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Author: Moscato, Johnny
Horror Suspense

It was supposed to be the opportunity of a lifetime—the chance to be on a reality show and win a million dollars.

Ten contestants are dropped individually on a remote island in the Pacific Ocean with one goal in mind—SURVIVE. But, there are more dangers lurking in the shadows than just the wolves, bears, isolation and harsh environment. Nobody expected a murderer among them.

The last survivor standing will win the million dollar prize, but the real prize might be merely coming home alive when all communication with the outside world is lost and sleeping bags start turning into body bags.

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Author: Karrington, Blake
Urban Fiction
Ever wonder what goes on in the world of your favorite author? Come follow the life of Best Selling Urban author and publisher, ZION. A world where lines get crossed and things happen as people follow their hearts, lust and greed on their way to the top. Zion and his business partner are down for whatever it takes to sign new and proven talent to their highly successful publishing house, ‘Rich Gang Publishing’. With the literary industry at his feet and six figures coming in monthly, nothing and no one is out of his reach and Zion plans to partake in it all. But what happens when art imitates life and things don’t play out exactly how he envisioned? Scorning the wrong woman could lead to the fall of an empire. Welcome to the world where writers play and facts become blurred with fiction every day.

Congo Dawn (affiliate link)

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Author: Windle, Jeanette
Action & Adventure Fiction

If absolute power breeds absolute corruption, what happens when a multinational corporation with unlimited funds hires on a private military company with unbridled power, especially in a war-torn African nation where any governmental accountability is for sale at only too cheap a price?

While former Marine lieutenant Robin Duncan is no stranger to corruption or conspiracy, she has always been able to tell the good guys from the bad. At first, her current assignment is no different: working on behalf of an international corporation to insurgent killer. But as a ruthless global conspiracy begins to surface, run by powerful men who can’t afford to leave witnesses, Robin doesn’t know who to trust. Nor can she see any way to save the Ituri rainforest villagers she has sworn to protect. Why is God silent amid all the pain and injustice? And how do these people of faith continue to rejoice in their suffering?

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Author: Kang, Alexa
Historical World War II Fiction

The land of the rising sun . . .
. . . Or the land of the free
Their survival hinges on his choice

Like any other American man, all Tom Sakai wants is a good life and a decent job. But in 1941, a Nisei son of Japanese immigrants could never be American enough. Frustrated, he leaves Seattle, his hometown. He sets out to sea, searching for his place in the world.

In Manila, he meets his soulmate, Fumiko, a Nisei from Los Angeles with a heartbreaking past. Together, they begin a new life, leaving behind the path of prejudice they walked at home.

Until the Pearl Harbor attack shatters their dreams.

Their dual identity now forces them to take a side. The wrong choice could cost them their lives.

Stranded in occupied territory, Tom must now decide where his loyalty lies. Should he swear his allegiance to Imperial Japan, the instigator of war and violence?

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Author: Mackenzie, Zanna
Cozy Mystery

A movie star stalker. A mountain ski lodge dripping in luxury. A moment that changes everything.

Stalkers, shootings and sassy special agents. All part of being famous, right? Well, they are for Oscar-winning actress Amelia Kingston when she starts getting deeply disturbing and threatening notes left by a stalker. When her boyfriend Ty is shot she calls in the Celebrity Crimes Investigation Agency (CCIA) the elite agency that specializes in solving crimes for the rich and famous.

The CCIA send new recruit Amber Reed and her rather handsome special agent partner Charlie undercover to Amelia’s luxury mountain chalet to investigate.

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Author: Black, Molly
A string of murders around a frozen lake on the American-Canadian border leads the FBI and Canada to create an elite unit to tackle cross-border killers. FBI BAU Special Agent Katie Winter, originally from the Upper Peninsula and accustomed to its harsh winters and rough terrain, is the perfect candidate—yet with the childhood disappearance of her sister still haunting her, it was the one place Katie had hoped never to return.
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Author: Tucker, K.A.
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Family Saga Fiction

I ran from home to escape heartbreak, only to deliver myself into the hands of a wolf.
Henry Wolf, that is.
Heir to a luxury hotel chain.
Infamous playboy.
Arrogant bastard.
And my new boss.
Why he wants me, Abbi Mitchell—a girl who lacks experience on every front that would matter to him—as his personal assistant, I cannot fathom, especially when I keep screwing up in the most spectacular way.

