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Author: James, Glynn
Dystopian Science Fiction

A post-apocalyptic survival saga that drags the reader, kicking and screaming, on a journey through a world hundreds of years after civilization fell.

Long after the world has died, one man goes on a journey to save a single soul and ends up changing the lives of countless others. For Jack Avery, living among the ruins of the outer zone and scavenging to survive is not the worst of nightmares. Something haunts him far more than any hunter patrol. In one short moment, two years before, something happened that changed him. This story is about his journey through the apocalypse, but also through his own regrets and doubts.

Are there second chances?
Can Jack find the answer to his torment among the shattered ruins of the past?

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Author: Kummerow, Marion
Post World War Two Historical Novel

World War II is over, but another battle has just begun…

Marlene has no love lost for the Soviet occupying forces, who turn out to be every bit as cruel as the Nazis were. Living in constant fear of the Russian soldiers, she works in a hospital to make ends meet, where she meets Werner, a cold-hearted career politician.

Werner, a German émigré to Moscow, returns to his hometown with the highest hopes for a better future. Sent by the communist party to bring freedom, wealth and happiness to the people, he’s soon caught in a moral conflict between loyalty to his party and his conscience.

When Marlene criticizes the communist regime, she becomes the target of powerful men. Oblivious to the danger for her own life, she refused to back down, and there’s only one thing Werner can do to save her life: defy the party line.

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Author: Sisavath, Sam
Men’s Adventure Fiction

The man who calls himself John Smith once had a reason to fight: He was committed to a crusade he was willing to kill and die for. Trained by one of the best gunmen alive, Smith’s natural instincts with a handgun were honed to almost perfection.

But after suffering a devastating loss, Smith has turned his back on everything he once believed in. Now, Smith wanders post-Purge America, crossing paths with other survivors—some good, some bad, and some…unknown—while dealing with the monsters that still lurk in the darkness, forever waiting for unsuspecting prey.

Smith doesn’t go out of his way to find trouble, but no one who has gone up against him has done so more than once. One of these days, he might find something to believe in again, but until that time comes, cross John Smith at your own peril.

Half Past Midnight (affiliate link)

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Author: Brackett, Jeff
Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction
The Doomsday Clock gauges the threat of nuclear war. The closer the hands are to midnight, the more imminent the threat of nuclear war. But what happens after the hands reach midnight? Survivalist Leeland Dawcett finds out when he and his family are plunged into the nightmare of their country returned to a third-world state. No phones. No computers. No television. At first, Leeland thinks basic survival is the answer. Then he crosses the path of the wrong guy… someone who wants to do more than simply survive.
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Author: Raines, Abigail
Paranormal Werewolves & Shifters Romance

I didn’t want to resist her. I had to.

As a Tremblay brother, I’m loyal to my wolf clan. Which means that I have a set of rules to follow. Rules that wouldn’t let me quench my desire for Michelle. For one, she’s human. Absolutely forbidden. Secondly, I’m her boss. And third, making a move on her would mean betraying my pack. This is nothing but torture. Having to look the other way when she’s all I obsess over. I want to make her mine. Claim every inch of her delicious curves. But when my obsession gets the better of me… I have to pay for what I’ve done.

Michelle is pregnant.

I’m about to gain a family… does that mean I lose everything else in the process?

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Author: Holmberg, D.K.
Fantasy Adventure Fiction

Trained to destroy sorcery from a young age, Imogen Inaratha left that life behind, having come to see magic differently. When her brother asks for help, she embarks on a dangerous journey—and must face a part of her past she wanted to forget.

An encounter with one of the mythical Porapeth changes the course of the journey. Protecting him forces her to face dark magical creatures and a powerful sorcerer determined to destroy the Porapeth in his quest for even more power.

To succeed, she must learn the truth of the blade she’d long thought she’d mastered.

She must truly become the First of the Blade.

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Author: Gray, Elle
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Private Investigator Mysteries

Blake Wilder is plagued with nightmares from her dark and twisted past.
Fourteen years ago, her entire family was taken from her.
Her parents murdered, and her sister taken.
At the age of 22, Blake joined the FBI in hopes of one day discovering the truth behind the mysteries of her own past.
The past few years since joining the FBI, Blake has seen many gruesome and nightmare inducing cases.
Now, she faces what may be the most grim and mysterious case of her career.
A case that will take her to Briar Glen.

