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Author: Hardy, M J
Women’s Psychological Fiction

When three women win a holiday in a Facebook competition, they think it’s by chance.
It’s not.
When one woman accompanies her husband on business, she thinks she’ll return with him.
She won’t.

Welcome to the resort where nothing is as it seems.

On the outside, it’s heaven on earth. A dreamy romantic getaway, with pristine sandy beaches, glorious sunshine, and glamorous accommodation.
The perfect lover’s hideaway with uninterrupted views over a freshwater lagoon.
Nothing to do but enjoy the ultimate pamper experience on a ridiculously dreamy holiday of a lifetime.

That’s what they think.

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Author: Croft, N.J.

An FBI Agent with a deadly secret.
A clandestine organization that spans the globe.
A terrifying vision of a future where free will is totally eradicated.

While investigating a suspicious plane crash that killed his former army unit, FBI Special Agent Zack Wilder uncovers evidence that the victims were all unknowing participants in an unauthorized and sinister experiment perpetrated by a clandestine organization: the Fulcrum.
Zack is determined to discover the reason behind the deaths and bring the perpetrators to justice. But when a ghost from his past re-appears, it becomes clear that the responsibility lies closer to home than he could have ever imagined. Because Zack has a secret. One that could destroy his friends and enemies alike.
Now Zack must decide where his loyalties lie and how far he is willing to go to keep his secrets. Or will he risk everything to save humanity from a future where free will is gone forever?

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Author: Field, Helen E.
Humorous Fiction
Brooke’s a gorgeous young mum who lives in Essex in England. Her favourite things in life:
Her baby, Paige
Husband Dean
Hot tubs
OK! magazine
All that’s missing is the hot tub. Brooke’s bored at home and is a woman who wants financial independence, but mostly a hot tub. Dean’s a man with traditional values and he doesn’t want Brooke to work but she’s a reluctant stay at home wife. She secretly takes a job at a nearby country house, meeting the incorrigible Lady Townsend and other English aristocrats. These unlikely friendships, plus some jaw-dropping events, help Brooke mature and realise that she’s capable of so much more than she thought and a belated coming-of-age story begins.

The Red Canary (affiliate link)

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Author: McDaniel, Rachel Scott
Historical Romance

Music sparks her world, but can love ignite her heart?

In 1928, soot from the local mills and music from speakeasies linger in the Pittsburgh air. When the manager of The Kelly Club is found dead, nightclub singer Vera Pembroke is thrust into peril. As the only witness to the crime, she’s sentenced to hide away in the Allegheny Forest with a stuffy police sergeant as her guardian.

Sergeant Mick Dinelo harbors a burning hatred for Pittsburgh’s underworld after the devastation it left on his life—and heart. He should be out exposing culpable gangsters rather than tending to the impetuous woman who defies his every effort to keep her safe.

Mick and Vera must set aside their differences to solve the murder that someone wants to keep buried beneath the soot of Steel City.

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Author: Lund, Lizz
Mystery Anthologies


Spring is here–things are looking up! Our hero, Mina, has a new car. And she even has a boyfriend or two lined up. But all hope of smooth sailing vanishes when she hits a bump in the road: she loses her job. Luckily, she stumbles upon a full-time job. A rather peculiar job, with some definitely odd co-workers. Who try to kill her–and Chef Jack.


Summertime, and the living is… not as easy as Mina had hoped. But, she finally has a full-time job, working alongside her new boyfriend, Jack (that is, Chef Jacque, when they’re at Squirrel Run Acres.) That’s good, right? Except when tempers flare hotter than fat on a fire. But Jack steps up to the rescue and splurges for a romantic get-away to Cape May, New Jersey. All is forgiven and soon sunset beaches wink from the distance, until their journey through Jersey stumbles upon the discovery of Babette Bernstein. Her murder launches a connect-the-dots of corpses that ripples dangerously around Mina and Jack. Oh–and the kidnappings, plural–are a little scary, too.

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Author: Michaels, Maria
Clean & Wholesome Romance

Falling for your brother’s best friend can be tricky…and fun!

Genevieve Hannigan has longed for her brother’s best friend Wallace as long as she can remember. When she couldn’t have the man of her dreams, she married his Doppelganger. But Genevieve quickly finds that substitutes are never as good as the real thing. Now, with a disastrous two-month marriage behind her, she’s back in town and about to go after studly, hard-bodied contractor Wallace – the only man who’s ever put the cream in her pie.

As his best friend’s little sister, Genevieve has always been strictly off-limits to Wallace. Just one taste of gorgeous Gen, and he may have discovered the secret ingredient missing in all his serial dating.

