied by D.I. Kevin Rafferty. Turns out the victim in the murder is an American.
What’s even worse is D.I. Rafferty is killed in a car accident returning to Dublin…
Or was it an accident?
Things get very complicated very fast.
Dillon is sent to the west of Ireland to investigate a case and to keep him safe. There’s only one problem – It doesn’t work.
Marshal Jack Dillon becomes the primary target of a killer who has been given a Second Chance!
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Author: Falls, Bella
Paranormal & Urban Fantasy

A little sweet tea and a whole lot of spells won’t always put out the fire…

Welcome to Jewell, NC, a small strip of land on the Crystal Coast with no stop signs or traffic lights, but it’s got a whole lot of magic. Ruby Mae Jewell helps run the family business of selling antiques and refurbished goods. But with old objects, you never know when one of them possesses more than just dust and cobwebs.

When Rue hits up a flea market, she gets more than she bargained for. Finding a potentially dangerous magical object, she has to get it off the market and out of mortal hands. But when more research reveals its threatening nature to the magical community as well, she’s put to the test of what to do…especially when they find someone murdered on their land who was looking for it.

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Author: Lozito, Ken

They’ve been watching us for hundreds of years.
Now they need our help.
Earth is not safe.

Zack is good at finding things, but when he discovers a global conspiracy, life as he knows it is over. Sometimes the truth doesn’t set you free. It traps you instead.

Kept secret for 60 years, the discovery of an alien signal forces an unlikely team to investigate a mysterious structure discovered in the furthest reaches of the solar system. Join the crew of the Athena, Earth’s most advanced spaceship on the ultimate journey beyond our wildest imagining.

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Author: Jaeger, Peggy
Romantic Comedy
What if Cynderella had a one-night stand with a man named Prince?
When I first saw Cynderella all covered in soot in that sexy maid uniform, I knew I wanted to be her Prince.She’s a smart and savvy businesswoman who’s built her cleaning company from the ground up. But now that Dirty Damsels was booming, I’ve been hired to arrange a hostile takeover. But the temptation of having her was too much to ignore… We ended up spending one night together–a night neither of us will forget. Now, I want more. I need more. I want to spend every night, skin-on-skin, with my beautiful Ella. Problem is, when she finds out who I really am, she’ll never forgive me.

Not Mine To Love (affiliate link)

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Inspirational Romance

Jackson Williams never thought he’d see Aila Smith again…Aila Sorenson, that is. And he certainly never thought everything would unfold the way it did.

Now, in the aftermath of his choices, Jackson is left wondering if love isn’t meant for everyone, even as he tries to fall for someone new. As the ripple effect of his mistakes shoots through his life, everything around him starts to unravel.

The deeper he gets in the mess he’s made, the more he realizes love simply doesn’t last forever. But some love stays with you, long after you let it go.

An Angel for Emily (affiliate link)

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Author: Deveraux, Jude
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Contemporary Fantasy Fiction

Emily Jane Todd has just found her guardian angel. Actually, the small-town librarian had just been stood up by her fiancé when she ran into the errant angel with her car. And while he appears to be unscathed, Michael continues to insist that his heavenly pedigree is quite legitimate. Emily just hopes his brain hasn’t been scrambled in the accident; besides, she’s not inclined to believe that an angel could be so dangerously sexy.

Yet Michael quickly reveals the most astounding things about her, and makes her laugh in a way she never has before. What’s more, he declares that he’s been sent to save her. At this point, the only rescue Emily has in mind is her upcoming marriage but when he lets slip that he also looks at souls—and hers is a rare beauty—Emily’s ready to risk heaven in his arms.

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Author: Baird, Ginny
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Clean & Wholesome Romance

Hope Webb can’t believe her twin sister, Jackie, is begging her to swap places and play fiancée at Jackie’s pre-wedding festivities. Sure, it’s only a business-deal sort of marriage, but Hope is a carb-loving teacher who enjoys curling up with a good book. Jackie is a workaholic whose idea of a good time is a brisk five-mile run at the crack of dawn. The two sisters couldn’t be more opposite.

Now Hope is stuck in the middle of a warm, tight-knit family she can’t help but adore and a groom who turns out to be entirely wonderful…for her.

Hotel magnate Brent Albright knows something is off about his fiancée, but he doesn’t care. Gone is the driven woman with similar career goals, and in her place is someone warm and funny who not only charms his family but him as well. She’s doing everything she can to avoid him, but that’s probably just nerves. Two people about to wed couldn’t know each other less.

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Author: Kaling, Mindy
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Humor & Entertainment

All Mindy Kaling wants is a night out…but what does the scary stranger in the driver’s seat of her ride want? Find out in a nerve-racking minidrama by the New York Times bestselling author of Why Not Me?

When Mindy and her best friend, B.J. Novak, are approached on a dark street by a Charles Manson–esque character, naturally they’re unnerved. Turns out he’s a huge fan of The Office! Now Mindy’s feeling a little judgy. But the night is young, unseasonably hot, and getting weirder. Mindy and B.J.’s brief encounter with the drifter is about to take an unexpected turn in Sunset Junction.

From the acclaimed writer, actor, director, producer, and New York Times bestselling author comes Nothing Like I Imagined. In these essays, Mindy Kaling shares the latest chapters of a multitasking life in Hollywood.

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Author: Zuckoff, Mitchell
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Expeditions & Discoveries World History

A gripping true story of survival, bravery, and honor in the vast Arctic wilderness during World War II, from the author of New York Times bestseller Lost in Shangri-La.

On November 5, 1942, a US cargo plane slammed into the Greenland Ice Cap. Four days later, the B-17 assigned to the search-and-rescue mission became lost in a blinding storm and also crashed. Miraculously, all nine men on board survived, and the US military launched a daring rescue operation. But after picking up one man, the Grumman Duck amphibious plane flew into a severe storm and vanished.

Frozen in Time tells the story of these crashes and the fate of the survivors, bringing vividly to life their battle to endure 148 days of the brutal Arctic winter, until an expedition headed by famed Arctic explorer Bernt Balchen brought them to safety.

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Author: Meier, Leslie
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Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

No one in their right mind would vacation in Maine this time of year, but to boost the economy, the town of Tinker’s Cove is launching a travel promotion for Valentine’s Day. As a reporter for the Pennysaver, Lucy Stone is assigned a puff piece on upscale Chanticleer’s Chocolates, and its deliciously handsome owner, Trey Meacham. Not the best way to keep her widening waistline under control.

Soon Lucy discovers there’s another tantalizing tart behind the counter. Sultry store manager Tamzin Graves is only too eager to serve her male customers. With a throng of jealous women in her wake, it’s almost no surprise when Tamzin turns up dead, her body covered in chocolate. There’s no sugar-coating murder, and Lucy must crisscross the snow-covered landscape as she tries to find a heartless killer…

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Author: Crais, Robert
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Hard-Boiled Mystery

Elvis Cole finds himself deep in the bayou of Louisiana searching for the estranged parents of a television star — but something deadly is looking for him.

L.A. private eye Elvis Cole is hired by popular television star Jodie Taylor to delve into her past and identify the biological parents who gave her up for adoption thirty-six years before. Cole’s assignment is to find out their biological history and report back.

It seems all too clear cut. But when he gets to Louisiana and begins his search, he finds that there’s something much darker going on. Other people are also looking for Taylor’s parents, and some are ending up dead.

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