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Blissed (Misfit Brides Book 1) (affiliate link)

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Author: Farrell, Jamie, Grant, Pippa
Romantic Comedy

Welcome To Bliss, the Bridal Capital of the Midwest!

Single mom Natalie Castellano isn’t feeling so blissful these days…
Natalie’s made a career out of screwing up all over her hometown. But it’s redemption time, and she’s putting on her big girl panties to make sure this year’s bridal festival goes off without a hitch. Even if it means she has to play nice with the man who broke her fairy tale.

She’s definitely not the one for him. Or is she…
World adventurer and reluctant local hero CJ Blue doesn’t want to be in Bliss anymore than Natalie wants him here. But family obligations have brought him back, and now, and now he’s somehow been roped into saving the town tradition he’d rather forget with the woman whose kiss he can’t forget. She frustrates him and drives him nuts but he’s had more fun giving her a hard time about the bridal festival than he has in years.

And their fun is just starting…

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Author: Charles, Eva
Romantic Suspense

Smoke and mirrors. A web of lies. He’s come for the devil’s ultimate prize.

J.D. Wilder strides into my hotel bringing the dark musky scent of sin with him. Arrogant and powerful, he’s the president’s eldest son. Even after all these years, I can still taste him on my lips. But when he speaks, there’s not a glimmer of the boy I once loved.

He struck a deal with my parents. That’s what he claims. Loaned my mother the money she desperately needs to stay alive. Now he’s here to collect.

What does he want?
The one thing I will never give him.

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Author: Rowlands, Peter
International Mystery & Crime

Downbeat journalist Mike Stanhope’s self-published novel is out there. Job done. Now what? Writing it kept him from dwelling on his broken marriage and his tenuous hold on his day job. What other distraction can he look for? Then the answer hits him: he’ll seek out the real-life girl he knew briefly as an adolescent – the one who sparked the book in the first place. He’ll find out if she really did grow up into the woman he glimpsed in a railway station two years ago.

It seems a harmless pursuit, yet before he knows it, Mike’s life is in chaos. People are trying to prise information from him that he doesn’t have, and he can’t decide if it’s because of an article he once wrote or because of his pursuit of the girl … or even because his book is closer to the truth than he imagined.

Frenzied (affiliate link)

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Author: Massey, Brandon
Suspense Thriller 

LIVE . . . WORK . . . PLAY . . . DIE . . .

South Haven is the premier mixed-used community in metro Atlanta, a vibrant place where old-fashioned country living gets a modern update. There’s the town square where residents watch family movies on the lawn on warm summer nights. The corner market stocked with organic foods. The bakery with fresh coffee and Wi-Fi. The stately homes on shaded, gently winding streets. The water park where children splash, laugh, and run . . .

There’s also something deadly lurking.

The first incident is dismissed as an aberration: a college student goes berserk and hacks his family to chunks with a machete. But a day later, a young woman riding her bicycle is chased through the streets by her own neighbors. Then a teenager takes a deadly joyride, using his pick-up truck to mow down everyone in sight. As the incidents pile up, the only thing they share is that each person launched into an inexplicable, uncontrollable frenzy.

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Author: Meadows, Julia
Yoga & Pain Management

Do you suffer from Scoliosis back pain?
Want a completely natural, safe, tried, and tested diet and exercise program to treat and prevent scoliosis? Then read on…
A new study claims performing a single yoga pose for 90 seconds for at least 3 days a week could reduce spine curvature in patients with scoliosis in as little as 3 months – The researchers, including Dr. Loren Fishman of the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York, NY, publish their findings in the journal Global Advances in Health and Medicine – 1 September 2014.

Yoga for Scoliosis back pain: is a truly comforting form of gentle and effective moving meditation and physical activity. This is a safe way to rebuild strength, stamina, and flexibility and to address back pain of scoliosis without the need for expensive drugs or intimidating surgery.

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Author: Baron, Scott
Humorous Fantasy

Sure, being one of the deadliest assassins in the galaxy had its perks, but even the mightiest warrior could have a bad day. In this case, it was looking to be enough of them to fill an entire calendar.

It seemed the unthinkable had happened. Someone had actually targeted the Ghalian, an order of assassins known and feared across the systems. It was madness. Only a fool would go after the likes of them. But, it seemed, the galaxy had no shortage of fools.