Did I already mention he’s a bastard?
A beautiful, moody one, who’s quick to demand, slow to apologize.
And toying with me every chance he gets.
Testing me.
Messing with my head in a way that makes my body crave him.
He knows it, and he doesn’t hide the fact that he enjoys doing it.
He says he doesn’t want me for more than my mediocre computer skills and color-coding flair.

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Author: Standage, Tom
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Gastronomy History
Beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea, and Coca-Cola: In Tom Standage’s deft, innovative account of world history, these six beverages turn out to be much more than just ways to quench thirst. They also represent six eras that span the course of civilization-from the adoption of agriculture, to the birth of cities, to the advent of globalization. A History of the World in 6 Glasses tells the story of humanity from the Stone Age to the twenty-first century through each epoch’s signature refreshment. As Standage persuasively argues, each drink is in fact a kind of technology, advancing culture and catalyzing the intricate interplay of different societies. After reading this enlightening book, you may never look at your favorite drink in quite the same way again.

The Girl Who Was Taken (affiliate link)

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Author: Donlea, Charlie
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Kidnapping Thrillers

Two abducted girls—one who returns, one who doesn’t.

The night they go missing, high school seniors Nicole Cutty and Megan McDonald are at a beach party in their small town of Emerson Bay, North Carolina. Police launch a massive search, but hope is almost lost—until Megan escapes from a bunker deep in the woods. . . . A year later, the bestselling account of her ordeal has made Megan a celebrity. It’s a triumphant story, except for one inconvenient detail: Nicole is still missing.

Nicole’s older sister, Livia, a fellow in forensic pathology, expects that one day soon Nicole’s body will be found and her sister’s fate determined. Instead, the first clue comes from another body—that of a young man connected to Nicole’s past. Livia reaches out to Megan to learn more about that fateful night. Other girls have disappeared, and she’s increasingly sure the cases are connected.

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Author: Spiro, Julia
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Friendship Fiction

Here’s the thing about secrets: they change shape over time, become blurry with memory, until the truth is nearly lost.

2009. Lindsey and Georgie have high hopes for their summer on Martha’s Vineyard. In the wake of the recession, ambitious college graduate Lindsey accepts a job as a nanny for an influential family who may help her land a position in Boston’s exclusive art world. Georgie, the eldest child in that family, is nearly fifteen and eager to find herself, dreaming of independence and yearning for first love.

Over the course of that formative summer, the two young women develop a close bond. Then, one night by the lighthouse, a shocking act occurs that ensnares them both in the throes of a terrible secret. Their budding friendship is shattered, and neither one can speak of what happened that night for ten long years.

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Author: Druett, Joan
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19th Century World History

In May 1841, the Massachusetts whaleship Sharon set out for the whaling ground of the northwestern Pacific. A year later, while most of the crew was out hunting, Capt. Howes Norris was brutally murdered. When the men in the whaleboats returned to the ship, they found four crew members on board, three of whom were covered in blood, the other screaming from atop the mast.

Single-handedly, the third officer launched a surprise attack to recapture the Sharon, killing two of the attackers and subduing the other. An American investigation into the murder was never conducted—even when the Sharon returned home three years later, with only four of the original twenty-nine-man crew on board.

The Seventh Bride (affiliate link)

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Author: Kingfisher, T.
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Young Rhea is a miller’s daughter of low birth, so she is understandably surprised when a mysterious nobleman, Lord Crevan, shows up on her doorstep and proposes marriage. Since commoners don’t turn down lords—no matter how sinister they may seem—Rhea is forced to agree to the engagement.

Lord Crevan demands that Rhea visit his remote manor before their wedding. Upon arrival, she discovers that not only was her betrothed married six times before, but his previous wives are all imprisoned in his enchanted castle. Determined not to share their same fate, Rhea asserts her desire for freedom. In answer, Lord Crevan gives Rhea a series of magical tasks to complete, with the threat “Come back before dawn, or else I’ll marry you.”

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