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Author: Brooks, Jonathan
Epic Fantasy

In a distant world five times the size of planet Earth, dungeons and their dungeon cores have become the top of the food chain.

Millions of dungeons inhabit the planet, utilizing the various human kingdoms as a source of much-needed mana to facilitate their own growth; in turn, the humans delve into the dungeons and acquire their own power in the form of Essence, which allows them to develop and enhance themselves in a multitude of different ways. It is a symbiotic relationship that has lasted centuries and has brought about a measure of peace.

Far in the northern wilds where no humans (and therefore – no dungeons) regularly frequent, a young man is left alone when his parents are murdered suddenly and unexpectedly. Now, without friends, family, or even supplies, he embarks on a journey to find out who targeted his parents – and who he needs to enact his revenge upon.

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Author: Turner, Laina
Later in Life Romance

Fresh from a divorce that she never saw coming, Rachel decides to take the summer off and get away.

She heads to small-town Moonshire Bay and rents a summer cottage, hoping to have a relaxing few months and get back in touch with who she is as a single woman.

Then she meets Evan Harris, the bartender and owner of the local bar, and despite thinking she was done with love forever, she can’t help but be intrigued by this handsome man.

Evan came to Moonshire Bay ten years ago to escape his past. Resigned to living his life alone, meeting Rachel is making him rethink that decision.

Can they both leave the past behind and learn to trust again?

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Author: Fernsby, April
Cozy Mystery
A cross stitch event is being held at the café which Karis owns with her sister.
Karis unknowingly stitches the word MURDER onto her fabric. Realising this is a premonition, she shares her concerns with her sister. If there’s going to be a murder, what can they do to prevent it? And will the victim be a member of the craft group?
Karis’ only option is to consult her police contact. But it’s too late. A murder is committed the next day.
Karis soon receives psychic visions about the victim and her life. Hidden messages are revealed in pictures. Secrets are uncovered. Many people had reasons to hate the victim. But which one of them killed her?
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Author: Bell, Cindy
Women Sleuths
When Suzie inherits a grand, old house on the beach, she together with her best-friend, Mary, go to see the dilapidated structure. With Suzie looking for a new challenge and Mary’s impending divorce, the friends decide to refurbish the old house back into its former glory as a majestic B&B. What started off as a few days away turns into a new beginning. In their fifties the two friends never expected the exciting adventures their decision would lead to. They love life in the beautiful beachside setting, filled with fun, new romances and a bit of sleuthing.

All These Nearly Fights (affiliate link)

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Author: Cunliffe, Richard
Contemporary Fiction
Jimmy Harris, a super-slick salesman, has won millions playing the lottery, but has yet to give up his job wheeling and dealing at the car showroom where he’s regularly one of the top performers. In point of fact, nothing has changed in Jimmy’s life since his numbers came up. Not only has he hardly dipped into his winnings, he hasn’t even let on to people that he’s actually won the money. At the apex of Jimmy’s inaction lies a dilemma concerning his love life. Should he stay faithful to his gorgeous girlfriend, Charlotte? Or perhaps he could leverage his winnings to try hooking up once more with sexy ex, Isabel, who broke his heart when she left him for a richer man. Christmas is coming, and Jimmy knows it’s high time he did something with his new-found wealth. Join him for five crazy days in December as he begins to reinvent his life.
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Author: Hutchins, Pamela Fagan
Amateur Sleuth Mysteries
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All Patrick Flint wants is a peaceful getaway in the Wyoming mountains for his rare days off. He’s grown weary of the bicentennial celebrations, the angry families of patients, the rash of campers coming down from the mountains high on speed, and the midnight call-outs to cover for the town veterinarian. When his wife Susanne balks at the trip just as they’re walking out the door—leaving him to go it alone with his lovestruck teenage daughter Trish and eager-but-adolescent son Perry—Patrick is wounded but determined, despite the news of a murderer escaping custody on the other side of the mountains.

After two days of rain-soaked horseback riding to hunt and fish, Patrick’s gotten nothing but weird encounters, wet socks, and a whiny daughter. So, on the third day, when Trish begs to stay behind at their campsite to read, Patrick is secretly relieved.

