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Don’t Look Back (affiliate link)

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Author: Carter, Solomon
Crime Thriller Romance 

Pursued by a gangster with a dark obsession.
Protected by his son.
Sam Watson’s life is in serious danger.

Doing the right thing is Sam Watson’s sole aim in life. But Sam has noticed things about her employer – things that don’t feel right. It goes far beyond Nick Drew’s cruel and menacing manner. It goes right down to the very heart of his business.
But when her curiosity is discovered, Sam’s boss Nick Drew makes the play he has long been waiting for – a move that could ruin her life.

But someone else has noticed Nick Drew’s sinister ways. When the boss’s son intervenes to save her, Sam knows her survival depends on her instincts… instincts that are telling her not to get involved with her boss’s son.

But passion and seduction have rules of their own, and it’s up to Sam to make a choice about a man she knows nothing about – except for the addictive need for his touch.

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Author: Harper, James
Private Investigator Mysteries
Some doors are nailed shut for a reason.
Evan Buckley’s wife Sarah went to work one day and didn’t come home. He’s never stopped looking for her. Haunted by his memories, driven by his relentless quest for the truth, he loses himself in other people’s problems. Lucky for him his latest client, the reclusive Linda Clayton, has got more than enough to keep him busy.Not so lucky for her. When her son Daniel disappeared ten years ago, she didn’t think her life could get any worse—until her husband ran away, that is. Makes you thankful you’re not Linda Clayton.After Evan’s last case ended in disaster, he’s at the end of his tether, his self-esteem at a dangerously low ebb—until fate throws him headlong into Linda Clayton’s wretched world and a long-dead investigation that everybody wants to stay that way.

The Best Man Wins (affiliate link)

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Author: Crooks, Adora
Steamy Romantic Comedy

It’s a battle to the final I do…

He was supposed to be a simple one-night-stand to get over my ex.

He ticked all the boxes: smoking hot stranger, eyes as dark as his sense of humor, and no strings attached. He took me up to his room and made me forget all about my heartbreak.

But when my wedding planning company assigns me my next case, I find myself face-to-face with my hot stranger yet again.

His name? Braxton West.
His role? The groom’s best man.
His mission? To break up the couple before they say their vows.

A billionaire like Braxton West, I’m sure, is used to getting what he wants.

But he’s going to have to get cozy with failure, because I won’t let anything or anyone ruin this perfect wedding.

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Author: Bullock, M.L.

Faced with the challenge of building a new team, Sierra and Joshua accept a landmark paranormal activity case. After receiving Midas’ blessing, the McBrides quickly call in favors to meet the deadline so the new owners of Wayland Manor can safely open the historic home to the public. The new paranormal investigators include Macie Graves, the sister of the late Jocelyn Graves. Everyone brings their A-game to discover who or what may be haunting the historic home, but will it be enough?

Books fly off shelves, jewelry disappears and even worse, a collection of haunted dolls seem to have a mind of their own. After one of the team members disappears, Sierra uses her skills as a medium to connect to the other side.

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Author: Rusch, Kristine Kathryn
Space Opera Science Fiction

Hurtling through the blackness of space, Boss detects a mysterious blip from an unknown source that sets her heart pounding…

Boss dives derelict space vessels, for money, yes, but more for their historical value. So, when she uncovers the find of a lifetime, she enlists the best divers she knows to help her pursue it—off the grid and under the Empire’s radar.

Boss’s discovery leads her and her team to the Room of Lost Souls. Boss remembers the Room. It haunts her. Her mother died there. Now, a client wants her to go back to help uncover the Room’s mysteries. But the truths they discover might destroy everything Boss holds sacred.

Because the more they discover, the less they realize they know—and the more it will cost them all.

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Author: Beck, Jamie
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Small Town & Rural Fiction

Sisters Amanda Foster and Erin Turner have little in common except the childhood bedroom they once shared and the certainty each feels that her way of life is best. Amanda follows the rules—at the school where she works; in her community; and as a picture-perfect daughter, wife, and mother-to-be. Erin follows her heart—in love and otherwise—living a bohemian lifestyle on a shoestring budget and honoring her late father’s memory with a passion for music and her fledgling bath-products business.

