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Author: Mignogna, Adeena
Humorous Science Fiction

What would you do if you were kidnapped by alien robots?

Ruby Palmer finds herself on an entire planet surrounded by the things she hates the most: robots. Besides taking everything she says way too literally, the robots have problems of their own. A myriad of technical glitches are, on the cosmological scale, quickly destroying them. Ruby has the programming knowledge and skills that matter to them, but can she overcome her fears and find it within herself to help? Her survival, along with the survival of all of humanity and robot kind, depends on it.

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Author: Gleason, Colleen
Paranormal Women’s Fiction

At forty-eight, Jacqueline Finch has a nice, easy life with few responsibilities: she’s been a librarian in Chicago for twenty-five years, she doesn’t have a husband, children, or pets, and she’s just coasting along, enjoying her books and a small flower garden now that she’s over the hill.

That is, until the Universe (helped by three old crones) has other ideas.

All at once, Jacqueline’s staid (and boring) life is upended, and the next thing she knows, she’s heading off to Button Cove to start a new life as the owner of Three Tomes Bookshop.

The bookstore is a darling place, and Jacqueline is almost ready to be excited about this new opportunity…until Mrs. Hudson and Mrs. Danvers show up. Somehow, the literary characters of Sherlock Holmes’s landlady and Rebecca deWinter’s creepy and sardonic housekeeper are living persons who work at the bookshop (when they aren’t bickering with each other).

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Author: Lock, Lynda L.
Action & Adventure

An outrageous, thrilling Caribbean adventure!
On Isla Mujeres, a tiny island off the eastern coast of Mexico, two twenty-something women find themselves in possession of a seemingly authentic treasure map, which leads them on a chaotic search for buried treasure while navigating the dangers of too much tequila, disreputable men, and a killer.

And there is a dog, a lovable rescue-mutt.

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Author: Allenton, Kate
Romantic Suspense

Clara Bennett’s gift is also her curse.

Sometimes she sees the past, other times she sees the future, and on rare occasions, the visions she sees are of herself.

She knows how she’s going to die.

She’s seen the location of her death.

And she knows she doesn’t have long to live.

What if she’s wrong?

When Clara meets FBI Special Agent Porter Anderson, a man looking for her assistance on his case, her immediate response is to refuse him, and she does. She’s seen him before in her visions. He’s the man standing over her shallow grave, watching her die.

Always Yours, My Laird (affiliate link)

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Author: MacKenna, Maddie
Steamy Scottish Historical Romance

He saw stars in her eyes and fell in love with the sky…

After her father’s death, Millie Douglas is content to continue on with the family business. She is done with all the men thinking she needs them to succeed. And no one is exempt from her rage…not even the Laird.

Laird Kieren Byrne is notorious for being the non-talkative type, especially after his mother’s death. But he always seems to favor the spice merchant’s daughter a lot more. A moment of weakness and a loose tongue make him say something he might spend the rest of his days regretting.

Despite their rocky start, Kieren is determined to help Millie and make her his wife. Step one? Convince her to come live with him in order to show her his true self. But living in the castle is no easy feat. Especially when the walls themselves want to devour her alive.

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Author: Schwab, Ron
Frontier & Pioneer Western Fiction

Fifteen years after the disappearance of Miranda Wheaton, Pinkerton agents Trace Crockett and Darby Maguire must leave no stone unturned while evading Kansas twisters, surviving Dodge City gunfights, and embarking on a treacherous journey to “No Man’s Land,” as the two “blood hounds” try to pick up the scent of the missing young woman.

NO MAN’S LAND – Book 2
In the aftermath of a bloody train robbery, The Pinkerton Detective Agency enlists the newly married detectives Trace and Darby Crockett to track down the gold bullion that was stolen from the train, as well as one of the passengers who was abducted by the outlaws: the fifteen year-old daughter of a railroad executive.

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Author: TheFirstDefier, Brink, JF
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Cyberpunk Science Fiction

Zac was alone in the middle of the forest when the world changed…

The whole planet was introduced to the multiverse by an unfeeling System… or God. A universe where an endless number of races and civilizations fought for power and dominion.