Briar Glen is a sleepy and affluent town on the coast of Washington.
But this idyllic seaside town is far from what it appears to be.
As Blake digs deeper into the case to unravel the strange mystery behind the 3 female victims, she finds that little is as it seems.

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Author: McDonnell, Caimh
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Lawyers & Criminals Humor

The Dublin Trilogy Deluxe Part 1 contains:

A Man With One of Those Faces (The Dublin Trilogy Book 1): The first time somebody tried to kill him was an accident; the second time was deliberate. Now, Paul Mulchrone finds himself on the run with nobody to turn to except a nurse who has read one-too-many crime novels and a renegade copper with a penchant for violence. Together they must solve one of the most notorious crimes in Irish history before they’re history.

Bloody Christmas (Novella): It’s Christmas Eve and DS Bunny McGarry is in the mood to celebrate – he’s back on duty after proving that throwing a senior officer off a building was an appropriate action during an investigation. His festivities are interrupted when someone attempts to assassinate him while he’s taking a leak. Bunny soon finds himself in a race against time to trace a kidnapped child before the people who ordered the hit realise that he is less dead than they had hoped.

Cold Eyes (First Contact) (affiliate link)

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Author: Cawdron, Peter
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Science Fiction Adventure

The UN warship Magellan is twelve light-years from Earth, exploring a cold eye, a tidally-locked super-earth called Bee. At least two advanced, intelligent species evolved on the planet, but the crew’s attempts at radio communication result in garbled replies. No one is waiting for them in orbit. The crew has to figure out why. Any misunderstandings could lead to war.

Warning: The most absurd part of this story is true and accurately portrayed.

The FIRST CONTACT series is similar to BLACK MIRROR or THE TWILIGHT ZONE in that this collection is based on a common theme rather than common characters. This allows these books to be read in any order.

Empire of Lies (affiliate link)

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Author: Klavan, Andrew
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Conspiracy Thrillers

Sustained by a deep religious faith, Jason Harrow has built a stable family and become a pillar of principle and patriotism. Then the phone rings, and his past is on the other end of the line. A woman with whom he once shared a life of violence and desire claims her daughter is missing—and Jason is the one man who can find her.

Returning to New York City from the Midwest, Jason finds himself entangled in a murderous conspiracy that bizarrely links his private passions to the turmoil of a world at war. Hunted by terrorists and the police, Jason has only hours to unravel an ex-lover’s lies and face the unbearable truth: In order to prevent a savage attack on his country, he’s going to have to risk his decency, his sanity—and his life.

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Author: McMillan, Kate
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Soups & Stews Cooking

A revised collection of seasonal soups for each day of the year, featuring 100 new recipes and new full-color photography.

Soup is often thought of as comfort dish for cold weather, Soup of the Day showcases how diverse soups can be. From light gazpachos to hearty chowders, cream of tomato to chicken noodle, vegetable-lentils to steak and potatoes, there’s something to please every palate throughout the year—and plenty of full-meal soups for easy dinner solutions.

New recipes include:

Creamy Cauliflower Soup with Crispy Pancetta & Gremolata

Creamy Brussels Sprouts Soup with Maple Bacon

Indian-Spiced Parsnip Soup with Grilled Naan

Mac & Cheese Chili

Tofu-Kimchi Stew

Mushroom, Leek, Wheat Berries & Shrimp Soup

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Author: Donath, Orna
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Feminist Theory

A provocative and deeply important study of women’s lives, women’s choices—and an ‘unspoken taboo’—that questions the societal pressures forcing women into motherhood

Women who opt not to be mothers are frequently warned that they will regret their decision later in life, yet we rarely talk about the possibility that the opposite might also be true—that women who have children might regret it. Drawing on years of research interviewing women from a variety of socioeconomic, educational, and professional backgrounds, sociologist Orna Donath treats regret as a feminist issue: as regret marks the road not taken, we need to consider whether alternative paths for women currently are blocked off. She asks that we pay attention to what is forbidden by rules governing motherhood, time, and emotion, including the cultural assumption that motherhood is a “natural” role for women—for the sake of all women, not just those who regret becoming mothers.

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