The sisters are content leading separate but happy lives in their hometown of Potomac Point until everything is upended by lies that force them to confront unsettling truths about their family, themselves, and each other. For sisters as different as these two, building trust doesn’t come easily—especially with one secret still between them—but it may be the only way to save their family.

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Author: Fluke, Joanne
Regularly $7.59, Today $1.99
Cozy Culinary Mysteries

A romantic seven-day cruise is the perfect start to bakery owner Hannah Swensen’s marriage. However, with a murder mystery heating up back in Minnesota, it seems the newlywed’s homecoming won’t be as sweet as anticipated.

Hannah’s eager to settle down in Lake Eden and turn domestic daydreams into reality. But then her mother’s neighbor is discovered murdered in the condo downstairs. Victoria Bascomb, once a renowned stage actress, was active in the theater community during her brief appearance in town, and made throngs of enemies along the way. Did a random intruder murder the woman as police claim, or was a deadlier scheme at play? As Hannah peels through countless suspects and some new troubles of her own, solving this crime—and living to tell about it—might prove trickier than mixing up the ultimate banana cream pie . .

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Author: Behrsin, Chris
Regularly $3.99, Today $0.99
Humorous Fantasy Adventure

Ben must be the hungriest cat ever…

One moment, he was enjoying a breakfast of salmon trimmings in his home in South Wales. The next, he was teleported across time and space onto the cold stone floor of an evil warlock.

Locked in the warlock’s tower through day and night, Ben may have to serve him for a while. He’ll hate this, especially having to hunt those infernal demon rats when the warlock doesn’t feed him well at all.

Meanwhile, in a distant academy, a dragon is bored out of her mind. Unable to wear a saddle, no human dares mount her. Is there anyone in this land who can ride her into battle against the forces of the evil warlocks? Somehow, she doubts she’ll ever find a suitable bond.

Unless there is another creature with enough dexterity to fulfil that role. One, perhaps, who is currently sprinting right out of a warlock’s front door…

Amazing Grace (affiliate link)

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Author: Crewe, Lesley
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Sisters Fiction

Can you really move forward without putting the past to rest?

Grace Willingdon has everything she needs. For fifteen years she’s lived in a trailer overlooking Bras d’Or Lake in postcard-perfect Baddeck, Cape Breton, with Fletcher Parsons, a giant teddy bear who’s not even her husband. But Grace’s blissful life is rudely interrupted when her estranged son calls from New York City, worried about his teenaged daughter.

Before she knows it, Grace finds herself the temporary guardian of her self-absorbed, city-slicker granddaughter, Melissa. Trapped between a past she’s been struggling to resolve and a present that keeps her on her toes, Grace decides to finally tell her story. Either the truth will absolve her—or cost her everything.

Beneath The Texas Sky (affiliate link)

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Author: Thomas, Jodi
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Historical Romance

Texas Ranger Josh Weston is a stranger to Bethanie Lane—and her only chance to escape from her lecherous uncle’s grasp. Without hesitating, she strikes a deal with the rugged lawman to take her with him when he leaves San Antonio. And on the journey to his family’s ranch near Fort Worth, they forge a bond as powerful as it is unexpected.

When Bethanie’s dream of a future with Josh falls apart, she’s forced to make a harrowing choice. Yet through every danger and revelation, one thing remains—a love worth living and dying for . . .

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Author: Xiaolong, Qiu
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
International Mystery & Crime
A young “national model worker,” renowned for her adherence to the principles of the Communist Party, turns up dead in a Shanghai canal. As Inspector Chen Cao of the Shanghai Special Cases Bureau struggles to trace the hidden threads of her past, he finds himself challenging the very political forces that have guided his life since birth. Chen must tiptoe around his superiors if he wants to get to the bottom of this crime, and risk his career—perhaps even his life—to see justice done.

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