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Author: McLinn, Patricia
Mystery Series
Divorce a husband, lose a career … grapple with a murder.
TV journalist Elizabeth “E.M.” Danniher will tell you she committed two sins — she didn’t stay young, and she made an enemy of a powerful news executive — her ex. She used to break national news. Now her top story as the “Helping Out!” reporter at dinky KWMT-TV in Sherman, Wyoming is getting a defective toaster repaired.
Tough, funny and determined, Elizabeth wrestles with isolation, keeping a professional edge, and an evolving self-image. Is Wyoming — the land of cattle, cowboys, tumbleweeds, and fewer than six people per square mile — her new home or a road to permanent obscurity?
Soon she’s in a battle of wills with ex-football player turned journalist Mike Paycik, who might see her as a handy rung on his career ladder or a romantic partner or both. And there’s the matter of a deputy sheriff—missing or murdered?
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Author: Carter, Scott William
Private Investigator Mysteries

After narrowly surviving a near-fatal shooting, Portland detective Myron Vale wakes with a bullet still lodged in his brain, a headache to end all headaches, and a terrible side effect that radically transforms his world for the worse: He sees ghosts. Lots of them.

By some estimates, a hundred billion people have lived and died before anyone alive today was even born. For Myron, they’re all still here. That’s not even his biggest problem. No matter how hard he tries, he can’t tell the living from the dead.

Despite this, Myron manages to piece together something of a life as a private investigator specializing in helping people on both sides of the great divide—until a stunning blonde beauty walks into his office needing help finding her husband. Myron wants no part of the case until he sees the man’s picture … and instantly his carefully reconstructed life begins to unravel.

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Author: Norton, Andre
Time Travel Science Fiction
At the end of the twentieth century petty criminal Ross Murdock is given the choice of facing a new psychiatric medical procedure called rehabilitation or volunteering to join a secret government project. Hoping for a chance to escape, Ross volunteers to join Operation Retrograde and is taken by Major John Kelgarries to a base built under the ice near the North Pole. Teamed with archaeologist Gordon Ashe, he is trained to mimic a trader of the Beaker culture of Bronze-Age Europe. Sent back to southern Britain around 2000 BCE, Ross and Ashe find that their outpost has been bombed. Discovering the direction whence the bomber came, Ross, Ashe, and McNeil, the lone survivor of the bombing, follow the clues.
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Author: Cooper, Harmon
Humor & Entertainment 

A tower with seven distinct realms. A barbarian and a sorcerer. The chance of sudden death at every turn.

Randy Lionheart never thought he’d be portaled to a fantasy world and told to climb a tower. For most of his adult life, he wrote about these things as a fantasy writer. Yet as he chooses an axe as his primary weapon, and he is told to start slaying killer gnomes, Randy realizes that things are about to change for better or worse.

Randy isn’t going to be able to reach the top of the tower alone. He’ll need cunning, luck, and a friend to help him along the way.

Enter Clovis, a human who was also been portaled to this fantasy world and who has taken the form of a spellbook.

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Author: Boyle, C. J.
 Space Exploration Science Fiction
A special forces troop and an ordinary woman are transported to another planet through a wormhole forcing them to work together to survive. Imagine being forced onto a plane by a bunch of mercenaries and then crash-landing on another planet. That is what happened to Sara Newman and it was all thanks to her father and an alien named Andrin. After they crashed it became obvious that they were on another planet when they saw two suns in the sky. It made it incredibly hot during the day. First and foremost, they needed to survive. They had to find shelter and they had to do it fast. The planet seemed to be dry and mostly barren until they found a large forest. It took them a day’s hike to get there and it took its toll on Sara.
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Author: Fleeman, Michael
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Biographies of Murder & Mayhem

He Found New Brides To Love Him-
All Diane Bertalan really knew of her new husband, John, was that he was a widower, he lavished her with gifts, and he preferred to keep his past a secret. What she didn’t know was that the FBI had been watching him for years. In the Fall of 2000, she found out why-it was a crime that had been haunting authorities for decades. They called it the mystery of the Lady in the Box.

