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Author: Dow, Michael
Space Fleet Science
Dr. Jonas Hanssen spends his days hunting mineral-rich asteroids for the world’s largest corporate conglomerate. But by night, he’s on the verge of making one of the universe’s greatest scientific discoveries. It’s exactly the lifeline his company needs. Or better yet, the one he needs. Monique Durand uses art to better understand her place in the world, and to help make sense of her increasingly compelling visions. She has the potential to move mountains – in more ways than one. From a life-changing moment in a crowded Singapore marketplace to the business end of an assassin’s gun, they face a power beyond any the world has ever known. To survive, they’ll have to decipher the truth about dark matter, before the trillionaires of the Consortium can achieve their ruinous end game. Can this unlikely duo break the Consortium’s stranglehold? Or will they strangle each other first?
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Author: Skye, Joy
Romantic Comedy

Can a holiday cure a broken heart?

For divorcée Kate Delaney, it’s time to show the world that she can get along just fine without a man.

Embracing her son’s desire to propose to his girlfriend with her usual overzealous planning, she organizes a vacation to Corfu and plots the ‘big moment’.

But when her plans start to fall apart with hilarious consequences, she is thrown together with the dashing Pericles and is surprised to find herself relaxing into the Greek way of life.

Can this holiday really be about to change her future, and offer her a second chance of love?

Reginald Bones: Book 1 of 6 (affiliate link)

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Author: Bane, Lucian
Erotic Thrillers

He’s a man with two personalities– Reginald –the socialite, and Bones– the psycho.

Reginald is content to keep Bones off of death row. Happy to bury bodies in the graveyard they own, day in and day out. It’s a morbid business to run, but at least they’re on the noble side of death.

It all goes to hell when Reginald breaks one simple rule and falls for a grieving woman at the graveyard. Then Bones breaks the next simple rrule–he gives an inch to accommodate a desperate Reginald.

One taste is all it takes. One hour of proving to Reginald this woman is bad news. Now she’s tied up in their basement for a little play-date and Bones is ready to step in and devour her whole.

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Author: Abhaidev

What if we have been wrong about this world this whole time? What if only a few gifted individuals decide the fate of it? What if impossible is quite possible?
One of the prime minister’s many assistants, Aditya is no ordinary man. He is instead what some people call an Influencer. Yes! Literally! He is one of the few fortunate men who with the power of their minds can make other people agreeable and servile.

To the outside world, Aditya is just another employee on the government’s payroll. But secretly, he is part of a shadow organization called WIS. With his special abilities, Aditya helps the most powerful man in his country, the PM, to have the better end of the deal.

Life for Aditya had been smooth until one careless mistake precipitates into his wife knowing his big secret. WIS can tolerate anything but a defector. It takes WIS some time but eventually they find out Aditya’s big goof up.

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Author: Koenig, Andi H.
Adventurer & Explorer Biographies
A young woman with PTSD wants only to live a quiet, normal, behind-the-scenes life. When she and her sister suddenly develops severe allergies, they move to an undeveloped plot of land in the Western United States just to survive. Now, they have to fight wolves, weather, and lack of modern necessities, plus a large dose of their own fears and boredom, just to survive.
I know it sounds like a plot to some weird survival novel; but, this is a true story of me going to extreme lengths in order to survive and thrive. I’ve ended up on an adventure I’d never dreamed of: like being so far off grid that the county has promised me they will never run power to my place or maintain my road. Or, trusting passive solar heating as my only heat source—in an area where winters reach -20 F (-28 C).
This is a modern tale of building a life with little more than 1880s creature comforts, a dab of humor, a dash of resourcefulness, and a whole lot of stubbornness! This is my memoir notebook of homesteading stories, recording an insane adventure of off-grid survival in a hostile landscape.
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Author: Cheever, Sam
Paranormal Women’s Fiction

Psst! Can I tell you a secret? Midlife is a c-r-a-z-y ride. Not what I expected at all. But, I’m having a ton of fun in between the…you know…near death experiences and bladder-testing moments of complete terror.

Curse, curse, swear! How did midlife get so out of control? All I wanted was to make my own mark on the world. Start my own business and celebrate the end of an uninspiring marriage. Instead, I have a bat in my belfry. Not a metaphor…a REAL bat. The woods in my back yard is full of something dark from my nightmares. I’ve got a mysterious and sexy neighbor who seems to appear out of nowhere and knows more about my life than he should. And my best friends? Yeah, they’re witches.

What the..?

