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The Red Badge of Courage (affiliate link)

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Author: Crane, Stephen
War Historical Fiction
Henry Fleming has joined the Union army because of his romantic ideas of military life, but soon finds himself in the middle of a battle against a regiment of Confederate soldiers.
Terrified, Henry deserts his comrades. Upon returning to his regiment, he struggles with his shame as he tries to redeem himself and prove his courage.
Following its initial appearance in serial form, this novel was published as a complete work in 1895 and quickly became the benchmark for modern antiwar literature. In the character of Henry Flemming, Stephen Crane provides a great and realistic study of the mind of an inexperienced soldier trapped in the fury and turmoil of war. Flemming dashes into battle, at first tormented by fear, then bolstered with courage in time for the final confrontation.
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Author: Pierce, Blake
Women Sleuths
FBI Special Agent Rachel Gift is among the FBI’s most brilliant agents at hunting down serial killers. She plans on doing this forever—until she discovers she has months left to live. Determined to go down fighting, and to keep her diagnosis a secret, Rachel faces her own mortality while trying to save other’s lives.
But how long can she go until she collapses under the weight of it all?
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Author: Scott, Thomas
Mystery Thriller Suspense
Virgil is about to discover that time isn’t as linear as it appears and events from his past are about to repeat themselves. When they do, he’ll come face to face with pure evil, forced to make the kind of choice no man should ever have to make. State of Control is a thriller that will make you marvel at the mystery of existence. Filled with Thomas Scott’s unique blend of gripping suspense, humor, action, mysticism, and authentic characters, State Of Control is a story that examines the complexities of good and evil and shows just how far one man will go to stay in control of it all.
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Author: Lacefield, Lori
Legal Thrillers

Palmer Reed is still haunted by her tragic past. Frustrated her childhood kidnappers escaped justice, she accepts a position at an advocacy foundation, hoping to support other victims of crime. But she’s stunned to discover that behind the scenes of the glamorous fundraising galas, a sinister conspiracy lurks.

Strong-armed by the determined founder into squeezing money from lawbreaking “donors,” she’s troubled by the shady practices used to raise big dollars. With her conscience eating at her, Palmer sets out to uncover the true depths of the shadowy scheme, and unearths a shocking connection between the organization and her own kidnapping.

Can Palmer expose the deadly truth before she falls prey—again?

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Author: Beers, David, Anderle, Michael
Galactic Empire Science Fiction

For two decades he served…

…and never questioned the orders.

Would one act of mercy cost him?

Alistair believed in the work. He was the last line of defense against the rebels’ unending war to overthrow the Commonwealth. His legend preceded him – the greatest Titan the corps had ever produced.

Alistair’s mission was simple: catch and kill two rebels. Then they said a few words that forever changed his life.

Alexander’s family had ruled the Commonwealth for ten generations. His 30-years as Emperor had been peaceful, but only because he didn’t tolerate dissent. Now, a Titan had betrayed him.

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Author: Burton, Mary
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Crime Thrillers

If At First You Don’t Succeed

It’s been seven years since the Seattle Strangler terrorized the city. His victims were all young, pretty, their lifeless bodies found wrapped in a home-sewn white dress. But there was one who miraculously escaped death, just before the Strangler disappeared. . .


Lara Church has only hazy memories of her long-ago attack. What she does have is a home in Austin, a job, and a chance at a normal life at last. Then Texas Ranger James Beck arrives on her doorstep with shattering news: The Strangler is back. And this time, he’s in Austin. . .

And Kill Again. . .

Toby (affiliate link)

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Author: Watson, Thomas
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Family Life Fiction
Paul Ford is a man on the road, seeking to put distance and time between himself and events that turned his life inside out – and not for the better. Toby is a big dog, lost and far from home. A chance encounter brings them together and sends them on a journey to reunite the dog with his family, a trip that just might help Paul find his own way home as well. But this will be no ordinary road trip, and when it’s done, Paul’s life will never be the same.
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Author: Marsh, Ngaio
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International Mystery & Crime
This classic from the Golden Age of British mystery opens during a country-house party between the two world wars—servants bustling, gin flowing, the gentlemen in dinner jackets, the ladies all slink and smolder. Even more delicious: The host, Sir Hubert Handesley, has invented a new and especially exciting version of that beloved parlor entertainment, The Murder Game . . .
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Author: Gleick, James
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System Theory Physics
For centuries, scientific thought was focused on bringing order to the natural world. But even as relativity and quantum mechanics undermined that rigid certainty in the first half of the twentieth century, the scientific community clung to the idea that any system, no matter how complex, could be reduced to a simple pattern. In the 1960s, a small group of radical thinkers began to take that notion apart, placing new importance on the tiny experimental irregularities that scientists had long learned to ignore. Miniscule differences in data, they said, would eventually produce massive ones—and complex systems like the weather, economics, and human behavior suddenly became clearer and more beautiful than they had ever been before.
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Author: Friday, Nancy
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Health & Sexuality 

First published in 1973, My Secret Garden ignited a firestorm of reactions across the nation—from outrage to enthusiastic support. Collected from detailed personal interviews with hundreds of women from diverse backgrounds, this book presents a bracingly honest account of women’s inner sexual fantasy lives. In its time, this book shattered taboos and opened up a conversation about the landscape of feminine desire in a way that was unprecedented.

Today, My Secret Garden remains one of the most iconic works of feminist literature of our time—and is still relevant to millions of women throughout the world.

Sunshine (affiliate link)

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Author: McKinley, Robin
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Romantic Fantasy

A small-town baker uses her magic to confront a post–vampire apocalypse world in this award-winning fantasy Neil Gaiman called “pretty much perfect.”

Although it had been mostly deserted since the Voodoo Wars, there hadn’t been any trouble out at the lake for years. Rae Seddon, nicknamed Sunshine, head baker at her family’s busy and popular café in downtown New Arcadia, needed a place to get away from all the noise and confusion—of the clientele and her family. Just for a few hours. Just to be able to hear herself think.

She knew about the Others, of course. Everyone did. And several of her family’s best regular customers were from SOF—Special Other Forces—which had been created to deal with the threat and the danger of the Others.

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Author: Blume, Lesley M. M.
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Biographies & Memoirs of Authors

In the summer of 1925, Ernest Hemingway and a clique of raucous companions traveled to Pamplona, Spain, for the town’s infamous running of the bulls. Then, over the next six weeks, he channeled that trip’s maelstrom of drunken brawls, sexual rivalry, midnight betrayals, and midday hangovers into his groundbreaking novel The Sun Also Rises. This revolutionary work redefined modern literature as much as it did his peers, who would forever after be called the Lost Generation. But the full story of Hemingway’s legendary rise has remained untold until now.

Lesley Blume resurrects the explosive, restless landscape of 1920s Paris and Spain and reveals how Hemingway helped create his own legend. He made himself into a death-courting, bull-fighting aficionado; a hard-drinking, short-fused literary genius; and an expatriate bon vivant. Blume’s vivid account reveals the inner circle of the Lost Generation as we have never seen it before, and shows how it still influences what we read and how we think about youth, sex, love, and excess.

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