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Author: Sheehan, Bilinda P.
Crime Mysteries

He’s in your home… and you don’t even know it.
Not everything is as it seems in this sleepy Yorkshire village.
DI Drew Haskell is a no nonsense detective recovering from a devastating personal loss. When a number of young people turn up dead in a sleepy Yorkshire village, Haskell believes a murderer is on the loose but his boss isn’t so sure and won’t authorise an investigation. Breaking the rules is Haskell’s only chance at solving this case, and he’s never been afraid to colour outside the lines.

Teaming up with criminal profiler Harriet Quinn, the only other person who believes a murderer is at large, Haskell opens up a can of worms that triggers a deadly sequence of events.

Can they stop the killer before he finds another victim?

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Author: Babin, S.E.
Fairy Tale Fantasy

Aphrodite wants two things in life: hot coffee on tap and to be left alone.

The coffee isn’t a problem. It’s Zeus who won’t stay out of her business.

When a colossal misstep lands her right back into Olympian politics and under the steely-eyed glare of the king of the gods, she knows this time things are different. To get out from under Zeus’ annoyingly watchful eye, he demands she make a love match between two people of his choice.

Easy peasy for the Goddess of Love, right?


Abby stumbles into an ex-lover, a dead demi-god, and the realization that a crucial relic has been stolen right out from underneath Zeus’ nose. Between the gods breathing down her neck and fighting an attraction between two woefully wrong men, Abby will have to keep her wits about her so she can solve this mess and get back to her comfortable life and expensive cappuccino machine.

Shockingly True Uber Stories (affiliate link)

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Author: Sage, W.
Travel Writing

What’s the craziest Uber story you’ve ever heard?

Here is the incredible true story of one driver’s savage journey driving for Uber and Lyft at night, on the wild streets of Los Angeles and the icy roads of the Midwest all while hiding a shocking secret in plain sight…

This stunning true account, told through brutally honest confessions, witnessed through the eyes and ears of your Uber driver, truly “captures the crazy” of picking up strangers at night, from bizarre tales of sex drugs and violence, obnoxious rude behavior, disgusting drunks, disgusting sober people, aggressive assaults, cold calculating gold diggers, stories of guns and GUNFIRE and even MURDER…

A gripping portrait of the rideshare industry that takes you inside the headquarters of Uber and Lyft, sharing the inside story of their secret plans to sabotage each other, as well as their own drivers.

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Author: Demaree, Steve
Cozy Mysteries
Two homicide detectives, who detest exercise in any form, get to a crime scene only to find they have to climb fifty-two steps to get to the house’s front porch, and a few more steps to get to where the victim is found. Over the next several days they check and recheck all of the evidence and get a lot more exercise before they find out who murdered the victim. And all this time someone is playing cat-and-mouse games with them. The book contains laugh-out-loud humor, interesting characters, and a tough mystery to solve.

The Spinster’s Fortune (affiliate link)

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Author: Kendall, Mary
Historical Thrillers

Moonlit alleys, shadowy tunnels, and buried secrets…

Summer of 1929.

Of supposed unsound mind without a penny to her name, Blanche Magruder lies alone in a home for the aged and infirm.

Meanwhile, her house, a crumbled ruin in the heart of Georgetown, Washington, D.C., is pillaged nightly by thieves looking for treasure rumored to be hidden there.

A distant niece, Margaret O’Keefe, is tapped as executor and soon becomes embroiled in the hunt for recovering monies, taking it on as a welcome escape from her financial and marital woes.

As Margaret discovers caches in unlikely spots throughout the house, family mysteries begin to unravel. She questions whether Aunt Blanche is an insane fool or a daring genius, yet Margaret must also wrangle with her own hidden truths.

Pressed towards a convergence of their pasts and presents, the two women must ultimately face down a fateful discovery in order to rectify their lives.

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Author: Wearmouth, Darren
Alien Invasion Science Fiction

Aliens have planned against us for centuries…
And now the attack is ready.

Charlie Jackson’s archaeological team find advanced technology in an undisturbed 16th Century graves. While investigating the discovery, giant sinkholes appear across planet, marking the start of Earth’s colonization and the descent of civilization. Charlie, and the rest of humanity will have to fight for survival, sacrificing the life they’ve known to protect themselves from an ancient and previously dormant enemy. Even that might not be enough as aliens exact a plan that will change the course of history forever.

