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The Kill Switch (Book One) (affiliate link)

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Author: C.P. IRVINE, IAN
Psychological Thriller

What is the biggest threat to mankind? A pandemic? Global warming? Nuclear war? None of the above. Ray Luck knows the answer. Only Ray Luck can stop it. Or can he?

Based on truth, you’ll pray this story doesn’t ever come true!

What ‘1984’ was to the twentieth century, this book may be the
equivalent for today’s generation, and beyond.

When Ray Luck, leader of a covert offshore operations group is asked
to help MI5 and MI6 defend the UK from attack, he finds himself facing
a threat which some experts consider to be the greatest danger facing
humanity today. A threat that few people know about, but which some
world leaders fear above all others.

More dangerous than the threat of climate change or nuclear war.

It wasn’t meant to happen so soon. Perhaps in twenty years, but not now!
And no one is ready for it.

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Author: Woods, Elsie
Small Town Romantic Comedy

I might end up in jail for sticking this man’s head under a fur-fluffer before the day is out.
I thought things were moving along well with my job as a groomer of naughty puppies at the Dog’s Paw Dog Spa. I can handle the most troublesome of four-legged furballs, so it can’t be much harder to manage the male species of the two-legged variety, right?


Sure, things were a bit stressful with the upcoming entry exam for vet school, and my aunt who raised me hasn’t been doing well, but all of that was nothing compared to now.

Inspector Buckley waltzes into the Dog’s Paw Dog Spa and turns everything upside down.

If there ever was the perfect example of an arrogant, cocky, selfish hunk of man, it’s Inspector Buckley. He’s here to shut down the spa, and I’ve got to stop him.

But then again, there’s something stirring under that tough exterior, if only he would let it show a little more…

ALICE (affiliate link)

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Author: Lamb, Charles
Alien Invasion Science Fiction
Captain Jacob Thomas USMC is a divorced combat veteran just trying to get his life back on track. Returning to the Marine Corps after a failed attempt at reconciliation with his estranged wife, Jake volunteers for a DARPA experiment that catapults him into a future where humanity has been stripped of 200 years of technological advancements and more than half its population.With the help of a faceless benefactor named Alice, he escapes the confines of an abandoned lab facility and starts a journey to put earth back on a path to recovery. Jake’s path begins in the rich farmlands of central California and eventually places him in orbit and face to face with the very evil that started it all.
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Author: Giusti, Serena
Political Science

This book explores the challenges that disinformation, fake news, and post-truth politics pose to democracy from a multidisciplinary perspective. The authors analyse and interpret how the use of technology and social media as well as the emergence of new political narratives has been progressively changing the information landscape, undermining some of the pillars of democracy.

The volume sheds light on some topical questions connected to fake news, thereby contributing to a fuller understanding of its impact on democracy. In the Introduction, the editors offer some orientating definitions of post-truth politics, building a theoretical framework where various different aspects of fake news can be understood. The book is then divided into three parts: Part I helps to contextualise the phenomena investigated, offering definitions and discussing key concepts as well as aspects linked to the manipulation of information systems, especially considering its reverberation on democracy. Part II considers the phenomena of disinformation, fake news, and post-truth politics in the context of Russia, which emerges as a laboratory where the phases of creation and diffusion of fake news can be broken down and analysed; consequently, Part II also reflects on the ways to counteract disinformation and fake news. Part III moves from case studies in Western and Central Europe to reflect on the methodological difficulty of investigating disinformation, as well as tackling the very delicate question of detection, combat, and prevention of fake news.

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Author: Goyette, William J.
Hard-Boiled Mysteries


Decades ago, Detective Jake Hawksworth and best-selling suspense author Drew McCauley were brought together by a horrific crime. When Drew’s latest work of fiction becomes a living nightmare, the two men must once again confront the evil that has haunted them for years.
As Jake searches desperately for Drew’s son, he realizes this is no kidnap-for-ransom—that the monster he put away years ago, thought to be long dead and buried, has returned with a vengeance. And he will stop at nothing until he has enacted his revenge on Jake, Drew, and everyone they love.

A cat-and-mouse game ensues, forcing Jake to revisit the most shocking case of his career. The closer he gets to the truth, the more sinister the motives become. Long-buried secrets are unearthed, unspeakable truths exposed, and Jake discovers, to his horror, that nobody will walk away unscathed.

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Author: Higgins, G.D.
Irish Crime Mystery

A wealthy couple is dead. Their child is missing.

For DS Conal Brophy, a detective at a crossroads, this could be the case that breaks him. While he struggles to find a lead, a suspect from an old investigation reappears, muddying the waters.

As past and present collide, Brophy is forced to question his role in a case that haunts him, as he hunts for the killer and the missing boy.

But will the truth cost him more than his career?

