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Author: Sumner, James P.
Pulp Thrillers

A deadly killer. An unlikely hero.

Adrian Hell is an assassin. A former soldier whose talent for killing helped him forge a legendary reputation. Unorthodox but lethally effective, his name commands fear and respect throughout the criminal underworld.

Hired by a mob boss to take out a corrupt businessman, Adrian heads to Heaven’s Valley, Nevada. The target backed out of a property deal, costing the client millions of dollars in potential revenue. A message must be sent. But things aren’t as straightforward as they first appear. The more Adrian learns about his target, the more he becomes one himself.

Caught in the middle of two powerful enemies, he is left fighting for his own survival. He should just cut his losses and run. But when he learns of a planned terrorist attack that would act as a catalyst for another world war, he must use every tool in his deadly arsenal to stop it.

Snowflake (affiliate link)

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Author: Goody, Heide, Grant, Iain
Humorous & Satire Fiction
Lori Belkin has been dumped. By her parents.
They moved out while she was away on holiday, and now, at the tender age of twenty-five, she must stand on her own two feet.
While she’s getting to grips with basic adulting, Lori magically brings to life the super-sexy man she created from celebrity photos as a teenager.
Lori learns very quickly that having your ideal man is not as satisfying as it ought to be and that being an adult is far harder than it looks.
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Author: Creager, Kevin
Time Travel Science Fiction

“If I knew then what I know now.”

Wally Stephens’ tenth year high-school reunion is looming, but he’s not where he hoped to be. No significant accomplishments, no love life, no future goals. Suddenly, he has the opportunity to take a time-out and go back in time six years. Romance with the woman of his dreams begins to appear possible, but first he has to deal with the humorous complications of being out of his time, as well as facing a mysterious man threatening the lives of those he has come to know.

Sometimes guided by a computer program called MyFate, but not always when he needs it, Wally discovers that his goal in going back in time may not be the real purpose behind his trip. Not only must he solve the mystery of why he was the one sent back, but he also has to figure out how to return to his own time. In time.

White Witch (affiliate link)

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Author: Thompson, Larry D.
Legal Thrillers

Jamaica is a place where the surreal is simply everyday reality. When a ruthless American aluminum company plans to strip mine the Jamaican rainforest, they send former Navy SEAL Will Taylor to Montego Bay to deal with local resistance on their behalf. But he’s unaware that the British had signed a treaty deeding the rainforest to the Jamaican Maroons, descendants of escaped slaves, over 300 years ago. The Maroons fought and died for their land then, and are more than willing to do so now, whether it’s the British or the Americans who threaten them this time around.

Upon Will’s arrival, a series of inexplicable murders begin, some carried out with deadly snake daggers that were owned and used by Annie Palmer, a voodoo priestess better known as the White Witch. She was killed 200 years prior, but is said to still haunt the island at night, and the local Jamaicans are certain she’s responsible for the gruesome murders, her form of retaliation against the new turmoil taking place in the rainforest.

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Author: Wright, Bradley
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When an American assassin gets caught up in a deadly international conspiracy, will he be enough to save his beloved country?

London. Alexander King has endured a year living in the shadows. Believed dead by those who knew him, the elite counterterrorism operative doesn’t flinch when hunting down dangerous targets. But when he saves a young woman from a car bomb, he finds himself juggling the rapidly moving pieces of a treasonous scheme that reaches all the way to the White House.

With a U.S. presidential candidate ensnared in the sinister plot, King fights to protect himself and his mysterious companion as they’re pursued by traitors intent on killing them both. But after the former Navy SEAL finally zeroes in on the sadistic terrorist who’s pulling the strings, he shifts gears into a high-octane race to neutralize a hidden war that’s about to explode.

Can the lone wolf checkmate his country’s annihilation?

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Author: Winters, A.R.
Cozy Mystery

When Allie Day wins three-quarters of a million pounds in a mysterious jackpot, she attempts to help out her friend Bree, owner of her favorite Cotswolds cafe.

But instead of making things better, Allie’s attempts to help lead her into hot water – and straight to a dead body!

Before she knows it, Allie is accused of murder, and written up in the local papers as a killer – and worse, she seems to be in the real killer’s crosshairs!

