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Author: Lindsay, Duane
Private Investigator Mysteries

Private Investigator Lou Fleener’s second surprising period thriller explores an explosively dangerous conundrum: how can Lou prevent a huge Nazi terrorist attack when every cop in Chicago thinks we wiped out all the Nazis in the war?

It’s early 1960’s Chicago and Lou’s back in business. After his last harrowing heist adventure, he took some time off…and ended up bored out of his skull. Now he’s scouring the city for clients. His fiery wife Cassidy and his painfully awkward yet brilliant best friend Monk are standing by, ready to serve as the crack team that recently bested the mob.

But their first customer has a doozy of a problem. She’s an elderly Holocaust survivor who needs Lou to investigate her new neighbor, a Nazi fugitive from justice she recognizes from the camps.

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Author: Daniels, A.M.
Romantic Comedy

No men.
It’s exactly what workaholic Lexi Regan needs after a virally famous breakup post. Serially unfortunate in the dating game, she’s seen it all. Players, moochers, all-around losers. Triple check. But one sight she can’t unsee is the model–sans clothes–in her unexpected art class. All it takes is one smirk, one tiny hint of a smile from him, and she remembers why she should avoid sexy men.

Imagine the double-take when she realizes he’s the groomsman opposite her in her cousin’s wedding.

Jack O’Connor has no shortage of admirers, and while casual attention can be fun, it’s quality he fears he’ll never find in a woman. He might be prepared to survive a wedding out of town, but he isn’t ready to face the blushing beauty from the drawing class he’d starred in after losing a bet.

Payback (affiliate link)

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Author: Coleman, William

Even a hitman deserve justice.

After the system fails decorated cop Alex Dunn, he is recruited by a secret organization that turns the tables of criminals who skirt that same system.

However, when every operative in the organization is targeted for termination on the same night, Alex is the only one to survive, forcing him to stay one step ahead.

The multiple killings draw the attention of the FBI and their investigation soon comes to focus on Alex.

Now he must walk a thin line between those who want him jailed and those who want him buried, while conducting his own investigation into the murders of his co-workers and friends.

Alex is met with challenges at every turn, each making him more determined than ever to find who is responsible and deliver PAYBACK.

All About The Treats (affiliate link)

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Author: Parker, Weston
Contemporary Romance Fiction

I’m known for my treats.

A billionaire bachelor with a world-wide candy company.

And I’m good being single. Life is too short to fall in love.

Until her. A curvy, brilliant, out-of-the-box single mom who’s changing the world one Halloween at a time.

Her Halloweenfest event is stealing the world stage each October.

And I’m impressed with far more than her business skills.

For the first time in my life, I want more. All of her. Everything she’s got to offer.

I’m just hesitant on being a dad. Mine was terrible, and it wrecked me as a kid.

The only thing to wreck me more?

Her not telling me right away that she’s pregnant… with our kid.

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Author: Talty, Jen
Contemporary Romance

Firefighter Cade Nash isn’t afraid of much, but one fear is deep-seated from childhood. The dentist. So, when his sexy new neighbor turns out to be a dentist, he does his best to contain his desire. He has dedicated his life to helping people, so when her car needs a jump, he is happy to help. But, when he breaks his tooth, and Heather offers to fix it, he wants nothing to do with her.

After leaving an abusive marriage, Dr. Heather Holbrook is ready to start a new life in a new city. All she wants is a quiet life, in a quaint neighborhood, and to learn to rely only on herself. A series of events forces Heather to rely on Cade far more than she’s comfortable with, her pull to him undeniable until he does the unthinkable, all in the name of protecting her.

Coming Home to Dream Valley (affiliate link)

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Author: Crabb, S J
Inspirational Romantic Comedy

When Sammy Jo heads to Dream Valley to marry eligible bachelor Marcus Hudson, on the surface, it appears she has everything.

Previously unlucky in love and desperate for a new beginning, she is hopeful for a gorgeous new life.

But this is no ordinary match made in heaven and when Sammy learns the reason behind the proposal, she has a very difficult decision to make.

If she marries the man she loves, she could destroy Dream Valley and if she walks away, it will be nursing a broken heart.

Before He Finds Her: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Kardos, Michael
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Psychological Thrillers

Everyone in the quiet Jersey Shore town of Silver Bay knows the story. One day in the early 1990s, Ramsey Miller threw a blowout block party—then murdered his beautiful wife and three-year-old daughter.

But everyone is wrong. The daughter got away. Under another name, she has spent the last fifteen years in small-town West Virginia as part of the witness protection program. She has never been allowed to travel, go to a school dance, or even get onto the internet at home. Precautions must be taken at every turn, because Ramsey Miller was never caught and might still be looking for his daughter.

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Author: Cameron, Stevie
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True Crime
Verteran investigative journalist Stevie Cameron first began following the story of missing women in 1998, when the odd newspaper piece appeared chronicling the disappearances of drug-addicted sex trade workers from Vancouver’s notorious Downtown Eastside. It was not until February 2002 that pig farmer Robert William Pickton would be arrested, and 2008 before he was found guilty, on six counts of second-degree murder. These counts were appealed and in 2010, the Supreme Court of Canada rendered its conclusion. The guilty verdict was upheld, and finally this unprecedented tale of true crime could be told.