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Author: Bell, Cindy
Cozy Mysteries
When Suzie inherits a grand, old house on the beach, she together with her best-friend, Mary, go to see the dilapidated structure. With Suzie looking for a new challenge and Mary’s impending divorce, the friends decide to refurbish the old house back into its former glory as a majestic B&B. What started off as a few days away turns into a new beginning. In their fifties the two friends never expected the exciting adventures their decision would lead to. They love life in the beautiful beachside setting, filled with fun, new romances and a bit of sleuthing.

See Me After Class (affiliate link)

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Author: Quinn, Meghan
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Contemporary Romance Fiction

“Did you have relations with my brother . . .”

Good question. I’d like to preface this by saying it was never my intention to ever get involved in a workplace romance, let alone get involved with the most surly, agitating, and pompous man I’ve ever met who just so happens to be my new friend’s brother.

My intentions were to show students how English and reading books could actually be fun and make a new life for myself in the suburbs of Chicago.

But so far, I’ve managed to be called into the principal’s office. Coerced into participating in the teacher’s badminton league. And instigated into passionate fights with Arlo Turner over education and decorum while losing my underwear at the same time.

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Author: Grainger, Jean
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Historical Irish Fiction

Robinswood, Co Waterford, 1939. The once grand house is home to two very different families.Despite delusions of grandeur, Lord and Lady Kenefick and their adult children, live a life of decayed opulence as the money needed to keep such a large house and grounds ever dwindles.

Meanwhile, the Murphy family, Dermot, Isabella and their three almost grown up girls, live and work on the estate and do their best to keep everything running smoothly.

Social structure is vital. Everyone knows their place, but as war looms, both families find themselves drawn into the conflict and begin questioning everything that once was true.

From the leafy grounds of an Irish stately home, to the bombed out streets of London in the Blitz, allow yourself to be swept away once more in Jean Grainger’s latest bestselling historical saga.

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Author: Covel, Michael W.
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Stock Trading
“This is the true story behind Wall Street legend Richard Dennis, his disciples, the Turtles, and the trading techniques that made them millionaires.
What happens when ordinary people are taught a system to make extraordinary money? Richard Dennis made a fortune on Wall Street by investing according to a few simple rules. Convinced that great trading was a skill that could be taught to anyone, he made a bet with his partner and ran a classified ad in the Wall Street Journal looking for novices to train. His recruits, later known as the Turtles, had anything but traditional Wall Street backgrounds; they included a professional blackjack player, a pianist, and a fantasy game designer. For two weeks, Dennis taught them his investment rules and philosophy, and set them loose to start trading, each with a million dollars of his money. By the time the experiment ended, Dennis had made a hundred million dollars from his Turtles and created one killer Wall Street legend.
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Author: Vickery, Amanda
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18th Century World History

A witty and academic illumination of daily domestic life in Georgian England.

In this brilliant work, Amanda Vickery unlocks the homes of Georgian England to examine the lives of the people who lived there. Writing with her customary wit and verve, she introduces us to men and women from all walks of life: gentlewoman Anne Dormer in her stately Oxfordshire mansion, bachelor clerk and future novelist Anthony Trollope in his dreary London lodgings, genteel spinsters keeping up appearances in two rooms with yellow wallpaper, servants with only a locking box to call their own.

Vickery makes ingenious use of upholsterer’s ledgers, burglary trials, and other unusual sources to reveal the roles of house and home in economic survival, social success, and political representation during the long eighteenth century.

Mamushka: A Cookbook (affiliate link)

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Author: Hercules, Olia
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Cooking, Food & Wine

In Mamushka, Olia Hercules takes readers and home cooks on a culinary tour of Eastern Europe—from the Black Sea to Baku, Kiev to Kazakhstan. This beautifully illustrated cookbook features more than one hundred recipes for fresh, delicious, and unexpected dishes from this dynamic and often misunderstood region.

Olia Hercules was born in Ukraine and lived in Cyprus for several years before moving to London and becoming a chef. In this gorgeous and deeply personal cookbook, she shares her favorite recipes from her home country with loving stories about her culinary upbringing and family traditions.

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Author: Peters, Ellis
Regularly $25.99, Today $2.99
Traditional Detective Mysteries

From the author of the Chronicles of Brother Cadfael, the first three mysteries in the Edgar Award–winning series about an English policeman and his son.

In the English village of Comerford, just on the border of Wales, it’s Det. Sgt. George Felse’s duty to keep the peace—and keep his fourteen-year-old son, Dominic, out of harm’s way . . .

Fallen into the Pit: The shadow of World War II still looms over the village of Comerford. Dominic finds the body of a German ex-prisoner of war and develops a dangerous interest in solving the case.

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