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Author: Miller, Melissa F.
Medical Thrillers

Practicing Buddhist and retired forensic pathologist Bodhi King seeks peace. But death keeps finding him.

After solving a series of unexplained deaths and exposing a sordid political scandal, Bodhi retreated from the limelight. Permanently, he thought. But now he’s called out of early retirement to help investigate a death cluster on a private island in the Florida Keys.

Healthy residents of a ritzy assisted living facility are dying in the middle of the night … their faces frozen in terror.

Bodhi arrives on Golden Island to find a community gripped by fear. And beneath the surface, conflict simmers, threatening to boil over. The charismatic leader of the Golden Island Church, the dying Cuban-Americans, and the local Catholic priest all have secrets to protect.

It’s up to Bodhi to bring the truth to light … before another resident dies.

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Author: Leigh, Janet
Romantic Comedy

She yearns for romance. She needs a job. If she travels through time, she just might find both…
Sunnyside, Texas, present day. Jennifer Cloud hates that she’s unemployed and brokenhearted. Again. Still struggling to figure out how to adult, things get worse when an inherited amulet hurls her back to 1568 Scotland. And though she’s enchanted by kilted hunk Caiyan, she stumbles onto a plot to steal devices that can alter the past.

Lost in a world that makes less sense than her modern one, Jennifer dutifully embraces her destiny to defend history. But when a Mexican revolutionary swipes her ticket home, her mission and future may have come to a dead end.

Can Jennifer recover her strange necklace without rewriting prior events and maybe even hook up with the savory Scot?

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Author: Barber, Tom
Action Thriller

It’s New Year’s Eve. A major terrorist cell is planning a series of attacks across London over the next forty-eight hours. The government has surveillance on the group, a man undercover, and prepare to move in, to take out the terrorists before they can strike. But they lose contact with their inside man. And the cell vanishes into thin air, dispersing into the streets, armed and intent on completing their assault on London. The best Counter-Terrorist teams in the country are told to take them down before it’s too late.

Nine terrorists.

Nine lives.

The Armed Response Unit is one of these teams. Efficient and ruthless, the task force is ordered to locate the leader of the cell. As they hunt him down, they begin to realise that this is far bigger than any of them could ever have imagined. Bombings, rocket attacks, betrayal and a series of unexpected and shocking twists leave the ARU fighting to stay alive.

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Author: Vella, Wendy
Victorian Historical Romance

Will her secret bring her ruin or love?

Desperate and penniless, Miss Olivia Langley is out of options. To ensure her family’s survival she and her sister decide to take a drastic step – they don masks and take to the road as highwaymen. Disaster strikes when, inside the first carriage they rob, they find the one man Olivia had hoped never to see again. Five years ago Lord William Ryder had broken Livvy’s heart. Now he has returned and she has a bad feeling that if anyone can succeed at unmasking her deepest secrets, it will be him.

Can a rake reform?

Will knew his return would be greeted with both joy and resentment, but after five years of hard living he was ready to come home and take his place in society. He had never forgotten Olivia no matter how hard he’d tried, and whilst he hadn’t imagined she would welcome him with open arms, the hostility and anger she displays are at odds with the woman he once knew. Will is horrified to find she’s living a dangerous lie and refuses his help. But now that he’s back, Will is determined to do whatever it takes to protect her, and finally claim her for his own.

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Author: Garner, Deborah
Cozy Animal Mystery

Sadie Kramer’s friendly offer to deliver three boxes of gourmet Valentines truffles for her neighbor’s chocolate shop, Cioccolato, backfires when she arrives to find the intended recipient deceased. Even more intriguing is the fact that the elegant heart-shaped gifts were ordered by three different men.

With the help of one detective and the hindrance of another, Sadie will search San Francisco from the prestigious financial district to a low-life bar, to iconic Fisherman’s Wharf, looking for clues. With the help of her trusted sidekick Yorkie, Coco, will Sadie manage to find out “whodunnit” before the killer finds a way to stop her?

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Author: Cooper, J. S.
Romantic Comedy
To The Rude Guy in Apartment Five,I’m glad you’re happy to have moved into a new apartment, but no:I do not want to have a beer with you.I do not want to have a nude sleepover.I do not want to make you breakfast, lunch or dinner, no matter how many lap dances you promise to give me.I do not need you to serenade me through the walls at 1am.And no, I have no interest in letting you take me on a date.Sincerely,Magnolia AllenP.S. And no, I do not want to know how many accents you can growl in during intimate moments. How is that even a thing?P. P. S. Also, you will never find me standing naked in your living room ever again, so please stop leaving lingerie packages on my welcome mat.