Taker of Lives (Tess Winnett) (affiliate link)

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Author: Wolfe, Leslie
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Serial Killer Thriller

The crimes: bewildering

After a high-profile model is found dead, FBI Special Agent Tess Winnett finds it hard to accept the findings that it was suicide and pushes for an investigation. But as she delves into the case, she uncovers things she never expected to find.

The evidence: disturbing

As the killer embarks on a crime wave of terrifying scale, each new crime scene leads to more questions than answers. With little information and even less evidence, Tess must connect the dots of a deadly scenario with a large number of potential victims.

The contest: ominous

As even the closest held secrets are revealed, Tess is slowly and irrevocably drawn to the only conclusion she can make: she’s not the one in charge; the Taker of Lives controls the game, the players and even the course of her own investigation.

The King’s Daughter (affiliate link)

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Author: McIntyre, Vonda N.
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Alternate History Science Fiction
During the late seventeenth century, Louis XIV’s natural philosopher and explorer, Father Yves de la Croix, does what no one has done for four hundred years: he brings a living sea monster to land. Thus begins a stunning fantasy, a journey into science and superstition, and an alternate history in which Yves and his sister, Marie-Josèphe—a lady-in-waiting with her own finely tuned intelligence and insatiable curiosity—struggle to learn from and protect the sea woman. As Marie-Josèphe translates the sea woman’s songs into stories, she hopes to stave off the creature’s inevitable execution—for Louis XIV believes the wondrous being holds the secret to the immortality he craves, a twisted obsession that will force brother and sister to choose between their conscience and their loyalty to king and country . . .
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Author: Mayne, Andrew
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Action & Adventure

Coming from scandalous Florida treasure hunters and drug smugglers, Sloan McPherson is forging her own path, for herself and for her daughter, out from under her family’s shadow. An auxiliary officer for Lauderdale Shores PD, she’s the go-to diver for evidence recovery. Then Sloan finds a fresh kill floating in a canal—a woman whose murky history collides with Sloan’s. Their troubling ties are making Sloan less a potential witness than a suspect. And her colleagues aren’t the only ones following every move she makes. So is the killer.

Stalked by an assassin, pitted against a ruthless cartel searching for a lost fortune, and under watch within her ranks, Sloan has only one ally: the legendary DEA agent who put Sloan’s uncle behind bars. He knows just how deep corruption runs—and the kind of danger Sloan is in. To stay alive, Sloan must stay one step ahead of her enemies—both known and unknown—and a growing conspiracy designed to pull her under.

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Author: Pistorius, Martin
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Biographies of People with Disabilities

In January 1988, a happy, healthy twelve-year-old Martin Pistorius came home from school with a sore throat. Soon, he was sleeping all day, refusing meals, and starting to lose his voice.

His doctors were mystified. Within eighteen months, his voice fell silent and his developing mind became trapped inside a body he couldn’t control. Martin’s parents were told that the unknown degenerative disease he was struggling with would mean that he had less than two years to live. He felt invisible–like a ghost of himself.

The stress and heartache shook his family to the core, bringing his parents to the brink of separation. Their boy was gone–or so they thought. Martin started to come back to life. He couldn’t make a sign or a sound, but he’d become aware of the world around him again and was finally finding his way back to himself.

Hitler (affiliate link)

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Author: Fest, Joachim C.
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Historical German Biographies

A bestseller in its original German edition and subsequently translated into more than a dozen languages, Joachim Fest’s Hitler has become a classic portrait of a man, a nation, and an era.

Fest tells and interprets the extraordinary story of a man’s and nation’s rise from impotence to absolute power, as Germany and Hitler, from shared premises, entered into their covenant. He shows Hitler exploiting the resentments of the shaken, post–World War I social order and seeing through all that was hollow behind the appearance of power, at home and abroad. Fest reveals the singularly penetrating politician, hypnotizing Germans and outsiders alike with the scope of his projects and the theatricality of their presentation. Perhaps most importantly, he also brilliantly uncovers the destructive personality that aimed for and achieved devastation on an unprecedented scale.

Warcross (affiliate link)

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Author: Lu, Marie
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Science Fiction Action & Adventure

For the millions who log in every day, Warcross isn’t just a game—it’s a way of life. The obsession started ten years ago and its fan base now spans the globe, some eager to escape from reality and others hoping to make a profit. Struggling to make ends meet, teenage hacker Emika Chen works as a bounty hunter, tracking down Warcross players who bet on the game illegally. But the bounty-hunting world is a competitive one, and survival has not been easy. To make some quick cash, Emika takes a risk and hacks into the opening game of the international Warcross Championships—only to accidentally glitch herself into the action and become an overnight sensation.

Convinced she’s going to be arrested, Emika is shocked when instead she gets a call from the game’s creator, the elusive young billionaire Hideo Tanaka, with an irresistible offer. He needs a spy on the inside of this year’s tournament in order to uncover a security problem . . . and he wants Emika for the job.

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