Fifteen Years Later, Police Found The Remains…
A decaying body that had been left along an Indiana roadside ditch in 1980 had finally been identified as Janice Hartman. In 1974, the Ohio woman had been reported missing by her estranged husband…John David Smith. The gruesome discovery was only the beginning of Diane Smith’s brutal awakening–for Hartman was only the first of Smith’s wives to have vanished off the face of the earth.

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Author: Benigno, Thomas
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Legal Thrillers
Working as a Bronx Legal Aid Attorney he learns how to twist the system, how to become an unbeatable defense lawyer, and he is peacock proud of his perfect record-not a single conviction. But it’s 1982. The Spider-man rapist is on the loose and New York City is a city in fear. When an outraged rape victim commits suicide right before his eyes, searching for absolution, he grabs the headline case of a teacher’s aide accused of molesting his students. Armed with a firm belief in his client’s innocence, he knocks the pegs out from under the prosecution’s case. When one of the children turns up dead, he discovers that his client may be strangely connected to the Spider-man.

The Hired Man: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Forna, Aminatta
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British & Irish Literary Fiction

Visitors are not common in the small Croatian village of Gost, so Duro is surprised to see a strange car pull up to a well-known farmhouse just outside of town. Laura, a British woman, and her two children are refurbishing the home to be their summer cottage, and Duro agrees to lend a hand, becoming Laura’s confidant along the way. But the rest of the residents of Gost are not so pleased to have outsiders in their midst.

As Duro works to shield Laura and her family from the town’s hostility, volatile secrets begin to bubble to the surface—secrets that could threaten everyone in the seemingly sleepy town, even the unwitting new residents.

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Author: Bouton, Jim
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Baseball Biographies

When Ball Four was published in 1970, it created a firestorm. Bouton was called a Judas, a Benedict Arnold, and a “social leper” for having violated the “sanctity of the clubhouse.” Baseball commissioner Bowie Kuhn tried to force Bouton to sign a statement saying the book wasn’t true. Ballplayers, most of whom hadn’t read it, denounced the book. It was even banned by a few libraries.

Almost everyone else, however, loved Ball Four. Fans liked discovering that athletes were real people—often wildly funny people. David Halberstam, who won a Pulitzer for his reporting on Vietnam, wrote a piece in Harper’s that said of Bouton: “He has written . . . a book deep in the American vein, so deep in fact that it is by no means a sports book.”

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Author: Ross, Barbara
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Cozy Culinary Mystery
For Julia Snowden, the Founder’s Day summer celebration in Busman’s Harbor, Maine, means helping her family’s clambake company to prepare an authentic taste of New England seafood. Any Mainer will tell you that a real clambake needs wood for the fire . . . so why is there a foot sticking out of the oven?
The townspeople want to pin the murder of the RV park owner on Cabe Stone, a new employee of the Snowden Family Clambake Company–who bolted from the crime scene and disappeared. Julia knows having another murder associated with her family’s business is a recipe for disaster . . . but who is the killer? Cooking up a proper investigation doesn’t leave much time for the rest of Julia’s life, and this is one killer who’ll do anything to stop her from digging up clues . .
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Author: Dodd, Jillian
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Romantic Comedy

When sports agent Carter Crawford and supermodel Vale Martin meet, they have an instant connection and a really fun night together. Their relationship goes like this: She calls and says she’s in town. He tells her to stop by. They both know what that means. And it is amazing. Every time. She doesn’t want a commitment. So, he does something crazy and buys a ring. But instead of surprising Vale with a proposal, Carter sees her kissing another man and leaves without telling her.

After months of not speaking, Vale doesn’t call Carter. She stops by. And begs him to pretend to be her fiancé at her little sister’s wedding.

And even though Carter knows he’s about to do something crazy again, he agrees. Because there is nothing fake about the way he still feels about her.

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