But when Gen’s ex-husband shows up in town with hopes to reconcile, Wallace’s life is about to get turned upside down…

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Author: Jones, James
Regularly $27.99, Today $3.99
Classic Historical Fiction

Three classic World War II novels in one collection, including the National Book Award winner From Here to Eternity.

An army base at Pearl Harbor. The jungles of Guadalcanal. A veterans hospital on the home front. Inspired by his own experiences in the US Army, author James Jones’s World War II Trilogy stands as one of the most significant achievements in war literature. This compilation includes:

From Here to Eternity
Pearl Harbor, 1941. A challenging young private is transferred to a unit where the commander is determined to make his life hell. This edition includes scenes and dialogue censored for the novel’s original publication. A true classic, From Here to Eternity was made into an Academy Award–winning film and a television mini-series, as well as adapted for the stage.

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Author: Cooney, Caroline B.
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Young Adult Thrillers

No one ever really paid close attention to the faces of the missing children on the milk cartons. But as Janie Johnson glanced at the face of the ordinary little girl with her hair in tight pigtails, wearing a dress with a narrow white collar–a three-year-old who had been kidnapped twelve years before from a shopping mall in New Jersey–she felt overcome with shock. She recognized that little girl–it was she. How could it possibly be true?

Janie can’t believe that her loving parents kidnapped her, but as she begins to piece things together, nothing makes sense. Something is terribly wrong. Are Mr. and Mrs. Johnson really Janie’s parents? And if not, who is Janie Johnson, and what really happened?

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Author: Everhart, Donna
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Women’s Psychological Fiction

In 1969, Dixie Dupree is eleven years old and already an expert liar. Sometimes the lies are for her mama, Evie’s sake—to explain away a bruise brought on by her quick-as-lightning temper. And sometimes the lies are to spite Evie, who longs to leave her unhappy marriage in Perry County, Alabama, and return to her beloved New Hampshire. But for Dixie and her brother, Alabama is home, a place of pine-scented breezes and hot, languid afternoons.

Though Dixie is learning that the family she once believed was happy has deep fractures, even her vivid imagination couldn’t concoct the events about to unfold. Dixie records everything in her diary—her parents’ fights, her father’s drinking and his unexplained departure, and the arrival of Uncle Ray. Only when Dixie desperately needs help and is met with disbelief does she realize how much damage her past lies have done. But she has courage and a spirit that may yet prevail, forcing secrets into the open and allowing her to forgive and become whole again.

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Author: Shannon, Lynn
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Contemporary Christian Fiction

When Dr. Tara Sims is robbed, she fights back to protect her daughter and nearly pays with her life. She’s rescued by Texas Ranger Grady West. Her childhood friend is now a handsome lawman, but Tara refuses to acknowledge the chemistry sparking between them. With a little girl to raise and a growing medical practice, she has no room in her life for romance.

Grady suspects the vicious assault wasn’t a random act. What he can’t figure out is why anyone would attack the single mother. He vows to protect Tara and her little girl while keeping his growing feelings for them out of the equation. Getting romantically involved with his sister’s best friend is more hazardous than hunting criminals.

As the threats escalate and evidence links the robbery to a homicide, Tara and Grady realize nothing is quite as it seems. Untangling a web of secrets makes them the target of a madman, and it’s only a matter of time before the killer strikes again…

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Author: Ihli, Noelle West
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Horror Fiction

Someone might hear you. No one will listen.

Norah ignored her brother’s screams that night. Because nothing in the haunted attraction was supposed to be real—let alone deadly.

Later, security footage will reveal that the killer walked right through the crowded plaza, his clothes stained red.

Desperate for answers and tormented by survivor’s guilt, Norah returns to the scene of the crime. And to her horror, the chorus of screams is louder than ever. Thrill seekers, including some of her classmates, are still eagerly lining up to purchase tickets.

But the killer hasn’t chosen his hunting ground at random.

And, like everyone else, he’s planning another visit.

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Author: Sherrer, Lydia
Regularly $7.99, Today $1.49
Cozy Fantasy Adventure

Saving the world is such a bother when it makes you late for tea.

Wizard Lily Singer is kept busy managing library archives, studying magic, and trying to keep her witch friend Sebastian from dragging her into trouble. Unfortunately, he loves adventure even more than she loves being left alone.

She doesn’t want to investigate a malignant spell in a haunted house, but Sebastian is promising rare books as the reward. She also doesn’t want to hurt her family, but is tired of being lied to about her past. And she definitely doesn’t want to get stuck in a dangerously unstable time loop, but Sebastian is in trouble—again…

Strangling her friend, as satisfying as it would be, won’t fix her problems. If she wants answers, and to not miss tea, she had best find the right spell for the job—before everything goes to hell, and takes them all with it.

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