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Author: Hoda, John A.
Crime Thrillers
Can FBI Agent Marsha O’Shea stop a Russian Gang Enforcer on a murderous spree to take over the Philly mob scene? She made a mistake that cost the life of a crime beat reporter and an innocent man is being framed for the grisly killing. Uncovering the truth may get her killed in the final showdown. If you like crime thrillers with a mystery twist, you’ll love real-life PI John A. Hoda’s debut crime novel.
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Author: Maxwell, Gina L.
Romantic Comedy

She’s flying to Vegas, hoping to get lucky…
Tired of waiting for her best friend to see her as more, Alyssa Matthews heads to a romance reader convention in Las Vegas, and if things go as planned, she’ll be hooking up with one of the sexy cover models and forget all about her off-limits BFF.

He’s following her, hoping she’ll take a gamble on him…
Dylan Aleksander is not the forever kind of guy. So, as much as he craves his best friend, he doesn’t act on his feelings at the risk of ruining their friendship. But when he realizes that Alyssa is determined to have a random hookup in Vegas, he hauls ass after her to make sure he’s the one she chooses.

It’s time to go all in, and roll the dice…

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Author: Kraus, Susan
Women’s Detective Fiction
Some marriages end with a bang …
Grace McDonald feels blessed: she has a strong marriage, healthy kids, and satisfying work as a therapist. And she has no idea how easily is can all be lost.
Some marriages end with a whimper…
For Mandy, marrying a hunk like Danny Rivers is a dream come true. So, when Danny treats her badly, she does what millions of women do to keep their families intact… she makes excuses and puts up with it. Until, one day, she reaches out for help.
But in every marriage, without exception, the beginning of the end is a secret…
Fall From Grace crosses genres. It is a psychological thriller, but where characters trump action. At the core is a murder, but more compelling is what happens to an array of relationships — friendships, families, therapist/client — in the aftermath. Pitting integrity against DNA and intuition against evidence, Fall From Grace challenges our middle class illusions of control and assumptions about who will stand by us when we’re faced with the unthinkable.

Fightback (affiliate link)

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Author: McGraw, Joseph
Action & Adventure Fiction

It’s time to fight back…

While heading to the nearby town of Laureston, Tom Harker is unexpectedly ambushed by an unknown sniper.

Harker has made some enemies over the years but he doesn’t recognise the young man taking kill shots at him.

Lucky for him, the shooter accidently slips and kills himself on the valley below.

Taking the body to Laureston, it turns out the young man was Zeke Viall – the youngest son of Walter Viall, the local cattle baron who owns half the town.

Everyone knows he acquired the land through questionable means but with no proof and with Judge Morton on his payroll, Sheriff Silas Rukatch can’t touch him.

Dead Man Walking: Nick Holleran Book 1) (affiliate link)

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Author: Green, David
Paranormal Investigators

Nick Holleran, private detective, had seen it all.

Then he died and returned to life, realizing everything he thought he knew was a lie. There is a Hell, and we are living in it. Demons, ghosts, and fallen angels live amongst us, and only a cursed few know.

Taking cases to earn his ticket into Heaven, a job falls into Holleran’s lap that tests his new found virtues, when he is forced to deal with the one thing he has avoided, the man that killed him. Will Nick be able to keep his past behind him, or will it destroy his present?

Revenge is a sin, and sinners stay in Hell.

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Author: Josephson, Lizzie
Cozy Mystery
Adrianne Chrisander inherited Cosmos Cruise Lines over a year ago and she finally felt confident in her decisions. When the opportunity to buy another small luxury line arose, she jumped at the chance, and then she and her boyfriend Keith Knowles went on a Murder Mystery Cruise on her new acquisition, to see what she was getting into.
They didn’t count on Adrianne’s cousin and sworn enemy Stavros Chrisander being on board. They didn’t realize how nasty the man really was…

Black Rock Bay (affiliate link)

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Author: Labuskes, Brianna
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Psychological Fiction

A detective returns to her haunted past, with deadly consequences, in an icy novel of psychological suspense by the Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestselling author of Girls of Glass.

Detective Mia Hart never planned to return home. One terrifying summer night, Mia lost two of her closest friends to suicide. Scarred and broken, she fled St. Lucy’s, a small island off the coast of Maine.