Happiness: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Forna, Aminatta
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British & Irish Literary Fiction

London, 2014. A fox makes its way across Waterloo Bridge. The distraction causes two pedestrians to collide—Jean, an American studying the habits of urban foxes, and Attila, a Ghanaian psychiatrist. Attila has arrived in London with two tasks: to deliver a keynote speech on trauma, and to contact a friend’s daughter Ama, his “niece” who hasn’t called home in a while. Ama has been swept up in an immigration crackdown, and now her young son Tano is missing.

Jean offers to help Attila by mobilizing her network volunteer fox spotters. Soon, rubbish men, security guards, hotel doormen, traffic wardens—mainly West African immigrants who work the myriad streets of London—come together to help. As the search for Tano continues, a deepening friendship between Attila and Jean unfolds.

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Author: Ball, Philip
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Nature & Wildlife Photography

Though at first glance the natural world may appear overwhelming in its diversity and complexity, there are regularities running through it, from the hexagons of a honeycomb to the spirals of a seashell and the branching veins of a leaf. Revealing the order at the foundation of the seemingly chaotic natural world, Patterns in Nature explores not only the math and science but also the beauty and artistry behind nature’s awe-inspiring designs.

Unlike the patterns we create, natural patterns are formed spontaneously from the forces that act in the physical world. Very often the same types of pattern and form—such as spirals, stripes, branches, and fractals—recur in places that seem to have nothing in common, as when the markings of a zebra mimic the ripples in windblown sand. But many of these patterns can be described using the same mathematical and physical principles, giving a surprising unity to the kaleidoscope of the natural world.

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Author: Dugoni, Robert
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Police Procedurals

Seattle homicide detective Tracy Crosswhite returns home to a brutal murder and her haunted past.

The last time homicide detective Tracy Crosswhite was in Cedar Grove, it was to see her sister’s killer put behind bars. Now she’s returned for a respite and the chance to put her life back in order for herself, her attorney husband, Dan, and their new daughter. But tragic memories soon prove impossible to escape.

Dan is drawn into representing a local merchant whose business is jeopardized by the town’s revitalization. And Tracy is urged by the local PD to put her own skills to work on a new case: the brutal murder of a police officer’s wife and local reporter who was investigating a cold-case slaying of a young woman. As Tracy’s and Dan’s cases crisscross, Tracy’s trail becomes dangerous.

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Author: Holden, Wendy
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Historical Biographical Fiction

In 1933, twenty-two-year-old Marion Crawford accepts the role of a lifetime, tutoring the little Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret Rose. Her one stipulation to their parents the Duke and Duchess of York is that she bring some doses of normalcy into their sheltered and privileged lives.

At Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Balmoral, Marion defies stuffy protocol to take the princesses on tube trains, swimming at public baths, and on joyful Christmas shopping trips at Woolworth’s. From her ringside seat at the heart of the British monarchy she witnesses twentieth-century history’s most seismic events. The trauma of the Abdication, the glamour of the Coronation, the onset of World War II. She steers the little girls through it all, as close as a mother.

The Idiot (Vintage Classics) (affiliate link)

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Author: Dostoevsky, Fyodor
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Literary Satire Fiction
After his great portrayal of a guilty man in Crime and Punishment, Dostoevsky set out in The Idiot to portray a man of pure innocence. The twenty-six-year-old Prince Myshkin, following a stay of several years in a Swiss sanatorium, returns to Russia to collect an inheritance and “be among people.” Even before he reaches home he meets the dark Rogozhin, a rich merchant’s son whose obsession with the beautiful Nastasya Filippovna eventually draws all three of them into a tragic denouement. In Petersburg the prince finds himself a stranger in a society obsessed with money, power, and manipulation. Scandal escalates to murder as Dostoevsky traces the surprising effect of this “positively beautiful man” on the people around him, leading to a final scene that is one of the most powerful in all of world literature.
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Author: Coes, Ben
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Military Thrillers

Ruthless, clever, and unbelievably violent, the Russian mafia has rapidly taken over the criminal underworld in the U.S. and law enforcement has been unable to stem the tide. When a powerful Russian mob family declares war by publicly executing two high-profile American politicians, the message is unmistakable – opposition will be met with overwhelming deadly force. With no other viable options, the President creates a clandestine assassinations team to find and eliminate the unreachable men running this deadly criminal operation.

The CIA recruits two Tier 1 operators – former Navy SEALs Billy Cosgrove and Rob Tacoma. But before they can even get started, the Russians act – murdering Cosgrove in his own home. Now Tacoma is on his own against an organization with endless resources and no boundaries.

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Author: McKelvey Cleaver, Thomas
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Vietnam War History

The ‘Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club’ was the tongue-in-cheek nickname of the US Seventh Fleet that was stationed off the coast of Vietnam and this book tells the full story of the US Naval air campaign in the Vietnam War from 1965 to 1975.

On August 2, 1964, the USS Maddox became embroiled in the infamous Gulf of Tonkin incident that led directly to America’s increased involvement in the Vietnam War. Supporting the Maddox that day were four F-8E Crusaders from the USS Ticonderoga, and this was the very start of the US Navy’s commitment to the air war over Vietnam.

The Tonkin Gulf Yacht Club is titled after the nickname for the US Navy’s Seventh Fleet which was stationed off the coast of Vietnam, and it tells the full story of the US Navy’s war in the air. It details all the operations from the USS Maddox onwards through to the eventual withdrawal of the fleet following the collapse of South Vietnam in 1975.

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