When the killer tries to strike again, Allie decides to take matters into her own hands, and with the help of her sister Jackie, clean up the whole mess.

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Author: Handler, David
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Hard-Boiled Mystery
Stewart Hoag’s first novel made him the toast of New York. Everyone in Manhattan wanted to be his friend, and he traveled the cocktail circuit supported by Merilee, his wife, and Lulu, his basset hound. But when writer’s block sunk his second novel, his friends, money, and wife all disappeared. Only Lulu stuck by him. The only opportunity left is ghostwriting—an undignified profession that still beats dental school. His first client is Sonny Day, an aging comic who was the king of slapstick three decades ago. Since he and his partner had a falling out in the late 1950s, Day has grown embittered and poor, until the only thing left for him to do is write a memoir. Hoagy and Lulu fly to Hollywood expecting a few months of sunshine and easy living. Instead they find Day’s corpse, and a murder rap with Hoagy’s name on it.
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Author: Hudspeth, E. B.
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Steampunk Science Fiction

An extraordinary biography. A gallery of astonishing work. The legacy of a madman.

Philadelphia, the late 1870s. A city of gas lamps, cobblestone streets, and horse-drawn carriages—and home to the controversial surgeon Dr. Spencer Black. The son of a grave robber, young Dr. Black studies at Philadelphia’s esteemed Academy of Medicine, where he develops an unconventional hypothesis: What if the world’s most celebrated mythological beasts—mermaids, minotaurs, and satyrs—were in fact the evolutionary ancestors of humankind?

The Resurrectionist offers two extraordinary books in one. The first is a fictional biography of Dr. Spencer Black, from a childhood spent exhuming corpses through his medical training, his travels with carnivals, and the mysterious disappearance at the end of his life.

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Author: Schneiderman, Abby, Seifer, Adam, Newman, Gene
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Legal Reference

A step-by-step program for getting your life in order, so you’re prepared for the unexpected.

The odds of getting hit by a bus are 495,000 to 1. But the odds that you’re going to die some day? Exactly.

Even the most disorganized among us can take control of our on- and off-line details so our loved ones won’t have to scramble later. The experts at Everplans, a leading company in digital life planning, make it possible in this essential and easy-to-follow book. Breaking the task down into three levels, from the most urgent (like granting access to passwords), to the technical (creating a manual for the systems in your home), to the nostalgic (assembling a living memory), this clear, step-by-step program not only removes the anxiety and stress from getting your life in order, it’s actually liberating. And deeply satisfying, knowing that you’re leaving the best parting gift imaginable.

The Hustler: A Novel (affiliate link)

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Author: Tevis, Walter
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Literary Fiction

To Fast Eddie Felsen, a young pool hustler, there was only one thing that mattered: to make the big time and the big money in the world of pool by beating the best in the country.

Hustling suckers in small towns for good stake money was practice for his goal, and when he felt ready he went to Bennington’s pool hall in Chicago to find Minnesota Fats. Eddie and Fats pit nerve against skill in a fantastic match over an unbroken 36 hours. Eddie’s final painful loss teaches him that nerve alone isn’t enough – guts, stamina, and character make the difference between winners and losers.

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Author: New Scientist
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Science Essays & Commentary

We all want to be happier, more successful and less stressed, but what really works?

From improving creativity to building confidence, self-care to self-esteem, forming better habits and feeling happier,Fix Your Life debunks the fads and explores the real science of self-help.

Can you learn to make better decisions?

Or break bad habits and form new ones?

What should you eat to feel happier?

How do you learn a skill faster?

Does mindfulness really work?

Dispelling mental health myths and self-help fads, here is the truth about meditation, making smarter choices, addiction, CBT, Tai Chi, success, diet, healthy relationships, anxiety, antidepressants, intelligence, willpower and much more.

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Author: Cahoon, Lynn
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Cozy Culinary Mystery
South Cove’s local businesses are up in arms after volunteer fire chief Barry Gleason threatens to shut down anyone who doesn’t comply with the fire code. But when Barry schedules a training burn in an old abandoned barn, he is the only one who doesn’t come out alive. Jill Gardner—owner of Coffee, Books, and More—smells murder in the ashes. She’ll have to work quickly to nab a killer with a short fuse—or else everyone’s holiday will end with a fizzle . . .

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