Now fifteen years later, when the body of a journalist is fished out of the bay near St. Lucy’s cliffs, Mia is forced to help with the case—and face all she’s been running from. As she approaches the island, the wintery winds of Black Rock Bay usher Mia home again.

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Author: Eisler, Barry
Regularly $7.99, Today $1.99
International Mystery & Crime

Hunted and finally cornered, John Rain faces his deadliest enemy ever: himself.

For Rain, “the most charismatic assassin since James Bond” (San Francisco Chronicle), getting out of the life was never going to be easy. But with a new identity in Paris, and the help of his lover, Mossad agent Delilah, he was beginning to leave the killing business behind.

And then he receives a message from rogue CIA operative Jim Hilger: We have your friend Dox. Do as we tell you, or he dies.

For a professional like Rain, the choice ought to be easy: do the job—a series of three hits—and save his friend and partner. But how does Rain know Hilger won’t kill Dox, anyway, once the assignment is complete? How does he know each of the hits isn’t simultaneously a setup for Rain himself? Most of all, how can he control the killing rage Hilger’s lethal game of extortion reignites inside him?

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Author: Sauer, Arno
Regularly $17.99, Today $1.99
War Biographies

A Nazi infantryman recalls the horrors of combat against the Soviet Union in this WWII memoir as told to his son.

Friedrich “Fritz” Sauer was posted to the Eastern Front in 1942. A soldier in the 132nd Infantry Division, he was deployed in Hitler’s grand invasion of Russia. But instead of the swift knockout blow the Germans had anticipated, Operation Barbarossa ground on for almost four years.

Sent first to the Crimea and then the region around Leningrad, Fritz experienced horrors of all kinds. In this memoir, Fritz recalls losing his best friend to a sniper, rescuing the body of a fallen comrade from No Man’s Land, enduring Soviet tank assaults, and his own wounding during a counterattack.

The Unwanted Wife (affiliate link)

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Author: Anders, Natasha
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Contemporary Fiction

No one had ever looked at her and seen perfection—until now.

Delicate, titian-haired Theresa Noble has met her father’s associates in the past, but the gorgeous, Italian-born Sandro De Lucci leaves her speechless. Eighteen months into their marriage, however, Sandro has turned to ice. Desperate to escape a relationship that has proven to be as stubbornly passionate as it is cold and hateful, Theresa summons up the courage to ask for a divorce. But before he’ll grant her request, Sandro demands something from Theresa: a son.

The stalemate sickens her. Never mind that Sandro has yet to introduce Theresa to the large family that means so much to him. Or that Theresa overhears her husband on the phone with a mystery woman.

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Author: Goldenbaum, Sally
Regularly $15.99, Today $1.99
Cozy Craft & Hobby Mysteries

As autumn washes over coastal Sea Harbor, Massachusetts, the Seaside Knitters anticipate a relaxing off-season. But when murder shatters the peace, the craftiest bunch in town must unravel a killer’s deadly scheme . . .

After retrieving fresh lobster nets from a local Laundromat, Cass Halloran rushes to attend a last-minute gathering with her knitting circle. But Cass can’t stop worrying about the lonely boy seen hanging around the dryers, and the school uniform he left behind in a hurry. When the ladies return the lost clothing the next day, they find the child and his younger sister alone, seemingly abandoned by their mother . . .

The knitters intend to facilitate a family reunion, not investigate a crime. But the death of Dolores Cardozo, a recluse from the edge of town, throws the group for a loop.

The Sisters of Glass Ferry (affiliate link)

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Author: Richardson, Kim Michele
Regularly $13.56, Today $1.99
Literary Fiction

Glass Ferry, Kentucky, is bourbon country. Whiskey has been a way of life for generations, enabling families to provide and survive even in the darkest times. Flannery Butler’s daddy, Beauregard “Honey Bee” Butler, was known for making some of the best whiskey in the state, aged in barrels he’d take by boat up and down the Kentucky River until the rocking waters turned the spirits smooth and golden. Flannery is the only person Honey Bee ever entrusted with his recipes before he passed on, swearing her to secrecy as he did so.

But Flannery is harboring other secrets too, about her twin sister Patsy, older by eight minutes and pretty in a way Flannery knows she’ll never be. Then comes the prom night when Patsy—wearing a yellow chiffon dress and the family pearls—disappears along with her date.

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