Retaliation most bloody was in order, and one man stood ready to spring into action. Hozark was his name, and he was no ordinary man. He was a Master Ghalian, an assassin skilled in the ways of death. Practical, mechanical, magical, to him it made no difference. One way or another, he would get to the bottom of the attack and turn the tables on whoever dared strike out at his brothers and sisters.

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Author: Phelps, M. William
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Jeanne Dominico was a hard-working single mother. Nicole, her fourteen-year-old daughter, was on the honor roll—and head over heels in love with an older boy she’d met through the Internet. Once the lovers met in person, Jeanne sensed trouble. If only she’d known that the life in danger was her own.

With a history of psychological trouble and family misfortune, Billy Sullivan demanded obsessive and controlling power over Nicole. The twisted Romeo and Juliet responded to Jeanne’s motherly concern with brutal fury—her fiancé discovered Jeanne’s beaten, barely recognizable body on the kitchen floor. Nicole’s stunning confession and guilty plea led to Billy’s sensational trial, where a sordid tale of love, loss, betrayal, and murder finally took a cold-blooded killer offline—and behind bars.

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Author: Whitney, Phyllis A.
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Gothic Romances
Includes the books Hunter’s Green, Dream of Orchids, and The Winter People.
Hunter’s Green: When Eve North returns to Athmore, it’s to win back the love of her estranged husband, Justin. But she’s dangerously unaware of the secrets in the sprawling English estate—and the motives of those who protect them, including Justin’s brother, who once preyed on Eve’s emotions; Justin’s manipulative new fiancée; and Justin himself. Eve’s only ally appears to be the old family gardener who has carved from the green-black yew a magnificent chessboard, both a topiary masterpiece and a warning.
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Author: Cahoon, Lynn
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Cozy Culinary Mysteries

Ever since her business partner, Shauna, fell for a wealthy landowner in town, Cat Latimer has been working double time to keep her Aspen Hills writers’ retreat running. And with the January session almost underway, that spells trouble. As if scheduling mishaps aren’t disastrous enough, Shauna skips out on kitchen duties one morning, forcing Cat to serve unsuspecting guests store-bought muffins…

But best laid plans go seriously awry when Shauna’s beau goes missing from their bed. When his body turns up in the horse barn, they quickly discover that the victim’s scandalous lifestyle left many dying for revenge. While balancing an eccentric group of aspiring writers and a suspect list for the record books, Cat works to catch a killer before someone writers her a death sentence.

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Author: Manning, Molly Guptill
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History of Books

When America entered World War II in 1941, we faced an enemy that had banned and burned 100 million books. Outraged librarians launched a campaign to send free books to American troops, gathering 20 million hardcover donations. Two years later, the War Department and the publishing industry stepped in with an extraordinary program: 120 million specially printed paperbacks designed for troops to carry in their pockets and rucksacks in every theater of war.

These small, lightweight Armed Services Editions were beloved by the troops and are still fondly remembered today. Soldiers read them while waiting to land at Normandy, in hellish trenches in the midst of battles in the Pacific, in field hospitals, and on long bombing flights. This pioneering project not only listed soldiers’ spirits, but also helped rescue The Great Gatsby from obscurity and made Betty Smith, author of A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, into a national icon.

Macarons (affiliate link)

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Author: Hermé, Pierre
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Cookie Baking

With shops in Tokyo, Paris and London, Pierre Herme has taken the world by storm and has even been described as a couturier of pastry. This is a man at the top of his art and there is no question his macarons are in a league of their own.

Macarons are the aristocrats of pastry; these brightly colored, mini meringues, daintily sandwiched together with gooey fillings have become a holy grail for cookery fanatics and there are even food blogs dedicated to them.

Like Pierre Herme’s famous macarons, it would be difficult for any macaron book to surpass this universal bestseller. There are 208 pages of recipes and beautiful food photography, and because making macarons is mostly about technique, rather than just a standard recipe, readers will appreciate the 32 step-by-step photo-illustrated instructions for making shells and fillings.

Gamblin’ Man (affiliate link)

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Author: Lane, R. O.
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Western Romance
A young boy, raised by his uncle, becomes a professional poker player on the Mississippi right after the War Between the States. In a poker game, he wins a ranch in western Colorado, where he meets the love of his life, but an outlaw does his best to destroy both of them. The young poker player must drop into the jaws of hell to gain back his woman and his dream of a life with her. Another story of the Old West with a touch of romance by R. O. Lane.

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