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Author: Simonne, Andrea
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Sisters Fiction

“… one of the best books I’ve ever read! It made me laugh and cry… I will remember this book for a long time. Just wonderful!”

Bakery owner Natalie is humiliated when her husband leaves her for a yoga instructor. He wants a divorce and says that Lena, the yoga guru, makes him feel alive, while Natalie makes him feel dead.

She stays strong for her daughter, but it isn’t easy. Secretly she wishes she had her old life back. After years of feeling invisible, in a crazy move, she changes her mousy dull hair to a brilliant blonde.

Meanwhile, she wants to expand her Seattle bakery but runs into an obstacle with her absurdly handsome landlord.

Women usually love astronomer Anthony Novello. The exception is his new tenant, Natalie. He’s never met a woman more annoying. But when Anthony returns from a telescope observing run, he realizes she’s changed.

The Secrets We Keep (affiliate link)

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Author: Hewitt, Kate
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Psychological Fiction

My whole body aches. I trawl memories of her, now so precious… my darling child. I can’t lose her…

When Tessa arrives at the little house by the lake with her two children, it is an escape. The rental house may be a bit small—but it’s theirs for the summer. A place to hide…

However, their isolation is disrupted by the family from the big house next door. Three children and their glamorous mother Rebecca—who seems determined to invite Tessa into their lives.

Rebecca, however, is harbouring a dark secret. And when it becomes too much for her to bear, Tessa seems to be the only person she can turn to.

But as powerful bonds form between the two families, choices will be made that can never be undone. And as the summer comes to an end, nothing can keep everyone safe. And one family will pay the ultimate price…

Everlasting (affiliate link)

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Author: Woodiwiss, Kathleen E.
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Medieval Historical Romance

Once, Abrielle was a privileged daughter coveted for her bearing, her breeding, her wit, and her beauty. But when her stepfather is denied his rightful title and the wealth that accompanies it, Abrielle finds herself suddenly disgraced. Only one man would still have her: the oafish and grotesque Desmond de Marlé. To rescue her once-proud family’s honor, Abrielle must sacrifice her virtue to this scoundrel she fears and detests . . . even as she yearns for another lover.

Dashing, handsome, tall, and kind, Raven Seabern is quite unlike any man Abrielle has ever encountered. But their love can never be, for Abrielle is betrothed to a monster. And the well-being of everyone she cares for demands that she honor her promise. Still, Raven knows he has found the true one and must never let her go—though secrets, deceptions, dishonor, and unimaginable peril will surely be their fate if they follow the dictates of their hearts.

The Reunion (affiliate link)

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Author: Modglin, Kiersten
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Psychological Thrillers

Hotel Lilith holds terrible memories for Cait Du Bois.
The darkest night of her life happened within its walls.

Once, she vowed never to return to the place that reminds her of the horror she experienced. But when the hotel is chosen as the location for her high school reunion, Cait finds herself unable to resist the appeal of showing off her new life to the people who once made her existence miserable.

Cait is no stranger to being noticed in public, especially as a bestselling author with an enthusiastic fan base, but back at Hotel Lilith, she was once recognized for a completely different reason. With all eyes on her as she returns to the town she’s spent years running from, Cait finds it increasingly difficult to discern between her fans and foes.

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Author: Gregory, Philippa
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Renaissance Historical Fiction

When Mary Boleyn comes to court as an innocent girl of fourteen, she catches the eye of the handsome and charming Henry VIII. Dazzled by the king, Mary falls in love with both her golden prince and her growing role as unofficial queen. However, she soon realizes just how much she is a pawn in her family’s ambitious plots as the king’s interest begins to wane, and soon she is forced to step aside for her best friend and rival: her sister, Anne. With her own destiny suddenly unknown, Mary realizes that she must defy her family and take fate into her own hands.

With more than one million copies in print and adapted for the big screen, The Other Boleyn Girl is a riveting historical drama. It brings to light a woman of extraordinary determination and desire who lived at the heart of the most exciting and glamorous court in Europe, and survived a treacherous political landscape by following her heart.

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