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Author: Gael, Christine
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Later in Life Romance

A story of love, sisterhood, and starting over…

Lena Merrill and Owen McEnna have been best friends for decades, and she’s done a great job of pretending she’s not in love with him that whole time…until recently. Maybe it’s all the changes in the air. Maybe it’s realizing that life is passing her by and most of her dreams are still unfulfilled. Whatever the case, her already notoriously bad poker face is slipping, and it needs to stop, pronto. Because there’s only one thing worse than not having Owen love her back, and that’s the thought of driving him away altogether.

When Nikki Merrill set off for Bluebird Bay to find her long lost sister, Anna, she never imagined she’d be returning home to Cherry Blossom Point with her in tow. Battle lines are drawn when each of her siblings have wildly different reactions to their new family member. Lena is willing to invite Anna into their lives, Gayle and Jack can’t even look at her, and Nikki? She’s caught dead in the middle of things. Will building a relationship with her new sister splinter the one she has with the siblings she’s always known?

I Am Legend (affiliate link)

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Author: Matheson, Richard
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Sci-Fi Horror

Winner of the Bram Stoker Lifetime Achievement Award for best vampire novel of the century: the genre-defining classic of horror sci-fi that inspired three films.

The population of the entire world has been obliterated by a pandemic of vampire bacteria. Yet somehow, Robert Neville survived. He must now struggle to make sense of what happened and learn to protect himself against the vampires who hunt him nightly.

As months of scavenging and hiding turn to years marked by depression and alcoholism, Robert spends his days hunting his tormentors and researching the cause of their affliction. But the more he discovers about the vampires around him, the more he sees the unsettling truth of who is—and who is not—a monster.

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Author: Glatt, John
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Murder & Mayhem True Accounts

New York Times bestselling author John Glatt reveals the tragedy of the Watts family, whose seemingly perfect lives played out on social media—but the truth would lead to a vicious and heartbreaking murder.

In the early morning hours of August 13th, 2018, Shanann Watts was dropped off at home by a colleague after returning from a business trip. It was the last time anyone would see her alive. By the next day, Shanann and her two young daughters, Bella and Celeste, had been reported missing, and her husband, Chris Watts, was appearing on the local news, pleading for his family’s safe return.

But Chris Watts already knew that he would never see his family again. Less than 24 hours after his desperate plea, Watts made a shocking confession to police: he had strangled his pregnant wife to death and smothered their daughters, dumping their bodies at a nearby oil site. Heartbroken friends and neighbors watched in shock as the movie-star handsome, devoted family man they knew was arrested and charged with first degree murder.

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Author: Koontz, Dean
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A bloodthirsty sheriff is terrorizing a small Texas town where justice has been buried with his victims. Until Nameless arrives—a vigilante whose past is a mystery and whose future is written in blood.

Anyone who crosses Sheriff Russell Soakes is dead, missing, or warned. One of them is a single mother trying to protect her children but bracing herself for the worst. Nameless fears the outcome. He’s seen it in his visions. Now it’s time to teach the depraved Soakes a lesson in fear. But in turning predators into prey, will Nameless unearth a few secrets of his own?

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Author: Greyson, Christopher
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Mystery Thriller

A guilt-ridden detective. A missing sister. One final chance for redemption.

This runaway hit mystery introduces us to handsome rogue Jack Stratton. Driven by a debt of honor to his fallen foster-brother and a deep need to protect his vulnerable, yet feisty sidekick, Jack must dive into a world full of deception and lies. But in the sleepy community of Darrington, nothing is as it appears to be. Navigating the quirky characters that hold the answers to their foster-sister’s disappearance, these two underdogs must put aside their differences and fight back-to-back if they are to save Michelle.
As Jack’s world continues to crumble, secrets from his past drag him down. Forced to confront the demons from his past, Jack must take action, find Michelle and bring her home… or die trying.

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Author: Sword, Wiley
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History of the U.S. Confederacy

The rise of Civil War general John Bell Hood, his command of the Confederate Army of Tennessee, and the decisions that led to its downfall.

Though he barely escaped expulsion from West Point, John Bell Hood quickly rose through the ranks of the Confederate army. With bold leadership in the battles of Gaines’ Mill and Antietam, Hood won favor with Confederate president Jefferson Davis. But his fortunes in war took a tragic turn when he assumed command of the Confederate Army of Tennessee.

After the fall of Atlanta, Hood marched his troops north in an attempt to draw Union army general William T. Sherman from his devastating “March to the Sea.” But the ploy proved ruinous for the South. While Sherman was undeterred from his scorched-earth campaign, Hood and his troops charged headlong into catastrophe.

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