When She Returned (affiliate link)

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Author: Berry, Lucinda
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One woman’s reappearance throws her family into turmoil, exposing dark secrets and the hidden, often devastating truth of family relationships.

Kate Bennett vanished from a parking lot eleven years ago, leaving behind her husband and young daughter. When she shows up at a Montana gas station, clutching an infant and screaming for help, investigators believe she may have been abducted by a cult.

Kate’s return flips her family’s world upside down—her husband is remarried, and her daughter barely remembers her. Kate herself doesn’t look or act like she did before.

While the family tries to help Kate reintegrate into society, they discover truths they’ve been hiding from each other about their own relationships. But they aren’t the only ones with secrets. As the family unravels what happened to Kate, a series of shocking revelations shows that Kate’s return is more sinister than any of them could have imagined.

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Author: Golden, Alison, Dagnall, Grace
Regularly $8.99, Today $3.20
British Humor & Satire Mysteries 

Have you met Inspector David Graham? Why not pick up this special offer (and a cup of tea) and get acquainted!

Graham is a Detective Inspector with London’s Metropolitan police force. He’s a career police officer, an educated, reserved, thoughtful, some might say, complex man.

He has suffered tragedy in his life that serves to exaggerate his more introspective characteristics and, like many of us, has to look his demons in the eye from time to time and make tough choices.

This box set contains the first four mysteries in this bestselling series:

The Case of the Screaming Beauty: Detective Inspector Graham is still reeling from a tragedy of his own when he is called in to investigate a murder at the prestigious Lavender Bed and Breakfast. It has a rich, Tudor atmosphere, an enviously manicured lawn… And a deadly problem.

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Author: Holden, FX
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GOLAN, This is the Future of War, asks a question few want to consider. What will happen if Iran acquires nuclear weapons in the next ten years? In true Future of War style, GOLAN explores the question through the eyes of front line participants on all sides, in a conflict set ten years into the future. Featuring military tech that is on the drawing boards today and characters you won’t easily forget, GOLAN throws the reader straight into the center of a nuclear storm and doesn’t ease up.

Every Move You Make (affiliate link)

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Author: Phelps, M. William
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Biographies of Hoaxes & Deceptions

Gary C. Evans was master of disguise and career criminal who had once befriended David “Son of Sam” Berkowitz. In 1989, he started weaving a web of deadly lies in Upstate New York, telling a female friend that the father of her child had deserted her. In fact, Evans had killed the man—just before striking up a ten-year romance with the woman.

Evans first met Investigator James Horton in 1985 when Evans snitched on a childhood friend and crime partner—failing to mention that he’d murdered him. Then, two local jewelry dealers were killed. In 1997, another old friend of Evans, went missing. Was Evans responsible? Horton launched a nationwide manhunt to uncover the truth.

For more than a decade, Evans and Horton maintained an odd relationship—part friendship, part manipulation—with Evans serving as a snitch while the tenacious investigator searched for the answers that would put him away.

The Millionaire Mind (affiliate link)

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Author: Stanley, Thomas J.
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Personal Money Management

The author of the blockbuster bestseller The Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealthy shows how self-made millionaires have surmounted shortcomings such as average intelligence by carefully choosing their careers, taking calculated risks, and living balanced lifestyles while maintaining their integrity. Dr. Thomas J. Stanley also builds on his research from The Millionaire Next Door and takes us further into the psyche of the American millionaire.

Stanley focuses in on the top one percent of households in America and tells us the motor behind the engine; what makes them tick. His findings on how these families reached such financial success are based on in-depth surveys and interviews with more than thirteen hundred millionaires.

Danger in Numbers (affiliate link)

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Author: Graham, Heather
Regularly $3.99, Today $1.99
Mystery Romance

On the edge of the Everglades, an eerie crime scene sets off an investigation that sends two agents deep into a world of corrupted faith, greed and deadly secrets.

A ritualistic murder on the side of a remote road brings in the Florida state police. Special Agent Amy Larson has never seen worse, and there are indications that this killing could be just the beginning. The crime draws the attention of the FBI in the form of Special Agent Hunter Forrest, a man with insider knowledge of how violent cults operate, and a man who might never be able to escape his own past.

The rural community is devastated by the death in their midst, but people know more than they are saying. As Amy and Hunter join forces, every lead takes them further into the twisted beliefs of a dangerous group that will stop at nothing to see their will done.

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