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Author: Brady, R.D.
Pulp Thrillers

A female equalizer.
A young runaway.
A ruthless rabbit hole of corruption.

Ex-CIA agent Nola James is determined to get justice for those the police ignore. So when a poor, straight-A student goes missing in a small town outside Atlanta, Nola vows to bring her home. But in a case that already cuts close to her own wounded heart, she discovers the teenager is only the latest girl to vanish into gangland vice.

Fearing for the naive victims, Nola channels her boiling rage into working alone. But as she pushes further into a shadowy conspiracy, even her lethal fists and deadly marksmanship may not be enough to save innocent lives.

If you love me, I’m yours (affiliate link)

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Author: Chantree, Lizzie
Family Life Fiction

Maud didn’t mind being boring, not really. She had a sensible job, clothes, and love life… if you counted an overbearing ex who had thanked her, rolled over and was snoring before she even realised he’d begun! She could tolerate not fulfilling her dreams, if her parents would pay her one compliment about the only thing she was passionate about in life: her art.

Dot should have fit in with her flamboyant and slightly eccentric family of talented artists, but somehow, she was an anomaly who couldn’t paint. She tried hard to be part of their world by becoming an art agent extraordinaire, but she dreamed of finding her own voice.

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Author: Wyllie, Rob
Private Investigator Mysteries
When former Naval Commodore Roderick Macallan dies in tragic circumstances, his multi-million pound Scottish country estate is destined to pass to his next of kin. Only trouble is, his next of kin are his twin daughters, the beautiful social media stars Pixie and Posy, and each is claiming that they the elder. Tasked with sorting out the unholy mess are barrister turned private-eye Maggie Bainbridge and her faithful ex-army assistant Jimmy Stewart.
Meanwhile DI Frank Stewart’s little cold-case department has gone viral, with cases piling in from across the UK. Including an outrageous miscarriage of justice that leads all the way to the top of the Police Scotland organisation.
As Maggie, Jimmy and Frank struggle to unravel the complex web of intrigue, all roads lead to the sleepy little Highland village of Lochmorehead, the childhood home of Jimmy’s beautiful estranged wife Flora. Where death lurks around every corner.
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Author: Skopin, Nancy
Cozy Mystery
PI Nicoli Hunter is blindsided when someone close to her is murdered and dumped in an alley. Detective Bill Anderson catches the homicide and, knowing Nikki, doesn’t even attempt to discourage her from conducting her own investigation, which, in this case, takes a village. Nikki enlists the aid of her friends and the marina community to unravel the complicated web of events that led to murder, served cold.

Adam Bede (affiliate link)

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Author: Eliot, George
Victorian Historical Romance
The novel follows four characters’ rural lives in the fictional community of Hayslope—a rural, pastoral, and close-knit community in 1799. The novel revolves around a love “rectangle” among the beautiful but self-absorbed Hetty Sorrel; Captain Arthur Donnithorne, the young squire who seduces her; Adam Bede, her unacknowledged suitor; and Dinah Morris, Hetty’s cousin, a fervent, virtuous and beautiful Methodist lay preacher. Adam, a local carpenter much admired for his integrity and intelligence, is in love with Hetty. She is attracted to Arthur, the local squire’s charming grandson and heir, and falls in love with him. When Adam interrupts a tryst between them, Adam and Arthur fight. Arthur agrees to give up Hetty and leaves Hayslope to return to his militia. After he leaves, Hetty agrees to marry Adam but shortly before their marriage, discovers that she is pregnant.
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Author: Kennedy, Jim
Alcoholic Beverages

If you are interested in a step-by-step no B.S. guide that will teach you how to distill Moonshine for an affordable price without missing a single step or… complicating the process, this may be the most exciting book you’ll ever read!

Check out what’s inside:
What is Moonshine, and is it legal or not?
Moonshine 101 – everything you need to know about it before you start doing it
9 pieces of equipment you need to prepare your moonshine 100% every single time
Your favorite Moonshine drinks and recipes – follow them step-by-step and enjoy the result
9 simple ingredients that are used in most moonshine recipes for the best taste and quality (very affordable)
Nice photos next to each recipe to help you see the final drinks visually, so you know which one do you want to try first and offer to your friends and family
Detailed instructions for each recipe, preparation method, and equipment required
So much more!