Zac finds himself stuck in the wilderness surrounded by deadly beasts, demons, and worse. Alone, lost and without answers, he must find the means to survive and get stronger in this new cut-throat reality.

With only a hatchet for his weapon, he’ll have to seek out his family before the world collapses… or die trying.

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Author: Pratt, Douglas
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Chase Gordon has the life. The former Marine works part-time as a bartender to support his life island-hopping on his 40-foot sailboat.When the pretty young wife of one of his fellow Marines shows up looking for her husband, Chase steps in to help her out.Immediately, he finds himself in a stand-off between one of South Florida’s most dangerous drug dealers and the D.E.A. Now, he’s left wondering what kind of trouble his friend might be facing. Can Chase even save him?Filled with action and adventure, Chase Gordon is the next Travis McGee.
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Author: AEgisdóttir , Eva Bjorg
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Hard-Boiled Mysteries

When a body of a woman is discovered at a lighthouse in the Icelandic town of Akranes, it soon becomes clear that she’s no stranger to the area.

Chief Investigating Officer Elma, who has returned to Akranes following a failed relationship, and her collegues Sævar and Hörður commence an uneasy investigation which uncovers a shocking secret in the dead woman’s past that continues to reverberate in the present day.

But as Elma and her team make a series of discoveries, they bring to light a host of long-hidden crimes that shake the entire community. Sifting through the rubble of the townspeople’s shattered memories, they have to dodge increasingly serious threats and find justice…before it’s too late.

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Author: Lord, Walter
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Oceania History
At first, no one but the lookout recognized the sound. Passengers described it as the impact of a heavy wave, a scraping noise, or the tearing of a long calico strip. In fact, it was the sound of the world’s most famous ocean liner striking an iceberg, and it served as the death knell for 1,500 souls. In the next two hours and forty minutes, the maiden voyage of the Titanic became one of history’s worst maritime accidents. As the ship’s deck slipped closer to the icy waterline, women pleaded with their husbands to join them on lifeboats. Men changed into their evening clothes to meet death with dignity. And in steerage, hundreds fought bitterly against certain death. At 2:15 a.m. the ship’s band played “Autumn.” Five minutes later, the Titanic was gone. Based on interviews with sixty-three survivors, Lord’s moment-by-moment account is among the finest books written about one of the twentieth century’s bleakest nights.
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Author: Scott, Scarlett
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Scottish Historical Romance

Lady Calliope Manning is determined to punish the man she holds responsible for her beloved brother’s death. She will do anything in her power to destroy him. When rumors swirl that the Earl of Sinclair requires a wealthy bride to rescue himself from dire financial straits, she seizes the opportunity to ruin him at last.

Justin “Sin” Vaughn, Earl of Sinclair, needs to marry an heiress, and he needs to marry one now. But the sudden, anonymous publication of salacious memoirs rumored to be his obliterates his chances. With polite society convinced he is a murderer, he has only one choice: find the person behind his supposed memoirs and get his revenge.

Callie never expected Lord Sinclair to discover she wrote Confessions of a Sinful Earl. Or to abduct her and demand restitution in the form of her own hand in marriage. She definitely did not expect to find him so difficult to resist…

Hold Still (affiliate link)

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Author: Regan, Lisa
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Police Procedurals

After years as a patrol cop, detective Jocelyn Rush is almost immune to the depravity that stalks the meaner streets of Philadelphia…almost. After saving her three-year-old daughter from a carjacking, she ends up in the emergency room—and discovers that Anita, a former prostitute and acquaintance from her old days on the beat, has been hideously mutilated in a brutal assault.

With the help of her partner and Philadelphia’s Special Victims Unit, Jocelyn discovers that Anita isn’t the first victim of these attacks and it looks like she won’t be the last. When the violence hits closer to home, Jocelyn knows she must do whatever it takes to stop the sadistic attacker—even if it means confronting a terrible secret from her painful past.

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