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Author: Zanetti, Rebecca
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Laurel Snow wouldn’t call hunting a serial killer a vacation, but with a pile of dead bodies unearthed near her Genesis Valley, WA, hometown, she’ll take what she can get. Yet something about this case stirs her in unexpected ways. Like the startling connection she feels to Dr. Abigail Caine, a fiercely intelligent witness with a disturbing knack for making Laurel feel like she has something on her. Then there’s Laurel’s attraction to Huck Rivers, the fish and wildlife officer guiding her to the crime scene—and into the wilderness…

A former soldier and a trained sniper, Huck’s thirst for blood is rivaled only by his fierce pursuit of Laurel. He’s been burned by love, wounded by the government, and betrayed before, and to say he has trust issues is the ultimate understatement. Plus, he might be closer to this killer than anybody knows…

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Author: Finnegan, William
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Pacific Islanders Biographies

Barbarian Days is William Finnegan’s memoir of an obsession, a complex enchantment. Surfing only looks like a sport. To initiates, it is something else: a beautiful addiction, a demanding course of study, a morally dangerous pastime, a way of life.

Raised in California and Hawaii, Finnegan started surfing as a child. He has chased waves all over the world, wandering for years through the South Pacific, Australia, Asia, Africa. A bookish boy, and then an excessively adventurous young man, he went on to become a distinguished writer and war reporter. Barbarian Days takes us deep into unfamiliar worlds, some of them right under our noses—off the coasts of New York and San Francisco. It immerses the reader in the edgy camaraderie of close male friendships forged in challenging waves.

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Author: Rice, Anne
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Occult Horror

Ramses the Great lives!

But having drunk the elixer of live, he is now Ramses the Damned, doomed forever to wander the earth, desperate to quell hungers that can never be satisfied—for food, for wine, for women.

Reawakened in opulent Edwardian London, he becomes Dr. Ramsey, expert in Egyptology. He also becomes the close companion of voluptuous, adventurous Julie Stratford, heiress to a vast shipping fortune and the center of a group of jaded aristocrats with appetites of their own to appease.

But the pleasures Ramses enjoys with Julie cannot soothe him. Searing memories of his last reawakening, at the behest of Cleopatra, his beloved Queen of Egypt, burn in his immortal soul. And though he is immortal, he is still all too human. His intense longings for his great love, undiminished over the centuries, will force him to commit an act that will place everyone around him in the gravest danger. . . .

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Author: Money-Coutts, Sophia
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Holiday Romance

You never forget the one that got away, do you?

Nell Mason is extremely happy with her life – or at least, that’s what she tells herself. She’s lucky to have a high-powered job as a lawyer, even if it does come with an eccentric set of billionaire divorce clients. And she’s absolutely fine living with her sweet, if slightly dull, boyfriend Gus in their London flat where they have very sensible sex once (OK, sometimes twice) a week. She’s definitely not stuck in a rut.

But when Nell bumps into childhood friend and first love Arthur Drummond who broke her heart fifteen years ago, she’s more than a little shaken. The seemingly perfect life she’s worked so hard for starts to feel, well, less perfect. Maybe Nell’s been kidding herself all these years. Can she ever get over her first love?

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Author: Kemelman, Harry
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Amateur Sleuth Mysteries

The day before Yom Kippur, the synagogue sound system is on the blink, the floral arrangements are in disarray, and a member of Rabbi David Small’s congregation—in the Massachusetts town of Barnard’s Crossing—is terribly concerned with how much a Torah weighs. The rabbi is determined not to let these mundane concerns ruin his day of prayer and contemplation. But the holiest day of the Jewish year is interrupted when a member of the congregation is found dead in his car.

Details emerge that suggest the man may have killed himself, but the rabbi’s wife suspects murder. Which is it? Rabbi Small kicks into high detective gear to find out. His search for the culprit among the small town’s cast of eccentric characters leads to nail-biting suspense in this highly entertaining and engrossing mystery.

My Enemy’s Cradle (affiliate link)

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Author: Young, Sara
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Historical World War II Fiction

Cyrla’s neighbors have begun to whisper. Her cousin, Anneke, is pregnant. And she’s eligible for admission to the Lebensborn: a German maternity home for girls carrying Aryan babies. But Anneke’s love, a German soldier, has disappeared. And she knows that Lebensborn babies are either released to their father’s custody—or taken away.

Meanwhile, someone has discovered the truth of Cyrla’s identity. As a Polish Jew, she was sent to her Dutch relatives for safekeeping years ago. Now she must choose between certain discovery and posing as Anneke in the Lebensborn. But how can she take refuge in the enemy’s lair?

Mining a lost piece of history, author Sara Young takes readers deep inside the Nazi Lebensborn program.

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